Season 3 Episode 6

I Do

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Nov 08, 2006 on ABC

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  • Awesome.

    Kate and Sawyer show their feelings for each other by having sex. Pickett almost kills Sawyer when Jack stops Ben's surgery and threatens to kill Ben unless Kate and Sawyer are given time to escape. In flashbacks, Kate tries to have an ordinary life and get married, but ends up running away after confessing to her husband about her past. Wow - I love Kate's back story. I love Jacks scene talking about Ben's back. I love the way John is in change of the camp now there is no Jack, he is the best leader though. Mr Eko gets burried in the jungle - love it. I love the girl Alex she is awesome. Wow I love the way Kate gets to see Jack - one of the best scenes so far. Danny wants to kill Sawyer so Kate has to convince Jack to save Ben to do this. Oh my god I love the scene with Kate and Sawyer, but I feel so sorry for Jack when he sees what they are up too. What an amazing episode - loved the way it finished so emotional.
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