Season 4 Episode 7

Ji Yeon

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Mar 13, 2008 on ABC
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Juliet decides to reveal some startling news to Jin when Sun decides to move to Locke's camp. On the freighter, Sayid and Desmond get to know the crew as they meet the ship's captain.

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  • With this episode, the Sun/Jing love affair rivals the Penelope/Desmond love affair

    With this episode, the Sun/Jing love affair rivals the Penelope/Desmond love affair in heart-break.
  • Yet again, the writers on Lost exemplify why this show will never ever EVER reach the high standards of other shows and will always be a perrenial underachiever

    Firsly i would like to question how people can say that this episode was any good at all. Though it was not the worst episode of the show to date it wasn't far off. I dont really see why the show took the direction of the flash forwards as to me it doesnt seem too necessary and has removed part of the mystery of Lost. Anyway on to this episode.

    I can sum up what happened in one word. Nothing! Considering there were only 8 shows filmed pre the strike this is a worry what the final ep recorded is brining. There was a total waste of on screen time whilst we were watching Jin chase the panda, yes we all thought he was going to see Sun. But it would have made no difference had we seen him running around at all. It was just a useless ploy to waste time on the episode, as it was revealed at the end he was dead anyway so why all the run around. Other than the fact Jin was dead the only thing that was found out is that Michael is on the boat, which anyone should have guessed about 3 weeks ago if not more. One of the most obvious plot lines ever written!

    The use of a whole episode to show us that Sun has a baby and Jin is dead and introducing michael on the boat is just a joke and makes a mockery of us as the watching public. Now we know what happens in the future to Sun and Jin why bother to show us any more about them at all, it serves no purpose to us. The same can be said for Kate in Eggtown, we now know she is off the island and she has essentially got away without a prison term. So what if she has Aaron. The ineptitude of people to think these things through and essentially end the development of characters who have been key to the show as a whole just outlines the inferiority of this show compared with the likes of Heroes, Prison Break etc. if you ask why i still watch, its because there is nothing else on tv at the moment and i being that i have watched this much i will be frustrated if i miss the one episode where the writers show a glimmer of sense and make use of ths onscreen time with something actually happening worth a 45 minute watchmoreless
  • We have lost our Constant.

    I feel robbed.

    For over 2 seasons we've been waiting for the return of Michael, and this is how they reward us? With one of the most telegraphed reveals in the show's history? No subtlety. Huge hints all along the way (anyone who hadn't already figured out that he was Ben's man certainly would have gotten it by any of the hints tonight). And then that long walk down the hallway... not a dramatic reintroduction, not even a shocking one, just an anticlimactic walk where we could tell who that janitor was long before he had reached Sayid and Desmond. Then there was Sun. Tonight she had all the complexity and depth of a sheet of paper. Suddenly, after deceiving Jin for years, she simply refuses to lie, even to protect herself or her child? She has no emotion, no authentic motivation, and even her slap at Juliette seemed to lack any real feeling. If you didn't already dread Sun/Jin-centric episodes you certainly have reason to now.

    And I have to mention the rules of filmmaking that were violated tonight. Yes, Lost has managed to get us to suspend disbelief more than most shows can, and has convinced us to accept that we can travel both forwards and backwards in time (and don't get me wrong, the flash forwards and flashbacks have had their moments of true greatness), but having a combined flash-forward-flashback intercut scene is a bridge too far. How are we ever to believe that what we are seeing is really what we are seeing? I can just imagine a scene with Jack standing on the beach talking, facing left, and Locke standing at the barracks, facing right, and the editors cutting it so that it looks like they are talking to each other. You can get us to suspend any disbelief, but we need to have certain film conventions to hold onto, or we simply won't be able to follow along without feeling like we've been conned. We, like Desmond, need our Constant.

    And tonight, Lost threw away her phone number.moreless
  • A Jin/Sun flashback/forward episode that also informs us of what is happening on the boat. I enjoyed most of the episode because it felt like a season 1 story, but there were some elements that bothered me.moreless

    Let us start as the episode did, with the flash-forward where Sun is in a hospital giving birth. But what they do next is try to trick us, because we also see Jin traveling to a hospital and shopping for a Panda Bear. This part of the story bothered me, there were just too many clues that Jin was not there with Sun during that time (the biggest of which is that she is the last of the Oceanic 6). Their story on the island focuses on their decision to go with Locke or to stay with Jack and try and get off the island. The more interesting portion of this episode takes place on Mr. Widmore's boat where Sayid and Desmond finally get their meeting with the captain. The captain is very blunt and straightforward during their discussion and reveals to them: the owner of the boat, their reason for being sent to the island, information about the Oceanic Flight 815 crash cover-up and that someone has sabotaged the boat causing them to drift closer to the island. As if all of this info wasn't interesting enough, we finally discover that Ben's rat on the boat is none other than Michael!

    In the end this episode feels like a first season story tweaked with season 4's flash-forwards and new characters.moreless
  • A two for one combo that deals a blow to the heart

    You knew, given the way the writers on Lost think, that they were going to find a way to put a flashback and a flashforward in the same episode, which is exactly what happens here, though they don't show their hand to the end (and frankly, by the last scene, you're praying that they're not going to). And it makes a horrible kind of sense that it would involve our favorite couple, Jin and Sun. A lot has come between them over the past three seasons and in all the flashbacks of their history. But in 'Ji Yeon', they seem to finally find a way to get past it, only to end up separated by the largest divide of all. But let's take this step by step.

    Sun and Jin have now realized what everyone else has--- that this freighter does not mean rescue--- and now they've decided, despite the risks, to defect to Locke's camp. (As it turns out, that decision could've gotten them killed right then, but then every day's a picnic on the island.). But Juliet, in a move that seems more desperate than calculated, breaks her oath, and reveals Sun's affair to Jin. Because Jin by necessity wears such a stoic mask, it's hard to tell just how devastating this news is to him. But we get a very good idea when he goes fishing with Bernard, who we haven't seen in a bit. Bernard then does something that no one else on this island has done--- he reveals something secret to another castaway, in this case, telling Jin about Rose's cancer and how she believes that she's cured. He then says the reason they stayed with Jack was because he was a murderer, and that it would be bad karma for them to stay. It's hard to know how much Jin understands, but we know from his own words (way back in 'Exodus') that he believes being on this island is his punishment for his cruel behavior while working for Mr. Paik.

    So Jin does one of the most beautiful things of all the characters on the series--- he forgives Sun for her affair. Hell, he even tries to wear some of the guilt as his own, because he knows what a horrible man he became. (Of course, he doesn't know why he ended up working for Mr. Paik, but that's beside the point). So he tells Sun that they will try to find a way off this island, and they will escape.

    Now admittedly, there've been signs that the flashes involving Jin and Sun were of different times--- Jin had a monster of a cell phone in his flashes, Sun's refusal to let the doctor remove her wedding the ring, the way the doctors seemed to know by their celebrity status that Jin was dead--- but even knowing all that (or, for that matter, knowing what's going to happen in Season 5) doesn't mean that the final scene is any less gutwrenching. Seeing Sun reduced to her more devastated ,ode, even as she holds Jin's child, is one that is heartbreaking. What makes it even sadder is that after the birth of her child, the gentle and compassionate Sun we've come to know and love, will all but disappear. In her place will come someone crueler and colder, someone--- well, let's be honest--- is a lot like her father Right now, we're not sure why, but there's got to be a reason that Hurley was the only member of the Oceanic 6 to come see her after Ji Yeon's birth (and why he was so glad not to see any of his friends). What we're not sure of is when and how Jin died, and if the Oceanic 6 are lying about his dying in the crash.

    Speaking of which, we now know who they are---- Jack, Kate, Hurley, Sayid, Sun, and Aaron. The problem is this leaving a gap in Jack's story big enough to fly a plane through when he said at Kate's trial that only eight people survived the crash. How does that make Aaron--- who must have been born before the survivors were rescued--- one of the people who survived. Yes, they say Kate managed to cut him off at the trial, but I'm not entirely sold on that either. This may be a continuity error that never gets explained.

    Meanwhile, on the freighter, Sayid and Desmond are learning that things are actually a lot worse than they thought. They meet the captain of the boat, who seems particular nasty (but then, maybe he's just a little concerned about how the members of his crew are dying right and left), and who seems more than willing to tell them what they want to know. He reveals that this is Charles Widmore's ship (I don't know how Desmond managed to maintain even a moderate level of calm when he learned this) and that the wreckage of flight 815 was found on the ocean floor. Then he reveals that they found 324 dead bodies on the freighter, and that they believe the man responsible is Ben. Unfortunately, all of this is thrown into disbelief when they received a note that says "Don't believe the captain." So now Widmore is saying Ben's responsible, and Ben is blaming Widmore (though they don't know it yet) Both of these men already seem like monsters, but which ones do we believe?

    Oh, and we finally find out who Ben's man on the boat, though honestly, we should've figured it out a lot sooner. Considering that Harold Perrineau has been listed as a cast member for the last six episodes, but we haven't seen hide nor hair of him--- even in the flashforwards. So when the doc calls for Kevin Johnson, and we finally see that this is in fact Michael, it's probably the biggest anticlimax this series will ever produce. What makes it even harder to believe is why Michael--- who sold his soul to get off the island--- would be willing to do anything to get back here. I will say this, though: From what we see of Michael's face, he looks like he hasn't gotten a decent night's sleep in a very long time.

    Well, we're getting answers but they're not very neat ones. But that we can live without for now. What is more pertinent is that it appears that death is going to separate our favorite couple on the island. And that even that might not be enough to keep them apart.

    My score: 8moreless
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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (18)

    • Numbers: The symptoms of Sun's pregnancy on the island will last 5 weeks, which is 35 days. 3+5=8, which is one of the numbers.

    • Sun is watching a dubbed Korean version of the season 4 finale of Exposé before she switches off the TV and calls an ambulance as she is about to have her baby. Nikki and Mr. LaShade are briefly visible for a split second.

    • Goof: When Jin smashes his cell phone in frustration, you can clearly see the shadow of the cameraman in front of him.

    • At the end of the episode Sun takes her wedding ring out of a hospital bag labeled with the name 권성혜 (Kwon Sung Hieh), which is not Sun's name (백선화).

    • The first scene of Jin in the toy store shows items on the back shelf from the shows Ben 10 and Power Rangers: Operation Overdrive. These shows did not begin airing until 2007.

    • Island events take place on December 25 and 26, 2004. It's days 95 and 96 for the survivors.

    • According to the tombstone, Sun was born on March 20, 1980. This kind of information is typically not found on the front of Korean tombstones, if at all.

    • When Jin is buying the panda, the subtitles for the clerk at the register are, "Would you like it gift wrapped?" However, the clerk actually says in Korean, "It's fortunate that you like the panda." The actual dialog may have been longer because Jin's response, "No, I have to get to the hospital," is correctly translated.

    • Ji-Yeon means "flower of wisdom".

    • When Jin enters the toy shop in the beginning of the episode, on the glass shelf there are 5 white game consoles or the PSP (playstation portable). The first PSP console was released in Japan December 12, 2004.

    • In Jin's flashback, he pulls South Korean won bills that recently came into circulation out of his wallet. The ₩10 000 he pulls out were released on January 22, 2007.

    • The Book that Regina is reading is "Survivors of the Chancellor" which tells a story about survivors of a ship wreckage.

    • The TV show that Sun is watching is "Exposé" with Nikki Fernandez from season 3.

    • In the Jin flashback, when he goes into the toy store to buy a panda, some Power Rangers: Operation Overdrive toys can be seen on a shelf. However, Operation Overdrive aired during 2007, two years after Sun has her baby in the flash forward and long after Jin's flashback, which is set before 2004.

    • According to the tombstone, Jin died in 2004, September 22, which is the day the plane crashed on the island.
      Also according to this tombstone he was born on the 27th of November 1974, making him 30 at this point on the island.

    • When Sun wakes Jin to tell him that Jack and Kate have returned, he is wearing a light blue shirt. In the next scene when the two confront Kate, the shirt is red.

    • The plate of the car Jin chases is 2369. 23 is one of The Numbers.

    • Daniel Dae-Kim (Jin), Sam Anderson (Bernard), and Marc Vann (Doctor) all had recurring roles on the show "Angel," though at different times.

  • QUOTES (13)

    • Jin: Wherever Sun go, I go.

    • Juliet: Jin. Your wife had an affair.
      Jin: What?
      Juliet: Sun was with another man. She thought the baby was his.

    • Sayid: And I don't suppose you'll tell us who gave you those orders?
      Captain Gault: Sure, I will. Charles Widmore.
      Desmond: This is Charles Widmore's boat?
      Captain Gault: That's right. You know him.

    • Juliet: I don't know if that boat out there is the answer or not, but it's something. I need to go home. So do you. Sun... In about three weeks, you'll be in an almost constant state of nausea. A week after that, you will experience shortness of breath that won't go away. A week after that, you will lose consciousness and slip into a coma. And then, Sun, you will die. And when your heart stops beating... so will the baby's. And that, Sun, is why it is my business, because you are my patient. If you go... you will die. And your baby will never be born.

    • Sayid: I still want to talk to the captain.
      Lapidus: No, you don't.

    • Sun: It's bad luck to talk about baby names now.
      Jin: Superstitious?
      Sun: I don't want to jinx him.
      Jin: You mean her.
      Sun: Oh, it's going to be a girl, is it?
      Jin: Ji Yeon. I want to name her Ji Yeon.

    • Jin: You don't like Ji Yeon?
      Sun: No, it's beautiful. I'll tell you what - let's get off the island first. Then we can pick a name.

    • Ray: (watching a blood stain in the wall) That shouldn't still be there. Damn it.
      (calling a janitor) Hey Johnson is that you? Johnson!
      Johnson: Yeah?
      Ray: Mop this up.
      Johnson: Sorry I gotta go up on deck.
      Ray: (yelling) No, you have to mop this up.
      (Johnson aproaches, Sayid and Desmond watch astonished)
      Ray: Kevin this is ..
      Sayid: Sayid.
      Desmond: Desmond.
      Michael: (shaking Desmond's hand) Kevin Johnson.
      Sayid: Nice to meet you Kevin.

    • Bernard: It's all about karma, Jin. You know karma? You make bad choices, bad things happen to you. You make good choices, then good... (Jin catches a fish) Wow! Look,now you see. Now that's karma. We must be the good guys, huh?

    • Sun: You were right.It's a girl. The delivery was hard on me. The doctor said I was calling out for you. I wish you could've been there. Jin, she's beautiful. Ji Yeon, I named her just like you wanted. I miss you so much.

    • Captain Gault: (talks to Sayid and Desmond) Now here's the funny thing. This black box comes from oceanic flight 815. A salvage vessel recovered it from the bottom of the ocean. It took a considerable amount of Mr. Widmore's resources to procure it. It was found with the wreckage of the plane along with all 324 dead passengers. That's not the complete story, as you are well aware Mr. Jarrah, given the fact that you're standing here, breathing. The wreckage was obviously staged. Now can you imagine what kind of resources and manpower go into pulling of a feat of that magnitude. Faking the recovery of a plane crash. Putting 324 families through a grieving process based on lie. But what's even more disturbing, where exactly does one come across 324 dead bodies. And that Mr. Jarrah, Mr. Hume, is just one of the many reasons we want Benjamin Linus.

    • Ray: I think you'll like your room. It's on a quiet part of the ship.
      Desmond: This ship isn't moving.
      Ray: Well, if you say so.

    • (talking with Sun about the people from the freighter)
      Kate: They talked about a lot of things and none involved rescuing us.

  • NOTES (10)

    • Second appearance by Grant Bowler, following his appearance in The Constant.

    • International Air Dates:
      Belgium: September 22, 2008 on VT4
      United Kingdom: March 16, 2008 on Sky One
      Ireland: March 17, 2008 on RTE Two
      New Zealand: March 26, 2008 on TV2
      Sweden: March 26, 2008 on TV4
      Norway: April 16, 2008 on TVNorge
      Finland: April 24, 2008 on Nelonen
      The Netherlands: April 27, 2008 on Net 5
      Poland: May 18, 2008 on AXN
      Spain: June 12, 2008 on FOX TV Spain
      Denmark: April 4, 2008 on Kanal 5
      Italy: August 18, 2008 on Rai 2

    • This episode featured three cast members of Quentin Tarantino and Robert Rodriguez's "Grindhouse": Zoe Bell, Jeff Fahey, and Naveen Andrews.

    • Since we have Juliet's estimate for Sun's D.O.C. (Date of Conception: late October 2004), we can place the time of Sun's flash-forwards to July or August 2005.

    • The first appearance of Michael (Harold Perrineau) since the episode "Live Together, Die Alone".

    • First on-screen appearance by Zoe Bell.

    • According to "Year of the Dragon" note, the flashback takes place between February 2000 and January 2001.

    • Although they are credited, Emilie de Ravin (Claire), Josh Holloway (Sawyer), Ken Leung (Miles), Michael Emerson (Ben) and Terry O'Quinn (Locke) don't appear. Rebecca Mader (Charlotte) appears but has no dialogue.

    • Everything from Jin's perspective were flash-backs. Everything from Sun's perspective were flash-forwards. This makes this the first episode to have both flash-forwards and flash-backs.

    • A Sun/Jin-centric episode.


    • Captain Gault: The name of the Kahana's captain is an allusion to a fictional sea captain created by English writer William Hope Hodgson. A captain for hire, Gault is a morally ambiguous and mysterious character. A collection of his stories can be found in the book "Captain Gault, Being the Exceedingly Private Log of a Sea-Captain", published in 1917.

    • Atlas Shrugged: The Kahana's captain could alternatively have been based on a character from Ayn Rand's 1957 novel, Atlas Shrugged.

      The story is about a group of very powerful and important people (in society's eyes, at least) who feel unappreciated, and create a separate utopian world, a "village" hidden from view from people, planes and the world.

      Galt, in the novel, is unseen by the characters through most of the novel, building up their ideas of his actual appearance and personality. Similarly, in Lost, Desmond and Sayid (along with the viewers) are creating the character in their mind before seeing him.

    • The book that Regina is reading (upside down) outside the sick bay door is: "The Survivors of the Chancellor," by Jules Verne. This is a grim sea story in which the passengers and crew of a disaster-plagued ship increasingly turn on each other to survive, ultimately discussing cannibalism.

    • Ji is a popular character in Chinese culture, it used as a surname for kings in the Zhou Dynasty, and as the abbreviation for several regions in China. In the episode's flashbacks Jin gave a panda to the ambassador of China.