Season 1 Episode 6

House of the Rising Sun

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Oct 27, 2004 on ABC

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  • A very exciting, suspenseful and revealing episode!

    This was an excellent follow up of 'White Rabbit'(last weeks episode)!
    The start of this episode showed us a little bit about Sun and jinn's past life in Korea just after they had met each other.

    Then on the island Jin suddenly attacks Michael seemingly without provocation! Why did he do this? So Sayid handcuffs Jin to the wreckage until they knew why! I thought Michael was innocent even though he was the victim and was questioned about it. On the previous episode jack discovered 'the caves' so he took a group of survivors there to check it out where Locke found out that Charlie was using drugs. I thought It was funny how Charlie was stung by heaps of bees along with Locke. As for Jin and Sun, Sun told Michael that she speaks English! A new island mystery solved, and we find out that Michael was wearing Sun's father's watch which was why Jin attacked him! Then It was great how Michael went to Jin and threatened him to stay away from him and Walt.

    The end was nice how Charlie gave up his drugs and gave them to Locke for his guitar which was sitting on a hill.
    So now half of the survivors are living at the caves and the other half at the beach. Overall a superb and revealing episode! Looks like the next episode will focus on Charlie's withdrawal from drugs!