Season 4 Episode 7

Ji Yeon

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Mar 13, 2008 on ABC

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  • Yet again, the writers on Lost exemplify why this show will never ever EVER reach the high standards of other shows and will always be a perrenial underachiever

    Firsly i would like to question how people can say that this episode was any good at all. Though it was not the worst episode of the show to date it wasn't far off. I dont really see why the show took the direction of the flash forwards as to me it doesnt seem too necessary and has removed part of the mystery of Lost. Anyway on to this episode.

    I can sum up what happened in one word. Nothing! Considering there were only 8 shows filmed pre the strike this is a worry what the final ep recorded is brining. There was a total waste of on screen time whilst we were watching Jin chase the panda, yes we all thought he was going to see Sun. But it would have made no difference had we seen him running around at all. It was just a useless ploy to waste time on the episode, as it was revealed at the end he was dead anyway so why all the run around. Other than the fact Jin was dead the only thing that was found out is that Michael is on the boat, which anyone should have guessed about 3 weeks ago if not more. One of the most obvious plot lines ever written!

    The use of a whole episode to show us that Sun has a baby and Jin is dead and introducing michael on the boat is just a joke and makes a mockery of us as the watching public. Now we know what happens in the future to Sun and Jin why bother to show us any more about them at all, it serves no purpose to us. The same can be said for Kate in Eggtown, we now know she is off the island and she has essentially got away without a prison term. So what if she has Aaron. The ineptitude of people to think these things through and essentially end the development of characters who have been key to the show as a whole just outlines the inferiority of this show compared with the likes of Heroes, Prison Break etc. if you ask why i still watch, its because there is nothing else on tv at the moment and i being that i have watched this much i will be frustrated if i miss the one episode where the writers show a glimmer of sense and make use of ths onscreen time with something actually happening worth a 45 minute watch
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