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  • A good piece that introduces some key pieces of the season's story.

    While the Oceanic Six preparing to return to the island is the biggest piece of the "Three Years Later" subplot, they weren't the only ones to get off the island. Several characters are off who presumably still have something important to add to the story (Walt). So they bench the Oceanic Six in favor of the story of Desmond's quest to locate Daniel's mother while Daniel tries to help The Others with their bomb situation on the island 53 years previous.

    Since he was never seen in flash forwards, Desmond's post rescue life was unknown, here it's shown that Desmond and Penny got married and had a child, named Charlie after the Lostie who made their reunion possible. Of course the other Charlie is Penny's father, the reason why they are in hiding on the house boat. With the time jumps, some are guessing that Charlie is a young Charles Widmore. While it's great that Lost has people theorizing about what's going on, this theory is too much. Penny would be her own granddaughter (not to mention the continually degrading DNA with the circular nature of this time travel)! Even if they softened it by having her be adopted, it's still a bit creepy.

    With Desmond and Penny together and two more seasons on the clock, many viewers are rightfully worried that this relationship is going to end in tragedy like almost every other coupling on this show. Some are waiting for the "trouble in paradise" that comes whenever a couple gets together mid series and they need something to replace the tension. There were hints of that when Penny chimed in that Scotland was also where Desmond broke her heart, but it's not much further than that.

    Also, there could have been tension with Desmond's mission, but Penny was easily sold on the idea of doing something Desmond was told several years earlier that he just happened to remember after waking up. There was the possibility of her thinking it was a dream or questioning it's legitimacy, but since we know it happened, that wasn't explored.

    Although Desmond insists that he will never return to the island, his path to Daniel's mother, in LA with the Oceanic Six, will lead him there eventually. Now what does that mean for this relationship? A lot of people assume that Penny will have to die for him to come back, but how would they deal with that besides have him grieve and pursue revenge like Sayid? Or would they go with his original predicament being trapped on the island away from the woman he loves? She and Charlie can always come with him, but what implications would that have (besides the incest that was mentioned earlier)?

    Desmond is also in an interesting place as he has overcome his major flaw, his cowardice. The best example is storming into Widmore's office unannounced, demanding information about Daniel's mother and not even speaking of Penny's condition. He couldn't do such a thing before. Desmond's life, hiding aside, isn't so bad. He gets to spend his time with the love of his life and their child, and Penny has more than enough funds to keep things stable. However, considering Desmond is a central character in the story, all these right steps may be sacrificed for him when he returns to finish his business with the island.

    In the big confrontation at Widmore's office, Widmore shows a brief moment of fear and concern over his daughter. Ben put her in his cross hairs as retribution for what happened to Alex, and Widmore knows that Ben has the resources to fulfill his promise. Widmore may be aware that Ben is in LA, and having Desmond go there would put Penny at risk. For a man who seems to be in control like Widmore is, expressing any fear is worth noting.

    Despite being officially a Desmond episode, we learn much more about Daniel via Desmond's search. Perhaps encouraged by what he saw in Desmond in 1996, Daniel took his research to an extreme, leaving Theresa in a catatonic state. He splits for America and Oxford pretends he never existed despite not throwing away his things. The big reveal was that Widmore was funding Daniel's research and took care of Theresa, showing temporal displacement can be relieved medically, after Daniel left. It's another interesting link tying these two characters together.

    53 years earlier, the castaways are trimmed down to six following the attack from the people revealed to be the 1954 Others. Of course the ageless Richard is there, and it's common knowledge among his people that he is "old". Unlike prior times, he comes off as the leader with Ellie and a 17-year-old Charles Widmore as lieutenants. Alpert said leaders were trained young, but it's inferable from Ben's flashbacks that he really became the leader in his 30s. So at this point they were still some time from being fully anointed forces.

    Widmore being one of The Others 50 years before the crash isn't surprising, but a good development. He had to have a back story with the island between his obsession finding the island and his rivalry with Ben. Obviously Ben's not around in 1954, but here we see that he was cocky underestimating Locke and such an attitude would breed a sense of entitlement when told he couldn't have something he wanted.

    The Others mistake the Island Six (as they'll be known) as US soldiers. They'd been combating those intending to detonate the eponymous bomb on the island, and they believe that they are a part of this, even with Miles and Charlotte on the team. The bomb, besides being a classic device, also ties into one of Lost's major influences, The Stand, where a bomb plays a key role in the climax.

    To convince The Others that he's intent on helping them with the bomb, Daniel tells Richard he's in love with Charlotte, which is more affecting than most of the shipper stuff. Although it can be hard to sympathize with Charlotte most of the time, Daniel's puppy love is definitely relatable.

    Sawyer's scolding Daniel for telling Ellie they were from the future could mark a major sea change for the Losties. In the beginning they were the outsiders and The Others were the ones withholding the secrets of the island. With three plus months (give or take with time jumps) on the island, they've learned a lot about what's happening. Some have theorized the Losties will wind up the series as the new Others, so a moment like this can reinforce that claim.

    It's interesting that Richard's attempts to reach Locke before the crash were because Locke told him to when he was in 1954. There are a lot of questions that come out of that, but considering the no paradox rule the producers, Richard was going to be there when he was a newborn and kid somehow. It may explain the test Richard gave Locke as a boy; instead of it connecting to the idea of reincarnation since the Dalai Lama takes a similar test when being chosen, the item literally belonged (or will belong) to the tested.

    Like a lot of Lost, this introduces a lot of elements that will likely be big in the future, specifically the bomb, so it helps to rewatch after seeing the whole season. With the narrative all over the place, the writers are doing a good job keeping it together. It's no where near Desmond's best episode, but it has some points that may be important in the end.
  • The only one with no reason to go back starts on the path that will lead to ruin

    Unlike the Oceanic 6, Desmond has not been visited by any ghosts connected with the island. He has been reunited with his soulmate, and as we see in the teaser, they've married and have a son. They've managed to avoid the craziness. So, it's quite understandable that Penny is concerned when Desmond tells her he's 'remembered' something about Daniel while he was in the hatch. The two were linked together in last season's classic, 'The Constant', and, as we knew in that episode, Daniel has linked the two of them together in his journal. So, this is how Desmond gets pulled back into the craziness that is the island.

    He goes to Oxford looking after Daniel's research only to find that his labs been bolted up, with no questions being asked. Then he finds Daniel's only connection outside--- a girl named Teresa--- somehow got involved in his research, and is now involved in the ultimate fate worse than death. It is then that Des finds another link between him and Daniel--- his research, from the time he was at Oxford, was being funded by Charles Widmore.

    This leads to one of the great scenes of the season, a complete reversal from the last time Des was there--- that memorable bit where Widmore humiliated Desmond in 'Flashes Before Your Eyes' In complete contrast, he comes crashing in, stands over him with real rage, tells him he's not going to answer any of Widmore questions, and he clearly catches him off guard with the fact that he knows about his links to Daniel and how to find Faraday's mother. Widmore keeps a good poker face, but he's clearly unsettled, considering that he gives in, and tries to warn Des to stay out of the "mess" that he's mired in. It's clear that Desmond wants to let all this go, but ironically, Penny is the one who pushes him forward, saying that he has to follow through. She doesn't know that by doing so, she's putting herself directly under the gunsight--- after all, Ben is in LA, same as Faraday's mother. Desmond also swears he will not go back to the island, the kind of statement that pretty much guarantees it will happen eventually. Difference is, he's not going to go willingly.

    Meanwhile, back on the island, the survivors are still under fire from the previous attack. (And there aren't many left. The flaming arrows took out most of the background characters, and now we see the rest die when they trip a mine in the middle of the creek. This leaves us with Sawyer, Locke, Juliet, Daniel, Miles, Charlotte, and possibly Bernard and Rose {we didn't see them et killed in either place, though it's not quite clear what has happened to them yet.}) Our first assumption is that their some part of the military based on the uniforms, but as Juliet soon fathoms, these are the Others from the past. Prominent among them are a young blond woman named Ellie, who seems a bit quick on the trigger, a hyper young man who calls himself Jones--- and Richard Alpert, looking exactly the same. We soon find out that we're in 1954, and that the army has come preparing to detonate a hydrogen bomb called 'Jughead'. The Others killed the soldiers and are prepared to do the same to these group, until Daniel--- who seems to be getting clearer with every jump figures out, what's going on. He tells Ellie that they need to bury the bomb, and seal it up in lead, and that it will be fine for the next fifty years. But having an unexploded hydrogen bomb on the island is kind of like Chekhov 's shotgun in the first act in a play--- we know, somehow, that bomb's going to end up going off. The question is when?

    We don't deal with this surprise because we've just made another connection--- when 'Jones' catches up with Richard, he is then called 'Widmore' So it seems that Charles Widmore has been linked to the island even longer than we thought was implied in season 4. Perhaps we could have gotten more details if Juliet wasn't so damn stubborn in what information she gives out. She identifies the language the soldiers are speaking as Latin, then tells Locke that Richard has always been part of the island, but she refuses--- as she has always-- to give out details. Now, more than ever, it seems we need to know what the hell's going on, we have a woman on the inside--- and she won't frigging talk! I love Elizabeth Mitchell, I do, but I was really irked at some of the turns her character would take, particular in the episodes where everyone flashes through time. She must have had some answers, but she seemed so restrained in giving them. Honestly, we're closing in on the end now, a few more details?

    John Locke, in the meantime, has Widmore dead in his sights (he doesn't know it's Widmore yet; still...) and lets him walk away. He is more focused on trying to talk to Richard and get some answer of his own. He tells Richard that Jacob sent him , and that he was supposed to be their leader. As proof, he hands over the compass Richard gave him in 'Because You Left', and tells him when and where he will be born. Obviously, this calls a lot of what we learned about him in ' Cabin Fever' to suddenly be in question. Richard didn't travel through time to see him on a whim; he came on a linear path because Locke told him. And he came to visit Locke at age 5, and performed that test, which now seems to be something that they do to check island leadership. Now it makes even more sense... up to a point. Richard presented six objects before a young John , and told him "Take what already belongs to you." John took the vial of sand, clearly representing the island. He took the compass, which was the same compass he gave to Richard in 1954. Then he took the knife, which was the wrong choice, according to Richard. But the object had on him at that occasion was the knife. So why was it the wrong choice then, and why was the Book of Laws apparently the right one. Speculation seems rather pointless now, considering how close we are to the end and with no idea what that book is. But it does call into question: was Locke ever chosen by the island, or was he chosen because he said he was? The consequences will be far grimmer than Locke ever could imagine.

    Of course, right now, the consequences seem pretty serious. For near the end of the episode, the island does another time jump, and by the time they catch up to Charlotte, who has been worsening slowly, she collapses in a dead heap. We still don't know what's happening (and why it's affecting Charlotte more obviously then everyone who's still alive) but it doesn't seem that good things are going to happen unless they find a way to stop these jumps.

    Apart from the fact that we see nothing of the Oceanic 6 in this episode, it's hard to pick out any specific flaws. Desmond is apparently, yet again, locked on another journey who's end is uncertain even to him It's not clear yet what his path is for everyone that's left on and off the island, but he managed to be the one that saved the Oceanic 6 before. Is that going to be his path again?
    My score: 9
  • The Constant Round II

    This episode had a similar presence and feel to the highly praised season four installment "The Constant" which was voted by many as the best Lost episode of the year, and one of the best period. I do not expect this to get the same kind of adulation. The show is still as hooking as you ever as you are pulled in and are glued to your TV until the final credits air, but this just was not as entertaining as the premiere.

    Daniel Faraday and Desmond received the majority of the screen time, but series stars Jack, Ben, Hurley, Kate and Sayid were nowhere to be found. These are all important players that make up the best ensemble cast on TV.

    I was shocked with the revelation of Charles Widmore having been on the island years ago, but this time travel storyline is already starting to get tiresome, especially with the "not where we are, but when we are" line that now appears to be mandatory for every week.

    And a plethora of questions still are not answered such as why the survivors and the freighter crew are not affected by the time travel and what Ms. Hawking was referring to with the 70 hours ultimatum. It's inexcusable when the major cliffhanger of your premiere is not even addressed the following week.

    This was not a bad hour of television, but it was not a the huge show tv.com hyped it up to be.
  • HOLY CRAP that was amazing!

    Crazy, amazing, spectacular, pivotal and perfect are a few words that describe the LOST episode Jughead. I adore, absolutely adore the fact that Desmond has named his son Charlie and i also love that he and Faraday both obviously play an intricate role on the island and whats happening and about to happen to both the island and all of the people that reside on it or are trying to get to it. I also thought that the crazy jerk of the others turned out to be mr widmore. Lost keeps getting better and better and Jughead is yet another example of how amazing this show truly is.
  • Couldn't be happier

    I hear a lot of people complaining about Lost not giving any answers, but raising more questions instead. Never in my life have I been more confused with people as I am now. For that reason alone I absolutely love this show and the creators who keep the questions coming.

    In this episode we focus on Desmond and Daniel while leaving Jack, Kate, Hurley, Ben and the rest out of the picture. Personally I love that the show is focusing on certain people and not trying to get a little of everyone into each episode. We don't want to be like Heroes, now do we?

    I won't reveal any major plot points, as there are a few nice ones here, but I will say that we continue to move along at a nice pace. Locke speaks with Richard again, Desmond begins, and almost ends, his new quest, while Daniel has to defuse an H bomb? Yeah just tune in, 'cause this episode is definitely one you can't miss.
  • Getting more confusing and more breath-taking!!

    Wow all I am saying ''Charles Widmore'' He was just an ordinary ''other'', not even a leader? Definitely did not see that coming. :D

    This episode was awesome but i expected much more answers. Although we did get the answer to the most important question and that is why Alpert said ''Next time I see, I wont remember you'', because Locke isn't even born yet. Cool! :P

    And yet another flash at the end scene. I wonder what year they'll go into now. Lets see..

    This season of Lost really makes you tired because you can't afford to miss even a second of it or you'll be lost.
    And isn't this why we love Lost? Yess!!! :)

    I just really want to know how Widmore became the others enemy. :)
  • The people on the Island try to deal with meeting with the Others, having no idea when they are. Also, a line from Juliet that reflects one of Ben's great lines from last year's finale, and a possible hint of what happened to the statue.

    Three episodes in, this is, I'm sure of that, the strongest beginning of a season we've had yet. The thrill that kept us going up to know is still going, and going strong. 'Jughead' is a wonderful installment in the story. Just as always, it's well written and well executed by the director and the actors. I am genuinely happy with the direction this season is going. It is actually revealing, at least in some way, a couple of things that we were wondering, such as, 'How does Charles Widmore know about the Island?', 'Why did Richard show up a certain moments of Locke's childhood/adolescence' And, obviously, some brand new questions rise up, but it's just as well, because that's exactly what keeps me watching.
  • Things are revealed, yet more questions rise

    I love this episode! Wow, it revealed so much, yet raised more questions, lol. It turns out the Others used to wear uniforms and had to learn Latin? They also were lead by Richard, I guess that's why it seems like Richard is a Co-Leader with Ben. I didn't see that coming, seeing as how the Others we know now wear tattered clothing. Charles Widmore used to be an Other? Didn't see that coming, it explains so much (not really) yet raised more questions! How did the US Military know about the island in 1954 when in 2004, the island isn't mapped? I wonder if they really did bury "Jughead"?

    Aww... Penny and Desmond had a son! And they named him Charlie! I was wondering if they named him after him after Grandpa Charles or Charlie from the Island, but it's probably Charlie from the island since Desmond tried to save him and all that. I wonder what Faraday did to that girl that was in the bed? It sounds like she's been jumping in time herself.

    Oh and since Faraday's mother is in Los Angeles, it's looking more and more like she's Mrs. Hawking.

    So are the jumps random? I guess they are since there was only one jump tonight, towards the end of the episode. I thought it was ironic, that now Locke has considered himself and Other while Juliet is an ex-Other.

    I also wonder what is happening with Charlotte, I hope she doesn't die! I thought it was so cute that Daniel said he loves her.

    Sad that more and more Losties are dying... by the end no one will be alive except for the main cast.

    Didn't really miss the Oceanic 6 this week, the island is so intriguing!
  • Kind of interesting but not really a best example.

    More guys get blown up, can't be too many "survivors" left now? Watching this and trying to guess what year is it on the island now. Daniel Faraday character is still frustrating, the actor still doesn't sell the idea he is a genius physicist and the writers of the show probably had trouble passing Gr11 Science. The bomb thing was a bit of a howler, flinch and run always helps. Why doesn't all knowing Richard Alpert seem to know what's going on? Best part as usual is Desmond befuddling his way along, any bets he ends up back on the island?
  • A consistently entertaining episode of Lost.

    A very well done episode. Answers a couple of questions, although my problem is that most of these questions, we could guess the answers to based on the first 2 episodes. Still, it was quite great.

    Loved the island scenes, especially the ones Alpert was in. I love how they tied the flashback of Cabin Fever and this episode together, that was one of the answers.

    Dan's and Charlotte's relationship was also done well, but unfortunately, I think Charlotte's going to die very soon, as the cliffhanger suggests.

    Desmond's journey did feel a little dragged out, but it was worth it for the fantastic Widmore scene. All considered Lost delivered another great episode, however, I feel people who didn't speculate their brains out after last week, will love this episode much more. For me, the punch was missing.
  • Loved it...finally the answers are coming!!!

    This episode is one of those that is a game changer. It's not as dramatic as past mind=blowing shockers, but it was incredibly well paced and well written. It brilliantly sets up the answers to the shows enduring mysteries. Seeing the bomb and Charles Widmore's past begins to explain plausible ideas behind the purpose for the hatch and button from season 2, the smoke monster, and why the epic struggle for the Island.

    For some reason in my mind, this episode made the series seem epic again, along with the previous 2 as well. But this example is even better.
  • Lost Season Five Continues To Spiral Downward

    Writing blogs that show the worst sides of Lost is something that I am not used to doing, although the feeling is becoming an all too familar one as I continue to watch Season Five of my "favorite television" series of all time. Perhaps the expecation level is too high because many others are still captivated by everything that the Lost team is writing. I, for one, am sitting on edge week in and week out wondering where my favorite show has gone. Season Four was an all-time high for me, finishing at 9.52 for the entire season. I have never rated any season of television that high, or even within the same ball park for that matter. Season Five has produced three episodes below a 9.5 for me, something I never would have thought of given where the storyline could have gone. But now - onto the actual episode itself, Jughead, which ranks below both "Because You Left" and "The Lie".

    Let's break this episode down into its two main parts: Desmond and Island. Desmond usually has the backbone in this show to carry an episode by himself and bring it into my top 25. My favorite episodes of all time usually have something to do with Desmond (The Constant, Flashes Before Your Eyes, Live Together - Die Alone). In this episode he was given a storyline with some promise, but ended up doing nothing but running around on a wild goose chase for the entire episode. Let's begin with the beginning of the episode - solid start. Turns out Desmond and Penny settled down after the Oceanic Six left them and had a baby. Love that storyline because it gives the Penny / Desmond relationship that much more meaning that it all ready had. Naming the baby Charlie? Another great addition from the Lost writing team. From there Desmond goes on his mission to try and find Faraday's mother. Desmond runs to Oxford only to find out that Faraday isn't in the record books at Oxford, nor is his mother. He goes to Faraday's old lab to look around for a few minutes only to get bumped into by a man who gives him an address to go and visit. He goes to the address to find a woman in really bad shape, someone that we don't know. It seems that Daniel was performing some kind of an experiment on her and when it went bad Faraday left town, leaving Charles Widemore to finance the recovery of this woman. The connection that was made was pretty strong with Faraday and Widemore - but we all ready kind of knew that one exsisted because Faraday was on the boat. Seems like Mr. Widemore is looking into the possibility of time travel as well. Follow that all up with a confrontation between Widemore and Hume, which left a lot more to be desired. Widemore writes an adress for a woman in L.A. so he can get in touch with our guys and get back to the island more then likely. Overall - Other then the first and last scenes, Desmond's portion of the episode just lacked depth. The island portion of the episode moved very slowly and you can start to see the effect the Oceanic Six leaving is having on the show. Sawyer and Juliet don't amount to much in this episode, just kind of standing around Locke until he breaks off to do his own little thing. There was a lot of time spent with our guys getting caputred by the Others. I thought finding out that they were Others was cool, but it took too long into the episode to find this out and get them to Richard. Daniel usually has really powerful storylines, but the bomb in this episode was just kind of random. I don't really even care how it got there, I just wanted the storyline to end. The island storyline wasn't all horrible though - we got a lot of answers right there at the end. Locke mets young Widemore on the island and kind of gives him a little smile, acknowledging that it was nice to met him. The scene with Richard in "Cabin Fever" makes a lot more sense now and you can see why Richard was at least there now. Locke still doens't know how to get off the island, but the island flashed again right there at the end of the episode giving our characters a new timeline to work with.

    Overall - the entire episode was veyr weirdly paced and I wasn't really feeling the way that I have felt in any of the past seasons. In terms of the opening three epsiodes I think it is safe to say, for me, that this is without a doubt the worst three episode opening that the show has had. The storylines are lacking any real merit at this stage of the game.
  • One of Lost's best!

    Extremely amazing

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    I'm speechless. The show just gets better and better. I can't wait to learn more about the island's history. Charladay is a great couple!

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  • Reveals abound, lots of suspense, fairly compact episode, but not exactly what I expected. Wonderful, but not the best.

    For me, Desmond-centric episodes (Live Together, Die Alone; Flashes Before Your Eyes; The Constant) have shined since his introduction as a character. Henry Ian Cusick does an absolutely wonderful job with the character, and his storyline with Penelope (Sonya Walger) has been my favorite romance of the series by far.

    Don't get me wrong, this episode was wonderful, but I expected a lot more from a Desmond-centric. Last year's The Constant may have spoiled me, but I wanted a more satisfying conclusion to Desmond's plotline at the end of the episode. Sure, Desmond sought out Faraday's mother (who I'm almost certain is Ms. Hawking and was Ellie on the island), but this search led almost nowhere. It seemed to just introduce us to Daniel's backstory, which I would have much rather seen in a Daniel-centric episode anyway. We learned that he screwed up a girl with time travel sickness (probably), and this will probably be further explored in a Daniel episode this season. Without the constant on-island time jumping, we learned a little bit more about what was happening on the island this time. The episode felt very well-structured, without all the jumpiness of last week's premiere.

    It was very nice to see Desmond and Penny together, and a good little flashback sequence to Penny's birth, even if it was a little awkward. I'm wondering if each week's focus will have a flashback (or maybe flashforward?) at the start of the episode, similar to Hurley's last week in "The Lie." It would be interesting to keep that narrative device alive in this way, and these brief scenes could certainly fill in some of the missing blanks in the timeline without removing the two-timeline structure we have now (on-island and O6). Anymore than this singular flashback, though, and I think things could get confusing fast.

    The on-island scenes were wonderful, but an atomic bomb in the middle of the island? What ever happens to it? The Losties time travel out of there just before the bomb is dealt with. I assume this will be a major plot point in the future...? I certainly hope so.

    Miles's communication with the dead seems so simple now. It's disappointing that the viewers have not seen a Miles episode yet. The freighter crew become more and more interesting, and it was good to see them finally shine in an episode on their own.

    Juliet had some nice talk about the Others, and the scenes with Richard and Charles Widmore were very very good reveals!

    Terry O'Quinn has been getting much more time to shine this season as Locke, who still is on island-driven orders as leader of the Others. I sincerely hope that his future death is only temporary, as the character is still very captivating.

    I was most disappointed with the lack of a resolution to any of the plotlines at the end of the episode. Last season, Desmond got shoved into the background, except for his episode "The Constant" and the C4 plot at the end. It would be wonderful to see more Henry Ian Cusick throughout the season, but his plotline was not as spectacular as I had hoped in this individual episode; however, I think it sets up a lot of ways for Desmond to shine in the future! Great episode, but little emotional resolution.
  • Yet another great episode to continue this great season

    This was yet another great episode to continue this great season (i agree with the best start to any season so far). Although it wasn't as heart pounding as the first two episodes, there was a nice pace to the episode and alot happened. "Put the gun down Widmore" definately didn't see that coming!!! so many theories just came popping into my head as to Widmores involvement with the island. Desmond and Faraday are fun to watch as always and "Jughead", Richard alpert and ofcourse Widmore added to the mysteries that have to be answered. Can't wait till next week to see what unfolds!!!
  • Another amazing installment to season 5!

    Only on the 3rd episode and lost does not dissapoint one bit at all. Another excellent episode to season 5, which is rapidly shaping up to become my favorite season yet, im very excited to see where we are going with this. One bit i really enjoyed about it was the pace at which the show is going, the answers we are being given and the excitement. Learning about widmore and the original others is very exciting, sure new questions continue to develop, but more are answered at the same time. It must be as the show is heading into its last two seasons that they can't muck around to much and it seems they are on a great pace at which the show is going to reach a goal of becoming a simply brilliant show. Keep the great stuff coming!
  • What a development..

    Mmm.. It seems to be when Desmond is involved, it just goes in a direction where it just amazes me. He is after the quest Faraday send him and it looks like he has almost disappeared - no record of him in Oxford and only way to get him is mr Widmore. That was a really weird moment.. the way he went there.. just.. Anyway, I loved the way that storyline is going but in the end, it is nothing to compare what happens on the island.. That bomb, the whole others thing, latin.. and Faraday.. I like how they have developed his char and how his story goes.. Sadly it does not look very promising for Charlotte as it is more and more looking like she is soon going to die.. And Locke, I love the way he marched in that camp..

    Very interesting story developments for sure.
  • OMG!!!!!! Speechless A MUST WATCH!!! *NO SPOILERS HER* Mysteries revealed

    Last night episode was purely amazing!! We found out more info on Charles Withmore and We learn who are the people in the island What time is it? Faraday is becoming more and more exciting character and he is building to be like a leader and also a spy. Of course every leader needs some love and thats when Charlotte appears :)
    Great quemistry on them.

    No Oceanic 6 and more of an island-centric episode which was exactly what I needed. They should do this type episode more often. (I know that the first two episode where very complex with lots of character and they needed to do it. Anyways Lost is AWESOME WOJOOO. Cant wait for the next one

    my recomendation if you really want to enjoy an episode of Lost -- do not watch the trailer/sneak peek of the episode. Trust me it becomes more and more exctiting!!!
  • Some great suspenseful scenes and powerful character development.

    This was actually a pretty good episode despite the absence of the Oceanic 6. I thoroughly enjoyed the scenes with Locke, Sawyer and Juliet and I thought the Daniel, Charlotte and Miles scenes were pretty good too. It was disappointing to see Desmond running around Britain with so little success, though at least he has a lead on Daniel's mother, thanks to Widmore. (Well at least I assume so, of course you never can tell - this is Lost!) Richard also had more to do in this episode than many of the previous ones. There is certainly something pretty creepy about him. I also enjoyed the surprise that Jones was a young Charles Widmore. All great stuff!

    Ever wondered what it would be like to watch the new season of LOST as it once was?

    Well wonder no more, this episode is an instant classic in my books because of the developments of characters, new born stories, great little references to past episodes and the most shocking twist and turns season 5 has offered so far.

    Without revealing too much about the episode, i'll say this, wanting answers for plenty of questions is what LOST is about, this is the first time an episode has balanced questions with answers, rather than the infamous 100s of questions pop up while only one question is answered.

    sit back and enjoy, this episode will please.
  • Desmond searches for a mysterious woman that can help them stop the island's movements in time.

    Let me just start of by saying that I absolutely loved this episode. This episode was so good! This is definitely my favorite of all Desmond-centric episodes that they've done so far. All of the story lines in this episode were great, especially the Juliet and Sawyer storyline as well as Daniel's storyline. I can't believe that Daniel finally told Charlotte that he loved her. I'm so glad that he did that. I just loved Daniel in general in this episode. I thought that it was great having an episode that focused almost entirely on the people that were left behind on the island instead of having another episode that focused mainly on the Oceanic Six since they were the main focus of season four. I can't believe that we saw Charles Widmore as a young man on island. I didn't see that coming at all. I also loved Richard Alpert in this episode, especially his interactions with Locke. The ending of this episode was really exciting, and I can't wait to see what happens next. I really hope that they aren't killing Charlotte off the show. In closing, I thought that this was a very well written, well acted and well made episode of Lost from everyone involved, and I can't wait to see the next episode of Lost.
  • lost is pure genius... (spoilers!)

    Best episode since a while!! There where awesome relevations: Charles whitmore as a youngster on the Island, Faraday's mother is in L.A, Locke saying Richard he should visit him in two years,...
    another nice thing is that Desmond's baby's name is "Charlie". What I like, is that it all is starting to make sence. In season 4 you see that Richard is visiting Locke when he's a kid. At that moment it looked totally unbelievable, but now it makes acctualy a little more sence!
    Richard Alpart is an awesome character. He doesn't age..??

    All storylines (Miles, Charlotte, Faraday / Juliette, Sawyer, Locke/Desmond, Penny) where absolutely interesting.

    We all knew that Charlotte would some time be unconciouness by the "constant"-desease, this now happens at the end.
  • An episode that points the way forward.

    We should all have the look Locke has in his eyes in this episode. It's all beginning to make sense! Perhaps some of the in-episode drama and tensions were extraneous, (if not utilitarian,) but so many mysteries were answered with a few select sentences.

    This is not a show to judge episode-by-episode (except for maybe Paolo and Nicki). That's like sports reporters damning a team after the opening week, if not day, of the season. This show is all about a world populated with interesting, identifiable people. It succeeds on a level very shows have in creating a 'fantastic' world that we'd all like to live in.
  • Although some would disagree...complete filler episode, the only thing revealed was that Charles Whitmore is an other....

    Although an intriguing episode because I wasn't sure where they were going, I thought in the end it was a fairly boring episode. I have no desire to learn what is happening to Charlotte, yet all of the questions that I looking to be answered haven't even been touched on. Bring back the main characters...stop introducing new characters, and finally start developing the plot. I watch LOST because it is a complex intense television show unlike other, yet they are getting away from what the show is truly about. I hope next's weeks episode goes back to the roots of LOST, because otherwise I am going to start becoming lost
  • The plot is moving forward

    This is a great and revealing Lost episode. We learn a lot this week. This is going to be kind of spoiler filled so if you haven't seen you may not want to go on. This is a great episode as the plot is just flying right along this season. We learn that there is more to Daniel then meets the eye. Why is he on the island, which exactly is he trying to do? Does Charles Whitmore support his research because he remembers him from his youth on the island. Who is the woman who he messed up (in time) and why doesn't he seem to care about her? We also learn why Richard gets so mad when baby John Locke does not pick the Compass when he goes to test him. This is just a few of the big reveals this week. I look forward to more and more big plot advancements in teh shows to come.
  • Running, in circles

    This episode is more aligned with "The Lie" in terms of structure and style, and that works to its advantage. The name of the game is still revelation and resolution, but the writers are obviously still trying to ensure that the characters are the main focus of the series. In this case, while Daniel and Locke continue to shine in their own particular way, Desmond is the one in the spotlight.

    Even so, it's a delicate balance. The episode is chock full of new tidbits, both major and minor, and the sum total could seem overwhelming in scope. Not surprisingly, the two sides of the episode come together by the end, confirming the long-standing speculation (discussing in many fourth season reviews) that Charles Widmore was once an "Other" on the island. That confirmation alone was worth the time.

    Of course, for those who subscribed to that theory from the beginning, the impact of this episode is slightly lessened. It's clearly meant to be the big reveal of the episode, and for good reason. It ties the entire fourth season into the history of the island and confirms that Desmond's plight on the island was part of a much larger scheme. It brings the wide expanse of the narrative into more focus, and lends credence to Ben's assertion that he really is one of the good guys.

    With Widmore's connection to the history of the island now confirmed, Locke's semi-mystical role as the true leader of the Others becomes more important. One could argue that Locke's appearance in 1954, and his subsequent conversation with Richard, becomes the trigger for his evaluation and selection by Jacob (as seen in the fourth season). Thus Locke himself, in a sense, could have brought about the conditions that fed into his own sense of destiny!

    Everything else that happens in 1954 will likely hold meaning at some point during the season. For example, the young woman with the rifle will likely be seen again (otherwise, why focus so much on her), and that hydrogen bomb is too obvious a plot element to ignore. Daniel makes a point to say that the bomb must have been buried and left untouched up until the point of the end of the fourth season, so logically speaking, it's still there on the island waiting to be unearthed.

    The action on the island provided other important clues as well. Richard and Locke clearly did not meet before 1954; Richard did not recognize Locke. The island was in a stable South Pacific location in 1954, since the US military was able to find it. Richard was the apparent leader of the Others in 1954, or at least knew about Jacob and what he wants, and the young Charles Widmore seems ready to challenge Richard's authority.

    Daniel declares his love for Charlotte in this episode, even as her symptoms increase in a major way. Desmond's side of the story actually informs Daniel's relationship with Charlotte and his drive to save her. If his experiments into "sending brains through time" actually led to a young woman being "unstuck", then his remorse and guilt over that situation would drive him to save the next person he cared about to that degree.

    It could be more complicated than that: the young woman with the rifle could be someone already referenced. Could she actually be Daniel's mother (presumably Mrs. Hawking, the woman working with Ben to locate the island's next appearance in the previous episode)? Wouldn't it make sense that someone on the island, who discovers that time travel is possible, would end up influencing her son into that kind of research herself? And in turn, Widmore would know about all of that, and would want to use that resource to his own ends. (It's a tenuous theory at the moment, but it's something to consider.)

    In the "present", Desmond is on the hunt for Daniel's mother, and this new vision quest is not going to end well. For one thing, it puts him back on Widmore's radar, even if Widmore seemed more concerned with keeping Penny safe. (Perhaps he was still thinking about Ben's promise to kill Penny in retaliation for Alex's murder.) As Penny rightfully points out, in a portentous moment, there's no turning back or turning away. The island still has them in its thrall, and it's not letting go.

    The fact that Desmond and Penny now have a son (Charlie!) makes that realization even more crushing. Had Desmond remained in hiding, Penny would likely have remained safe. They could have stayed out of the war over control of the island, and all would have been well. Now, with the 70-hour timeframe now in play (as mentioned in the previous episode), the war will only escalate and Desmond's family is rushing with him into the line of fire. As worried as I am for Penny, I'm even more concerned that Charlie will end up taking the bullet in his mother's place.

    I wouldn't put it past Widmore to have someone tail Desmond and keep that boat under surveillance. Widmore certainly has the money; he could probably keep track of them by satellite if necessary! Then again, he wants Penny safe and he really has no reason to pursue Desmond anymore; the game has shifted now that the Oceanic Six can be more readily used.

    Structurally, this episode confirms the notion that the episodes, while abandoning the strict flashback/flash-forward style, will still focus on specific characters and tell the evolving story from their perspectives. It also confirms that each jaunt through time will serve to clarify points of continuity. By the end of this season, it might be that "Lost" will feel more cohesive than anyone could have imagined.

    this episode was fantastic in all aspects to finding out Desmond and Penelope have a son which they call charlie to finally seeing Charles widmore on the island. We also find out why Richard goes to see john on the day he was born, because john told him, i thought it was awesome how Locke walked up and says Jacob sent me and the look on Richards face was priceless.

    i think that we are finally going to get more answers than questions which is very welcome IMO.

    it also seems that Mrs Hawkings could well be Faraday's mum i really hope she is cant wait for next week FORZA LOST
  • SPOILERS INSIDE - Very different from what we were used to from the other seasons, yet, definitely Lost. No Oceanic Six, but not missing them (yet).

    This in fact can classify as a review, just as some short comments about the episode.

    - Daniel grows to be a key character.

    - Locke is Locke we now.

    - Richard which we always felt ot be a key character, is once more verified that he is.

    - The revelation about Widmore deserves the 9.5 itself.

    - Nobody mentioned it, but did anyone realize (and consider the irony) that Widmore was in fact ALLOWED to live (and do whatever he does in the future) by Locke? Locke doesn't know this to a considerable percentage even when he realises who the young man is (because Locke doesn't know a tiny bit of how much Widmore is involved in things... doesn't know what Ben knows, what daughter Widmore knows, what Desmond knows...)

    The show is still magic. It still succeeds to work on more than one level. Very rarely something in Lost has "just one" meaning and this episode delivers ...again.

    I don't get why some gave a negative vote (anything less than 9 is negative for Lost). You people probably need to watch this episode one more time.
  • WOW. That was an intense 60 minutes. I LOVED it!

    This is an amazing episode on an even more amazing show. Before this episode, Daniel was my favourite character, now he's my ULTIMATE favourite character. (Crazy, I know) Desmond's a dad! (I kind of expected it after he reunited with Pen in the season four finale but still...) Widmore = Jones?! Wha?? I was definitely NOT expecting that. At ALL. Ellie I think is Mrs Hawking who is Daniel Faraday's mother. Widmore is a pivotal character. The best part was when Daniel confessed he loves Charlotte to Richard and then confirms it. I wanted to scream, I wanted to jump up and down. I have one thing to say: I can't wait for next week!
  • In the third episode of the season we get answers, questions and Widmore. What more could we want from Lost?

    I have to say that this episode was a lot better than the first two, although by the end I did miss Jack, Hurley and Ben. We finally discovered the theory that has been flying around the internet since the start of season four, that Charles Widmore was once one of the others. Even though Jones seems like a bit of a tool, I loved some of the lines he was coming out with, such as this is my island and do you really think an old man can know more about this island than me. I hope that Widmore's arrogance was eventually his downfall but I was still screaming at the TV screen for Locke to shoot him, even though I knew the universe would likely implode from it. In my opinion the best parts of this episode were the interactions that the character's had with Richard. Usually Richard is calm and collected and one of the nicer hostiles (does that make sense) but in this episode he seemed angry and panicked, which was a great way to see his character. I love the idea that Locke started his own destiny by telling Richard to go and see him in 1956 but I was slightly annoyed that Richard still didn't have enough time to tell Locke how to leave the island. The whole thing with the bomb scared me as well. The idea that something of that magnitude was once on this island leads me to believe that it may play an important part in the future. Shakespeare's rule of the gun, if you show something in the first act it has to have gone off by the third act. I think that in the future Faraday is going to find this bomb buried somewhere on the island, whether it's at the Tempest station or the Swan station and I think it might explode in some form. It was also nice to see some more of Desmond in this episode. Even though The Constant and Flashes Before Your Eyes were definately better Desmond episodes, this one was also great because he was finally having a life with Penny and Charlie. It was nice to see him happy if it was only for a while. However it was chilling learning more about Daniel's experiments and what he did to Theresa (Theresa falls up the stairs, Theresa falls down the stairs) and I think we're not going to be seeing Faraday in the best light as the season goes on. Could he be an evil spy for Widmore but due to his illness he forgot his mission? One complaint about the episode was the cliffhanger. Usually the cliffhanger has something to do with the episode that has been built up and is usually delivered effectivly but I felt that the ending was tacked on and a bit unexciting (was anyone else reminded of the Rousseau death that felt tacked on). I still hope that Charlotte doesn't die however because we haven't yet got enough out of her character and she seems one of the most interesting ones still left alive. On the whole this episode was better than the first two and I hope the series just continues to get better. But just one question...where are Rose and Bernard!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!??????????????????
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