Season 4 Episode 7

Ji Yeon

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Mar 13, 2008 on ABC

Episode Recap

ISLAND: On the freighter, Desmond and Sayid receive a note that says not to trust the captain. Ray comes in and says he will take them to talk to the captain, but when they get on the deck, they see that the helicopter is gone and want to know where it went. Ray says he doesn't know.
Desmond sees Regina, covered in chains, jump over the side of the boat, and no one will do anything to save her. The captain comes out and tells his crew to get back to their posts. He tells Sayid and Desmond that he didn't want to lose any more of his crew by having them try to save Regina. Some of his crew have a heightened case of cabin fever.

He takes them to his cabin where he shows them the black box from Flight 815 and tells them that the wreckage was recovered with all the bodies in it. He works for Charles Widmore and they want to find out how Ben has the resources to fake the wreckage, which is why they are there.

Michael is working on the freighter and Ray introduces him as Kevin Johnson.

Sun and Jin talk about the baby, but Sun doesn't want to talk about baby names, because she doesn't want to jinx the baby. She wants to get off the island first. Sun believes it's a boy, Jin thinks it's a girl.

Sun asks Daniel if they are going to be rescued and Daniel says it's not his call. So, Sun wants to go to Locke's camp with Jin. They prepare to leave and Kate helps them by giving them a map. She says she'll have to tell Jack, but she'll let them have a good head start first.

Juliet says they can't leave and tells Jin that his wife is in danger. If she doesn't get off the island in the next three weeks, she will die. Jin and Sun still intend to go to Locke's camp, so Juliet tells Jin that Sun had an affair. Sun slaps her and Jin goes back to the beach camp.

Later, Jin goes fishing with Bernard where Bernard talks about them being the only married men among the survivors. He talks about karma and when Jin catches a fish says that's good karma, which means they must be the good guys.

Juliet apologizes to Sun, but says she had to do anything to keep Sun there so that she has a chance of being rescued. She convinces Sun to stay.

Jin forgives Sun, saying that Sun had an affair on the old Jin who withheld his affections. He says he will never leave her.

FLASHBACK: Jin rushes into a toy store and buys a large panda bear. He is in a hurry to get to the hospital. He goes out and calls for a taxi, puts the panda inside, but before he gets in his phone rings. He answers his phone and says he'll be right there, but someone bumps him and he drops his phone in the street and it gets run over.
The other man gets into the taxi and it drives off with the panda. Jin yells at the person who stole the taxi, saying he will find him and kill him.

Jin goes back to the toy store and tries to buy another panda, but the only one there is the one behind the counter that is already paid for and on hold. Jin insists that he get the panda and puts down a bunch of money.

He rushes to the hospital and is pointed to the maternity ward. He tells a Chinese security agent that he represents Paik Automotive and that he heard the Ambassador has just become a grandfather. The security agent tells him to wait there and before he goes inside, Jin asks if it's a boy or a girl. The agent says it's a boy, so Jin ties a blue ribbon around the panda's neck.

The Chinese Ambassador comes out and Jin presents him with the panda and says, "Mr. Ambassador, this panda is a symbol of Mr. Paik's eagerness to do business in the great country of China. Please accept his congratulations."

FAST FORWARD: Sun goes into labor and calls emergency services. At the hospital, a doctor attends to her whom she hadn't previously met. Her doctor is at a conference.
The baby is in distress and the doctor wants to perform a C-section. Sun wants them to find Jin and they say they will try. Sun keeps asking for Jin.

The baby crowns and Sun pushes her out. The doctor says she has a girl and gives her the baby.

At her home, Hurley comes to visit and to see the baby. He says she looks just like Jin. He asks if anyone else is coming and Sun says no. He's happy about that.

They take the baby to see Jin. They go to a cemetery and Sun kneels in front of Jin's tombstone and says that he was right, the baby is a girl and she named her Ji Yeon, just like Jin had wanted.