Season 4 Episode 7

Ji Yeon

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Mar 13, 2008 on ABC

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  • Duality.

    At first I thought: what a waste of a Sun/Jin flashforward. Showing Jin running through the town with a stupid panda(twice...) and Sun struggling with baby birth. Nothing exciting here.

    Nothing exciting? Make sure you don't miss the last 10 minutes. The Jin parts were FLASHBACKS!!! I didn't see that twist coming. The ending was incredibly emotional and well done. I can't believe how the writers tricked me once again. Masterful... Sun grieving over Jin's grave with Ji Yeon(her baby) and Hurley... don't tell me that wasn't one of the most powerful and meaningful scenes of Lost to date. Just shows how much this show evolved during the 3 seasons. The island story - Sun's was, as expected somewhat slow and uninteresting.I thought her plan to go to Locke's camp was doomed from start, so it wasn't suspensful at all. However I liked when Juliet spilled the beans about Jae Lee to Jin only to make him force Sun to stay.

    Jin was incredibly awesome this episode. I really love how his character was developed, and how warm he is now learning english, treating his wife with proper respect. What made the island story what it is is the boat storyline. What exactly is going on? The boat staff is commiting suicide one by one. Creepy, the writers sure have alot of 'splaining to do!

    And, the spy is revealed. Kevin Johnson aka Michael. No big surprises here, but it was done much better than I thought it'd be done. Overall, if the Michael twist wasn't so obvious, and Sun's island plot wasn't as predictable, this would've been easily a 10. This way, "only" a 8.
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