Season 3 Episode 21

Greatest Hits

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM May 16, 2007 on ABC



  • Quotes

    • Liam: Ho ho ho. It's here baby brother, Christmas is here. Oi, are these the birds from row two? Well done mate. Well as you have spent another year as the only drug-free rock star in the world, I'm gonna share a little known fact with you. Father Christmas lives just down the street from here.
      Charlie: Father Christmas lives in Helsinki?
      Liam: Indeed he does. And in case you haven't noticed, baby brother, Finland is the bloody North Pole. Therefore, a very special gift for you this year.
      (He begins to take off the "DS" ring)
      Charlie: Liam, no. Mum gave you that. You're the first born. It was her father's and his father before that.
      Liam: And it's a family heirloom, and that's why we named the band after Dextor bloody Stratton. I know. But, Charlie, let's be honest, we both know I'm a sodding mess. But you, you're different. You're gonna get married, have a family, a baby. I'll be lucky if I hit thirty.
      Charlie: Don't say that, Lee.
      Liam: The ring has to stay in the family, Charlie. So please, take it. Mum would have wanted it this way. Pass it on to your little one someday. I need to know its safe.

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