Season 3 Episode 21

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Aired Sunday 9:00 PM May 16, 2007 on ABC

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  • ...Ok as build up to the finale.

    -What I liked about this episode were the flashbacks: Usually, I feel like the flashbacks interrupt the more interesting story on the island, but this time they were cleverly woven into the main plot. Plus, they weren't too long.
    -I think the writers want us to know that Ben's using Jacob to get his way. If he wants something to happen, he just says "Jacob wants it to happen", regardless of Jacobs true will
    -I think he will loose his leadership soon (maybe to Locke?) because he doesn't represent the islands will anymore but rather his own will -The episode, especially the flashbacks were very emotional. And surprisingly: I liked it, it wasn't cheesy at all. I especially liked the two scenes with Charly and Liam
    -The first scene with Jack and the Losties was more than illogical. Why would Jack prepare a fancy demonstration (and waste TNT & cable btw), he could 've just told the Losties about his plan. But hey, it's a TV Show, let's blow up a tree just for the fun of it ;)
    -And where did Sayid get the "Looking Glass"-map all of the sudden?
    -Another thing that bugs me: How do you jam a sat-phone signal with a radio frequency? Alright, alright. Enough of the nitpicking ;)

    -About Charly: What?! We are told he'll die during the whole episode and then he doesn't? C'mon, it's LOST ;)
    -So Charly saved Nadja, another connection.... meh ... 7.5/10