Season 3 Episode 21

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Aired Sunday 9:00 PM May 16, 2007 on ABC

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  • Charlie !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Charlie has flashbacks of the five best moments in his life which were : 5) The first time he heard his song on the radio, 4) The first time he jumped into a pool, 3) When a woman called him a hero, 2) When his brother gave him the family ring, 1) The moment he met Claire. It was so sad !!! Oh my god me and my friends were watching this episode on DVD and every one of us was crying. Also everyone on the camp get ready to go to war with the others. Jack will take everyone to the Radio tower even though Sayid was supposed to do that. Desmond has a flash farward. Desomond says that he saw Claire getting on a plane and being rescued but he also says that if Charlie dosen't die this time then that won't happen so Charlie is determined to face death. So to face death Charlie takes on the mission of getting to an underwater station so he can flip the switch which stops the others from blocking the transmissions and radio signals. When Charlie gets there two women with guns run out of a room and point a gun at him. Charlie giving Araon his family ring and the way he said goodbye to Hurley really saddened me. I know he's going to die but I just don't want it to happen. Favorite character from this episode : Charlie !!
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