Season 4 Episode 7

Ji Yeon

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Mar 13, 2008 on ABC

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  • Now that, my friends, is how you both advance a story, introduce new questions, solve old mysteries and pull off a great reveal!

    Ok, first things first, let's get the easy stuff out of the way.....

    In what may be the worst kept secret in this show's history, Micheal is/was the man on the boat. Love the way they introduced him if for nothing more than the fact that I can guarantee most Lost viewers expected him to be the main cliffhanger at the end.

    That really speaks volumes to the overall greatness of this episode: What I was looking forward to for weeks was just a way to get to the main climax. This episode had me hooked on the whole Jin/Sun thing and that's impressive. Usually, their story doesn't do it for me.

    I had a feeling right around the time of the "karma" talk on the boat that the flashforwards weren't what we thought they were going to be. I initally thought that Jin had left Sun after finding out about the affair (which, BTW, was a nice cold turn by Juliet). But, with the ultimate reveal at the end truely surprising me, I find myself looking back and being happy with the way this episode turned out.

    So, now we have a while to deduce whether or not Jin is one of the Oceanic Six, how he died, and what's going to happen next.

    Next week's episode has been billed since the start of this season as a mind-blower and I can't wait. Everything seems to be coming to a head, let's hope it continues to be as good as this weeks and the Constant were.
  • this is lost folks. michael is now kevin. hes back. and this episode has everything great about lost in it. the suspense, the suprises, and the emotional flashbacks. all i can say is if you love lost you'll love this episode.

    this show makes me love it more and more every episode.
    this episode has the most shocking twists ever. it lets us know that harrold perrinaeau or Michael in the show
    lives and is the janitor for the ship. there is also a very shocking twist after the baby's born were we think hugo and jin maybe have hooked up. and that jin is deaced. this episode clues us in on what really is happening on the island and too its inhabitants. im hoping that eventually that the end of the sixth season we will know all the islands secrets, and yes....i mean all 48 secrets of lost.theres now probably 90000000.... that we know of. well if you havent seen lost dont start on this episode. because this is for hardcore lost addicts. this is for you. one of the best ever. i think this fourth season is the best so far.
  • Jin and Sun Episode.

    Well just got done watching Lost. I must say that is one of the weakest episodes of the new season so far. Although there was a clever thing done by the writers by trying to make the viewers second guess the whole Jin/Sun flashback and flash forward thing, there just wasn't enough for this episode to get a higher rating. The one thing that this episode did have going for it was everything that happened on the boat. That seemed to be the strongest thing that this episode had going for it. Also there was no way you couldn't have known that the spy was Micheal, there was a lot of key things from this season that gave it away. But anyway just blah episode of Lost hopefully next weeks will be better.
  • This episode shows how Lost has evolved as a show.

    For the first few seasons, this would have simply been a filler episode with no meat beyond the main characters' story. But this episode makes progress on multiple fronts. Not only do we finally get an answer to the "man on the boat" non-mystery (yes, it's the obvious reveal), but we also get anotehr glimpse into the future, in regards to Jin and Sun's baby.

    The flash-forwards reveal not only the birth of the eponymously named baby, but also give us a future mystery vis-a-vis her father. (And was it just me, or was Hurley's visit a little strange?)

    On the freighter, more off-island insanity. At least two more crazies on the boat. One decided to take a swim wrapped in chains, and another decided to eat a bullet at some point. What is it with these freighter people?

    Next week's episode promises another death. Is it just me, or are the suvivors starting to get killed off at an accelerated rate?

    BTW, given Kate's episode, my money's on Claire. She no longer seems important to the story. Also, consider Jack's story about the Oceanic 6 having originally been 8 survivors. Does that mean we get 2 deaths? Is one of the Jin?
  • This is has to the best episode of this season so far.

    I love Sun and Jin, Always loved them as a couple, as people and always loved their story and flashbacks. This episode exploded by having two different types of things, I don't want to give it away. All I'm saying that some people may be mad, because I am, the ending made me cry like a baby. But just because I'm mad, does not mean this is not a great eposide. Michael is back, well Kevin(Spolier). Anyways, this season is going great, keep it up and this show may actually start winning Golden Globes and Emmys again. Love Lost, The best show on television. Just wanted to say that. Thanks for reading.
  • A Jin and Sun episode but also Juliet and the guys on the boat. Clever parallel storytelling, a surprise return character (well, the actor's name has been up front on the credits all season...) a touching ending.

    The last of the six is shown in flash forward, the question is what happens to the others, er, rest, of the Flt 815 Lostees. One's fate is now known, but you kind of expect the whole time travel, time loop shtick to maybe reverse things? Jin and Sun plan to abandon Team Jack and go to Team Locke but Juliet pulls out the stops to change their minds. Sayid and a befuddled Desmond are still on the ship and the crew are a whacked out bunch, the Captain gives up some interesting info, and that guy pushing a wet mop looks pretty familiar. A Solid Hit!
  • That was shocking!

    OK all I can say is wow!

    Those sneaky writers just when I thought it was all about flash forwards. They go and sneak in a flash forward and a flash back and we don't know it till the end, Sneaky!

    Oh and then you have all the ship's crew going nuts and killing themselves. Plus the captain isn't concerned when a woman wraps herself in chains and jumps off the boat. Plus the blood stains off the wall which leads to meeting "kevin Johnson." Did anyone else see that it was Michael coming? After all he was credited all season long.
  • Did anyone catch the date on the gravestone? 9/22/2004! the date of the crash!!

    Great episode. Did anyone else catch the death date on the gravestone. It is 9/22/2004, the same date as the plane crash. Does this mean that perhaps they are staging his death as he is still on the island? Or maybe he is alive off the island, but working for either Ben or Mr. Paik, who is an associate of Charles Widmore? Hmmmmm... Maybe there is more truth to Jack's story during his testimony at Kate's trial than they are letting onto. Maybe the time shift has affected the way in which the activities on the island have occured; specifically maybe all the on-island action so far has happened roughly instantaneosly to the outside world?

  • This episode is centered around Jin and Sun,with flashforwards revealing Sun gets off the island and gives birth to her baby and flashback of Jin. The ending is very sad and emotional, and the parallel story on the freighter was suspenseful.

    This episode was probably myfavorite episode of the season so far, next to The Constant. I always love the Sun/Jin stories and this one was exceptional. The ending was very emotional and tear-jerking when it was revealed that Jin had died before Sun gave birth to her daughter, choosing the name that Jin had picked while on the island. I loved how we did not know that Jin's story was a flashback until the end, which made the episode all the more emotional. The little touch of Hurley and Sun together at the cemetary was nicely done and Sun's conversation with Jin was beautiful. The parallel story on the freighter was also very suspenseful, with people on the boat becoming insane and killing themselves and the cliffhanger reveal of Kevin Johnson who is really Michael, the apparent spy Ben had sent onto the freighter. This was an unbelievable episode.
  • Pretty good episode, but not the best and not much happens to forward the story. (contains spoilers)

    Okay… so this is probably going to seem like a random stream of consciousness, but I wrote it as things happened in the episode so it's mostly a list of questions the episode raised and responses to them. But it should pretty much summarize the episode!

    A girl is guarding Sayid and Desmond's room, but for some reason her book was upside down. Obviously she wasn't doing what she was supposed to be doing. Sun is off the island!!!! It's the future and she's having pregnancy problems?? Jin is also off the island. He's running around trying to buy a stuffed panda. Back on the island Kate tells Jin and Sun about the "gas factory" where Charlotte and Daniel ran off to. She scares them by saying "they talked about a lot of things and none of them involved rescuing us" after Sun asks if they are there to rescue them. Back on the freighter, Sayid and Desmond get a note under the door. Is it from the spy on the boat? Dunno. But it says "DON'T TRUST THE CAPTAIN." Back on the island again, Sun asks Daniel if they are there to rescue them, but he says he doesn't know because it isn't his call. Uh oh! And here's sort of a side note, but isn't Jin's "broken" English way too good?? He knows the most random words and can speak way too fluently for someone who is just learning English. Either he's a really bad actor, the lines are really bad, or there is something about Jin that they aren't telling us, like he already spoke English or something. Anyways… now Sun and Jin have decided to go back to Lock's camp. Won't Sun die?? Why is Kate helping them? Bernard says Rose was dying before they got on the island, but wasn't dying now because of island. She want to go back home anyway. On the freighter, a girl jumped off ship with chains and kills herself. The captain tells Desmond and Sayid that Mr. Widmore (sp?) is owner of boat. Yay! Desmond finally finds out! The captain shows Sayid and Desmond the black box from flight 815 that was found with plane and all 300-some dead passengers. He talks about what a huge effort someone went through to fake the crash. Where does one come across 300-some dead bodies?? That's why they're there for Ben. Off the island and in the future, Sun has her baby as she calls out for Jin. On the freighter they reveal MICHEAL!!!! Aka Johnson?? But I feel like I already knew who it was going to be, so whatever. On the island, Jin forgives Sun. Will they go to Locke's camp? No. They need to get off the island because the people have a helicopter and they need to get off the island to save their baby. Was Jin in the past or the future? Weird!?! And where's Jin because he isn't in the hospital with Jin. Hurley shows up at Sun's apartment, but nobody else is coming. Hurley and Sun go to the cemetery to visit Jin's grave. He's dead :( Sort of a surprise, but at the same time it was predictable. Wait… I thought they were going to reveal the oceanic six? Does that mean that Jin died after he came back or are they not counting him as one of the oceanic six? Aw! She gave him the baby's name that he chose.

    Okay, so it was a pretty good episode. Not the best, but still pretty good. A little too predictable and stuff, but raises even more questions about stuff, which is always good because it's fun to guess! Yay! I can't wait til next week's episode. It looks like it's going to be really good! Once again, I'm really sorry about the randomness of this review!
  • After tonight's episode, I can say Lost has gotten its old groove back. And I'm happier for it.

    An episode like this reminds me why I fell in love with Lost in the first place. While I love the mysteries of the island, and am as anxious as anyone to know more, it was ultimately the characters that hooked me. It's been a long time that I've seen a show with such 3-dimensional, interesting, complex, evolving, mysterious characters as I've seen on Lost.
    I've always liked the Sun/Jin storyline, the whole evolution of it. From Jin being a domineering control freak, to learning why he's like. From him being mad at Sun, first for hiding that she knew English, to having an affair. It seems his love for her is undying.
    Tonight we got a whole new twist on their relationship. If that's what you want to call it. It seems, especially after this episode, that relationships break down after leaving the island. I don't know if it's one of the 'effects' of leaving the island, but I could see it being part of the lies the survivors have to tell afterwards. But I need to know... does Sun really think Jin is dead? Or is that another lie she needs to keep up?

    I know everyone was saying that Michael's return was televised and that everyone was able to easily find out who Ben's spy on the boat was, but honestly, who cares! Did you all just not watch an amazing episode with some high quality writing! Oh yes! The writer's strike is definitely over!
    All I can say is that this episode was not only pivotal, but amazing. The flash-forwards concentrated on Sun and the birth of her new baby. However, throughout the episode, the show also revealed scenes with Jin. But the thing is, near the END of the episode, Jin said that he has only been married for two months, and when Hurley and Sun go to Jin's grave, we begin to see a whole different story. Which also brings another question....who is the final person of the Oceanic 6? I thought it was Jin, but now that we have seen Jin's tombstone, who is it? Unless you count Aaron. Who knows! All I am saying is that I am glad Lost has gone back to some great writing and the following episodes will probably be as amazing as this. I can't wait!
  • I'm too drunk to be philosophical but Jin's not dead...

    ... the date on the tombstone was the date of the plane's crash. He's only presumed dead... just like the rest of the survivors except the Oceanic 6. Anyone who didn't make it off the island has flashbacks; ie, Juliet, Desmond, Jin... anyone who did get off, has flash forwards. At the grave site, Sun said she missed him and asked for him during the delivery but she never said he was dead. Obviously, the Oceanis 6 made a deal that stipulated they couldn't talk about the other survivors for some unknown reason. That reason, when it's all said and done will be the biggest shocker... I assume, but like I said... I'm drunk.

    Also, the writer's knew everyone assumed Michael was "the spy" which is why they revealed him without a lot of drama. That's what makes LOST such a great show... it adapts.
  • A very different episode of Lost

    For those of you who are clueless about what happen in this episode, let me explain. This was a flashback and a flashfoward. Jin had the flashback and Sun had the flashfoward. The reason why I know this is because in Jin's part of the episode he says that he has only been married for two months and in Sun's part of the episode Jin is already dead. Now on to my review, this was a very good episode because Sun was actually able to have her baby and it was beautiful. I am so happy that she did not die and that she was able to get off the island. And thanks to Juliet, Jin now knows that Sun had an affair and that the baby is his. My favorite scene was at the end when Jin found out it was his baby. Another big shocker was that Micheal is Ben's spy but to be truthful i kinda saw that one coming since their have been rumors that Micheal's character will be coming back. I hope that next weeks episode is going to be good, I just wish that their will be a new episode of lost every week.
  • That was Lost perfection, in my opinion.

    I give Yunjin Kim and Daniel Dae Kim HUGE props and kudos for this one, they just beautifully acted throughout the entire episode and made it astoundingly believable. First, on the boat "Kevin" is revealed to us. *cough* not it's Micheal! Woot. I never really liked him in the first place though, but it gives people on the forums something to talk about. On the other side of the spectrum, when Sun threatened to leave the camp, Juliet had to reveal to Jin that Sun thought it wasn't her baby(she was cheating). And then the whole karma thing went on, I really enjoyed that scene... and in the end on the island, Sun and Jin made up. I thought after that scene that this was a beautiful episode and yay they live happily ever after, but guess what, flashforward and we see Sun mourning Jin being dead... that seriously was just, splendid acting and it made me want to cry so yea... loved this episode to pieces. Can't wait to see more of Sun and Jin in the future.
  • Sun tries to move to Locke's Camp while Juliet tries to stop her. Sayid and Desmond meet the captain and a familiar face.

    Wow this was great. It was different than most of the other episodes. It answered a major question and handled the Sun and Jin's relationship very very well. While it might not be the best episode for those of you that want different answers... like more freighter stuff or more island information... it still gave us alot of in sight into two very likeable characters. I don't know how much I trust the ending... cause it is possible that Jin was just left on the island. Which I think the same as having them be dead to Oceanic 6. Thus the grave and tears. So it is possible Jin isn't actually dead... just kind of on the island never to return. But then again... knowing Lost. He could be dead. We will find out one way or another eventually!!
  • LOST is my favorite show but I have to agree with the review written by gsager1 on this one!

    For me the flashbacks and fast forwards have always helped form an essential part of the story but lately they simply feel that the writers and producers are just running out of ideas to fill 1 hour of commercial television time. I certainly agree with gsager1 in the way they used them tonight - I couldn't fathom it! The Panda sequence probably had everyone going a bit and yes that was clever but guys,ENOUGH please! There seems to be more content flashing forward and backward than in the PRESENT. By the way, who the hell wrote the dialog between Jin and Bernard on the boat? Do you recall the with wedding rings line "You and I not married" says Bernard - PLEASE!!! Anyway, don't get me wrong guys (producers if you're reading) the flashbacks and fast forwards are fine in moderation. Give us more Island drama, conflict - that's what we love!! Love ya LOST! Don't get found! What will we do!??
  • Juliet tells Jin that Sun had an affair, Jin gets upset, then forgives Sun. Sayid and Desmond meet the captain, learn whose boat it is, and see Michael. In the future Sun has a baby. In the end Sun is crying with Hurley at Jin's grave.

    This episode was nothing short of outstanding. It took a while to get some action going, but mid way through the episode I couldn't look away. Sun and Jin plan to go to Locke's Camp in fear of the freighters people, but Juliet advises strongly not to go. In a last attempt to get them to stay she tells Jin about Suns affair. The slap by Sun was one I wasn't expecting to see, and it was executed perfectly. Jin and Bernard's conversation on the boat was really meaningful, and Jin forgiving Sun shows how much he's changed. In the flash forward Sun has the baby and screamed for Jin. The other flash (which turned out to be in the past) was Jin attempting to get a Panda for someone in the maternity ward. I loved the mixing of the past, present, and future. It was well written and well acted. At the end Sun and Hurley (who seemed pleased no one else was with Sun) go to Jin's grave to show him the baby. It was a great performance by Sun, and only adds to the mystery of what happens with the oceanic 6. The freighter action was nothing special, and is the reason this episode wasn't a 10. Michael obviously was the spy, and the attempted shock failed. Overall the episode was very exciting and was really entertaining.
  • Something (un)expected..

    This episode.. some complained it was confusing, no it wasn't.. even thought we realize in the end that there was a mix of flash forwards and flash backs.. very interesting combination and the panda - it was cute and lovely.

    I loved that the episode was not so concentrated only on part of the island like some episodes of last season start was. Even thought we heard nothing about the Locke's camp, there was little going on the boat side and things there are getting quite interesting. I am sure when the helicopter gets back, more people will get off.. but the story is really building up, more and more.. some more emotion, and the end.. it was somehow really sad.. and.. maybe even mysterious as we do not know how it happened...
  • A very beautiful episode.

    I think that this was the best Jin/Sun centric episode. Also I need to tell a very interesting thing. I've just read something about this episode in LOSTpedia. Sun's flashes of course were flashforwards, but Jin's flashes were actually FLASHBACKS, because the shopkeeper said that the year that was shown in the flash was Dragon's year and that year was 2000 (it can't be 2012). I didn't notice it myself. Also Jin's cellphone was very old. So it is still unclear what will happen to Jin, because I don't think that he is really dead in the future. Also Sayid and Desmond met the captain of the ship and Michael (not my favorite character I might add). All in all this episode was really great.
  • A little bit better than the last few weeks, but still...

    After the unadulterated silliness of "The Constant" and the somewhat predictable "The Other Woman", this episode returns to a realistic level of interpersonal relationships which has been sorely lacking in the show of late (Desmond's sappy pining for Penny while trying to stabilize himself within the space/time continuum does NOT qualify!). It shows quite clearly that Jin realized how much he had changed over the course of his relationship and marriage to Sun and how close he came to losing her. What I found slightly annoying was the fact that the writers seriously overplayed the flashback/flashforward device in that they were doing both at the same time. When it became apparent that the "flashforward" scenes of Jin (while Sun was having the baby) were actually flashBACKS to a time prior to Oceanic 815 ever leaving the ground, I was tempted to find the writers of this episode and give them a refresher course on the limits of "Suspension of Disbelief" in writing. Granted.....in the context of this show, suspension of disbelief is required....within limits! If they continue to go way past the acceptable line, then it won't be long before every storyline gets wrapped up with a great big "Deus Ex Machina" ending. The fans who have stuck by this show when absolutely NO ONE knew where it was going or even where it was deserve better than that.
  • Great episode, I liked the twists and turns and the new facts that were revealed. (contains spoilers)

    I enjoyed this episode I can see how some people might not because it might not have been a direction they wanted to go in but I liked it. First Desmond & Sayid are on the ship and get a letter saying not to trust the captain, and then later on we found out that Michael is Ben's spy on the boat. That makes sense since he made the deal with the boat and was the last person to see them before they left, I don't know how they worked it our for Walt to stay I guess we will find out. I went crazy when we saw Micheal, that was really cool. I called that he wasn't gone alot of people did, and I'm pretty glad they wrote it this way. I hope we see alot more of Michael and Walt, and I'm wondering which one if either of them will be one of the "Oceanic 6"

    Gin & Sun were the biggest part of this episode. I know alot of people can't stand Charlotte and I'm one of them but I also can't stand Juliette either. They could fight to the death for all I care. There chick fight last week wasn't that hot at all which was dissapointing. OK back to Gin and Sun. Sun wanted to go to Locke's camp because she thought he could help her, and Juliette said no because it could kill you and your baby Sun didn't want to listen to Juliette was a b-yatch and told Gin that Sun cheated on him. Sun slapped that **** hard. Juliette convinced Sun it would be bad for her and her baby if she left the camp, so Sun stayed, and Gin went fishing with Bernie. By the way were is Rose? She is still on the island right? The best part or the worst part depending on how you see it was the trick with the flash foward and flash backs with Gin & Sun. I didn't like it at first and didn't care for the outcome but still thought it was kind of cool how they did that. They flash foward to Sun having her baby in Korea so we now know she will be one of the "Oceanic 6" She was calling for Gin and then the flashed and showd Gin going to the hospital and getting a panda for the baby. They showed Gin at the Hospital he gave the Panda and it was for an emporors daughter and that it was a flash back and he wasn't there for his baby because this was when he was newly married. We find out in the flash foward that Sun was calling out Gin during the pregnancy when they were gong back and forth from the flash back to the flash foward to trick us, but Gin was dead. We found this out when Hurley showed up and saw the baby , and then they went to the cemetary and that's when we found out Gin isn't going to be a survivor. I ws hoping for one husband wife combo to both make it or mother son in Claires case but I don't think that will happen. We now have Jack, Kate, Hurley, Sayid, & Sun, so I'm not sure if Aaron counts as six since he wasn't born yet or if there is another one, of if I just missed one. I was mad that Gin didn't make it but then thought it was col that they tricked us, or at least me with the flash fowards and flash backs, to make it look like Gin was alive and heading to the hospital to see Sun.
  • Sun's growing distrust of their rescuers leads here to want to leave for Locke's camp until Juliet reveals a secret from Sun's past to Jin. Sayid meets an old friend on the freighter.

    I tohught this was a sad episode, Sun giving birth to her baby all alone, because Jin apparrantly did not make it off the island, and he is not one of the Oceanic Six, though Sun is, if you count Aaron, then we now know all six.

    So the flashes show us two things, in the future Sun gives birth to a baby girl, and two months after their marriage Jin delivers a message to the Chinese Ambassador, which involves a large Panda. So I have to admit I was totally convinced that Jin was racing to get to Sun's side, but alas he did not make it off the island, he "died" on Sept. 22, 2004 with everyone else besides the six. His flashback provided a look into how he became Mr. Paik's pawn and not the man Sun fell in love with, so it provided a good resolution to the news of Sun's infidelity, which Jin knew about from Mr. Paik.

    Juliet told Jin the news, which to be honest was not her place, but I think she proved that she will do anything to ensure that she does not lose another pregnant woman.

    Bernard reminded Jin about the importnace of marriage and that Locke is a murderer, and one would have to be crazy to go to his camp.

    It was nice to know that Hurley came to see the baby, and that he managed his sanity for some time after getting off the island.

    On the freighter we met the Captain, and Kevin Johnson, more importantly the revealing of the balck box, eludes to why Ben cannot let anyone off the island, cause then they will question his huge cover up, but this also explains why the Oceanic Six are so famous, cause they really should have been dead. This freighter is the creepiest element of this season, second maybe to Miles, someone shot someone, they are all jumping ship, and not moving, and there is a spy on the ship, and I am goign to assume his name is Kevin Johnson.

    This was a great episode, very sad, but very interesting.
  • More info about Sun and Jin is revealed, Desmond and Sayid meet not only the captain of the freighter, but Ben's man on the inside.

    There was a fair amount of buzz regarding this episode and whether it could hold it's own amongs the rest of the season. It wasn't the best episode of the season, but it was very good, very revealing, and had some very interesting plot twists. This was probably the best Sun and Jin episode to date, given their storylines were rather interesting.

    The episode begins with Sun putting on make-up while at home in Korea, she begins to have pains, and it is revealed that she is going into labor. She gets an ambulance to the hospital and orders the staff to call Jin. Jin is shopping for just the right gift, a large stuffed panda bear which he will take to the maternity ward, he gets a cab, but loses his phone, a man grabs the cab with teddy bear in tow. Jin rushes back in to buy another, but it has already been sold, but lays down a large wad of cash. Sun is experiencing some trouble during the birth and insists on talking to Jin, but she cannot wait, they deliver a healthy baby girl. It cuts back to Jin who is delivering a teddy bear on behalf of "Paik Automotive", he ties a blue ribbon around it's neck after an guard at the door states the child is a boy? Jin was delivering a gift to the family of the Chinese ambassador. A nurse congratulates Jin, but Jin curiously remarks, that it's too soon, he's only been married two months? It goes back to Sun, who is getting dressed when her doorbell rings, its...Hurley! He has come to visit Sun's new baby, they go to visit Jin as well...at the cemetary. Jin had a flashback, Sun had a flash forward. She named the child Ji-Yeon after Jin's suggestion.

    On the island, Juliet warns Sun about the peril she faces if she stays on the island. This is in response to her wanting to take Jin and head to Locke's camp after the odd behavior of the freighter crew. Juliet reveals Sun's affair to Jin, and he saunters off, only to be comforted by Bernard while fishing. He returns to Sun and brings her dinner explaining that he forgives her.

    On the freighter, Desmond and Sayid get a note from Ben's spy to "not trust the captain". The doctor leads them above deck to meet the captain when a woman bound in chains leaps from the ship. Nobody helps her despite Desmond and Sayid's cries. The captain witnessed the act and orders everyone back to work. His name is Captain Gault and likens the suicide to "cabin fever". He takes Desmond and Sayid to his office and shows him the "black box" from flight 815 which was found in the Marianas trench. He reveals that the recorder was procured by Charles Widmore, and that the flight found in the Marianas trench was a fake. He also asks the two, where did all the bodies come from, and then mentioned Ben. As Sayid and Desmond are shown their quarters, they meet Kevin Johnson, a janitor on the boat-who happens to be Michael! Ben's man on the boat-no surprise there.

    This episode was technically superior, the direction was amazing, the acting was solid, and the pacing was brilliant. The combination of a flashback and flash forward was yet another good move in keeping the season interesting. Info was given to answer some questions, but more were raised in true Lost fashion. Sun and Jin who are good characters, but almost peripheral had interesting and rather touching stories. Their stories were interesting and the advancing of the freighter plot was too, but it was a little thin at parts. This episode much like last week is setting up future events-mainly next week.

    Overall, a great episode, very solid, rather entertaining. It is definately on par with the rest of the season and sets up some major events to happen next week.
  • Another great episode by LOST. For the first time this season they use both a flash back and a flash forward.

    Another great episode by LOST. For the first time this season they use both a flash back and a flash forward. It was very interesting how both flash back and flash forward seem to be the same until the very end. Some things that came out include the fact that Jin is dead. The question is whether he died on the island or else he got off the island and died?

    Meanwhile on the freighter Desmond and Sayid got intel of not trusting the captain. They meet the captain and he tells them about the owner of the ship being Charles Windsmore and about the stage of the bodies and thats the reason they want Ben. Meanwhile then they meet the janitor Kevin Johnson ... but it turns out to be Michael. It seems as if Michael is Ben's informative on the plane. This will definitely get more and more interesting.
  • This one falls awfully close to "unnecessarily sad." But this might only be the case because of the quality character development on the series.

    I was a little blindsided by the quasi-resolution to the Sun/Jin story. I realize there are "more stories to tell" even in the context of their relationship. But the pronouncement that Jin is yet another one of the 815 survivors whose chance at redemption is ultimately lost is a bit dour. You can argue that Jin was redeemed and then he died. But that isn't how the redemption story ends. At least it is not how it should end. This is where I use the term "unecessarily sad." This describes moments in literature, movies, television, etc. where the story could have ended just fine but then quickly takes a tragic turn and then immediately resolves. "Message in a Bottle" is an example of this. Jack Arnold in the series finale of "The Wonder Years" is another. But maybe Jin's death is only so affecting because of the character work that was done right under our noses. The Jin/Sun/(Michael/Jae Lee) triangle was drug out from "...in translation" up until this epsiode. It felt like the audience was being jerked around with "The Whole Truth" not giving us the truth and then this seasons "you mean our baby?" seemingly calling "DOC" into question. But maybe this was all a medium to paint the picture of a dynamic and ultimately redeemed Jin. His comments in Sun's tent near the end of this episode all but spell that out for us. (given the subtitles I guess they did literally spell it out for us). Jin stated that he is not the same man that Sun cheated on. He is not the same man that was going to kill a cab driver and then a stuff panda bear salesman over a "job." He is not the same man who hides his affections from Sun. "Where Sun goes, I go." From day one, this has really been the case with Jin - much to his undoing. But ultimately, this is also what redeems him on the island. It seemed that this had been accomplished in "Exodus" or maybe even as late as "Collision" and "What Kate Did." But I'm not sure Jin could have forgiven Sun at that time. By now he can. He is now at the stage of redemption Boone was after "Hearts and Minds." Of course this may also mean his doom is at hand. Sayid and Desmond's meeting with the captain begs one question: Why not trust the captain? Everything he said seemed legitimate. As Sayid noticed, he seemed forthcoming. So was Michael's note an attempt to manipulate Sayid and Desmond as per Ben's orders? If not pursuant to Ben's orders, then at least to his motivations? Michael was more interesting when he was wrongly hated by Jin than when he became the assassin blindly devoted to Walt. It is interesting that Michael is re-introduced in a story centered around Sun and Jin. Does this foreshadow Jin's ultimate fate? Not sure but I would like to think the two stories are connected. This season has been exceptional at producing stand alone stories and yet moving the overall story arc along at a rapid pace.
  • A couple of surprises,followed by a non-surprise surprise. I will admit, I was caught a bit off guard by the off-island scenes.

    First, I really don't think it was a surprise that Michael (Kevin Johnson) is on the ship. It was public knowledge that he was coming back and that was the only place to put him.

    What was a surprise was the Jin flashback, Sun flash forward. I was wondering why Jin had an old cell phone but dismissed it, should have seen it coming.

    We now know a few important facts. 1) Sun is one of the Six. 2)They get off the island within the next 7 months. 3)Jin is dead.

    Now, I may be wrong, but it looked like there's a time discrepancy. According to the marker the date was 9/20/2004. The problem with this Desmond made his call on 12/24/2004 3 months later. I could have read it wrong also. Anyway, I did like the flash back and flash forward premise, it nailed me pretty good. However, I would have liked to have seen Lockes camp a little. Major points for the fishing scene!

    Overall, a very good episode. They've more than made up for season 3. I can't wait to see what happens next!
  • Another great magnitude is the upcoming war between Charles Widmore and Benjamin Linus.(Contains spoilers...)

    This episode revealed some questions and on the other hand it put some new questions in the show, like lost always does. It was revealed, that Sun is the fifth of Oceanic 6, but we don't know if Jin could leave the island. Jin either left the island with Sun and died afterwards, or he left the island, but is not dead, just pretended to be dead, or didn't leave the island, and is called dead like all the other Oceanic 815 passengers, or died on the island.
    Another great magnitude is the upcoming war between Charles Widmore and Benjamin Linus. Benjamin Linus, who had the power resources to fake a plane crash in the Sunda Trench, and who also hired Sayid as an assassin, to kill people probably from Widmore's organization.
    On the other hand we have Charles Widmore, who hired the freighter people to find the flight recorder of the fake Oceanic airplane, and who also send those people to the island, in order to catch Benjamin Linus and kill everybody else on the island. (According to Benjamin Linus in sneak peek of next episode Meet Kevin Johnson)
    So I think next episode will also be one of the most exciting ones.
  • This episode might not have given us too many answers but we definetly leanr more interesting questions that are pieces of the puzzle in a way or another!

    Something wrong with that math...1-Jack, 2-Kate, 3-Hurley, 4-Sayd 5-Aaron, 6-Sun, 7-Jim. Great episode. I'm on the team that sees a point is almost all episodes. They're very well written and this last one brings surprises and more questions, which is exciting! It was reading one of the reviews that my eyes were openned to the possibility of Jin being alive but on the island -great comment kateinabox. (Of course,the ones broght to "the world" cannot reveal there's more people alive on the island).

    Was Jin brought dead? A dead person would not be counted among the survivors... On the other hand, Ben and the coufin person were not counted either... anything can still happen. We know that the flashes from Jim were about the past, but something about this choice made me think that maybe Jim is alive and living another life. Jim forgave Sun for the betrayal before the island but let's not forget the sneak pick that alludes to a third man in Sun's life... Michael/Kevin was turned into a Ben's colaborator. Of course Ben wouldn't just let Michael and Walter return to civilization. There are conspiricies all over the story. This is getting more and more flavorsome!
  • This a Sun/Jin centric episode. Further information about the characters is revealed. The name of the episode "Ji Yeon" refers to the name of Sun and Jin's daughter.

    Probably the best episode of this season so far. Many things are revealed and, for the first time in the show, we see a flashfoward and a flashback in the same episode, a techique that tricked the minds of even the more acute viewers.
    I was anxiously awaiting for the return of Michael Dawson because Harold Perrineau Jr's name has apeared in the initial credits of each episode since the beginning of this season. His return will definitely be a plus.
    The deep character development and the intricate and well structured story of Lost is once again proven as one of the best in a television series.
    Lost is a show that cannot be missed. Congratulations to the writers for an incredible work.
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