Season 1 Episode 6

House of the Rising Sun

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Oct 27, 2004 on ABC

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  • Memories of a Geisha

    Or rather Memories of a Mobster's Daughter. We are talking, of course, about Sun who turns out to be an amazing character though her flashbacks, where she marries Jin out of love and nearly abandons him out of loathing. The action that actually takes place on the Island is much less interesting, as Jack and Kate strip down to their skins just before discovering two other of the Island's inhabitants stripped down to their bones. -

    Fortunately, this episode was less jackish (that's not a word) that the previous one. This time, we get to learn more about Sun, the extremely prim and obviously tormented Korean woman, whose backstory is much more interesting than the ones of Jack and Kate (although it doesn't top Locke's superb 'Walkabout'). The flashbacks are excellent but the score is brought down by the action that takes place on the Island, which is much less interesting and much more jackish (again, that's NOT a word).