Season 1 Episode 13

Hearts and Minds

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Jan 12, 2005 on ABC

Episode Recap

Boone is staring across the beach. He sees Sayid having a conversation with his sister, Shannon. Hurley approaches Boone and asks him why he and Locke have not brought any boar back lately. Boone gets offended and says that hunting boar is not as easy as he thinks. Hurley then tells Boone that everyone on the island needs protein. They aren't playing a game.

FLASHBACK: Boone is playing tennis at an expensive club with a woman. As they leave the court, he gets a phone call. It's Shannon. She is crying and screaming at someone in the background. Begging Boone for help, she asks him to come to Australia and get her. Where in Australia? Sydney.

Back on the island, Boone tells Sayid to stay away from Shannon. Sayid is not intimidated. However, Boone does not back down. Locke calls Boone away before the two of them start fighting. Locke says they have work to do. As they walk through the jungle, Locke tells Boone not to make enemies with Sayid. They will need him on their side. Right now, the most important thing is to get back to work on the hatch.

Hurley asks Jack if he has any medicine for his upset stomach. Jack questions Hurley and discovers why he isn't feeling well. Hurley has been eating fruit and only fruit for the last week. His stomach is complaining because it needs protein. However, there hasn't been any boar in over a week. Jack tells him to go and find Jin and ask him for some fish. Hurley thinks Jin has it in for him because he refused to eat sea urchin that Jin caught on the day they crashed. Jack tells Kate about how the lack of boar is going to make people sick. She asks a disturbing question that might lead to the answer of why there is no boar. "What if Locke isn't catching the boar on purpose?"

Locke and Boone are trying to open the hatch when Boone has another flashback...

Boone rings the door bell of a house in Australia. Shannon's boyfriend, Brian, answers the door. Boone says he is looking for Shannon and enters the house. Shannon comes out of the kitchen and seems surprised to see him. Boone reminds her of her cell phone call to him earlier in the week. Shannon gets nervous and asks him to leave. Brian has his back to Shannon as she pulls her hair back to reveal a large bruise on her forehead.

On the beach, Hurley has finally built up the courage to approach Jin. He asks him if he will teach him how to fish. Jin, however, has no idea what Hurley is saying. Jin walks over to the water with his net, and Hurley follows anyway.

At the hatch, Boone wants to tell the others about what they have found. However, Locke cannot be convinced. Boone decides that if he can't tell everyone else, then he will at least tell Shannon. Locke says she isn't ready to know about it and if he tells her that it will cause problems. Boone disagrees, he is going to tell her when they get back to camp. Locke says that Shannon has too much influence over Boone's life, but the decision is his. Boone starts walking down the trail when Locke hits him over the head with the handle of his knife, knocking him out.

Boone wakes up and finds out that he is tied to a tree. Locke is sitting a few feet away from him. He is mixing something in a coconut bowl. Boone begs Locke to let him go, but Locke refuses. Locke spreads his mixture over the wound on Boone's head. Locke tells Boone that he is on his own. He leaves his knife just out of Boone's reach. "You can cut yourself free and make your way back to camp...With the proper motivation."

FLASHBACK: Boone is at a police station in Australia. He is trying to file a complaint against Brian. While telling the cop information, we find out that Shannon and Boone are not blood related. His mom married her father after each of them were already born. The police cannot help Boone, so he decides to handle things on his own. He finds Brian working on the docks. He approaches him and tells him to stay out of Shannon's life. When Brian tells Boone that he loves Shannon and won't leave. Boone asks him how much his love is worth? Brian shows his true colors by naming his price: $50,000 US dollars.

Back on the island, Kate and Sun are working in Sun's garden. Kate, knowing that Sun can't understand her, speaks freely about herself. She says things she wouldn't normally say to anyone that could understand her. She says something funny and Sun can't help but laugh. Kate realizes that Sun is able to speak English. Sun begs her not to tell anyone.

Back at the beach, Hurley is doing everything he can to mimic Jin and attempt to catch some fish on his own. Frustrated by his lack of luck, he throws his makeshift net down and storms back to the beach. He steps on a sea urchin and yells in pain as he falls over. Jin helps him up and carries him back to the beach. Hurley begs him to pee on his foot to stop infection. English or not, Jin knows what Hurley is asking him to do and he refuses.

Back in the jungle, Boone is struggling to get himself free. He tries but cannot reach the knife. Suddenly, he hears Shannon screaming from somewhere else in the jungle. He yells to her for help, but she yells that she is tied up too. They have an even bigger problem however...the monster is back. It is coming straight for them. Fearing for Shannon's life, Boone pushes himself the extra distance to get to the knife and he cuts himself free. He fins Shannon and cuts her free too. They run as fast as possible to a mangrove trunk and hide inside of it. The monster bashes at the tree as Boone and Shannon pray it will leave them alone.

FLASHBACK: Boone has already paid off Brian and has come back to the house to get Shannon and her belongings. Shannon is looking at Boone with a guilty face. Brian appears and tells Boone he's been had. Shannon planned the whole scene in an attempt to get money from Boone's mother. She knows that he has paid of boyfriends before. Boone is humiliated and yells at Brian. The two of them fight before Shannon breaks it up. Boone leaves the house bloodied and feeling humiliated.

Back in the jungle, the monster has left. Boone and Shannon start to follow the trail back to the beach. Boone tells Shannon about the hatch.

Jack and Charlie are making a fire on the beach. Jack asks Charlie what he thinks of Locke. Charlie quickly responds that Locke is the one person on the island he would trust his life to. He's already saved it once.

Kate and Sun are talking about her secret understanding of English. Kate asks why she won't tell Jin. Sun tells Kate that she can't do it because she loves him. She asks Kate "Haven't you ever lied to a man you loved?"...

Back at the camp, Hurley is telling Michael all about how he failed to catch fish and what happened with the sea urchin. Jin suddenly appears and gives Hurley a fish. He may not be able to speak English, but Jin knows how hard Hurley tried to catch a fish so he rewards him.

In the jungle, Boone and Shannon are attacked again by the monster. This time they have no where to hide and Shannon is snatched up into the air by the monster. Boone screams and tries to find her...

FLASHBACK: Boone is in his hotel room in Sydney. He is packing his things when he hears a knock on the door. It's Shannon. She tells him that Brian has run off with the money and she has no place to go. Boone responds "Ahh the player got played." Shannon grabs Boone's arm and tells him that she knew he would bring the money. She knows why he always brings the money...because he is in love with her. She knows that he always has been in love with her. Boone tells her she is drunk and crazy. Shannon continues to get closer to him and Boone can't fight his feelings. They embrace and passionately kiss as they fall onto the bed. However, in the morning Shannon is as cold as ice towards him. She says she wants everything to go back to the way it was, regardless of how Boone feels.

Back in the jungle, Boone searches frantically for Shannon. He finds her bloody, mangled body lying in the stream. He knows its too late. Boone cries as she dies in his arms.

Boone races through the jungle and finally makes it back to camp. He sees Locke sitting by the fire and attacks him. He blames Locke for Shannon's death. Boone tells Locke that Shannon died in his arms but Locke asks him why he has no blood on him. Boone is about to ask what happened when Shannon can be seen in the distance talking to Sayid. She is alive and happy. Locke tells Boone that the mixture he spread on his wound made him hallucinate and allowed Boone to have his vision. He asks Boone how he felt when Shannon died. Boone can't help but respond "I felt relieved." Locke is satisfied that Boone has finally learned that he must let go of Shannon. He tells him to follow him. Boone takes a final look at Shannon and then follows Locke into the jungle.