Season 6 Episode 11

Happily Ever After

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Apr 06, 2010 on ABC

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  • Desmond !

    this episode answered the biggest question of this season as i see it ! , that there is a connection between the two worlds . and what a connection that as always can connect with a hand from Daniel Faraday the man is a Genius . and Charlie as always it's all about Love , his scene when conformed Desmond about his so called love from the first sight WAS speechless ! . Eloise as always mysterious as Hell ! there were few very good emotional scenes when Desmond meet Penny and the way he was smiling , amazing scene . at last the most impoment line of the episode was " I Just need to show them something " .

    Happily Ever After was Epic and the show still delivers there best season ever .
  • One of the best, if not, the best episode of LOST EVER!

    I had immense chills running down my spine. Not only did these chills impact greatly, but they lasted long too. Charlie, Daniel Whitmore and eventually Desmond (at the end) "FELT IT." They felt love. This episode made me forget reality. It made me not care about what happened in the past of LOST or what could happen in the future. This episode was simply an "in the moment" episode. What I'm trying to say is that the episode was so amazing I did not care about anything else, but this episode. I completely zoned out about all external things. Why? Why did I feel this way? I'll tell you why. Because I "felt it." This episode made me feel love. I don't know what, or who, or why, but I guarantee you that I felt exactly what the characters in this episode felt. That is exactly why I had a constant chill down my spine that didn't go away long after the episode finished. This is the reason TV was created. This is the reason fans of LOST love LOST. I don't even write reviews for LOST, but the impact this episode had on me was phenomenal. To watch such an episode after 7 seasons of LOST, it is truly, well, it's a life changing experience during that moment. To feel something which the characters feel, which you know is unreal, but you still feel it. That is extraordinary. I cannot go on to explain how well this show is constructed. My 2 favourite TV shows are 24 and LOST. I chase 24 because of the tension and twists, and Jack Bauer and I watch LOST simply because of moments like this episode had. I will be traumatized to see my two favourite shows end in the same year =(
  • Desmond and the multiverse...

    Once again a whole episode revolving around Des' character brings us a gem of creativity and emotional intensity.

    As we come closer to the end of possibly the best series of the decade, things become a bit more clearer and some answers are revealed, even though a lot can still change.

    As far as the episode goes the fans were presented with another extraordinary performance by Henry Ian Cusick. Even though the Desmond focused episodes divide the group of fans in complete opposite opinions, I still believe they are the richest ones in terms of scientific insight (instead of a more mythical quality e.g. in episodes with Locke and Jacob).

    Henry Ian Cusick is an amazing actor and his performance was yet again strong and highly believable.

    And so finally we witness a break through the multi realities where the time lines may once again reunite into an ultimate original one, whichever one that really is... Which might be yet another surprise to come.

    One might say that we missed all the other characters, considering that we are so near the end and we want to get as much as we possible can from all of them. Nevertheless it also brought us some great come backs from characters such as Daniel and Charlie.

    In an overall this was a great episode full of hope and expectations, that will linger on in our minds for the rest of the week.
  • Think twice about this one

    I half-watched this episode last night, mostly doing my computer work, not paying much attention to what was going on. My general impression was that it was not going to be a very good episode. My wife made a comment that it was not that great. But then while looking through the episode guide to find out the title, so I could label my DVD, I ran across a review by a person (ionee?), who wrote a very wonderful deep account, without giving away the end of the story, of the loves of Desmond, Daniel, and Charlie. I decided to watch it more closely tonight. What a difference and a surprise. I found this one of the most touching moments of the entire series. I thought nothing could top "Ab Aeterno" in quality, but this is definitely on par with that episode. I think these last few episodes are going to be the best of the series. Just watch closely.
  • Anyone giving the episode less then a 9.5 is absolutely lost and has no sense of what brilliance is, Desmond Dominates this one, and this is building up to the finale that we've been all waiting patiently for! **spoilers ahead**

    WOW! Finally we got a link between the two realities and who else to make that link but our constant Desmond! He's not only the game changer (as usual) but now will be the one to bring all of the 815 passengers from the sideways world together and hopefully on their way to the island. It was great seeing Charlie, Faraday and Eloise (biggest player in the game-even bigger then Widmore!). The last 15 minutes of the episode had me on the edge of my seat and my heart pouding, and the last few words "i need to show them something" -with the smirk on his face, and how on the island he willingly followed Zombie-Sayid both got my adrenaline going....Brilliance!! Desmond truly dominated this episode along with all of our favorite brits. Looks like we're on our way now and I hope that the last 6 hours of Lost play like a Long and action packed season finale, my heart might not be able to take it but will be content. See you in another life brutha!!
  • Desmond does it again and tonight's installment shows us what the end will be.

    I have seen this coming for several episodes starting with the h-bomb explosion. Tonight's episode proves it. What with all the jump backwards, flash side ways, and seeing dead people, this happily ever after shows us just what is taking place. Who would have thought that it would come down to this? After 6 seasons of nothing but great week-in and week-out television that causes me to can't wait for the next one, I feel that the last six installments will prove that this is all in Desmond's mind and that he is dreaming, hallucinating, or just day dreaming what is taking place. Whatever it is, it has been 6 seasons of very satisfying television that other shows are desperately lacking in. I am looking with anticipation to the last episodes.
  • Kind of slow, but it's perfect

    I waited a few days before reviewing this episode because I had to study with exams, and also because I didn't know how to react to it.

    The episode is a Desmond centric episode with Carlton Cuse, Damon Lindelof, and Jack Bender working on it = the ingredients of success. So when I watched the episode, I had extremely unrealistic expectations.

    At first, the disappointment came from the fact that I guessed what would happen next. Since this was a Desmond episode with Charlie in it, I knew who would show up. It was painful to watch the show reveal those characters slowly.

    A few days have passed, and I watched it again yesterday night. And this is my review to it:

    As a standalone episode, this is perfect. As a series standpoint, it was painfully slow as there are only a few episodes left with many unanswered questions. So love seems to be the Constant to everybody and death seems to attach the two alternative timelines together. The question now is, "Which timeline will survive" The island timeline is what brings people together, and the alternate timeline is what is best for people.

    Henry Ian Cusack and Sonya Walger are always great together. The guest appearances are fun to watch. And the ending was pretty awesome with some shadow martial arts, and "send a message to Widmore" with Zoe. I just have a nasty feeling that someone is going to die soon, and hopefully Desmond is not the sacrifice.
  • Most important Desmond episode yet

    This is the one of few episodes in Lost where it slowly grows on you over a few days. It was the last of the always anticipated Desmond episodes, and it was by far the most important one. The writers are using Desmond as the x-factor of this seasons story telling by using him as the most important character in both of the time-lines. The conversation Desmond has with Faraday was so important because it finally made sense to me that the bomb did create a parallel universe, and changed their lives into something that isn't meant to be. Ive never felt this way after an episode of Lost and finally I am looking at this season in a way I haven't before since it started back in February. The stage is only being set for the biggest event in television history, and I cannot wait for this to continue. No show does it like LOST!
  • so far, the best episode of the sixth season

    Once again Carlton Cuse and Damon Lindelof show us why they don't have to make big revelations, or even new intriguing questions, to make a great hour of television. This episode plays with us during the first half, hinting that something really big is about to be revealed. But when the time for the revelation comes, we find instead that we've been enjoying story telling at its best, that we, once again, love the characters and we care about what's happening to them. This episode is full of great scenes, Daniel Faraday, Eloise, Penny, Charlie, all of them have great dialogues.
  • Desmond is a ... Brilliant Episode

    Hmmm Lost 6th season is different than five previous seasons , different but genious. We got a lot of answers , we can again meet old characters and maybe what important viewers finnaly have some information about trully reason why they are on the island.
    In 6th season we have some tendence one good episode-one brilliant episode.. this time we have got the second one. Happily ever after give us Desmond story, why he back on island , is he really constant why he alive hutch boom. Of course producers give us too story about Desmond life without island but Desmond find out some connection beetwen reality of island and real time, what that means ? hmm maybe this normal life is not true ? or or heroes can connect with themself on island ?? It something like in Avatar... two world connection...

    What I can say .. nothing else We must wait for next couple last episodes...

  • Not even alternate realities can keep true love apart.

    It's a funny thing - and I don't even understand why myself - that the Desmond-centric episodes are always the ones with the greatest potential to mix head-spinning mythology and old-fashioned human romance and drama in perfect measure. This episode joins season 4's "The Constant" as two of my favourites, mixing both WOW! moments with tears of emotion.

    I'm guessing most other reviews will go on and on about the mythology-element, and how this episode marks the beginning of the two realities merging, so I'll focus instead on the character side of things. There were so many returns of sorely-missed faces from the past, from Charlie (whose chemistry with Desmond remains intact) to Eloise and even Minkowski - and, of course, Penny. Sonya Walger and Henry Ian Cusick go down as one of television's greatest couples, with that final scene (despite the only one in which Penny appears) the culmination of an episode's discussion of whether fate and destiny can keep true love apart. The answer? No. And thank goodness.

    Otherwise, we get the WOW moments of when Desmond disappears from the main reality between those two gigantic spinning pillars of energy, and that stinging flash to Charlie's drowning, to those climactic moments at the end where Sayid "rescues" Desmond, and alt-Desmond demands the Flight 815 passenger list so he can spread the truth about the other reality they should know about.

    Next week looks like the last single-character-centric flash-sideways, and Hurley is usually good value, but to be honest I'm more looking forward to the following week when we'll probably start seeing all the characters and situations come together in both realities - and we might finally get the answers to the fundamental questions of "Lost".
  • Desmond episodes have proven always to be most amazing ones.

    I think this and "Ab Aeterno" have been my favourite episodes this season and "Happily Ever After" did amazing job.

    Desmond and the whole time travel concept has been amazing and this episode just continues that line. It starts to make sense. I mean, those alternative realities and all that. Plus we had Charley and Faraday back what was part of the amazement. Loved those two, specially Faraday. The alternative reality worked well this time. No lingering. No puzzling why we are seeing it. It all made perfect sense. It all made it so much clearer but also made me ask some questions I hope to get answers.

    I loved the ending. I was not expecting it will happen (no V clock.. wiii). I thought there most be much time left as the story was just getting to roll. Wow.. That "Lost" worked like in old good times..
  • Have you ever experienced Spectacular Love?

    Epic, riveting, rapturously beautiful love? The most purest expression of something you would only drown yourself into, slip into, sink as if to die from it only so that something would rip you apart at the very last minute.

    No, I'm not talking about Sawyer and Juliet but what Charlie experiences without Claire, Faraday without Charlotte and last, but not least, Desmond Hume without Penny during this episode in which the flash-sideways life plays the ultimate cosmic joke as they are forced to live without them, so it was only natural these three men would be the ones most likely to question that maybe this is not how things were supposed to be.

    It's almost poetic how the three of them collide in this episode trying to explore the very nature of their respective losses: Charlie in an autodestructive way, Daniel in his own particularly erratic way and Desmond in the most sublime way possible. I just can't spoil the ending, much like Charlie, Daniel and Desmond you'll have to figure it out all by yourselves.
  • Finally, a hint at the endgame! Of course not everything could all come out at once, as there are still a few more episodes left.

    Obviously, this is going to be one of the better eps as it covers desmond and it certainly did not disappoint. It is both rewarding and frustrating how carrots are dangled throughout each episode; where one is so close to knowing what is going on but still needs just those few extra pieces to get the whole picture. It wasnt until this episode that I realized there are two different stories going on- the Jacob/MiB standoff with candidates and wars and such, and what the island itself is all about, with the magnetic energy and Dharma research. There is not just the good v evil within the mythos of the show, but also religion v science, fate v destiny and probably a few other contrasts I can't think of right now.

    Charlie saw Claire as true love (yeah we all knew that), Desmond saw Penny, another giveaway, Faraday saw someone that is most likely Charlotte. These all happened as connections to the island life during critical times in these characters lives. If it is true that some of our faves are gonna die, then it may be shown as the true loves of these characters: Sayid-Nadia, Hurley-Libby, Jin-Sun, Bernard-Rose are the gimmes. I know there are more important questions to be answered still, but I think based on this ep, some people will have the answer they want most... Who will Kate see? Sawyer? Jack? What will happen if the visions are not reciprocated? Probably wont go too much into detail here since there is a lot more to cover, but it would be interesting to find out.
  • woo

    Desmond's back and once again his episode was a sheer joy to watch. This episode has completly restorred my faith in the series. There was me thinking that they had forgotten about time travel, physics and Desmond's gift and here it all is again. Des has been away too long. I loved everything about this episode; a string of familiar faces; Widmore, Charlie, Eliose, Daniel, Penny, even George. But more than anything it seems that the Flash-Sideways are finally getting explained. Desmond experianced both realities and has gotten deep meaning from them. Up untill now, I've been very bored with them, fed up of the writers beating around the bush and making them look nothing like filler. I take it all back now; it seems everything is slotting nicely into place. IMO the pick of the season thus far, up there with the Richard and Locke episodes.
  • WOW!

    I dont really know what to say about this episode all I know is that it was really, really great. Desmond's episodes usually take Lost to the next level and Happily Ever After does as well. I enjoyed seeing Charlie and Daniel Faraday again hope to see more of them later on. Most of the episode was really great and it gave us a glance at where this show is going. I don't really know what will happen next or what the consequences of Desmond getting the 815 passengers together. The season has been really strong so far, love it.
  • I'm gonna need to watch that again

    Amazing episode tonight filled with subtle clues. I haven't got them all yet and the full magnitude of the episode hasn't quite hit me but I have to say that Darlton just aired one of their most brilliantly written episodes of LOST yet. For all those beginning to lose faith: Finally. This is the episode that will make or break your interest for the rest of the show's entirety. Hopefully it made it. Now everyone who reads this, take a deep breath and repeat after me: 'There is definitely a link between the two timelines.' That case and debate is closed to any more arguments. Charlie's experience on the airplane and Charlie and Desmond's deep sea dive has given both of these characters the spiritual and mental enlightenment that all the LOST characters must experience or else they will be doomed.

    This episode had plenty of wonderful great ironic turns from the original plot. The scene in the water between Desmond and Charlie had to be the most powerful. Now I must take time out to give a shoutout to Michael Giacchino for one of his best jobs on an episode in quite some time. His music in this episode is one of the reasons it may be elevated to one of the best at the show's end. LOST fans and admirers have always noticed that the musical score for the show is one of the vital things that makes LOST truly special; tonight was an example of that.

    In closing my shorter than normal review, I have to ask a question: Should we be worried about Desmond? He seems to be very vulnerable right now as he will follow whichever side gets their hands on him. Or maybe this is showing us that it doesn't matter which side gets him, his purpose will still be fufilled. A lot to ponder until next week's episode which I believe is Hurley-centric and if I am not mistaken that centric episode will round out all the main characters left.
  • Desmond wakes up on the Island, while in the flashsideways Charlie shows Desmond something important.

    Honestly, it didn't answer many questions, besides that there is a link between the two worlds. Either way though, this episode was very good. Knowing that the whole episode was important made it worth watching, while there was a also a few very good emotional scenes. It still seems odd that we haven't gotten any answers yet considering how few episodes there are left. Eloise character still remains the most mysterious, but I love how she knows about the other world perfectly, as if she exist simultaneously between them, or somehow knows exactly what occurred in the other. Over all though, this might be one of my favorites this season just because it really got me thinking.
  • A treat for Desmond fans ( and which LOST fan isn't ? )

    All of Desmond's episodes are referenced here : from the button ( care to explain one day what it was all about ? ) to the boat race, the stadium, McCutcheon whiskey, and, of course, the show's best love story by far. Nice to have Eloïse and Daniel back, too. And at last, it seems we'll have some answers regarding the flash-sideways universe. So why not a 10, do you ask ? Well, because regarding the FS mystery, the episode was little more than a teaser, even if witnessing someone having clear flashes of the original timeline for the first time was extremely satisfying, but the ending kinda ... fell flat in that regard. What do both Desmonds know ? Are they both aware of both universes ? Is our Desmond's brain just "fried" as Zoey put it, to follow Sayid like that ? We have no clue, which is a little irritating ... I know, patience is a virtue, and the answers are probably coming, but it was a confusing way to end an otherwise good episode.
  • Lost is my constant!

    In the review for "LA X", it was theorized that "the Incident" was associated with a quantum mechanical event, such that two realities were born out of a single timeline: the familiar "Lost Prime" and the flash-sideways "Lost X". While many possible explanations for the purpose of "Lost X" have been offered since that point, based on new information, one constant has been the theory that Desmond would be directly connected to it.

    While many of the characters have experienced time travel and exposure to the unusual electromagnetic properties of the island, Desmond is the one that was at the heart of the Swan Station implosion in "Live Together, Die Alone". And as seen in "Flashes Before Your Eyes" and "The Constant", this led to Desmond's consciousness being uniquely "unstuck". Desmond could see the future for a time, and stood outside of the rule that "whatever happened, happened".

    This episode confirms the assumption that "the Incident" was the cause of the split in the timeline. If there are details in terms of events before 1977 that seem to diverge and can't be explained by the lack of time traveling by the survivors, that's likely just side effects of the temporal connection to the electromagnetic anomaly. (OK, in reality, it's a bit of sloppiness from the writers, but that's not as much fun as coming up with a work-around!)

    And that seems to solidify the theory that "the Incident" had differing effects in each timeline. In "Lost Prime", the island remained intact, but those displaced in time were taken back to the moment of their departure (2007). In "Lost X", the island sank (at an undetermined rate, but slow enough to let most if not all of the Dharma Initiative members to leave), and Jacob never intervened in the lives of the characters.

    It was inevitable, just based on the information in "LA X", that the two timelines would ultimately connect. As stated in the review for "The Package", the progression of the "Lost X" timeline towards a reunion of the familiar characters who were on that timeline's Oceanic 815 flight has to have a purpose within the larger context of the story. This episode only drives home this notion.

    This episode provided an interesting perspective on the relationship between "Lost Prime" and "Lost X". Characters in "Lost X" are becoming more and more aware of the existence of "Lost Prime", during moments of transcendent personal revelation. In this episode, it's tied to two life-altering events: love and death. The emphasis is on love, but both Charlie and Desmond had their epiphanies during near-death experiences.

    The two are also not directly linked. Daniel recognized that he loved Charlotte, but there was no associated near-death experience. (And while one might theorize that Daniel's own unique mental state in "Lost Prime" could account for his insight, that's an exception that seems a bit too subtle, especially given how Desmond is in focus.) On the other side of the coin, Jack was the one person in "LA X" who seemed to have flashes of recollection of "Lost Prime", without the trigger of love. Yet, it's clear that the death of his father had affected him deeply.

    Yet it is interesting to note that the characters in "Lost Prime" don't have the same insights into the existence of "Lost X". The only character that seems to allude to it is Jacob's rival. But that is only in the form of temptation, so it's not necessarily a reference to "Lost X". A solid rationale would have to be provided to make that link.

    Desmond's unique state of existence may be that link. By the end of this episode, there is every reason to believe that he is aware of the "Lost X" timeline, just as Desmond X is aware of "Lost Prime". He now has a holistic perspective that the rest of the characters simply do not have. And that ties back into the speculation from the review for "LA X": if someone has to make a decision as to which reality will prevail, Desmond is the only one with the necessary perspective on both states of existence. Desmond may not be the one called to make a decision, but he may be able to trump it.

    It's fairly clear that the final battle is swiftly approaching. Possession of the Ajira plane (or, perhaps, the Widmore submarine) is the final goal. Jacob's rival put together a long-term plan to achieve the right set of circumstances to leave the island. Jacob constructed his own plan in counterpoint. This all involves the Candidates, and a few possible scenarios have been mentioned, particularly in the review for "The Package".

    Yet Widmore's gambit seemed apart from that. Now it's revealed that it has something to do with Desmond, the electromagnetic properties of the main island, and perhaps even a nuclear bomb. Because it seems rather likely that Widmore knows about the splintered timeline.

    In "Flashes Before Your Eyes", Eloise Hawking made it very clear that Desmond had to resist the urge to alter the timeline, because if he did, "every single one of us is dead". This has been echoed by Jacob and Widmore this season more than once. But what does that mean? From a literal perspective, it could mean that Jacob's rival would utterly destroy all life on the planet. But it could also mean that Jacob's rival could wipe out the "Lost Prime" timeline in favor of one of his own preference. In essence, everyone in the "Lost Prime" timeline would cease to exist.

    Right now, Jacob's rival is telling the Candidates that he can give them what they want: the restoration of loved ones and a better life, a world where Jacob never brought them to the island. It's the exact opposite of redemption. But to the Candidates, that might actually sound like a good thing. "Lost Prime" has been harsh. The thought of a new world, where things turned out the way they "should have been", would have to be tempting, especially sight unseen.

    But Desmond is now aware of that other existence. On some level, he may still be connected to it. He knows, from direct experience, that the other universe is not perfect. If anything, he realizes (thanks to Charlie and Daniel) that as real as it may seem and even be, it's not where the "Lost Prime" survivors are meant to be. More than that, he knows that the two are intrinsically connected. In other words, it may be that wiping out "Lost Prime" in favor of "Lost X" would, in essence, destroy both timelines.

    Then again, it's a well-established fact that the producers and writers had no intention of exploring the "Lost X" timeline before they settled on the finalized plan for the sixth season. It was a late addition to the series, developed as a means of adjusting format to give the season a unique flavor. So while this approach gives the audience a perspective into this alternative reality, it's likely that the original treatment was more conceptual.

    It all comes down, as Jacob said in "Ab Aeterno", to finding someone willing to let go of the past, accept a clean slate, and take his place as caretaker of the island. It makes perfect sense that Jacob's rival would offer them a temptation of this magnitude. Widmore is in direct opposition to Jacob's rival, so it appears as though this is all part of Jacob's counter-ploy.

    After all, if Jacob contrived to have Oceanic 815 crash on the island, then he is the likely manipulator behind Desmond's lapse in the Swan Station (going back to the long-standing theory that the crash was not at all accidental). And who was directly involved in getting Desmond to the island? Charles Widmore. It all adds up. (That also serves to explain Libby's importance to the story. She facilitated Desmond's arrival on the island as part of Team Jacob. There's really nothing else pertinent to know about her.)

    So how might it all come together? Desmond knows about the other timeline. He knows that "Lost Prime" is the way things were supposed to play out; this is in direct line with Eloise Hawking's warnings in "Flashes Before Your Eyes". He can survive intense electromagnetic fields, such as exist on the island and are tied to the containment of Jacob's rival. And he knows that a nuclear bomb, in conjunction with such a field, can change the flow of time. And Eloise Hawking, someone intimately connected to Charles Widmore, knew all about the implications based on her possession of Daniel Faraday's journal.

    What if Charles Widmore, as part of Jacob's plan, is trying to stage a second, much bigger Incident? The producers have said that Zoe is key to the final resolution; as a geophysicist, she would be able to advise on where the second Incident would need to take place. If "whatever happened, happened", and "course correction" is intrinsic to the stability of the timeline, then it may all come down to mending the damage done by the first Incident. And it makes sense that it would take an event of similar magnitude to make that happen.

    The trick could be that this requires setting off the burst in the most potent electromagnetic location on the island, and it may be too strong for a normal human being to withstand. That's where Desmond comes into the picture. Eliminate the "Lost X" timeline, and Jacob's rival no longer has an alternative to offer to the Candidates. (In fact, it may be that Jacob's rival needs the "Lost X" timeline to exist for his escape to be fully realized. Eliminate "Lost X", select the Candidate, and the game is over for this cycle.)

    So a relatively logical scenario is now forming for the final resolution to the story. But there is one unusual aspect still to take into account. Desmond seemed altogether too happy to do what Widmore was asking him to do, which seems to be sacrificing himself (and therefore his life with Penny and little Charlie) to eliminate the "Lost X" timeline in which he was still destined to be with his true love. But he was also willing to go with Sayid, no questions asked. So what is Desmond's current motivation?

    Desmond has never been particularly secretive on the matter: his sole desire was always to be with Penny. As far back as "Live Together, Die Alone", the producers have been clear on the point that the Desmond/Penny relationship was one of the most important aspects of the story. So the audience can count on Desmond making whatever choice he feels is right with respect to Penny. It's not entirely clear what he took away from his experience in "Lost X", but it's certainly going to factor into the endgame.

    Overall, this was another solid and satisfying episode, confirming some of the speculation regarding the direction and nature of the story while promising that some of the more pressing plot threads will be resolved. This is effectively the end of the complication phase of the final arc; it's now a headlong rush to ultimate resolution.
  • D + P 4ever!

    So I recently read, I think it was on E Online, that this show is all about one word: Love. I think this episode made it more clear. I guess I didn't really notice until now but Lost is just one six season long love story. Desmond's love for Penny has been abundantly obvious since we met him but this episode with the flash sideways and everything put a different spin on it. Charlie and Daniel (DANIEL YAYY!!!!! sorry I missed him!) had these feelings of love at first sight. I love this show Lost and I love the idea of the whole thing being a love story. It was much more than that but at it's core, well you know I'm just excited to see how it all plays out in the end. Overall this was a great episode, but then again so are most Desmond-centric ones!
  • Desmond reveals connections between island and life without a crash scenes!!!

    This episode it´s a very important one since it reveals at last that the "no plain crash" scenes are connected to the island scenes. Before this episode you always wondered why some of the scenes when they go on without ever crashing didn`t match previous seasons, for example scenes about jin not being married yet to sun, and sawyer being a cop?. This episode tells one more time desmond`s weird journeys, where he and charlie figure out that they apparently had this hole different "life" that they didn´t know or remember, this episode encourages you to stay close to the finale!!
  • Some revealations this time around in Happily Ever After so what were they? Lets dive in!

    So we learned about the connections that Faraday was a Widmore and that Eloise is the wife of Charles. So lets look at some past events. Eloise is the one who advocated for getting all the Oceanic 6 back on the island, except Aaron so is she and Widmore on the side of Jacob? Ultimately since Charles Widmore has not been fully explained regarding his purpose thats up in the air but yet again I say that he is on the side of Jacob. I think this is the episode we need to look at again because in my view we finally got a clue as to what these flash sideways clips are all about. Gonna need to watch that scene with Faraday and Desmond on the bench again because thats the scene I am talking about. So a quick overview for the episode is small but simple- Connections of the Widmore family and hints at the reasoning for the flash sideways. Oh and don't forget Desmond being put in the microwave, gosh that hurt my eyes! Til next week!
  • Here's a good example of safe work lockout procedures. The guy checking the coil should have padlocked the breaker himself.

    Too bad for him but here comes the poor sap Desmond, who thought he was free and clear but with an in-law like Widmore there's no luck for him. In the sideways world Desmond and Charles have a different relationship. And bringing back the old stars for an encore here comes the bass guitarist for Driveshaft. But then, whoa! "Not Penny's boat"!! Are the two timelines converging? Henry Ian Cusick is always great as the wistful, befuddled Desmond Hume. And Daniel, Daniel Widmore? The surprises keep rolling in. This was a good developmental episode, pushed the story along with some imaginative twists.
  • *** Spoiler-free *** Convincing performance, weird and inspiring story, unbalanced dual arcs and conventional editing, disappointing pace but intriguing ending

    In my humble opinion The Constant, season 4 5th episode, is by far the best Lost episode. In fact it's the only one I rated 10 out of 10 with Sundown. So at the end of The Package when Sayid and us saw Desmond my heartbeat went on a tribal rate that lasted until now. One week to remember what happened. One week to think about him and Penny. One week to feel in love, again.

    Happily Ever After wasn't as strange as The Constant but it was definitely an excellent installment. First Henry Ian Cusick's performance was impressive and his charisma astounding. Considering his appearances are rare comparing him to Matthew Fox wouldn't be appropriate but they definitely play in the same league, right with Terry O'Quinn and a few others. Second watching the episode was as intense as riding a twirling roller coaster. From the characters he met to the alternative situations my jaw was sweeping most of the time. Third even if I found the story a bit naive, probably because I'm not obsessed by romance, it was quite inspiring.

    But I can't help thinking that it could have been better, even if its fourty minutes felt like seconds. I found the island and urban arcs weren't well balanced and the transitions between the two not as creative as in Dr. Linus for example. An other issue is that Desmond hadn't been featured a single second since LA X and it was already ten episodes ago ! So I think his coming back should have been better planned, with some sort of prequel episode or something. Moreover even if some moments were intense it didn't reach The Constant's level, far from it.

    Last but not least the most disappointing element was probably the pace. It's like nothing much happened. I think some parts could have been shortened to give some space to more important ones. The first half wasn't that surprising for example when the other one was astonishing. But don't get me wrong the last seconds confirmed that the remaining episodes should be captivating. Considered as a standalone episode Happily Ever After was just great but if you try to comprehend it as a whole then it could be the gear wheel that controls them all. A first step toward the inevitable end of Lost.
  • Desmond freaks out. Again.

    I'll be straight with you: I've never shared the love for Desmond-centric episodes that most other Lost fans do. I mean, I thought Live Together, Die Alone was awesome, but Catch 22 kind of bored me (remember Hawking in the photo with Brother Campbell?) and The Constant? Overrated. (Bring out the pitchforks...) Don't get me wrong, the episodes are good, and Flashes Before Your Eyes is served better after repeat viewings, but Desmond episodes for me does not automatically equal perfection like it does for so many others. So consider this a disclaimer. I always thought after he reunited with Penny, his story should have been over and I think, for fan service, the writers trip over themselves trying to write him back into the show. Desmond is one of the most panicky and desperate characters I've ever known. Except for trying to save Charlie, for the most part he has come off as a bit selfish or cowardly to me, the best example being in S4 when Sayid left the freighter to save the people on island, and Desmond refused to go. But his love story with Penny is epic and well told, and I found those elements to be the only strengths of Happily Ever After. Whidmore brought Des back to the island for an unknown purpose; Jin didn't have much to do but stand around and ask questions, but we soon discover, as many speculated, that Desmond's purpose is directly linked to the fact that he survived the huge electromagnetic anomaly back in S2, and Charles needs to see if he can do it again. Whidmore took a big risk in tossing Desmond in that chamber and flipping the switch; if Desmond had died, that would have been one of the dickest moves in LOST history, lol. But Desmond did survive, and like Flashes and the Constant, his consciousness seems to have flashed into the "Sideways" world. Here, he's a sort of 'fix it' man for Whidmore, and he and Charles have a pretty good relationship- Break out the MacCutcheon whisky! George Minkowsky (Des old mind travel buddy) returns as the limo driver, and we also tie up why and how Desmond ended up on flight 815 back in LA X.

    A little more odd was the weird plot of the episode, which saw Desmond playing escort to out of control rocker Charlie Pace (!) so that Driveshaft could make a concert for the sake of Eloise, and musician son Daniel Fara- Whidmore (!). What's noteworthy is Charlie is mentally completely off the map; he doesn't care about the hit band, or if he dies, and insists that he is supposed to be...someplace else. We get a bit of a heavy-handed speech about true love (Chuck mentions a blonde love that he was almost united with- Claire?), and later after their car takes a swan dive into the pier, there is a heavy-handed callback to Charlie's dying drowning moments: "Not Penny's Boat."

    Still, It was great to see Charlie and Desmond together again- so much of their core character development came from working with each other in the second half of S3, and I think the episode did a good job of bringing their relationship back around with the series at an end. Charlie's behavior sets Desmond on his search for this mysterious Penny, and he gets another ominous scene with Eloise, who seems to know that something isn't right Desmond, and he may alter the universe and mess everything up. End of the series or not, I've always been annoyed with the vagueness of Eloise Hawking, and all her mega-implications, and things were no different here. Daniel Fara-Whidmore popped up again and had a chat with Desmond about what he may be experiencing. It was fun to listen to his quantum physics jargon again, and I loved that he entertains the notion that he may have already set off the time-altering bomb (theorists debate!)

    The best scene comes at the stadium, where Penelope is running, and Desmond (re)introduces himself to her. These two always kill it with the onscreen chemistry, and like the last part of Catch 22, this moment basically saves an episode that just wasn't really working for me. Desmond flashes back, and is now totally willing to comply with whatever is asked of him. I thought maybe he was clear on what he needs to do, but after Sayid attacked Zoe and the rest of Whidmore's crew, Desmond just as easily went along with him, lol! Des is in a totally passive state now, but he may be confused (or not care?) as to what exactly it is he needs to do, and who for. Happily Ever After was an interesting episode overall, and the connections between Otherverse and the Island are starting to come together.
  • I liked it but it all still feels a little pointless...

    Is it just me? Am I the only one who thinks the show has gotten kind of pointless? I really like Desmond and his character is one of the best but his story in the other universe just seems a little pointless. Everyone's does. I know they'll probably explain what they mean before or at the finale and we saw here that the worlds are connected...but seriously I need some answers to make it less pointless and confusing.

    I do like Desmond and Penny and it was sweet ho they found each other at the end. It's also interesting how we see him talk to (normal) Claire, Charlie and Daniel Faraday. I mean why did they do that shock thing to Desmond on the island...you just don't know enough...hopefully we'll get some answers as we go on.
  • See you in another life brother

    Remember the episode where Desmond was first revealed as the man in the hatch? Or when he traveled back in time to England to help Daniel with his experiment? Sure you do as Desmond has been at the forefront of some classic episodes of the show. While parts of this were good, this was definitely not a classic and not one worth immediate rewatching.

    We did not get any Ben Linus, Locke or Sawyer fixes tonight and we only saw Jack and Hurley briefly. I understand that not every character is needed in every episode, but I would've liked to see something else going on other than Desmond's storyline which wasn't all that great to be honest.

    Save the insane machines for Fringe, JJ Abrams.
  • Desmond: Rare, Medium, or Well Done?

    There was obviously a misunderstanding in my last review, let me clarify that...

    This was probably the best Lost episode I've ever seen. I love Desmond, he's my favourite character. I totally dig his accent and stuff. Every Desmond centric episode was great so far, but this one tops it all, it was just brilliant, especially the acting. The writers did an outstanding job. Everything in this episode was so well thought out. In this episode we see Desmond who has it all - money, women, a suit... but what he doesn't have is someone he really loves, and then he meets Penny... oh my god, this was so heart-touching. I admit I shed a tear or two, it was so emotional. When Desmond took Penny's hand, I almost fainted myself. I'm so happy for Desmond that he's finally found true love in his life. It's so sad that this is the final Lost season. Lost 4 ever.
    PS: If you also don't know what to do with your life after Lost, I'd really like to share some microwave recipes with you sometime.