Season 4 Episode 7

Ji Yeon

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Mar 13, 2008 on ABC

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  • We have lost our Constant.

    I feel robbed.
    For over 2 seasons we've been waiting for the return of Michael, and this is how they reward us? With one of the most telegraphed reveals in the show's history? No subtlety. Huge hints all along the way (anyone who hadn't already figured out that he was Ben's man certainly would have gotten it by any of the hints tonight). And then that long walk down the hallway... not a dramatic reintroduction, not even a shocking one, just an anticlimactic walk where we could tell who that janitor was long before he had reached Sayid and Desmond. Then there was Sun. Tonight she had all the complexity and depth of a sheet of paper. Suddenly, after deceiving Jin for years, she simply refuses to lie, even to protect herself or her child? She has no emotion, no authentic motivation, and even her slap at Juliette seemed to lack any real feeling. If you didn't already dread Sun/Jin-centric episodes you certainly have reason to now.
    And I have to mention the rules of filmmaking that were violated tonight. Yes, Lost has managed to get us to suspend disbelief more than most shows can, and has convinced us to accept that we can travel both forwards and backwards in time (and don't get me wrong, the flash forwards and flashbacks have had their moments of true greatness), but having a combined flash-forward-flashback intercut scene is a bridge too far. How are we ever to believe that what we are seeing is really what we are seeing? I can just imagine a scene with Jack standing on the beach talking, facing left, and Locke standing at the barracks, facing right, and the editors cutting it so that it looks like they are talking to each other. You can get us to suspend any disbelief, but we need to have certain film conventions to hold onto, or we simply won't be able to follow along without feeling like we've been conned. We, like Desmond, need our Constant.
    And tonight, Lost threw away her phone number.
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