Season 1 Episode 6

House of the Rising Sun

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Oct 27, 2004 on ABC

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    A little bit of tension ensues when Jack makes a hasty decision to move away from the beach, which leads to a disscussion between Jack and Sayid about which is the right course of action. I like the way the writers are making these characters interact with one anyother early on in the series. Everyone is sitll being careful and they are using strong "on screen connections"(Jake and Kate, Locke and Charlie) to their advantage and its really paying off for them I think. I thought the beginning of the episode was kind of shocking, with Michael getting run over by Jin for what seemed to be no reason. We find out in the end that it was over a watch, which forces Michael to throw it back at Jin. I dont think this show would be nearly as good without some tension between the losties, and I think tension could be the word to describe this episode. Overall I think this is one of the better episodes of season 1.
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