Season 1 Episode 6

House of the Rising Sun

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Oct 27, 2004 on ABC

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  • A satisfying episode overall.

    The characters develop further this time it is the korean couple's background that is explained. Locke discovers Charlies secret and he agrees to give up the drugs for his guitar. The scenes with the bea's nest is full of tension and adds suspence to the episode which otherwise focuses on character. Jack and kate's relationship also establishes further and there whole strategy for survival changes and this seperates the group. Something that i felt was bound to happen eventually. The episode paces itself well taking time to explain the characters past as well as having a good balance between the characters that are shown and what happens to them. So that each scenario in the episode whether it be Locke and Charlie, the Korean couple or Jack and kate, each have the perect amount of screen time and by the end, every short story is rounded up nicely. It may not be as strong as previous episodes but its satisfying overall. I feel the series has set up its tone now and settled into its own style so that you can seperate it from other series and it stands alone.