Season 3 Episode 21

Greatest Hits

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM May 16, 2007 on ABC

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  • We have Desmond being sightful once more, but this time Charlie plans to tackle it head on, whilst the others are planning on making the first confrontation with the others, Locke is the topic of some hushed whispers amongst the others camp.

    A young lad runs down the beach and onto a small boat and paddles strongly out to the sea. Jack and Juliet lead some of the key members of the beach party to a spot in the jungle. Desmond stops and so does Charlie, as he thinks that he as had a flash of the future, but he says he hasn't. Jack stops and calls out for Danielle, who appears and demonstrates the power of the dynamite on a tree. Jack explains that Danielle has been helping them by transporting the dynamite back from the Black rock.

    We flashback to Charlie unhappily changing a tire in the rain, telling Liam that he's going to be quitting, when some of the band members tune in the radio and they hear their song on the radio for the first time. Back on the beach, he writes the memory down on his greatest hits list on a piece of paper. Naomi asks who they are about to go to war with, Charlie says its a long story and he wouldn't disrespect a fellow Manc, she tells him there was a great fuss over him and a memorial and a new album.

    Charlie sees Des looking at him, looking sad. Rousseau says they need more wire and Jack says they can strip the wiring off of the plane. Sayid says they need to talk about the radio, that they need to remove the Danielles signal before they can transmit one, Juliet says that won't work as their underwater station is blocking all signals, it's called the looking glass but she does not know where it is. Sayid says he knows where it is.

    Karl comes running up the beach from his boat, he is tackled by Sayid but vouched for by Sawyer, explaining who he is. We get a flashback to Ben returning, minus Locke, hushed whispers and then he asks Tom how long til he and his men could get to the beach, he says by nightfall, he says go and if the men are brave enough to interfere to kill them. Alex runs through the jungle and explains to Karl that he must go and warn the people on the beach.

    Karl explains all this, Juliet being a spy etc, but he warns them that they will attack tonight. There is some slight panic as they weren't expecting them til tomorrow. They have a plan, they are going to take everyone upto the radio tower, except 3 who will be shooting the dynamite, Sayid, Jin and Bernhard. With Des and Charlie to sort out the underwater station.

    They all pack up to go, leaving Charlie to finish off the last of his memories to complete his top 5 memories, then they sail out after getting to the cable. The boat stops as they come to the end, then Charlie hands Des the list, who ponders then gives it back, saying that he'll have better luck. Charlie takes a paddle and knocks him out, tucks the list into Des's pocket and then using the weight belt sinks down and then surfaces into a hatch with an air bubble, he shouts a joyful shout, climbs up and then hears an echo and then see two armed women with guns trained on him.
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