Season 1 Episode 6

House of the Rising Sun

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Oct 27, 2004 on ABC

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  • great episode

    Michael gets attacked when he takes a walk in the forest. He comes back to safety but the only people who knows what happened to him are non english speaking jin and sun. Many of the survivors decide that they need to set up camp along the beach in case a rescue comes. The mystery in this episode shows as a little, a flashback of one of the main characters. It's a really nice episode. The writers made this really exciting. We're not really sure what's haunting the survivors, but there is something out there in the forest that's stalking them.
  • I must admit that i'm a fan of asian culture, but this chapter actually rocked! It's sad to see how the beautiful pure love Jin and Sun had for each other was changed by money and greed.

    A chapter of many revelations. We see the history of Sun and Jin, the mysterious asian couple and how their love got corrupted to the point of betrayal and lying. They meet each other, she a high-class millonaire lady and he a humble guy from a fisherman family; but beyond that they fall in love and secretly gather whenever they can. The classes differences wouldn't let them be, but finally Jin takes courage to ask Sun's hand in marriage and surprisingly her father agrees on the condition of working for him. Over the time Jin works hard gaining his father-in-law confidence and makes enough money to give her anything she needs. What he can't see is that she already had all that stuff and that what she really wanted was him beside her and their love. Their relationship wastes to the point that she can't be around him anymore and plans to escape but in the last minute she gave them a second chance for their love's sake. Then we realize that all this time she could speak english but was hiding it because of Jin. Back at the beach there's a lot of thinking about giving up the hope of getting rescued and get to a better place in the caves or wait to be the first to be sighted in the beach by any rescue team, wich leads us to many separations.
  • Very good episode...

    It is a great episode because we learn more about Sun and Jin, the Corean couple. But still, I felt like something was missing. Although the Flashbacks were not very entertaining, it was the kind of information we need to know. Obviously there are lots of questions that haven´t been answered, like how did Sun manage to learn english without Jin noticing? Or the fact that there may be other survivors on the island (regarding to previous episodes). But i was happy to know that there is "something" between Lack and Kate, the way they look at each other, the way they talk, etc. Something WILL happen between them.
  • jin attacks michael on the beach but michael doesnt know why and sayid and jack argue over whether they should live at the caves or the beach.

    a good episode and we finally get a look at jin and suns past. the best parts if this episode where when john persuades charlie to give up his drugs and when jin attacks michael on the beach. it was interesting to see who wanted to stay at the beach and who wanted to go to the caves. the funny part of this episode was when charlie was stood on the beehive and accidentally split it. we realise that jin and sun where a happy couple until jin worked for suns father, who made jin do bad things. i love lost.
  • I rarely choose to classify an episode as a 'char dev' one, but it's just the opportunity to do so.

    Jin and Sun. Two korean. They are married. Jin seems very strict. They are far from the other survivors. Why? Why is Jin so strict?

    In this episode, don't worry - you'll find it all out(Almost)...

    Flashback-wise this was a great episode with great reveals. Before the crash, Jin and Sun were planning to escape, and go to America. Sun is appearntly a daughter of a very rich man, and Jin, is, just from a poor family whose job is to fish. Very romantic.

    Hwoever, Jin gets an opportunity, a job from Sun's father. And that changes everything... So dramatically, one day Jin arrives with blood on his clothes and hands. And it's not his own..

    And this is a turning point. This is where - although Jin still loves Sun - Jin realises he's controlled by one man.

    The opening scene is scary, and it will be explained by the end of the episode. Reveals are not only in the flashbacks.. no. On island too. Sun speaks english. Scary? Locke finds out Charlie's addiction. Hmm? 2 corpses 'Adam and Eve' found in the caves...? Hmmm? Jack's plan to move to the caves..? Hmm? Great episode, must say. However, the ending was once again musical, too musical.

    Seems like the writers didn't bother themselves with cliffhangers in the first part of the 'LOST' season 1. However, soonly, it will change...
  • Find out more about the character "Sun" and her secret she has kept from everyone. (CONTAINS NO SPOILERS)

    My star rating: **** out of ****

    You find out more about the strange yet interesting relationship between Sun and Jin. The flashbacks are focused mainly on Sun but do feature Jin in them.

    It discusses: Sun's father, thier relationship, and many other things i will not spoil.

    There is a plot twist in this episode that noone saw coming! It will leave you breathless and shocked. This is one secret that the creators kept quite for a while.
  • Looks like Jin's got a problem with someone other then Sun.

    This might be the first episode where we really start to figure out who sun and jin are. Not just because of the flashbacks, but because it really is the first time they're really involved with the other castaways and what's going on (not a good start) i mean you don't have to have a flashback to figure out who that person is, you could tell who Hurly is long before his flashback, but sun and jin were difficult because they were so iselated from the others.

    I loved the start to this episode with Jin attacking Michael, it was like what the hell is he doing and wait who is this guy anyway (personality wise). And while sun is yelling for Jin to stop he gets tackled buy Sayid and cuffed to part of the wreckage. It also says something about the comunication between the two different languages, you see sun pointing at her wrist and speakin manderan and sayid assumes she's talking about the cuff, but she's acctually talking about the watch.

    It really is a fantastic and mind blowing episode, it's one of those non comedy shows that's fun to watch. It also is amazingly well writen.

    Michael- Great look whose come to chat (sarcastically)

    Sun- I have to talk to you

    Michael- You speak english?

  • jin, sun and michael

    daniel dae kim is one of my favorite character actors. i was very impressed with his work on 24 and angel. this episode showed a little history between jin and sun. it was revealed that jin was muscle for sun's underworld dealings and that he and sun were having marital problems. once again it was an episode that made me hate michael even more. but the real suprised was that sun could speak english.
  • Sun: "I need to talk to you."

    Michael and Walt are standing on the beach when all the sudden Jin tackles Michael and begins beating on him. Sayid and Sawyer come running, and pull Jin off Sawyer, then handcuff him to a piece of the plane with the Marshall's handcuffs. Michael is bewildered that Jin attacked him, for no apparent reason.

    Now it's Sun's turn to get her flashback episode. We discover that Jin had to ask permission from Sun's father to marry her. Sun's father is a very powerful business man, and Jin agrees to work for him and do whatever he asks of him. Jin and Sun get married, but as time goes on, both are unhappy, as Jin works so much. One night, Jin comes home with blood all over his hands. Sun questions what kind of work he does for her father, and Jin says he does whatever he asks of him. We find out that Sun planned to leave Jin at the Sydney airport, but decided not to.

    Sun goes to Michael, in the jungle, and utters her first words of English on the island. Turns out she learned English when she was planning to run away from Jin. She tells Michael Jin attacked him for a watch Michael had found on the beach, which Jin was taking to L.A. Michael gives him the watch back and cuts the handcuffs off.

    Meanwhile, Jack, Kate, Locke, and Charlie go back to the caves to get water. Locke finds out that Charlie is on herion, and convinces him to hand it over to him in exchange for his guitar. And Jack has trouble convincing everyone to move to the caves, so the survivors break up into two groups, one of the beach and another in the caves.

    A lot happens in this episode. The plot advances along nicely, and finding out Sun speaks English was a minor shocker. But some parts of this episode were slightly boring, namely the Sun flashbacks, which were important to the plot, but not terribly exciting to watch.
  • Good episode…though it did leave me wanting to find out more about Charlie.

    I thought that I wasn’t going to like this episode very much because I was even less interested in Sun and Jin than Jack, but that was before this episode. You had to think that they were going to have the hardest time on the island than even Claire mainly because they knew no English (although, Jin does know how to catch fish and Sun knows about wild vegetation). That has all changed. We learn that Sun does know English and it wasn’t because they taught it to her in school. She was going to try to disappear off of the face of the Earth. The plot seemed weak until we see Jin come home with blood on him and we find out that Sun wants to leave Jin. Something big is going to happen when Jin finds out that Sun knows English and I wonder when the rest of the camp will find out and how they are going to reach. There was a very interesting confrontation between Charlie and Locke. I really want to find out how he going to deal with letting go of his heroin addiction. I also want to find out what’s going to happen now that the camp is split in two (caves and beach).
  • Overall good, but a few qualms keep it from a higher ranking.

    As the stay becomes longer and longer, the group starts to shift from hoping for rescue to preparing for survival. Are these people ready to settle for long-term residence in a place better suited for them, or will they still cling to the hope of being rescued by the less hospitable shoreline? On top of this, they have to figure out how to function in their new society. Many of them are strangers, but what about those who knew each other before the crash? We have brother/sister, father/son and husband/wife. This episode covers the last dynamic as we see Sun's history with Jin. Initially, Sun and Jin are some of the more mysterious members of the castaways because of the language barrier. This is a helpful function of the flashbacks, because there isn't much way for us to learn about these characters besides their minimal interactions with other castaways.

    An interesting, albeit risky, choice for Lost is the plotline heavy with subtitles. It’s rare on American TV to have a show with more than a few lines of dialogue, much less an entire subplot in a foreign language. They didn’t have a choice in the matter; all we knew was that neither of them spoke English, and to have them suddenly speaking it would’ve been confusing. Thankfully the critical and commercial success of Lost allowed them to do this.

    One important part of Jin and Sun’s back story is the class struggle. Jin is lower class and Sun isn’t (originally I thought Sun was royalty). However, as love is, money doesn’t matter to them. All Jin needed to impress Sun was a flower. Later, although Jin can shower Sun with gifts, it comes at a price, and that is Sun's happiness in the relationship. Unfortunately, Sun’s social stature was made with blood money, and Jin becomes entwined in that world. Sun’s father is a shady businessman and Jin is out doing his dirty work, which we presume is awfully dark if it involves him washing blood off his suit! This brutal side corrodes their relationship to where it is now, but it is that brief moment with the flower that convinces her that there is a trace of the old Jin left in him, a fateful convincing.

    This episode also shatters the illusion that Sun is a submissive housewife, which makes the episode’s title all the more fitting. Some did theorize that one or both of the Korean couple knew English this episode confirms to us that Sun does. Sun learning English without her husband’s knowledge helps add to the schism between the two.

    We also see that Jin isn't just a domineering abusive husband. He has been a jerk to Sun and the rest of the castaways for most of the season to date, but he was also tender to Sun when they were courting. The only thing that kept Sun from going through on her plan to run was the brief glimpse of what she fell for; a sweet man who only needed to give her a flower. However, since then she has faced these unpleasant reminders of Jin since the crash, as Jin bashes a fish's skull in, followed by pummeling Michael on the shore, almost drowning him if it wasn't for Sawyer and Sayid. It is also worth noting that Daniel Dae Kim didn't know much Korean before taking the role, but his portrayal is so good that you wouldn't know it.

    Michael’s confrontation gives way to his first substantial lesson for Walt. Unfortunately, Michael lets the heat of the scuffle get the best of him and his prejudices come out. He also learns that Walt knows nothing about him. Michael is definitely far from father of the year. While he appears to be trying there is a troubling underlying anger.

    Which leads us to his haranguing of Jin before cutting him loose. There probably isn't a better place for him to unleash his frustration about his parenting skills and being stuck on this island. On a character heavy show like Lost, it is interesting to see this early part of Jin and Michael's relationship to where we are now, just finishing season two.

    As we have seen before, there were several, easily negligible hints to why Jin attacked Michael. Sun tries to tell the other castaways his motive by pointing to her wrist, but Sayid dismissed it as a plea to let Jin out of the cuffs. Then in one scene we cut to the flashback where Sun is wearing the watch in question. Also, Michael didn’t have on a watch in the last episode.

    There was some connection between Sun and Michael. The writers dropped hints of a potential romantic storyline early in the season. Therefore, it would make sense that she would intervene and confide in him her secret that she knows English. It is also telling of her beliefs of a long-term stay, which is nicely connected when she and Jin go to the caves to live. Although it will make sense for her to inform others of her bilingual capabilities so she can be a part of the group (and help Jin along too).

    Onto the other plots, Locke’s moment with “the monster” was crucial to play out early in the season, as it gives him a reason to exist: to teach the other castaways what he supposedly gained from this encounter. The first person he decides to share this information with is Charlie. Locke makes an observation, while underplayed, becomes vital to the relationship he has with Charlie. Unlike anyone else, Locke actually knows who Charlie is and is a fan of his work. This helps Locke earn Charlie’s trust, since Charlie keeps dropping that he was in a band to people who don't care. For that reason, he's able to seize on the opportunity to help Charlie, who found himself on top of a beehive getting a fix.

    The island mythology is delved into a little deeper with the discovery of “Adam and Eve”, the two corpses in the caves. With the French woman’s transmission and monster, they knew that there was more to this island, but with this, they are realizing that this island has a long history of weird events. Considering all the religious and spiritual symbols, calling them “Adam and Eve” is fitting, and could be interesting to see if anything develops from it. Also, what is with the black and white stones in the pouch?

    The caves and Jack's insistence of it being a good shelter splits the group in two; those remaining on the beach for rescue and those seeking shelter in the caves. This is the biggest indicator of how people feel on the island. They must decide, after a week of waiting, whether to stay hopeful and wait for anyone to come by or to go to the best place they have for a sustainable shelter. Of course, we know that they’ll be there for a long time, but it offers some interesting character moments to see who decides to stay and who decides to go.

    Kate's choice doesn't ring true for me. It feels like this is more to drive a wedge between her and Jack as well as increasing her time with Sawyer and Sayid (although the Sayid thing would be scrapped shortly). Things between Jack and Kate have gotten awfully close, but that means they had to jam the works, but couldn't it be better explained? What does Kate have to look forward to when they are rescued? She would have to answer for her crimes and be arrested again. Best case scenario is she lies and goes on the run when the rescue team hits a mainland. Perhaps she is only doing this to give the impression that she doesn't have this sinister past.

    Sayid makes a great point, saying that this contradicts with Jack’s “live together, die alone” speech. While splitting the survivors into two groups goes against that, it is a definitive decision, which is a nice piece of continuity from last week, where Jack was struggling with decision making.

    It would’ve been nice to see the reasons why Claire, Shannon and Boone decided to stay on the beach. Shannon staying makes sense, but perhaps Boone would’ve wanted to move to the caves in hopes that the long term stay would allow him to prove himself. Claire’s health scare would also be important to address. Even if she wanted to wait for rescue, her priority should be the kid growing in her and being near Jack would allow that.

    Overall, this episode is almost as good as most of the episodes before it, but there are some things that hamper it, like that prolonged montage at the end, which felt like killing time (did we really need to see 2 minutes of it?) and Kate's weird out of character moment, that made more sense for the story than the character. However, giving the spotlight to characters who on nearly every other show would be prime fodder to be killed off or forgotten is welcome, especially this early in the season.
  • Sun and Flowers

    My favourite episode so far, I knew there was something about Sun and Jin and glad that they finally got some background and flashbacks. What a beautiful and sad episodes this was.

    It begins with Jin and Sun at the beech, Sun is putting some flowers while Jin hunts fish, then he sees Walt and Michael and he runs over them and jumps on Michael, he beats him and tries to kill him but Sawyer and Sayid hold them apart. They chain him on a part of a plane.

    Meanwhile Jack and the others at the water beech decide to stay there, they find some bodies that are there for a long while and think that it’s better to live there. Also Kate is definitely showing some crush singes but Jack doesn’t really respond.

    The funny part of the episode was definitely the Charlie/Locke thing. First Charlie stands on bees and Locke tries to rescue him, and everytime Charlie goes into the jungle dear old Locke follows him. Locke also seems to know about his drug addiction and says that it will be time for him to quit and says that the jungle will give him back his guitar, Charlie gives his drugs to Locke and then looks up and sees his guitar (very cute moment btw)

    Anyway, so everyone tries to find out why Jin tried to harm Michael, Michael says because of racism and Walt asks about that but Michael tells him to never mind. Also their character interactions are awesome and Walt doesn’t know his dad’s birthday but asks it later because now he wants to.

    Anyway, back to Sun and Jin. In the past they were gonna get married but Jin didn’t have so much money so he went to work with her dad to earn the money. But as he continued they didn’t have so much time together and he bought her a dog. One day he came back and she saw him under blood and asks him about it but he doesn’t respond so she slaps him. He says that what ever he does, he does it for them.

    Meanwhile Jack tells everyone about going to the water and Sayid is pissed about it, the ones who stay are waiting for the boats and meanwhile the others go into the jungle and so the group separates into two. Kate stays behind to pay for what she did, Jack asks her but she doesn’t tell ‘you had your chance to know’.

    Anyway, Sun goes to Michael and explains why her boy is so pissed off, she tells him about the watch he found and that it was her father’s. Michael discovers about her English but Jin isn’t allowed to know. Anyway, Michael goes to Jin and cuts him lose after giving him the damn watch.

    We learn that Sun was going to leave Jin and her dad to live her own life in America but when it’s time she can’t, se sees Jin with a flower and decides to go with him on the plane.

    The end got me all teared up when that sad song played, everyone seemed to come full circle in the episode and it left me behind with exactly what I needed from this show.
  • where did all the wild deadly animals go? don't tell me that Locke killed them because i don't believe that.

    looks like there's gonna be two groups of people now. the people who are planning on trying to survive and the people who are hoping for rescue. good episode. The reflection of the Koreans was pretty stupid and is only gonna be relevant for this episode. not really sure where the producer was going with that. I guess he just wants to develop each character in each episode. which would make sense if they plan on going a long distance with this show. looks like kate wants jack. but he's too busy focusing on surviving even though deep down he wants her too because he's always looking out for her. i say they have a naked romp in the forest
  • Awesome.

    Love this one a Sun and Jin ep. besides that Jack finds caves with water in it. Locke finds out about Charlie doing drugs and then he gives them up. People move to the caves. In the flasdhback/ this ep. we learn that Sun can speak english and thats because shewas going to leave Jin.
  • Flashback showing Jin and Sun.......Jack finds a cave with water and gets part of the group to move there with him.

    I think the episodes with the Koreans are great! I think they are good actors!! I watched this episode in March of 06. I didn't catch it the first time around. Very good episode!
    I really liked it I need more words for this revie. What should I say next.
  • Sun and Jin

    Sun and Jin are amoug my favorite cast aways....especially JIn....the man is so handsome.


    This was a very good episode, although it was basically character development on all fronts it revealed a great secret: Sun can speak english, which I had figured out already, but it was still nice to see my prediction become a reality.

    Overall, another great episode.
  • Mainly a Jin and Sun episode

    Although Jin isn't one of my favorite characters, I love Sun. She is exteremly good looking and is really good in Lost. But I digress, this episode was interesting, because I never even thought about someone not speaking English on the island. It would be really difficult. The good thing was that Sun can speak English. All in all, a great episode.
  • Come on now, tell me you don't love Yunjin Kim. So hot and such a great actress.

    This is one of those rare episodes where every single flashback scene was excellent and entertaining. Bravo.

    -Sun is just so great.
    -Great opening flashback scene between her and Jin.
    -Awesome fight scene between Michael and Jin! Great spear move and wicked punches. Sayid's spear on Jin was great too. Nice job Lost.
    -I'll admit that Charlie was pretty funny this episode.
    -Great scene when Jin said that Sun's father accepted him.
    -Cool bit with Jin coming in covered in blood.
    -Again, Locke delivered with his scenes with Charlie. He's the best character on the show.
    -And Hurley was great. You know, this show has a lot of kickass characters.
    -Wtf moment at Sun speaking English to Michael.
    -Great little reuniting scene between Sun and Jin in the airport.
    -And the best one of them all......Hurley listening to Willie Nelson! Yes!

    -Oh God, more cheesy Jack dialogue.

    Great flashbacks, great character moments. If only some more things had happened on the island, this could've gotten at least a 9 from me. Great episode nonetheless.
  • Another good episode from Lost where we learn more about how fate brought the various people to the island

    Like episode 5 this was another slower episode, again with some touching scenes such as Locke convincing Charlie to give up the drugs and Charlie getting back his guitar, and Michael bonding with Walt. The saddest bit for me was in the flashbacks and seeing how close Sun (and possibly her husband as well) was from not being on that plane. Fate has definitely brought all of them to this island.

    Some nice character development in this episode especially with Sun. It was weird to see her so in love with Jin especially considering her obvious feelings towards him now.
    I liked Charlie in this episode. He brings some light entertainment to the island.
    Interesting to see the 2 camps forming with their leaders Jack and Sayid but I didn't like to see how they went up to small groups of people to try and convince them to do things their way, it was too political. They should've just made a big announcement to the group and let people decide on their own.
    We didn't get to see where other key characters decided to go eg Boone, Shannon or Claire which was a shame. It was also interesting to see that Kate stayed on the beach, something which I'm sure will be explored in the next episode.
  • This episode was very good.

    This episode was well done. It gave some interesting background to the Koreans, Jin and Sun. The flashbacks are back on form. They provide a good story for Jin and Sun. I was especally intreaged by what it was Jin did for Sun's father that made him bloody. I wondered if he was a hitman. It certainly made it beleavable that Sun was afraid of him.

    Another thing these flashbacks do is make even secondary characters seem interesting. Like Locke and Kate, there's more to the characters than meets the eye. That's the strength of the flashbacks.

    The Island story isn't as interesting. I mean why do they have to either live on the beach or live on the caves? Can't they find a middle ground? Like have a small rotaion of people on the beach?

    Although Locke discovering Charlie being a drug addict was good. It looks like they could make that character interesting that way.
  • More character and plot development.

    I'm really glad that this episode focused on the Korean couple. I was really starting to dislike them, especially Jin. He is such an overbearing jerk to Sun. Once they showed his transformation, it all made sense.

    I really liked how Sun was planning on leaving him, plus that opened the door for them to have her speak English. If they both didn't understand English for the entire season then they would be wastes of characters because they cannot interact or communicate with anyone on the island.

    The plot continues to deepen. As soon as I saw the cave with the water supply I was thinking they could live there. Glad to see I'm on the same page as Jack. I would definitely move up there if I was on the island. Much safer than the beach, plus lets face it...they arent going to be rescued anytime soon.
  • Bring your glasses for this one, it's subbed. Yet another great episode though.

    We finally learn a little bit about our Korean friends on the island, and a well orchastrated fight scene help to give us a bit of direction on the storyline.

    Although this episode appears to be about the two Koreans in general, it's actually about Sun and her life before the plane crash. At the end we're left with quite a few questions about the couple, but they are brought back into focus when Jin gets his episode.

    The episode is set against the back drop of a political movement set in motion by Jack. He begins making rounds to convince people to move camp, while Kate, Sawyer, and Sayid have a different point of view. The final moments of the show are also quite important because they introduce new conflict that will have to be resolved in a later episode.

    The Korean storyline is not quite as action packed as Sawyer's or Charlie's, and not quite as interesting as Locke's or Jack's, but it's still not painful to watch. Basically a strong episode, but nothing of extreme genius happens here.
  • All of the characters who the show has been mysteriously shoving in the background suddenly get a time to shine. Plus, Charlie, who once seemed to be a main character but as of late joined the background crew, is thrown to the foreground as well.

    Jin and Sun, the resident non-English speaking Korean couple, were the pair of characters that the show touched on less than anyone else. We saw Jin feed (well, try to) the Lostaways early on, we saw Michael catch Sun in the nude, and we've seen that Jin has some serious control issues with Sun. Other than that, their whole personalities have been left up to speculation. Until now.

    House of the Rising Sun does something interesting. It gives us Jin and Sun's backstory, but only from Sun's point of view. This leaves two ends open: first, it means that sooner or later, we're gonna see Jin's side of the story, and we can bet it's gonna change everything we think of him after this one (which I must say is probably pretty negatively), and second, it allows us to have our first real villain amongst the ranks of the survivors (at least for now).

    The episode begins when Jin mysteriously attacks Michael, in one of the most intense fistfights I've seen on network TV. Of course, as you probably guessed, it's all a misunderstanding, but Jin, who can't speak English, can't understand "What the hell are you doing?" and Michael, who can't understand Korean, can't understand "You stole my valuable watch", which is apparently what made Jin throw his tantrum.

    Only Sun knows both truths, because as it is revealed to us and Michael but nobody else (even Jin) that she actually DOES know English, and thinks it best that her husband not know. Through her flashbacks, we learn that Sun's romance with Jin started off sweet and cuddly, but when they got married, Sun's criminal father made his new son in law work for him. "Work" includes conspicuous beatings and/or murders, as we learn when an upset Jin storms in covered in blood, a clear sign for Sun that it might be time to back out of the marriage.

    It comes down to the wire. She's presented with an opportunity to escape, but instead decides to go with Jin on the doomed flight when she see's just a litle of what she loves about him still left in there.

    Besides the Korean couple, we also get to learn a little more about Hurley, Claire, and interestingly enough, Charlie, who has faded from show star to background character in just three short episodes. Locke, who has undergone a dramatic change ever sicne he saw that monster thing, has found out about Charlie's drug addiction, and sets off to help, for reasons we don't really understand.

    House of the Rising Sun is definately a decent episode. We learn a lot about people we knew nothing about before, but still don't know enough about anyone. The island story is slowly becoming boring, as the writers throw one mystery after another at us without any interest in pointing us in the right direction. Let's just hope it pays off.

    FINAL SCORE: 8.0
    SUMMARY: Several good character moments fill this episode, making it a somewhat intense and emotional look at some of the island's previously ignored inhabitants.
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