Season 3 Episode 6

I Do

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Nov 08, 2006 on ABC

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  • More about the past, and a shocking end to the first leg

    Whenever we get a flashback of Kate, we always seem to get more information about her, which just goes to show how close to the vest she plays things. Furthermore, this episode actually refers to something we learned in passing about her way back in season 1. In that memorable game of 'I Never' Kate and Sawyer played on their boar hunt, Kate admitted that she was married, "but it didn't last." She also admitted she'd been in love once. In 'I Do' we finally learn about 'her marriage, and how she tried to stop running. In one of the biggest ironies of all, the man she fell in love was a man whose normal job would have been to catch her--- she fell in love with a cop in Miami, who never knew he was in love with a fugitive.

    For once, it seemed that the Gods were smiling on her (this was obviously very early in her run) She found a group of people who loved her (and a warm maternal figure as well; which continues to hint at how horrible her home life must have been). But even then, she couldn't stop running. She wanted to, and we see a clear delineation of when it is--- she takes a pregnancy test, and intended to stay if it was positive. It wasn't, so she drugged her husband (who only knew her as Monica) and ran again.

    Now, back on the island, she is part of a triangle, and is being torn between them. A couple episodes back, she said she loved Sawyer, but later told him that she'd been lying to keep him alive. Now, once again Sawyer's fate is doubtful, and she has to make another play. The tumor on Ben's back is getting progressively worse, and Jack reuses to operate. In an attempt to force his hand, they bring Kate in, and have her essentially beg for Sawyer's life. Jack doesn't give an inch, which is probably wise. But Kate has figured out how to get out of her cage (she doesn't know about the cameras) and tries to get Sawyer to run. He then tells her that they are on a different island, and that there's nowhere to go. This then turns into a scene right out of have the fan's shows fanfiction, in which Kate has sex with Sawyer. (Sawyer was in the only other love scene with Ana less than a week ago; chicks must dig the rugged, hostile type.)

    Some fans, however, suspected that there might have been a scene we didn't see because of what happens next. Jack is released from his cage in the Hydra (we don't know by who, but from what I gathered it might have been Alex, who we will get to) leaves, sees the wall of screens including the one trained on Sawyer's cage. Ben surprises him, and Jack has the option to kill him, but instead tells Ben he will perform the surgery as long as he gets taken off the island. Ben instantly replies done--- which poor Jack doesn't know means that he could be being lied to--- they could just take him off this island, not home.

    Jack agrees to do the surgery, but there's no saving Sawyer. Pickett ahs developed a particular hatred for Sawyer (we never find out why) and no seems determined to execute him, even though Jack has agreed to do what he wants. (Almost as a throwaway, Danny mentions 'Shepherd isn't even on 'Jacob's list'. Little do we know how critical what we've heard is) What he doesn't know is that Jack has just made an incision in Ben's kidney, and informed the assembled masses that if he doesn't stitch it up in an hour, Ben will be dead. (Notice how everybody does what he says; does that mean Juliet was acting alone when she told Jack in her cue card show that people wanted a change) So Tom (looking panicky for the first time since we've met him) follows orders, and gives Kate his walkie-talkie. Jack then immediately tells her to run, Kate says she can't, but Jack doesn't know that she's being literal, and the episode (which was the end of the first group that came in Season 3) ends with this cliffhanger.

    Once again, we get almost no interaction with the castaways on the other island, where Locke , in the aftermath of the last episode, has decided unilaterally that they will bury Eko near the plane rather than in public He then tells Sayid that he believes Eko was killed by the monster and that he died for a reason. Sayid, who was of a different kind of believer than Locke, humors him, and gets his prayer stick. Locke is saying the eulogy, when he sees like a final admonition, one last carving Eko made, "Lift your eyes and look north." It's hard to imagine what exactly Locke got from all this, and it's not clear exactly what it meant.'

    There is also one last key character who we see once again--- Alex. Again, Alex attacks Danny and the Others with a slingshot ( which Ethan used when he attacked the Others) and demands to know what happened to Karl (we'll find out in the next episode what the Others have done with him. This is a major disruption, but rather than punish her, they just take her away. Before the operation, Ben asks Juliet what has happened to Alex, and she tells him what happened and that they don't know where Alex is. What relationship is Alex to Ben? Why does he seem to care about her more than any of his other colleagues? The answers will be stunning, and have the most serious of ramifications.

    We're still having major problems with divided attention between one set of characters and the other. (we've seen nothing of Sun and Jin since 'The Glass Ballerina', and we see nothing of Claire, Charlie or Hurley) but the stories are certainly interesting. Evangeline Lilly continues to demonstrate what a diamond of an actress she is in both the past and the present. She seems to have decided between her two loves, but we will very quickly find out that she's not even close to making up her mind.
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