Season 4 Episode 7

Ji Yeon

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Mar 13, 2008 on ABC

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  • this spoilfoward wasn't that bad. mixing it with a flashback was brilliant.

    i knew they were going to kill jin when the actor was aressted on a dui charge last year so no surprise there. you could tell jin's was a flashback because of his anger, the large cellphone & getting a panda (he's korean, not chinese). it was well done & i can understand how she wouldn't trust juliet after what she heard from kate & daniel but i was not expecting juliet to betray her trust that way to get them to stay!! that was a shock but at least it was done to protect the baby. juliet can not handle losing mothers to the island & i can see how she would do anything to save sun. having bernard show up & remind him how he was a bad husband before the island & how it was his fault that she cheated was another stroke of brilliance by the writers. having her talk to the tombstone was another emotional scene & was quite sad. i was excited to see zoe bell from deathproof on the show but then she killed herself! i guess jumping off a freighter with chains wrapped around yourself is a dangerous stunt but it was odd how none of the crew members tried to help. sayid is getting caught up in the mystery so it ties into his spoilfoward but desmond should really be asking about getting saved & seeing penny again.