Season 3 Episode 6

I Do

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Nov 08, 2006 on ABC

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  • Kate! Run!!!!

    So, this is were they leave us, ata a total dramatic peak, one second before Sawyer is killed, Jack comes in and tries to save Kate just after watching her with Sawyer.
    When we think that Jack is going to do the operation just to leave the island after watching Kate, we see his always heroic imagination come to action and cut Ben's kidney. I wonder if even after that he'll still stay on the island... we're 3 months away from knowing.

    Ps. Even dead, Eko always helps Locke... Look up and to the North John.

  • Awesome.

    Kate and Sawyer show their feelings for each other by having sex. Pickett almost kills Sawyer when Jack stops Ben's surgery and threatens to kill Ben unless Kate and Sawyer are given time to escape. In flashbacks, Kate tries to have an ordinary life and get married, but ends up running away after confessing to her husband about her past. Wow - I love Kate's back story. I love Jacks scene talking about Ben's back. I love the way John is in change of the camp now there is no Jack, he is the best leader though. Mr Eko gets burried in the jungle - love it. I love the girl Alex she is awesome. Wow I love the way Kate gets to see Jack - one of the best scenes so far. Danny wants to kill Sawyer so Kate has to convince Jack to save Ben to do this. Oh my god I love the scene with Kate and Sawyer, but I feel so sorry for Jack when he sees what they are up too. What an amazing episode - loved the way it finished so emotional.
  • More about the past, and a shocking end to the first leg

    Whenever we get a flashback of Kate, we always seem to get more information about her, which just goes to show how close to the vest she plays things. Furthermore, this episode actually refers to something we learned in passing about her way back in season 1. In that memorable game of 'I Never' Kate and Sawyer played on their boar hunt, Kate admitted that she was married, "but it didn't last." She also admitted she'd been in love once. In 'I Do' we finally learn about 'her marriage, and how she tried to stop running. In one of the biggest ironies of all, the man she fell in love was a man whose normal job would have been to catch her--- she fell in love with a cop in Miami, who never knew he was in love with a fugitive.

    For once, it seemed that the Gods were smiling on her (this was obviously very early in her run) She found a group of people who loved her (and a warm maternal figure as well; which continues to hint at how horrible her home life must have been). But even then, she couldn't stop running. She wanted to, and we see a clear delineation of when it is--- she takes a pregnancy test, and intended to stay if it was positive. It wasn't, so she drugged her husband (who only knew her as Monica) and ran again.

    Now, back on the island, she is part of a triangle, and is being torn between them. A couple episodes back, she said she loved Sawyer, but later told him that she'd been lying to keep him alive. Now, once again Sawyer's fate is doubtful, and she has to make another play. The tumor on Ben's back is getting progressively worse, and Jack reuses to operate. In an attempt to force his hand, they bring Kate in, and have her essentially beg for Sawyer's life. Jack doesn't give an inch, which is probably wise. But Kate has figured out how to get out of her cage (she doesn't know about the cameras) and tries to get Sawyer to run. He then tells her that they are on a different island, and that there's nowhere to go. This then turns into a scene right out of have the fan's shows fanfiction, in which Kate has sex with Sawyer. (Sawyer was in the only other love scene with Ana less than a week ago; chicks must dig the rugged, hostile type.)

    Some fans, however, suspected that there might have been a scene we didn't see because of what happens next. Jack is released from his cage in the Hydra (we don't know by who, but from what I gathered it might have been Alex, who we will get to) leaves, sees the wall of screens including the one trained on Sawyer's cage. Ben surprises him, and Jack has the option to kill him, but instead tells Ben he will perform the surgery as long as he gets taken off the island. Ben instantly replies done--- which poor Jack doesn't know means that he could be being lied to--- they could just take him off this island, not home.

    Jack agrees to do the surgery, but there's no saving Sawyer. Pickett ahs developed a particular hatred for Sawyer (we never find out why) and no seems determined to execute him, even though Jack has agreed to do what he wants. (Almost as a throwaway, Danny mentions 'Shepherd isn't even on 'Jacob's list'. Little do we know how critical what we've heard is) What he doesn't know is that Jack has just made an incision in Ben's kidney, and informed the assembled masses that if he doesn't stitch it up in an hour, Ben will be dead. (Notice how everybody does what he says; does that mean Juliet was acting alone when she told Jack in her cue card show that people wanted a change) So Tom (looking panicky for the first time since we've met him) follows orders, and gives Kate his walkie-talkie. Jack then immediately tells her to run, Kate says she can't, but Jack doesn't know that she's being literal, and the episode (which was the end of the first group that came in Season 3) ends with this cliffhanger.

    Once again, we get almost no interaction with the castaways on the other island, where Locke , in the aftermath of the last episode, has decided unilaterally that they will bury Eko near the plane rather than in public He then tells Sayid that he believes Eko was killed by the monster and that he died for a reason. Sayid, who was of a different kind of believer than Locke, humors him, and gets his prayer stick. Locke is saying the eulogy, when he sees like a final admonition, one last carving Eko made, "Lift your eyes and look north." It's hard to imagine what exactly Locke got from all this, and it's not clear exactly what it meant.'

    There is also one last key character who we see once again--- Alex. Again, Alex attacks Danny and the Others with a slingshot ( which Ethan used when he attacked the Others) and demands to know what happened to Karl (we'll find out in the next episode what the Others have done with him. This is a major disruption, but rather than punish her, they just take her away. Before the operation, Ben asks Juliet what has happened to Alex, and she tells him what happened and that they don't know where Alex is. What relationship is Alex to Ben? Why does he seem to care about her more than any of his other colleagues? The answers will be stunning, and have the most serious of ramifications.

    We're still having major problems with divided attention between one set of characters and the other. (we've seen nothing of Sun and Jin since 'The Glass Ballerina', and we see nothing of Claire, Charlie or Hurley) but the stories are certainly interesting. Evangeline Lilly continues to demonstrate what a diamond of an actress she is in both the past and the present. She seems to have decided between her two loves, but we will very quickly find out that she's not even close to making up her mind.
    My scare:9
  • The end of this Mini Season!!!!

    Logic/Details - » This mini Season 3 arc was considered by fans the darkest moment for Lost creators. And sending us off without anything big to speculate for 3 months is not like Lost producers were doing before. Make all logic sense to make Kate flashbacks, since she is the type of woman that was always running and again in this episode, she will have to run again if she wants to escape from the Others. Have she finally decided if she loves Jack and Sawyer? Even after what she did is difficult to say if her decision was not influenced for the actual situation.

    Progress -» This episode is about advancing in terms of emotions and not in terms of action, since our favorite survivor didn´t escaped yet.

    Emotions/Stimulation/Highlights -» Kate and Sawyer sleeping together, Jack saw this, this can make some fans very happy and others very sad. The Last five minutes is filled with good tension.

    Ending - » A weak cliffhanger for a mini season, could been better if this was a regular episode.

    Overall - » We had two greats moments and the last 5 minutes made this episode interesting enough, but it lacks what It needed to be a great episode overall.
  • Love will kill you

    Kate decide decidirse de una vez por todas y elige a Sawyer before Jack, pero esto realmente es lo de menos. Eko muere y de algo tiene que servir más que para que el nabo de John se de cuenta de que están todos en el horno (si no quedaría como que el personaje de Eko ya estaba re usado y que no sabían ya que hacer con él). Ben parece no tener mucho tiempo más, pero al mismo tiempo parece que Jack va a salvarlo.
    Extra: esto lo escribí como una semana después de verlo porque me quedé sin internet.
  • A Kate-centric episode.

    Let me just start out by saying that as a whole, I absolutely loved episode, and I thought that this was best Kate-centric episode that the show has had so far. I thought that the flashbacks of Kate's life were great, and I really enjoyed getting to see flashbacks of Kate's marriage. It was also great getting to see Juliet some more since I've really liked her character so far. I also loved Jack's story line in this episode and his interactions with Ben. Another thing that I loved about this episode was just Sawyer in general. Josh Holloway really plays the role of Sawyer very well. All things considered, I thought that this was a very well written, very well acted and well made episode of Lost, and I can't wait to watch the rest of my Lost: Season Three DVD set.
  • The infamous Season 3 mini-season ended with a bang but, unfortanately, not the explosion I expected....

    The first six episodes of Season 3 had been given alot of flack from fans. For the Lost creators this was their darkest moment, as they had to fend off loads of mostly unjustified abuse at them. The media had also got wind of the criticisms and believed that the show had run out of steam and had become another casualty of the "Jump the Shark" term. The truth is that the series was frighteningly close to being cancelled either by ABC or the creators, despite still having complete faith in their creation and still envisioning how the series would play out to even the last ever shot.
    Fans from day 1 had or were losing patience and many were dropping off the radar at a terrifying rate and those that were hanging around to watch the rest of the season were doing so with much skepticism. For those that did drop out at this season's juncture, it would seen that it was their loss as when Lost returned it re-found its footing and as the season drew to its close improved its episode ratings with the quality that people expected from the series and had not seen for some time. Again there is alot of negativity surrounding this cliffhanging episode. Alot of that has to do with the fact that it was a cliffhanger episode and not any other. I would agree that as a cliffhanger episode it is quite disappointing and lacks the punch that fans expect from any cliffhanger the show gives us. No, its not a Season cliffhanger. I didn't go into this episode expecting "Live Together, Die Alone Revisited" but as I watched it I could clearly see why some people hated it. As just another episode of the season it works well enough but it is the last 5-10 minutes that make it work and not much else. That said, this episode, as a whole is the best one Kate has had since her first, "Tabula Rasa" in Season 1.
    I still preferred "The Cost of Living" to this. Much more happened. There was a great emotional backstory, an A-Mission of sorts, plenty of action, mystery and a key answer to what the Monster can do.
    This one was more of a filler episode, which works fine when seen in context with the rest of the season but when you realise that people had to wait 13 weeks for a follow-up episode you have to agree that that wait must have been doubly annoying. To those that stuck around...well done!
    A little problem I have had with this season is The Others. I love The Others and I like the way that they are being told. It is just that I liked them that much more before when they were ambigous and much more sinister. It was The Others that gave the show much of its scare factor, and although scares aren't what Lost is really about, they did help move the first two seasons along at a reasonable pace. Now we know where and how they live they are just not as scary anymore. Thankfully they still remain largely mysterious and menacing. Ben helps to keep to keep them from being too unscary.
    The world of the Others (or "Othersville") has been given much attention, or at least two distinct locations, the bear cages and the Hydra station. This episode is no different. It is a little frustrating that we aren't seeing much more of their world. We saw all those pretty suburban houses and acres of land in the opening of the season but not since. Are the houses on the main island? I'm starting to believe that the second island is only home to the Hydra station, the work station of the Others, which they get to, presumably by their sub. But now, of course, they have a boat, courtesy of Desmond.
    "I Do" may have been largely devoid of mystery, which was also strange, considering this was a pre-hiatus cliffhanger, but one new mystery was added to the myriad of other mysteries laid out (They're gonna need a bigger table!). This mystery was in the form of a name: Jacob. Jacob seems to be the one who made the lists of the survivors that were kidnapped, not Ben and his team, as was previously speculated. Is Jacob the great, brilliant but unforgiving man Ben spoke of in Season 2 whilst in his hatch captivity? Is Jacob the man with the eyepatch? Have we seen him already and not been aware?
    Bar the last 5 minutes or so the episode plods along rather slowly. The acting in this episode is what keeps this episode above the surface. Kate's acting skills seem to have improved and the increased emotional intensity of her backstory help give Evangeline Lily much scope to work with. Talking of backstory, not much happens to give us the wow factor but it seems to hint at events that led up to Kate flying off to Australia. That fact is assumed but it is not the first time we have seen Oceanic Airline tickets on the show from a period in a character's backstory that is not anywhere close to the time when flight 815 crashed.
    But, contrary, to what people have said on this site, we have learned how Kate managed to get caught by the Marshall and got on the fated Oceanic Flight 815, in her first episode.
    As promised by the writers when this season was first broadcast, the romance was a key factor to the events on and off the island and that factor comes to a head in this episode with Kate and Sawyer getting it on in the bear cages, in what has to be the steamiest love scene we have had on the show so far. While all this romance is all very well and helps give the series another weapon in its impressive arsenal, it seems to take over this episode a little. I'm not a shipper, no, but I do appreciate a little romance in an episode, so long as there is plenty of other stuff going on. Alot of the season so far has been on the Jack/Kate/Sawyer/Juliet love quad and that storyline, while as it progresses is compelling shouldn't feel like it is taking centre stage of the proceedings. Another disappointment with this episode is that we didn't get a decent cliffhanger from the events on the main island. Sure the revelation (no pun intended) on Eko's stick was a real set-up for future events but I expected them to make a bigger discovery later on in the episode, maybe revealing where the message would lead Locke and his friends.
    I guess you can't have everything in an episode but when I have seen some episodes of the series to practically have everything, one that doesn't is bound to be a letdown. Of course, you can't have a finale type of episode all the time.
    Unlike most fans, or ex-fans now, I don't gripe about the lack of answers. Come on, we got a pivotal answer as to what the Manifestations on the island are or probably are and how that connects with the Monster and the power of the island, in the last episode. The writers are just trying to introduce as many of the mysteries there ever are on the show, and map them out, lay them on the table, and then one by one go through them all and eliminate them as we go on through. This is not a show that can be wrapped up in one or two seasons. Don't believe that it can.
    What I wish is that the writers don't introduce a mystery and then don't revisit it until much later. It does test your memory, and unless you are willing to do some re-capping in your spare time, then this show is bound to be hard to follow. The first six episodes of this season have been more consistent in quality than even the first six of season 2, despite Season 2 having two outstanding episodes in that batch. There hasn't been a perfect episode yet this season, which does prove that something is missing from the magic formula. All the episodes have been above average, which is a positive sign but none have acheived total greatness. The Cost of Living was close but not quite there.
    However, with the vastly improved ratings on future episodes this season seen here, there is still time!
  • In this episode we have flashbacks to where Kate was on the run but settled down, we have a medical dilemma for Jack and a forged relationship that means there will be no turning back for Sawyer and Kate.

    We have a private funeral ceremony that may lead to a very important discovery.

    Jack has the dilemma, it was Ben who said he believes in fate as he tell us that 2 days after he had it confirmed that he had a spianl tumour then a leading spinal surgeon just happens to fall out of the sky. Then he looks at the x-rays and are told they are a week old, he then tells them that when they were taken it was within a week of being inoperable and that week was yesterday, Ben says that jack will do it, jack tells him, that he won't, he just wanted him to know how he was going to die.

    Back where Eko died the questions are of what killed him, Locke calms everyone by saying an animal, maybe a bear, then he says he needs to go to the beach and get some shovels, when asked why are they burying him here, the answer given is that the people on the beach have had enough funerals of late, but really Sayid knows better and escorts Locke just to be safe.

    While Sawyer and Kate are working at the same place as before, the compound breach siren sounds, Alex runs out of the jungle holding and firing a slingshot wanting to know where her boyfriend is, she's grabbed and as she is being taken away, she shouts to Kate that they will kill her boyfriend just as they killed hers.

    Juliet takes Kate to see Jack in the vain hope of her asking Jack to do the operation on Ben, she says that Picket will kill Sawyer if she does not try to talk Jack into doing it. Which she tries to do, Jack doesn't fall into it and wants to know why she wants him to do it, so she tells him of Sawyers fate.

    Jack gets another message through the terminal that night, telling him to try the door, which he does and it's open, he then gets a gun from the locker and looks into the cctv room, where he sees both Sawyer and Kate, both semi naked cuddling one another, as he sees this Ben appears and he tells him that he wil operate on him first thing in the morning.

    Jack starts the op first thing, as he does so Pickett and another man leave the building and head for Sawyer, Jack causes the patient's blood pressure to drop rapidly, but demanding the walkie talkie, he speaks to Kate, prevent Sawyer getting killed and tells them he has given them an hours head start, as Ben only has an hour, for if he doesnt hear the story he told to kate the first day on the beach, then he will let Ben die.
  • oh

    Kate and Sawyer have sex. Pickett is about to kill Sawyer when Jack stops Ben's surgery and threatens to kill Ben unless Kate and Sawyer are given time to escape. In flashbacks, Kate tries to have an ordinary life while married, but ends up running away. Great ending before the mid season break, I enjoyed seeing Jack, Kate and Sawyer battleing the others to escape the hydra island.
    I was really annoyed at the time that we had only seen six episodes of the third season and they went off for a two and a half month break but that is in the past now, it was still a good episode.
  • Good!

    Kate has flashbacks to when she got married. She had a different name because she was still running. She leaves her husband.

    Kate sees Jack, but the Others make her tell him to do the operation. Jack tells Ben that he won't do it. Sawyer and Kate hook up. Locke buries Eko. He notices on Eko's stick something inscribed there. Jack agrees to do the operation with Ben's word that he'll let them go. During surgery, Jack takes control of the situation. He makes a fatal incision and order the Others on what to do. Pickett is about to kill Sawyer, but Jack saves him. Jack tells Kate to run or else Ben will die.

    This episode was great! The ending was so intense! I liked Kate and Sawyer together! I give this episode a 9.5 out of 10!
  • It's like the Others knew all along, their plan worked perfectly!

    Wow...the psychological context of this episode is simply amazing!!! While we were lead to believe that Ben failed to execute his plan to break Jack, it is exactly what he managed to do.

    Coincidence that they put Kate and Sawyer close to each other and Jack alone and secluded? That they repeatedly put Sawyer's life in danger in front of Kate? More or less forced her to confess her love for Sawyer? Coincidence that they picked those three people whom they know everything about, and that includes the complex nature of those three's relationship?
    Coincidence that they made Kate beg Jack to do the surgery to save Sawyer's life? That this would estrange Kate and Jack and that right after she would end up in Sawyer's comforting arms feeling that she's let Jack down once again? Coincidence that Jack's door opened the very moment after Sawyer and Kate spent the night together? That Jack would get a clear shot of it on one of the screens in the observation room? Ahm...methinks...NO!!!

    As thrilled as I am for the Kate/Sawyer fans, it broke my heart to see Jack's face when he saw Kate in Sawyer's arms. His heart was breaking at that moment and that was the only one thing that could have worn Jack out, ever! The Others knew all along that the only way to make Jack give in was to break his heart, therefore his spirit, making him feel that there is nothing left worth fighting for, nothing worth staying for. Make him give up. It is inredible how skillfully Ben messed with Jack's head and used the Jack-Kate-Sawyer triangle in a cunning, genius psychological gameplan to get Jack where he wanted him - there was never another plan to break him down because Ben knew that they could never earn Jack's trust. This was the only plan all along. Ben knew, that from the moment Jack would see Kate with Sawyer, Jack, having himself nothing worth staying for anymore, would be properly motivated to do the surgery. What they didn't anticipate though is Jack's good heart, immense commitment and his sense of responsibility that go far beyond his pride and personal feelings. They had no clue that Jack would do anything - say cut in Ben's kidney sack - to ensure the safety of Kate and Sawyer, saving Sawyer's life at the very last second. It is always amazing to see Jack always keeping the upper hand in the most impossible situations, never giving up the fight, always thinking of the people he cares about and feels responsible for - even if those people broke his heart - and putting their wellfare above his own. He truly is a leader and a hero. What a guy ;)

    Although brilliantly written and executed, I couldn't bring myself to give the episode a perfect rating because my heart, throughout the whole episode, was going out to hurting, never-bendig Jack.
  • I've been waiting for this episode since "Confidence Man" in Season One.

    There's a lady who's sure all that glitters is gold And she's buying the stairway to heaven. When she gets there she knows, if the stores are all closed With a word she can get what she came for. Ooh, ooh, and she's buying the stairway to heaven. There's a sign on the wall but she wants to be sure 'Cause you know sometimes words have two meanings. In a tree by the brook, there's a songbird who sings, Sometimes all of our thoughts are misgiven. Ooh, it makes me wonder, Ooh, it makes me wonder. There's a feeling I get when I look to the west, And my spirit is crying for leaving. In my thoughts I have seen rings of smoke through the trees, And the voices of those who stand looking. Ooh, it makes me wonder, Ooh, it really makes me wonder. And it's whispered that soon if we all call the tune Then the piper will lead us to reason. And a new day will dawn for those who stand long And the forests will echo with laughter. If there's a bustle in your hedgerow, don't be alarmed now, It's just a spring clean for the May queen. Yes, there are two paths you can go by, but in the long run There's still time to change the road you're on. And it makes me wonder. Your head is humming and it won't go, in case you don't know, The piper's calling you to join him, Dear lady, can you hear the wind blow, and did you know Your stairway lies on the whispering wind. And as we wind on down the road Our shadows taller than our soul. There walks a lady we all know Who shines white light and wants to show How everything still turns to gold. And if you listen very hard The tune will come to you at last. When all are one and one is all To be a rock and not to roll. And she's buying the stairway to heaven.
  • Amazing, thats all!

    This had to have been one the best episodes of the season, yeah there have only been six but i dont care this was the best one so far. i know that it will keep me satisfied until february next year.

    so this episode had me hooked from the beginning. and i couldnt take my eyes off the screen. Jack telling Ben that he couldn't do the operation was so moving, and it was almost like you could see the hate in jack and the sadness in Ben.

    the scene where they bury Eko was also very moving, what Locke said was very moving. And the message on the stick, i can't wait to find out what Locke does with that, it is definitely going to be another excursion with Locke and the gang.

    My favourite scene was the one between Sawyer and Kate. She tries to set him free, but then they end up in each others arms. it was so intense and i was happy to see the two "outlaws" finally get together. i hope that wasn't the last we saw of their relationship, and it was so sweet that Sawyer admitted his love to Kate. the thing is, does kate actually love him or is she just playing?
    Jack seeing them too was really twisted, but i had a feeling something like that would happen to make Jack do the surgery.
    the surgery was interesting, and i kinda felt sorry for ben that he was being used as a bargaining chip. but whatever he deserved it.

    the back story of kate was interesting to see. it shows that she has been in love and probably more than once it appears. i liked the fact that it showed her being attached to another person, and it ties up the Sun's question about Kate's own pregnacy test. the cliffhanger was cliffhangerish, i thought it would be a little bit more, but i liked it.

    k so i saw what's going to happen when it comes back and it appears that Sawyer and Kate make it out because we see them running in the forest. and yeah i dont really remember what else, but i'm uber excited. this episode rocked my jocks!!!!
  • sawyer n kate finally get it on jack agress to do the sugery giving kate n sawyer a chance to escape we find out that they are on a different island alex helps sawyer n kate get back to there island by giving them a boat they take her boyfriend with them

    < : -) > < : - ) >this was a great episode.< :-) > < : - ) > everything lost is about. acton . flash backs of one of the main characters, and of corse romance . i think having sawyer and kate and jack on a different island was good but could of had them escaped until they found out or even had jack tell them . i just hope season 4 is just as good as these last 3 seasons. i just cant wait til lost starts over here in aus again. i just hope nothing happens to kate
  • Not the best episode, of course... But great for Sawyer/Kate fans

    Ignore the 'Jater' theory about this episode. The writers confirmed Kate's choice as "definitive, physical, emotional" - and that does not apply to 3 different guys. They apply to one man alone, the man she loves and sleeps with, and that man is Sawyer. NOT Jack. Looking back now, Kate's choice is clearer in this episode than it is in episodes after this one, yet the ongoing love triangle does not diminish the fact that Kate CHOSE to sleep with Sawyer, and gave her heart to him. Believing that night could have been their last, she stays with him, and gives herself to him. I think this speaks volumes about Kate's REAL feelings, that she may love Jack, but it's more real with Sawyer. They connect, there's the chemistry, the understanding. And of course, it leads to one important question - is Kate now pregnant? And if so, how will this affect her relationship with Sawyer? I've never claimed to be a fan of Jack, because... well, I'd be lying if I did so. But he does impress me in this episode. Conning Ben into believing that Jack is simply helping with the operation out of the goodness of his heart is a clever move, because it brings us to a very exciting final 15 minutes, where we speculate whether or not Kate and Sawyer will get back to their own island (the answer is revealed in the following episode). Concealing his own feelings for Kate after seeing her being affectionate and passionate with Sawyer leads him to being a rather noble guy by the episode's end, sacrificing his own safety for the lives of his friends. The cliffhanger is, in fact, rather exciting. It makes you want to watch the next episode, which is what Lost should all be about.

    So all in all a good episode, although it is really a filler, bringing to a conclusion the six-episode mini arc of the love triangle, and again not focusing enough on the lives of the people back on the island everyone has grown so familiar with. Moreover, Kate's flashbacks are once again, proven to be among some of the weakest on the show, this time serving merely as to show a parallel between the man she loved back in the real world, and the man she loves on the island. The episode is really about Kate's willingness to finally let her guard down and show her true emotions.
  • Kate and Sawyer... memorable event eh?

    Yeah, I just heard it was the eigth most memorable event of the year or something... interesting. I just to support Jate, but after a bit of season 2 and season 3 I started to figure things would go the other way... this Kate episode wasn't too dissaponting, it was still saddening to watch though. The whole Jack situation was pretty messy there, but I still thought it was well staged in spite of himself. Also, the whole Locke thing, I wonder what that could mean... if it related to the others, or to finding something secret about the mosnter? So it was a good episode, can't wait for the next. Very suspenseful indeed...
  • It kept me in suspense

    After last weeks episode had ended with the death of Eko, I was left upset because of how much we will miss him.

    This episode however seemed to be like a normal Lost episode which grabbed my attention! The flashbacks of Kate were pretty good all around and interesting, the Kate-centric episodes have always appealed to me because they reveal the fugitive stuff. I was wondering all the way through If Jack would try to save Ben's life, which I hoped he would or else we'd be loosing someone who's hilarious and we'd also be loosing Sawyer because of Pickett who's wife Colleen had died and he had wanted revenge. I thought he was gonna kill James anyway, so Jack decided to operate on Ben, but then threatened the others to release Kate and Sawyer or else he'd leave Ben to die. It was very suspenseful all the way through knowing that Sawyer or Ben could've died, but the end brought us even more suspense when viewers found out that Lost is taking a huge break! Just when it started getting better...
    Oh well suspense and excitement is what makes this show so awesome! Overall it was quite an impressive episode to see and a little painful to watch at times, but I think it's just going to get better..
  • Great Episode.

    Kate and Sawyer have sex. Pickett is about to kill Sawyer when Jack stops Ben's surgery and threatens to kill Ben unless Kate and Sawyer are given time to escape. In flashbacks, Kate tries to have an ordinary life while married, but ends up running away. Great ending before the mid season break, I enjoyed seeing Jack, Kate and Sawyer battleing the others to escape the hydra island.
    I was really annoyed at the time that we had only seen six episodes of the third season and they went off for a two and a half month break but that is in the past now, it was still a good episode.
  • Super... super...

    I agree with some previous reviews where they said that it was like mini season end - the story was cut from the point where the excitement was up and what kind of excitement.

    The episode first did not started very intriguing but soon they build it up. Kate flashbacks and her trying to be proper housewife, do all the things... and just settle down but she just could not. Why, I wonder. Does she really want to run all her life? And maybe that's why it is understandable why she took her move on Saywer when she had also change with Jack but he... maybe he would be too much like that life she had. Maybe that they tried to make us understand?

    Jack and his struggle with the operation. He is clever man and he knows that the promises are not strong. When he has Ben in table - he can have much more. And he uses it. Fantastic episode.
  • As a mini season finale, the episode left ALOT to be desired. But as a regular episode, it was brilliant.

    It was an interesting choice by the writers to make the mini season finale Kate centric. Interesting, because just like Sawyer, Kate's episodes are often disconnected from the main plot, and are rather loaded with character moments, not with plot arcs.

    This episode is, not expection, apart from the last 5 minutes.

    The emphasis on Kate running all the time in the last 2 season paid off in this episode. In her flashback, and also, seemingly on the island aswell, she seemed to be settled, and not wanting to run.

    Unlike most of season 3's flashbacks so far Kate's episode actually adds a new layer to her character. Unfortunately, the writers managed to somehow screw it up... because the flashbacks were really tiring for the most. It also felt a bit forced that Kate marries a COP. Why a cop? But still, it had it's real good moments. Many people wonder, why did she do a pregnancy test? And why did she cry when it turned out to be negative? Well, obviously. If she had a baby, then she'd have a reason to stay, and not run away. The writers made a real nice twist, too. I must say that it was touching that Kate had to poison her own husband just because he wanted to take her to a foreign country, which requires a passport. Kinda heartbreaking.

    Well, on the island, it's a mixed bag aswell. First of, Eko's death didn't really affect anyone or anything. Locke decides to bury him right where he was found dead, so there won't be any more panic at the beach. While burying him, Locke realizes there's a message for him with directions on Eko's stick.

    A very freaky plot element, to be honest. On the Alcatraz island, Ben is wanting Jack to do the surgery. Now it's clear that others' intentions with the survivors were always the same. Get Kate and Sawyer together, let Jack see them, make Jack co operate while he's vulnerable. And it seemed to work. Jack agreed to do the surgery, but, in my opinion, for different reasons. Ben excepted him to do the surgery so Jack can get off the island ASAP, but in my opinion, it was more likely because he wanted to save Kate at any cost, and seeing her happy with Sawyer made Jack realize that he can't win this war.

    It's also intriguing why Kate slept with Sawyer. Was it because Sawyer was threatened to be killed if Jack doesn't co operate?(Kate didn't except Jack to, so, could it be a final surprise for Sawyer?) Or is it true love?

    While the episode had more emotional plot arcs than any episodes before, it was pretty darn entertaining, although very short on mysteries. Apart from the secret message on Eko's stick(why, by the way, could be even read in 3x3-Further Instructions, so for true fans like me it wasn't a surprise).

    And that is somewhat underwhelming for a mini season finale.

    Even though the last 5 minutes saved the show by adding suspense in it(Jack taking Ben's life in his own hands), the cliffhanger was WEAK. "Damn it Kate, RUN!".

    If it was a normal episode, I'd say, great ending. But this way? It was a very traditional cliffhanger, not Lost-like. And sending us off without anything big to speculate for 3 months is... well, not great. Almost as if the writers forgot that Lost is the most talked about show ever.

    So, the episode had it's moments. It had great dialouge, extremely good direction, some plot elements were outstanding, and musically, it was beyond amazing. But the truth is, as a mini season finale, it lacked the finale feeling. But as a regular episode, it was highly entertaining, the 2nd best episode of the 6 episode mini season.
  • Kate makes her move....and its not with Jack

    Well, this episode left Sawyer/Kate fans cheering and Jack/Kate fans screaming Nooooooo! The story continues from the last episode and is really pretty dull until about the middle. Then it heats up quick. Kate goes to see Jack, but the minute she tells him the others plan to kill Sawyer, he gets angry at them and she leaves. Then she goes back to her cage, slips out and desides to sleep with Sawyer. Yeah, ok we knew it was coming, but still surprising. Then the end of the show stops abruptly with Jack's plan to free Kate and Sawyer, ending at the most inoportune moment with Jack shouting the famous line "Kate! Damn it, run!".

    The flashbacks, while interesting, only answer a few minor questions about Kate introduced earlier in the show. They are not particuarly revealing, yet are still captivating as the audience still doesn't understand Kate.

    Overall, exciting, unexpected , edge-of-your-seat episode.
  • kate-sawyer-love???

    What it was? Just a bad joke or planned moment in scenario? The whole playing Jack-please-operate-Ben was annoynig. He doesn't want he doesn't do, that's it! Sex with Sawyer was... not what I expected from Kate. I still believe that she loves Jack. One betrayal, second...third. Not good beginning..or the ending...?
  • The end of the mini-season, which in retrospect was more a bump in the road to the awesome stuff we'd get when they came back in February

    Thus ends the now infamous “mini-season”. The sting of this has diminished as the hiatus and remainder of the season passed and shouldn’t be an issue to those watching Lost on DVDs and in syndication. While I didn’t hate these episodes, there wasn’t one that had the punch of past great episodes. I can also understand fan frustration that their brief taste of “Lost” since coming back from summer hiatus hardly featured 2/3rds of the cast. Considering these were the only episodes fans would have for three months, it left a bad taste in the fans’ collective mouth. In retrospect, it would’ve been better to wait until January like “24” has, and luckily they learned their lesson and won’t air new episodes until February 2008.

    So the episode delves into Kate’s psychology, her habit of not standing by the men she loves and how she is now supporting Sawyer and Jack. The most problematic element of Kate’s character is that the men in her life define her. With Jack and Sawyer, their characters can survive and be defined without Kate. The big question Kate’s fans ask isn’t how will she redeem herself for her crimes, but who will she pick? The writing and press have encouraged that, causing some shippers not to acknowledge that unless they never leave the island, Kate will be at best on the run for the rest of her life with whomever she chooses.

    Kate is a fugitive. In a way, her character is like Desmond, who too also runs away from whatever he has in life, regardless of how important it is to him. He does it out of cowardice; she does similarly, but she is afraid specifically of what punishment she’ll face for her crimes.

    Perhaps The Others had always planned for Kate and Sawyer to have sex. Kate’s easily escapable cage, the revealing clothes they give Kate, the bond formed while defying The Others; it all leads to bringing them together. Unless there are some Dharma condoms or birth control pills (those are probably the only things that don’t have a Dharma equivalent), Kate is at risk of getting pregnant. Besides Sun, who is married, any other woman who we’ve seen have sex on the island died before pregnancy could be an issue.

    The Others must have thought that seeing Sawyer and Kate together could turn Jack. However, Jack has pushed the “live together, die alone” mantra constantly and he needs to help and to save people, not to mention the power Jack wields as the only guy who can help Ben. If he can free those two and leave himself for The Others to do as they want, so be it. So holding Ben hostage until his friends are free is bold, but expected (unless you’re one of The Others).

    It’s important to remember that coming into this episode only Sawyer knew that they are on Hydra Island. So unless they have access to a boat or are mermaids as Sawyer said, they can’t escape. This partially explains Sawyer’s look of defiant resignation when Pickett has the gun pointed at him.

    Probably the biggest part of this episode that could’ve slipped past our ears if it wasn’t for diligent viewers is “Jacob’s list”. In “Live Together, Die Alone” it could’ve been surmised that Ben was the powerful leader or that he made up the concept of “Him” to solidify it. However, Pickett’s throwaway line suggests that Ben is acting beyond Jacob’s wishes for his own needs and that there is someone, Jacob, higher up in the ranks. That Ben isn’t punished begs the question as to why Jacob isn’t doing anything about it.

    Alex’s status in The Others’ society is given a bit more development. It appears that Ben sees himself as a father figure to her. It makes sense for her to be so rebellious towards The Others’ operations and for it to be tolerated if she’s the boss’ “daughter”. Not to mention the added push this will have when Rousseau finds out.

    Outside of Kate’s flashbacks and The Others, the only thing of notice was Eko’s funeral. It would make sense that Locke would want to avoid another funeral on the beach and give them an opportunity to break the news of his death in a way they can control. We must remember that it has been only over a week since Michael killed Ana-Lucia and Libby.

    Eko’s “Jesus Stick” offers Locke one bit of parting advice, “Lift up your eyes and look North”, with the scripture passage “John, 3:05” serving almost as a direct address to Locke (and it’s worth noting that Eko died in episode 3X05). This, like many of the cryptic things on Lost, is up for speculation, and will likely play a big role in the next few episodes.

    Frustratingly underused is Nathon Fillion of “Firefly” fame as Kate’s husband Kevin. He serves little more than as a set piece, the perfect husband Kate can’t have because of her past. Perhaps he wasn’t interested in playing a major or recurring character on another sci-fi/fantasy show or at least one that was filmed a five hour plane ride from LA. Nonetheless, it would’ve been nice if he could’ve done something substantial. Another actor I enjoy, Clancy Brown, had only two episodes on “Lost”, and he was memorable in both. Why couldn’t they give Captain Mal a little more?

    Now that we can look back on these six episodes, it makes their errors more forgivable. This arc was introductory, much like the time before Claire was kidnapped in season one and the merging of the survivors in season two. It wasn’t meant to be an arc the way a full season is and that poor advertising had a negative effect on fan reaction. What was originally thought of as the show heading towards collapse turned into a bumpy start before Lost’s groove was regained.
  • Holy Crap

    I loved this episode, not just cause I loved the story on the island, but it was the first time I enjoyed a Kate flashback. My secondary characters are really winning this year, Kate, and Sun/Jin had good flashbacks this season, at a first from both of them (in my opinion) except Sawyer, Jack, and Locke (winners of my favourite flashbacks), have had some ruff, and kinda boring stories.

    Don't even get me started with the ending, in this episode I remain spoiler free, and so I really thought ***Spoilers Don't read on if you don't want to***
    ...Sawyer was gunna die, what and intense ending, might be more intense then the season 2 finale episode. Well this was definitly a fantastic episode, and definitly deserves being called perfect.

    Sawyer: Close your eyes

    Kate: Stand up!

    Sawyer: Close your eyes!!!

  • No episode of Lost is bad,but this wasn't the greatest.you don't find out enough......

    .This episode wasn't bad. We had to cherish every momement of it, because it was the last before the hiatus.
    I was hoping for more of a cliffhanger at the end, but besides that It was pretty good.
    We have our first Kate flashbacks of the season.
    We see Jack looking at5 Ben's x-rays. He tells him the tumor in the x-rays is inoperable.
    He tells him he should have had surgery yesterday.Ben tells him, he can have anything he needs for the surgery.
    Jack walks over to him and tells him he missunderstood.
    I never said I was going to do it, I just wanted you to know how you're going to die ... Do you think I trust you people? You think I'll just do the surgery and hope that you let me go?" Ben is very dissapointed at Jack's desicion and Jack tells him , "Well Ben, at least you wont have to be dissapointed for very long"!
    Back on the island, Locke tells Nikki, Paolo, Sayid and Des that Eko was killed.Sayid is curious and Locke tells him it was the monster.
    Locke tells him he believes it was the thing that brought them here and Eko died for a reason.
    Kate and Sawyer are working and hear load warning sounds.
    Suddenly Alex runs out of the jungle holding a slingshot and firing rocks, demanding to know where her boyfriend is. She’s grabbed from behind and taken off. She shouts to Kate that they'll kill her boyfriend just like they killed hers.
    Juliet tells Kate that Pickett will kill Sawyer if Jack doesn't do the surgery.
    Jack and Kate meet up, it is very emotinal.
    Kate tells him he must do the surgery to save Sawyer.
    Kate tells sawyer about seeing Jack. He is glad Jack ain't dumb enough to do it.
    Kate gets angry and climbs out of her cage.She tells him he can save his own life.
    Sawyer then tells her that they're on another island; there isn't any place to run. Kate kisses him. Sawyer is surprised, but he kisses her back; they make love. After, Sawyer asks Kate if she really meant it when she said she loved him. She doesn't say anything, but kisses him. He then says "I love you too" and they keep kissing as the scene ends.
    Meanwhile Locke says a few words while buring Eko.As he bangs on the stick he sees a mssage on it.
    "Lift Up Your Eyes And Look North John".
    Back in the Hydra Jack hears a noise on the intercom saying to open the door.
    He does so and findsa weapon.Jack go's into a room with loads of surveilance tv's.
    There he see's Kate and Sawyer together. He is angry, shocked and Heart-broken.
    Ben appears behind him.He tells him he thought Kate would go for Jack, but he was wrong.
    Jack decides to do the surgery and promises to remove the tumor and keep Ben alive, but wants Ben to keep his promise to let Jack off the island as there is nothing left for him to stay on the island.
    Back on the island, Jack starts the surgery. He drugs Ben and Pickett go's after Sawyer.
    He leaves and Finds sawyer.He forces sawyer down to his knees with agun to his head.
    He is gonna kill sawyer until he gets a call from Tom.
    Jack sabotaged the operation and says Ben will die in an hour if they don't let Kate go. Jack tells Kate to run. When they're safe, he wants her to radio him and tell him the story he told her on the day of the crash when she stitched him up. Kate doesn't want to go without him, but Jack tells her to run. The episode ends.
    It was a good episode. In flashbacks, we see Kate gets Married but doesnt last the marriage because she knows shes on the run.
    She leaves her husband.The episode left a little question to what was gonna happen next!
  • for a mini series finale (before hiatus) i thought the cliff hanger was crap.the only interesting thing to see was kate finally making a decision between jack and sawyer.But other than that the episode was eventful, just not as much as the network hoped

    for a mini series finale (before hiatus) i thought the cliff hanger was crap.the only interesting thing to see was kate finally making a decision between jack and sawyer.But other than that the episode was eventful, just not as much as the network hoped (well thats what i think)
    for an episode to be played before hiatus they would have needed a good cliff hanger... and i think in the eyes of the netweork this is good, but in the eyes of the audience i think it was well meh
  • Kate and Sawyer... huh?

    Good episode overall, but I did feel that the Kate and Sawyer storyline was a bit rushed and odd. It's a bit difficult to explain, but the scene wasn't right.

    But this episode was so exciting! I always love watching Kate-centric episodes, Evangeline Lilly always does an awesume job, but this was probably the best I had seen her on Lost. And that cliffhanger... that's been bugging me, another week here in Australia and finally Lost will return!
  • Kate, Dammit, RuN!

    Great Episode ! U gotta love Lost !!!

    The Best Epiosde so far this Season !

    This was a Kate flashback episode. It was a good flashback, but not kates best.

    Kate sleeps with sawyer ! YES !!

    Jack was great in this episode !!

    The Acting was great !!

    The ending leaves us with a big cliffhanger !!!!!!

    Best Parts - "No I think you misunderstood me. I never said I was going to do it, I just wanted you to know how you're going to die ... Do you think I trust you people? You think I'll just do the surgery and hope that you let me go?" - - - &

    Kate? You have about an hour headstart before they come after you. You remember what I told you on the beach? The day of the crash. You remember what story I told you when you were stitching me up? Do Yoy RemEMBER iT?!

    When you get safe, you radio me, and you tell that story. If I don't get a call from you in the next hour, I'm going to know something went wrong, and He Dies! If U R a big Lost fan? & if you missed this episode of Lost.... ....you should just shoot yourself in the head 4 being so stupid 4 missing it!!

    Great Episode !!!!!! I can't wait 4 the next epiosde !

  • Kate, Dammit, RuN!

    Great Episode ! U gotta love Lost !!!

    The Best Epiosde so far this Season !

    This was a Kate flashback episode. It was a good flashback, but not kates best.

    Kate sleeps with sawyer ! YES !!

    Jack was great in this episode !!

    The Acting was great !!

    The ending leaves us with a big cliffhanger !!!!!!

    Best Parts - "No I think you misunderstood me. I never said I was going to do it, I just wanted you to know how you're going to die ... Do you think I trust you people? You think I'll just do the surgery and hope that you let me go?" Kate? You have about an hour headstart before they come after you. You remember what I told you on the beach? The day of the crash. You remember what story I told you when you were stitching me up? [Kate is silent on other end] Do You RemEMBER iT?!

    When you get safe, you radio me, and you tell that story. If I don't get a call from you in the next hour, I'm going to know something went wrong, and [turning to Tom] He Dies! If U R a big Lost fan? & if you missed this episode of Lost.... ....you should just shoot yourself in the head 4 being so stupid 4 missing it!!

    Great Episode !!!!!!

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