Season 4 Episode 7

Ji Yeon

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Mar 13, 2008 on ABC

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  • Much improved from last week. It's not quite another episode like THe COnstant, but that would be pretty hard to match.

    A Jin and Sun centric episode with a clever use of the flashbacks and flashforwards which I didn't see coming.

    THis episodes reveals to us the sixth survivor of Oceanic Flight 715, and we also get some much needed information of Sun's pregnancy and the birth of her baby. I was caught completely by surprise with the past and present scenes which ended with a big reveal that involves one of the characters and seems as if it's going to be pivotal to the series. I guess will see.

    Some of the main characters made only cameo appearances, with the exception of Sayid and Desmond who find out who Ben's secret spy is. THis was another scene that wasn't much of a surprise because most of us new ahead of time. THere was also a welcomed return of Bernard as he goes fishing with Jin and explains Karma. He is one of my least favorite Lost characters, but this time I didn't mind him so much. In fact his scene with Jin helped with Jin and Sun reconciling. BOth Jin and Sun got into a small argument because Juliette reveals to Jin that Sun cheated on him. A pretty mean thing to do, and I was starting to like her more, but then it's Juliette and she was one of The Others at one time.

    THis episode would've been in the eight category, but the surprise reveal at the end boosts it up another point.
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