Season 4 Episode 7

Ji Yeon

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Mar 13, 2008 on ABC

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  • This could be one of the most revealing and confusing episodes ever. (Spoilers) (Maybe)

    Ok, this isnt a re-cap thing im just telling you all the things that were revealed in this episode.
    OK the oceananic 6 was filled out meaning, Jack, Kate, Hurley, Sayied (Probably spelt wrong), Aaron, and Sun.
    Bens mole on the ship was revealed to be Michel.

    Now in my opinion, after watching the eppisode is that Jin is alive. He was in a flashback while Sun was in a flash forward and even though Sun and Hurley go to visit Jins grave site I dont think he is dead.
    My reasons for this are:
    I refuse to belive that everyone is dead except for the 6 that get off. (That would be too depressing)
    In one of the eppisodes in this season (Confirmed dead) everyone, including the 6 was confirmed to be dead which could mean that she went to the grave because she was missing him and he is alive and still on the island.
    However (contradiciting myself) Im still not sure why the 6 didnt tell the world that everyone else are alive. Perhaps they got threatened into it or something.
    But if this is true than that may MAY mean that everyone else that is on the boat are dead and this would include Michel (Yay) and Desmond (Noooo).