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Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Mar 04, 2009 on ABC
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Sawyer perpetrates a lie to protect the remaining survivors from the mistakes of the past.

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  • Sawyer confirms that he would have been a better leader than Jack

    When Oceanic 815 crashed on the island in Season 1, I always thought that if only Sawyer had been a little less "Every man for himself" in his attitude, he would have been a better leader than Jack.

    As Sawyer notes in Season 5, Jack never thought things through. He merely reacted, and got people killed.

    He repeatedly led people on one wild goose chase after another. Up to the radio tower. Down to the beach. Into the caves. Onto the ship. Round and round. Chasing their tails.

    In this episode, Sawyer confirms my suspicion. He always had a cooler head than Jack.moreless
  • LaFleur are you really Sawyer?

    We start of in the past with the remaining surviors (Sawyer, Juliet, Miles, Jin and Daneil). It is the 1960's and the DARMAH people are on the island and seem to be having problems with the Others (Just like everyone else)

    a DARMAH couple gets attacked by two Others and Sawyer and Juliet come two the rescue guns blazing like a hot bada** couple, saddly the man dies and his girlfrend tricks her heros and knocks them out.

    We meet the head of DARMAH Horace Godspeed (the biggest hippie I've ever seen, but it is the 60's) who questions Sawyer about how he and his people got to the island - Because according to the info they got from the DARMAH girl sawyer is the groups leader. Sawyer uses his talents as a lieing con artist to deliver a convinceing story that he and his friends were shipwrecked and his name is James LaFleur.Before their fate can be decided Richard the ageless elder of the Others shows up as result of the two Others that Sawyer and Juliet killed. Godspeed prepares for battle (wierd for a hippie) But Sawyer stops him by offering to talk to Richard and telling him that all blame goes to him and since he is not DARMAH this should prevent a war.Once again Sawyer uses his con artist skills and his time travel experinec to convince Richard to back if they hand over the dead DARMAH guys body which doesn't sit well with his girlfriend. Sawyer's attacks save's the group and they have been working with the DARMAH folks for 3 years.

    Sawyer's transformation in this episode, no in this seires is amazing.He is agreat leader (although he really is the only one left for this job sinceMiles isno leader, Dan is still crushed over the death ofhis one true love, Juliet isgetting over the fact that she's back in the island Subburbs were she had been for the past 4 ears, and Jin has a langue barrier thing)Now Sawyer or rather James LaFleur is head of security and second in command; Miles is his Lackie, Juliet is his lover and a mechanic, Jin works security as well and speacks perfect english (ABOUT TIME). Sawyer is respected and feared by the DARMAH folks now I can get fearing Sawyer but to Respect him-But then again he has eraned it.

    Sawyer seems to be letting go of the past as he is now going by his first real name "James" for the first time in the series.He also seemed to feel sorry for thedead DARMAH gus girlfriend when she gave his body to the Others.

    He and Juliet make a great couple, and they really seem to connet and trust each other (something that would have been inpossible to think aboutback in season 3) proff of this is how Sawyer convinces her to stay on the island with him, and deliver a baby something she swore of doing due to her failures after coming to the island.Oddly enough Sawyer and Juliet have been living a lie for 3 years and still maintained a great relationship, while Jack and Kaite lived a lie for 3 years and they completly fell apart.

    All in all best Sawyer cetric episode ever!!!!!!moreless
  • We finally end up in a familiar place, and someone gets a new name and a new job

    We've been dealing with time travel a lot on Lost, but we haven't dealt with the emotional part of time travel. In the main action of the first four seasons of the show, a hundred days passed. During the fourth season, we went through a period of flashforwards, where we saw bits of the next three years through the eyes of the Oceanic 6 plus Ben. Basically what's been happening on the island the first half of Season 5 is time travel, though we're never going to be sure how it was certain people managed to move through time, while the island stayed in the same place. But when Locke pushed the Unfrozen Donkey Wheel, the island seems to have made one more huge jump --- and finally stopped moving. But as Dan puts it, "We're just not on the song we want to be on."

    That Dan is able to make any coherence of this at all is a miracle. He's a yammering wreck when we first see him --- he barely had seconds to react to Charlotte's death, and now somehow her body has not traveled with them. For the rest of the episode, he's a shell of himself, barely able to speak coherently. Somebody has to take over and lead--- and now that would seem to be Sawyer.

    Sawyer--- or we might as well start calling him James, because that's pretty much who he's going to be in the eyes of everybody for the rest of the season--- has made the furthest emotional journey of pretty much everyone on the island. He was utterly reprehensible for much of the shows first three season, but there were patches of light throughout. He seemed to be headed to darkness at the end of Season 3, when he killed Cooper and then blew a hole in Tom after he surrendered. But in Season 4, he began to take a more heroic role, saving Claire from assassination, getting a group of people away from Locke, sacrificing his own rescue so that others could leave. Now, even though he's been dropped in the early seventies, he manages to find a way to improvise. The skills lying that he managed to acquire as a con man finally seem to be used in a positive way. He saves a woman from kidnapping, then manages to sell a story to the Dharma Initiative about who his people are and why they are here. It's hard not to compare this to what Jack did when the Oceanic 6 were rescued; the big difference is they follow him willingly, and manage to uphold the lie.

    It's taken us two seasons, but we're finally back in the Dharma Initiative, led by that character we've seen glimpses of, Horace Goodspeed. This must be some kind of sustained nightmare for Juliet, considering how hard she wanted to get away from this particular block of housing, but she manages to hide it pretty well for the majority of the episode. If anything, she seems to have James' back for the moment he takes shots at the Others who try to kill Amy, and she holds in her inner knowledge about the island to the best of her ability. (It must have been kind of frustrating, after all that time in medical school, that's she now working as a mechanic, but then again, considering what being a fertility specialist was like in her stint as an other, maybe it's a relief that all she has to do is fix cars.)

    Sawyer gives a modified story of himself as James LaFleur, which is a modified version of Rousseau's story, combined with the search for the Black Rock. This particular story manages to fool Horace, but all it does is guarantee that he and his friends get a trip on the sub at morning. (I've never understood why Miles and Juliet wanted to leave that bad. Even if they get off the island, it pretty much means they have to live in the seventies, a period which seems only mildly better than being stranded on the island in the present.) Then Richard Alpert (looking a lot neater than he did when we last saw him in this era, 'The Man Behind the Curtain') makes an appearance. Somehow, he got past the sonic fence that KO'd our heroes when they tried to walk through. He also states that while the fence keeps back many things, his people isn't one of them. Which does beg the question, why haven't the Others attacked by now? This question might be answered later.

    James then walks up to Richard, and manages to convince him that he was responsible for the death of the man, and more importantly, that he's waiting for John Locke to come back. (It's pretty clear this surprises Richard, though he has a good poker face.) They work out an arrangement that leads to restoration of the status quo, and gets James some good will with Horace. He convinces Juliet to stay for two weeks, just like Ben managed to convince her to stay for six months.

    Three years later, James has become the head of security for the whole Dharma Initiative. Everybody looks up to him; some people even fear him. For a man who once couldn't wait to get off this 'damn rock', he's finally got a position of security. (How long, it might well be asked, was he planning to keep it? Didn't he know about the Dharma Purge?) What's more, he seems to have gotten past the crush on Kate that was both liberating him and weighing him down, the whole time she was on the island. He now seems to be in love with Juliet, and they've got a domestic setup. He feels secure enough that when Horace, working off a hangover (which he used to nearly blow the place to smithereens) and asks him if it's possible to get over someone, he says, yes, you can.

    But isn't James talking out of one side of his mouth? As we've heard from Jin (who, thank God, has finally managed to learn English by now) they've been doing grid searches of the island for three years, looking for signs of somebody. But why are they looking for Locke? The flashes have stopped; there's no danger of anyone dying. No, he's still remember what Locke told him back in 'The Little Prince''--- he's going to bring 'them' back. And for James, that means Kate. We saw in his eyes the moment he saw her in that moment where she helped Claire give birth to Aaron. She is the one that got away (though to be fair, he never really had her). And even though he's been with Juliet nearly ten times longer than he even knew Kate, when Jin calls and tells him that he's found them, he doesn't even hesitate before lying to Juliet about what's happened. He can't keep this a secret, he knows that, but he doesn't want to share her, not yet. And the expression that crosses his face the moment that Kate steps out of the Dharma van demonstrates that in this case, absence definitely has made the heart grow fonder.

    Josh Holloway's work in this episode is superb, but he isn't the whole show. Jeremy Davies has to go through an even greater range of emotion in just a few hours. This is significant, because we won't be seeing Dan for a while now. Elizabeth Mitchell has always been good, but she was underutilized in Season 4. Here she regains her stride, particularly in the scene where she has to deliver a breech birth. The look of joy on her face when she finally manages to deliver a healthy, breathing boy into the world--- it's clearly one of the few really good things to happen to her on the island, and it shows. Reiko Aylesworth is very good as Amy, showing levels of emotion she was never quite allowed to dip into in all her years on 24, and Doug Hutchinson shows certain levels of... humanity, he's rarely been able to explore on any film or TV show he's been a part of it.

    'LaFleur' (I have no idea what this name means to James; my guess is it's a maiden aunt of some kind) has been staying on the island, waiting and hoping 'his people' to come back. It took three years, and in that time, he's actually managed to do something Sawyer was never capable of--- build a life. The conflict between the two is going to be a huge part of the drama in the second half of Season 5. But that's about to become the smallest obstacle anybody in or out of the Dharma Initiative will have to face.

    My score:9moreless
  • Great episode that explores more about the Dharma Initiative and the Hostles.

    This was a very good episode. After the last two episodes that explored the Oceanic 6 and their journey back to the island, and Locke's adventure off the island as Jeremy Bentham and his reincarnation, we get to see what has happened to Sawyer, Juilet, Jin, Daniel, and Miles. After Locke stops the time shifts, they find themselves in the past, in 1974 were they will remain. As Faraday puts it, the record has stopped skipping, so they are not traveling through time anymore, but it is playing the wrong song, hence 1974. Sawyer is at the heart of this episode and he has found himself a new lady. The flashback/flashforward system is used to show what they experienced once Locke stopped the time shifts, as well as the present (which is 1977 for them) and what is currently happening on the island(1974-77). They are constantly searching and waiting for the Oceanic 6 return. This reunion, or half a reunion, is how the episode concludes. Also a nice, albeit, short glimpse of the four toed statue we first saw back in the season 2 finale.moreless
  • amazing once more

    just keeps getting better and better! we learn alot more about the dharma initiative and their history, we also catch a glmpse of what used to be the four toed statue! i thought that was cool and it gave me shivers. The moment where daniel sees young charlotte was intense, and it gave me goosebumps. Overall, i really loved this episode and sawyer is amazing. Hopefully i'll get used to the whole juliet and sawyer thing, ive always been a skate shipper, and i always wanted juleiot with jack, guess things dont go the way i want them to, but the ending was intense and i guess i was sort of disspointed that they didnt cover more of it and now we have to wait 2 whole weeks. BUT, im sure it will be worth the waitmoreless
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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (17)

    • The Other shot by Sawyer had a horseshoe tattoo on his upper right arm. This tattoo is popular with sailors, and horseshoes have also been considered a symbol of female fertility. The open ended side of the horseshoe represents the open womb of the woman.

    • Paul's necklace is of an ankh, a popular Egyptian hieroglyph for fertility and eternal life. The giant statue also seems to carry an ankh in each hand.

    • LaFleur was first mentioned in the Comic-Con 2008 Pierre Chang film. At the end of the film, Chang says "LaFleur, what are you doing?"

    • The Snellen chart (visual acuity chart) seen behind Amy was written by Alex Eulenberg, who was born in 1970, meaning he would have had to invent the chart before the age of 8. He is neither an optometrist nor a medical doctor, and the chart is not approved for medical use. The chart does not meet the standards of optotypes nor of Snellen charts, which dictate, for example, the ratios between line-width, letter width, and letter height.

    • At the end of the episode, when Sawyer and Kate meet again, we can hear the music that accompanied the moments in the bear cage, "Romancing the cage" (Michael Giachino, season 3 soundtrack), where the two characters have their first real romantic moment.

    • Near the end of the episode, when Sawyer steps out of his Jeep to wait for Jin to arrive, seconds later in a close-up one is able to see a small black microphone in the lapel of Sawyer's DHARMA jumpsuit.

    • The logo on the suits of Sawyer, Miles and Jin is a five point star, as a "sheriff star". This is more than likely the logo of the Security Department.

    • Jin's moustache, goatee and some bruises on his face are suddenly gone in the very first scene of the episode, even though he had a moustache, goatee and noticeable bruises at the end of "This Place Is Death" and during the recap at the beginning of this episode.

    • Along with "Meet Kevin Johnson" and "The Life and Death of Jeremy Bentham", this is the third Lost episode which takes its title from a main character's pseudonym.

    • Most DHARMA Initiative workclothes are labelled with a person's FIRST NAME and position (e.g. "Roger Workman" [Ben's father]). Sawyer's, however, is marked with his LAST NAME ("LaFleur Head of Security").

    • In the beginning of the episode, when Sawyer turns away from the two DHARMA guards saying "son of a b*tch" he is wearing a white T-shirt, however, when he is zipping up his DHARMA jumpsuit while heading to the door, his T-shirt is green.

    • Tire tracks can be seen before the DHARMA van reached its parked position indicating a re-shot or pre-shot director placement.

    • The Williams Cyclone pinball machine is visible in the corner of the DHARMA rec room when Horace Goodspeed is questioning Sawyer in 1974. This model was not manufactured until 1988.

    • Sawyer tells Horace that he had a son and the bad news was that he missed it, which quite familiarly echoes with Sawyer's own past.

    • A fan-based joke revolving around Richard Alpert and "guyliner" is referenced in this episode by Sawyer who explains to Horace he was referring to his "buddy out there with the eyeliner". The joke has been debunked in interviews with the actor playing Richard, who has very dark eyelashes.

    • Sawyer's beard noticeably changes between real and fake throughout the 1974 portions of the episode.

    • This episode is unique in its handling of time in two different ways. Firstly, while title cards have been used in the past to indicate times or places, this is the first episode which has used them for this purpose for both the present-day and flash segments. Moreover, while "Ji Yeon" utilized both a flashback and a flashforward, this episode was the first to have a story segment which was both a flashback and a flashforward. The 1977 scenes were a flashforward because the depicted events three years after the preceding episodes' on-Island storyline (continuing from the end of "This Place Is Death"); they were also a flashback because they immediately preceded the events at the end of "316". In a way, they were also present-day scenes because the final parts took place immediately after Jin finds Jack, Kate and Hurley in "316".

  • QUOTES (7)

    • Sawyer: Hello, Richard.
      Richard: I'm sorry, do we know each other?
      Sawyer: I'm the guy who killed your men. Heard some gunshots, saw two men throwing a bag over a womans head. Gave them the chance to throw the weapons down, and walk away. One of them took a shot at me, and I defended myself.
      Richard: That's so?
      Sawyer: That's so.
      Richard: Your people know that you're telling me this?
      Sawyer: Ain't my people, Hoss. So if you got some kind of a truce with them, it ain't been broken.
      Richard: You're not a member of DHARMA Initiative, then what are you?
      Sawyer: Did you bury the bomb?
      Richard: (disbelief) Excuse me?
      Sawyer: The hydrogen bomb, with Jughead written on the side, did you bury it? ( Richard looks shocked ) Yeah, I know about it. I also know twenty years ago some bald fella limped into your camp and fed you some mumbo jumbo about being your leader. Then, puff, he went and disappeared right in front of you. Is this ringing a bell? That man's name is John Locke, and I'm waiting for him to come back. So, you still think I'm a member of the damn DHARMA Initiative?
      Richard: No. Guess I don't.

    • Sawyer: All right, listen up. When we get there, there's gonna be a lot of questions. So just keep your mouth shut. Let me do the talking.
      Miles: You really think you can convince them that we were in a boat wreck?
      Sawyer: I'm a professional. I used to lie for a living.

    • Sawyer: You do realize it's 1974. Whatever it is you think you're going back to, it don't exist yet.
      Juliet: It's not a reason not to go..
      Sawyer: What about me? You really going to leave me here with a mad scientist and Mr. I Speak to Dead People? And Jin, he's a hell of a nice guy, but not exactly the greatest conversationalist.
      Juliet: You'll be fine.
      Sawyer: Maybe. But who's gonna get my back?

    • Sawyer: Let me talk to him.
      Horace: Excuse me?
      Sawyer: Your buddy out there with the eyeliner. Let me talk to him.
      Horace: We had a truce with these people. You don't understand.
      Sawyer: I understand I'm the one who killed his men. And I'm the one who's going to go out there and tell him why I did it.
      Horace: I can't let you do that.
      Sawyer: It's a good thing I ain't asking your permission.

    • Jin: Daniel? No more flash?
      Daniel: No. No more flash. The record is spinning again. We're just not on the song we want to be on.

    • Sawyer: Okay, swell. Until Dan checks back in, I say we head back to the beach. When Locke gets back with everybody, that's where they'll be looking for us.
      Miles: The beach? What, you didn't get enough flaming arrows shot at you?

    • Sawyer: We're not traveling through time any more? You're saying it's over?
      Daniel: Of course it's over. Wherever we are now, whenever we are now. We're here for good.

  • NOTES (5)

    • Original International Air Dates:
      United Kingdom: March 8, 2009 on Sky One
      Australia: April 1, 2009 on Network 7
      Latin America: April 20, 2009 on AXN
      Sweden: May 5, 2009 on TV4
      Denmark: May 22, 2009 on Kanal 5
      Czech Republic: May 25, 2009 on AXN
      Spain: May 28, 2009 on FOX
      Belgium: September 14, 2009 on VT4

    • Music: Tony Orlando and Dawn - "Candida" (while Jerry is dancing with Rosie in the DHARMA station).

    • This is the sixth episode that takes place entirely on the island.

    • Although credited, Naveen Andrews (Sayid), Henry Ian Cusick (Desmond), Michael Emerson (Ben) and Yunjin Kim (Sun) didn't appear. Matthew Fox (Jack), Jorge Garcia (Hurley) and Evangeline Lilly (Kate) appeared, but had no lines. Terry O'Quinn (Locke) also appeared, but only in archive footage.

    • This is Sawyer's first centric episode since "Every Man For Himself", the fourth episode of the third season.


    • The title alludes the alias Sawyer picked, which also means "The flower" in French.

    • The Grateful Dead: Phil and Jerry, the brownie-eating 1970s hippies, seem to be references to Phil Lesh and Jerry Garcia of The Grateful Dead.
      Rosie may be a reference to the reoccurring symbol of roses in Grateful Dead songs and art. In the Grateful Dead "Ramble On Rose", the protagonist's name is Rose.
      Also, the name of the band Grateful Dead has been attributed to this quote from the Egyptian Book of the Dead: "We now return our souls to the creator, as we stand on the edge of eternal darkness. Let our chant fill the void in order that others may know. In the land of the night the ship of the sun is drawn by the grateful dead."

    • Rosie is wearing a Geronimo Jackson shirt. Geronimo Jackson is a 1970s band. Little is known about the group, but references to the band have been made on Lost starting in Season 2, and on the following episodes: In "The Hunting Party", Charlie and Hurley found the Geronimo Jackson album Magna Carta in the Swan's collection of LPs. Charlie, as "an expert in all things musical", said that he had never heard of them. In "The Whole Truth", Locke noticed the Magna Carta record while flipping through various albums. In "Further Instructions", Undercover police officer Eddie wore a T-shirt with the Magna Carta album cover picture silkscreened on the front. He claimed it to be one of his "dad's old shirts". In "Cabin Fever", A Geronimo Jackson poster adorned the inside door of the locker that 16-year old John Locke was locked in. In "There's No Place Like Home, Part 1" A Geronimo Jackson vinyl cover is seen next to a DJ at Hurley's surprise birthday party. In "This Place Is Death", Charlotte says 'Turn it up! I love Geronimo Jackson!' to the group during a flash.

    • The Dukes of Hazzard: Sawyer calls Miles "Enos", a reference to Roscoe P. Coltraine's deputy in The Dukes of Hazzard.

    • Coconut Telegraph: Sawyer says that Horace Goodspeed's drunken behavior will find its way out on the "coconut telegraph," referencing the content of the Jimmy Buffet song from the album of the same name.

    • Plato: Sawyer calls Daniel "Plato". Plato was a philosopher in ancient Greece, famous for creating Plato's "cave allegory" and the author of the Republic, source of the story of Atlantis.