Season 6 Episode 11

Happily Ever After

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Apr 06, 2010 on ABC

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  • Desmond and the multiverse...

    Once again a whole episode revolving around Des' character brings us a gem of creativity and emotional intensity.

    As we come closer to the end of possibly the best series of the decade, things become a bit more clearer and some answers are revealed, even though a lot can still change.

    As far as the episode goes the fans were presented with another extraordinary performance by Henry Ian Cusick. Even though the Desmond focused episodes divide the group of fans in complete opposite opinions, I still believe they are the richest ones in terms of scientific insight (instead of a more mythical quality e.g. in episodes with Locke and Jacob).

    Henry Ian Cusick is an amazing actor and his performance was yet again strong and highly believable.

    And so finally we witness a break through the multi realities where the time lines may once again reunite into an ultimate original one, whichever one that really is... Which might be yet another surprise to come.

    One might say that we missed all the other characters, considering that we are so near the end and we want to get as much as we possible can from all of them. Nevertheless it also brought us some great come backs from characters such as Daniel and Charlie.

    In an overall this was a great episode full of hope and expectations, that will linger on in our minds for the rest of the week.
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