Season 3 Episode 21

Greatest Hits

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM May 16, 2007 on ABC

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  • Desmond once again foretells the death of Charlie, leaving the latter with a difficult decision to make. Potentially, his death could be the event that rescues the survivor's. In this emotional rollercoaster, Charlie must choose himself, or the survivors.

    This episode is, in unquestionable terms, a truly brilliant moment in the third series of Lost. In the midst of betrayal, fighting, hostage situations and espionage, one man makes a choice for the benefit of the rest.
    When Desmond foretold Charlie's death, and claimed that, this time, it had to happen, I felt an plunge in my stomach. Charlie, being one of my favourite characters, would be too painful to bid farewell.
    Yet, the quality of this episode almost makes up for it, and considering my fondness of Charlie's character, that is definitely saying something.
    With some astounding acting on the behalf of Dominic Monaghan, Charlie's journey in the entire show pales when compared to this one episode, the episode that depicts the rock star accepting and facing his destiny, his fate. From a character whose main trouble throughout the show is accepting responsibility, his attitude in this episode is inspiring; he takes upon himself the greatest responsibility of all. He swims to the underwater hatch, too turn off jamming equipment, in the hope that the survivors can then contact the outside world. Henry Ian Cusick is also fantastic as the precognitive Desmond, and his journey in this episode is also paramount to his character. He once again tries to save Charlie, only to be foiled by the rock star, who refuses to allow Desmond to save him.
    While preparing, throughout the episode, Charlie is compiling a list of the best moments in his life: his Greatest Hits. With each hit, we see a flashback of that particular moment, including the first time he heard his band on the radio, the day in Butlins when his father taught him to swim, the Chistmas hs brother Liam gave him his iconic DS ring, and the day a woman (Nadia, the woman Sayid Loves) calls him a hero after he rescues her from a mugger. Finally, at number one, is the day he met Claire; the letter is, in fact, meant for her, as is the DS ring for Aaron, which he leaves in his crib; a family heirloom, the fact Charlie leaves it to Aaron is proof of how close he has become to the baby and his mother.
    When Charlie finally does swim underwater, however, he doesn;t, in a mysterious twist, drown as predicted. He himself is relieved; that is, until two women armed to the teeth come out of nowhere.
    Would he survive? That, for me, was the most nerve racking question of all; one that would be answered in the Season Finale, Through the Looking Glass.