Season 5 Episode 10

He's Our You

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Mar 25, 2009 on ABC

Episode Recap


Tikrit, Iraq

Sayid's father drags Sayid's older brother outside to kill a chicken, telling him that it is about time he became a man. When the brother argues, the father asserts his authority, telling him that he will remain outside until the chicken is dead. A young Sayid steps in to help after the father leaves, and without hesitation, he wrings the chicken's neck. When their father returns and discovers the chicken is dead, he congratulates the brother, who admits Sayid is the one who killed the chicken. Their father responds that he is glad at least one of them will be a man.

Moscow, Russia

Sayid pursues and kills a man called Andropov in an apartment in Moscow, Russia. Just before Sayid shoots him, Andropov offers him a bribe in exchange for his life, only to be gunned down instead. Sayid meets Ben outside, and is told that man was the last of Widmore's people that was a danger to the Oceanic 6 and that Sayid is free to go live his life. In the background can be seen Saint Basil's Cathedral. Sayid expresses confusion that this is the end.

Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

Sayid is seen helping to construct a school as part of a charity called Build Our World. Ben appears and approaches Sayid, claiming that Locke has been murdered, and that he was probably killed by one of Widmore's men as retaliation for Sayid's murders. Ben also tells Sayid that a man has been perched outside the Santa Rosa Mental Health Institute watching Hurley. Ben tells Sayid that he has the ability to kill people when others can't. Sayid tells him that he doesn't like to kill people and Ben is mistaken.

Los Angeles, USA

Leaving the marina following the events of "This Place Is Death", Sayid is drinking MacCutcheon whiskey at a bar when he is approached by Ilana. They flirt, and end up going to a hotel room. As they kiss and lie back on the bed, Sayid starts to take off her boot, only to receive a kick to the head. Ilana holds him at gunpoint and reveals she has been employed to take Sayid to Guam by the family of Peter Avellino, who Sayid previously had killed for Ben.

The next day, Ilana escorts Sayid to the airport. After noticing some of the Oceanic Six (Kate, Hurley, and Jack) about to board Ajira Airways Flight 316 to Guam, he asks to be put on a different flight, but Ilana sarcastically suggests that Sayid buy a rabbit's foot, and will not yield. On the plane, Sayid sees Ben Linus board and accuses Ilana of working for him, which she denies. He describes Ben as a liar, a manipulator and a monster. When Ilana asks Sayid why anyone would work for a man like Ben, Sayid replies "I did."

On the Island

Sayid is in the DHARMA Initiative's jail. Young Ben brings Sayid a sandwich and a book, asks if Richard sent him, and says he will help Sayid. Sayid is later questioned by Horace Goodspeed and Radzinsky, but does not reveal anything. When Sawyer learns of this, he goes to Sayid one-on-one and tries to convince him to give a false confession of being a defector from the Island's native population, the Others, yet Sayid refuses.

Young Ben brings Sayid another sandwich, but finds his father, Roger, already in the room. Ben tells Roger he has brought the sandwich for him. Roger assaults Ben and forces him to admit the sandwich was actually for Sayid. Sayid is subsequently taken to Oldham, DHARMA's resident interrogation expert. When Sayid asks Sawyer about him, Sawyer regretfully tells Sayid "He's our you". Oldham gives Sayid a drug which forces him to tell the truth. Sayid reveals his knowledge of DHARMA's stations, the Flame station, the Pearl Station and the future Swan Station. He tells them that he had previously been on Island for 100 days, and reveals that he is from the future, which causes his captors to doubt his story.

That evening, several members of the DHARMA Initiative take a vote to decide whether to execute Sayid. After an impassioned statement from new mother Amy about being unable to sleep worrying about their children's fate while that man is here, they all vote in favor of execution. After the vote, Sawyer attempts to let Sayid escape one last time, but Sayid refuses, stating he has found his purpose for returning to the Island.

Meanwhile, at the Barracks, Juliet expresses her concern to Sawyer that their life with the DHARMA Initiative will be jeopardized because of Kate, Jack, and Hurley's return to the Island. Kate learns of their relationship from Hurley. She discovers that Jack knows about it. Later, Juliet shows Kate around the motor pool where she is now working. Kate tells her she knows about Juliet and Sawyer, and that Hurley told her. Juliet says it's a relief because she didn't know how to say it without making it sound like she was telling Kate "to stay away."

Later in the evening, Sawyer goes to Kate's house and asks her why she came back to the Island. Before she can answer, however, a flaming DHARMA van crashes into one of the houses. While everyone is distracted by the fire, Ben helps Sayid escape from the holding cell, and they flee into the jungle. Sayid is spotted by Jin, who drives by in a van. Sayid approaches Jin and tries to convince him that Sawyer allowed his escape, but when Jin radios for confirmation, Sayid knocks him unconscious and takes his gun. Ben exclaims to Sayid about his acrobatic movement but argues that they both need to keep moving. Sayid quietly says "You were right about me. I am a killer." After a moment of reflection, he shoots Ben in the chest and runs from the scene.
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