Season 1 Episode 6

House of the Rising Sun

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Oct 27, 2004 on ABC

Episode Recap

As Sun is smelling a flower, she watches as Kate, Jack, Locke, and Charlie get ready to go get water. She then has a flashback to her at a party held by her father, and Jin is a server. The two sneak off and begin kissing. Sun tells him that she wants to get away to America, but Jin tells her no because he doesn't want to elope. He tells her that he will talk to her father to try and convince him to allow them to marry, but she tells him not to. The flashback is then interrupted when Jin suddenly attacks Michael and tries to drown him in the ocean. Luckily Sayid and Sawyer arrive in time and save Michael. As Jin struggles, they handcuff him to the plane.
Meanwhile, in the jungle, Kate, Jack, Locke, and Charlie arrive at the small waterfall. As the others refill their water bottles, Charlie sneaks off to use drugs. Before he can, however, Locke tells him not to move because he's standing on a beehive! Kate and Jack then go to find something to cover it.
Back on the beach, they are trying to figure out why Jin attacked Michael, who claims he did nothing. As they leave Jin handcuffed, Sun has a flashback of Jin telling her that her father gave permission for them to be married. However, Jin has to work for her father first.
In the jungle, Charlie slaps a bee on his face, causing him to move and collapse the hive. Everyone runs as the bees attack. Kate and Jack run into a cave and find very old, decaying corpses. Jack pulls a small pouch off of one and opens it, revealing two small stones, one black and one white. Locke and Charlie find them and see the corpses.
As Sun is putting herbal medicine on Jin's hurt wrist, she flashes back to when Jin gave her a puppy since he was rarely at home due to his long work hours. She then asks him if he remembers when all he could give her was a flower, but her father calls Jin's cell phone before he can answer her.
Back in the caves, Jack tells Kate that carrying the amount of water they would need for everyone would be too much trouble. He then gets the idea of using the cave as a shelter. Elsewhere, after Michael sees Walt looking over at Jin and then gets Walt away from there, he finds out that Walt knows nothing about him. Sun begs Jin to let her explain why he attacked Michael, but he won't let her. In another flashback, the puppy is now grown, and Jin arrives home angrily. He goes into the bathroom and she follows. She then sees blood on his clothes and asks what happened. When he doesn't reply, she realizes that the blood isn't his. He then says that he was working and she asks what he does for her
father. He tells her that he does whatever her father wants him to do.
After Kate and Jack leave to return to the beach, Charlie begins to wander towards the cave exit, and Locke seems suspicious. Locke then tells
him that he knows who he is - the bass player in Driveshaft.
As Jack and Kate near the beach, they find Sayid chopping wood. As he takes a break, he tells them that he is going to try and communicate with Sun. Jack then tells him about the caves, and Sayid is angry because if any rescue planes fly over the island, they won't be able to see them in the caves. Jack and Sayid then begin to recruit people to either go to the caves or stay on the beach.
When Sun sees Michael chopping wood, she walks closer and has a flashback of talking to a home decorator. She and the decorator then go into the bedroom and talk, revealing that she isn't a home decorator, but is actually helping Sun leave the country! The plan is to make it look like Sun has been kidnapped and is dead. As the flashback ends, Sun walks up to Michael and says she needs to talk to him - in English! Michael is in shock that she knows how to speak English and asks her why she never told anyone. Sun replies that Jin doesn't even know. She then tells him that Jin has an angry temper and that the attack was a misunderstanding. It turns out that the watch Michael is wearing, which he found two days earlier, belonged to Sun's father, and protecting it is an honor to Jin. She then asks Michael for help.
Elsewhere, Locke is following Charlie wherever he goes. Charlie tells him to stop, and Locke tells him to give him the drugs. When Locke asks Charlie if he'd rather have his guitar back than the drugs, Charlie says, "More than you know". Locke then says that if Charlie gives his drugs to the Island, it may give him his guitar. Charlie hands over his drugs to Locke, who tells him to look up. When Charlie does, he sees his guitar case stuck on roots above the cave.
As Jack is preparing to leave, Kate tells him that she wants to stay on the beach. He lets her stay and then leaves for the caves. Meanwhile, Michael returns the watch to Jin and breaks him free with the axe. He then tells Jin to stay away from him and Walt. Sun, who is watching, has a flashback of the day of departure in the airport. As Jin is waiting in line behind Jack, she begins to leave but then decides to stay with Jin.
As Charlie is playing his guitar that night in the cave, Jack, Hurley, Sun, Jin, and the others arrive at their new home and settle in. Back on the beach, Sawyer, Kate, Michael, Walt, Sayid, and the others sit quietly around a bonfire.