Season 5 Episode 8


Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Mar 04, 2009 on ABC

Episode Recap

On the Island

Unknown time period

After another flash, the well at the Orchid site (into which Locke had descended) disappears, leaving Sawyer holding a rope that leads into the ground. He tries to rescue Locke but Juliet stops him, pointing out that they are now in a time before the well was ever built. Miles then draws everyone's attention to something in the distance. They look up and see the back of a gigantic statue. Meanwhile, Locke is underground and sets the frozen wheel on its proper axis, sending everyone above through a particularly violent time flash, this one with white light instead of purple light.


Afterwards, all agree that this flash felt different and, noticing that their headaches have faded and their nosebleeds have stopped, they surmise that they are done traveling through time. Sawyer, noticing the well wall is in place again, quickly runs over, grabs the rope mechanism, and jumps in feet first, only to find the well has been filled in with rocks and earth, and he is standing at ground level. Sawyer says he's going to wait until Locke comes back, when Juliet asks how long he intends to wait, he replies, "As long as it takes."

They seek out Daniel who is looking stunned, staring at the ground. When asked where Charlotte is, Daniel explains she died, then vanished during the last flash. Sawyer decides that they will head back to the beach to see if their camp is there (or build a new one if necessary), though Juliet notes that they don't really have much of a plan. On the way to the beach, they hear gunshots. Moving towards them, they see a clearing with two Others standing over a woman and a dead man. Sawyer and Juliet move out, rifles at the ready, and Sawyer tells them to put their guns down. One of them fires at Sawyer and is immediately shot by Juliet. The other is then shot by Sawyer. The woman introduces herself as Amy and convinces them to bury the bodies of the two Others and carry Paul, her dead husband, back. As Daniel approaches the sonic fence, Juliet yells for him to stop. Amy pretends to disable the fence, removes or manipulates an object hidden behind a keypad (subsequently revealed to be earplugs), and walks through. Sawyer, Jin, Juliet, Daniel and Miles follow and are knocked out by a high-pitched noise. Amy removes the earplugs from her ears, revealing how she passed through unaffected.

Sawyer wakes up in the Barracks recreation room and is questioned by Horace Goodspeed. Sawyer introduces himself as "Jim LaFleur" and invents the cover story that his group was on a salvage boat that wrecked while searching for the Black Rock. Horace tells Sawyer that the group will have to leave the next morning on the submarine. He explains that only members of the DHARMA Initiative are allowed inside the compound, and that Sawyer and the rest of his group are "not DHARMA material." The rest of the group is assembled somewhere outside at late evening, where they are talking about their situation. Miles is concerned, but Juliet is confident that Sawyer can deal with Horace. She then points to the house she used to lived for more than 3 years. Miles questions her, if she was a member of the DHARMA-Initiative, which she denies. She mentions the Purge, which was also before her arrival on the Island. Daniel still seems to be confused, but then he sees a little girl whom he guesses to be young Charlotte. Afterwards, Sawyer and Horace meet them with Sawyer explaining to the group what he has achieved.

Suddenly, the alarm sounds and everybody takes cover in their houses. The group is brought inside one of the houses where an armed woman is to look after them. As Sawyer and Juliet start to look out of a window, a man with a burning torch, revealed to be Richard Alpert, strolls into the middle of the compound. Horace goes to speak to him then returns and anxiously asks Sawyer and crew how well they buried the bodies. Sawyer goes outside, ignoring Horace's objections, and tells Richard that he is responsible for killing the two men, then asks him if they buried the bomb. He mentions Richard's meeting with Locke twenty years earlier and tells him that he and his people aren't with the Initiative, meaning that DHARMA's truce with with The Others hasn't been violated. After getting the story of what happened to his people, Richard tells Sawyer that they still require justice.

Sawyer returns and tells Horace the Others want Paul's body. Horace and Sawyer go to talk to Amy, telling her that they'll face whatever they need to if she doesn't want to give up the body. She agrees to give it up but takes an ankh necklace from around her husband's neck first. As Sawyer leaves the room, Horace tells him that they can stay for two weeks, when the submarine is scheduled to return to the island.

At the dock by the submarine, Juliet tells Sawyer that Locke has already saved them, noting that the flashes have stopped and they are no longer sick, so there is no need to wait for him. She explains that she has been trying to get off the island for over three years, and that she intends to be on the submarine in the morning despite Sawyer convincing Horace otherwise. Sawyer, however, talks her into staying, initially for just two weeks until the next submarine trip.


In a security center at the Barracks, Jerry puts on some music (Tony Orlando and Dawn's "Candida" as appears in captions) and begins dancing with Rosie. Suddenly, Phil bursts in, angry that the two are neglecting the monitors and worried about what their boss, LaFleur, will say. Jerry attempts to calm Phil but then the two see someone on the monitors by the sonic fence. They identify the person as Horace who appears to be drunk and throwing lit dynamite into the forest. Despite their initial reluctance the pair run to one of the houses and wake LaFleur, the Head of Security, who turns out to be Sawyer. Sawyer collects Miles, also a security officer, and the two drive out to the sonic fence where they retrieve a passed out Horace. Sawyer takes the man back to his home, where Sawyer is greeted by Horace's wife Amy. As Sawyer explains what happened, Amy goes into labour.

In the infirmary, the doctor informs Sawyer that the baby is in a breech position and a Caesarean section is needed. The doctor explains that pregnant women normally travel to the mainland when they are due to deliver and he is inexperienced with such an operation. Sawyer heads to the DHARMA motor pool, where Juliet, who is still on the island well beyond her initial two week promise to Sawyer, is working as a mechanic. Juliet initially objects, saying that she and Sawyer had "a deal," but ultimately agrees to do the procedure, even though the doctor is uncomfortable with the arrangement.

Outside the infirmary, Sawyer waits for news of the baby. Jin, who now speaks fluent English, shows up and reports that their grid searches continue, even though they still haven't found any of their people. Juliet emerges and joyously says that Amy gave birth to a boy.

Later, a smiling Sawyer strolls through the Barracks and picks a flower. He returns to the house he now shares with Juliet, as she prepares dinner. He gives her the flower and tells her she was "amazing today." They declare their love for each other and share a kiss.
Horace wakes to find a bespectacled Sawyer watching over him. In a reversal of roles, Sawyer asks Horace how his head feels leaving Horace to respond "It hurts." Sawyer informs him that he missed the birth of his son and inquires about the fight between Horace and Amy that led Horace to pass out in a drunken stupor. Horace had found the ankh which had belonged to Paul among Amy's things, leading Horace to question Amy's love for him.

Horace is unsure whether three years is enough time for Amy to get over Paul. Sawyer tells of his love for a girl with whom he had a shot but reluctantly lost his chance. She has been gone for three years and though he had difficulty forgetting her in the beginning, he finds now that he barely remembers her face. Sawyer states that three years is "absolutely" enough time to get over someone.

In the morning, Sawyer and Juliet are asleep in bed when they are awakened by a phone call. Jin is calling with urgent news, and as Sawyer gets dressed, he doesn't tell Juliet the nature of the emergency. He drives his blue DHARMA Jeep out to the North Valley alone and waits for Jin to arrive in a DHARMA van. They park their vehicles opposite one another and the van's passengers emerge: first Hurley, then Jack, and finally Kate. Sawyer is shocked to see his friends as he takes off his glasses in disbelief.
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