Season 3 Episode 21

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Aired Sunday 9:00 PM May 16, 2007 on ABC

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  • This is one episode that I'll never forget..

    "Charlie prepares for his death"

    In one of the best episodes for LOST, Charlie goes for his death this time predicted by Desmond, this time he will die though. It was very sad and emotional, Charlie's story was my main focus for this episode, not the others, I will really miss him.
    Alex sent Karl over to warn the survivors of flight 815 about the others coming at the very moment so BOOM they get ready for the great battle. I'm not counting on them to win though, the others seem to always find a way to beat them as we saw on the first two seasons. Charlie's flashback were revealing and good to see.. Probably the last one too, It's just really sad. I loved the scene of Charlie's first swim, Classic!
    But it was full on action as the survivors prepare for war against the others, it was great. The part where Charlie dropped into the sea was just sad, he made it out though, but two unknown women race out pointing guns at him...What will happen in the breathtaking finale???!!!!! Man I can't b***dy wait! This one was fantastic, a preparation or the most explosive finale ever for LOST.

    Emotional and exciting...
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