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  • Yay the Statue! And then... NOO!!! Not Juliet-Sawyer!!! NOO!!!

    Well I will start from the good side: we finally saw the statue. It was very interesting, beautiful and enormous. I was really hoping for at least a small glimpse at it and I got it.

    But OH MY GOD! How could the writers do this?? Why couldn't they just leave the relationships as they were?? I already faced the fact that Juliet will not be with Jack, but PLEASE! Anything but this! So now what? I am 100% sure that the writers will just kill her off in the nearest episodes so that the LOVE triangle can continue....TRIANGLE MY A**... And so another great character is beeing destroyed weee. I "LOVE" LOST so much!

    I am very sorry for my anger - this episode was indeed very good, but even the thought of this killed this episode...
  • King James

    With the return of the Oceanic Six covered ("316") and the adventures of John Locke off the island recounted ("The Life and Death of Jeremy Bentham"), only the travails of the characters back on the island remain to be covered before bringing all three groups back together in some fashion. That story turns out to be the rise of Sawyer as the leader that so many, particularly Hurley, felt he could be.

    Sawyer comes into his own in a big way in this episode, and it is a major advancement of his story arc. Gone is the Sawyer that would have concerned himself solely with his own survival and interests. He is now as capable a leader as Jack, and perhaps a better one at this point. The three years with the Dharma Initiative certainly have something to do with that, but he was already taking charge (with Juliet's able guidance) once the time jumps stopped. (And it's fun to note that Miles essentially took up Sawyer's previous role as the sarcastic challenger to Sawyer's assumed authority.)

    The episode itself is relatively straightforward once the pattern was recognized. Most of the actions jumps between 1974 (when the Oceanic Tribe first encounters Amy) and 1977 (when Amy gives birth). Sadly, the impact of the final scene was completely obliterated by the ABC promotional staff, so what probably would have been relatively smooth foreshadowing felt heavy-handed and obvious.

    The beginning of the episode dropped a few interesting clues and details. Just before Locke turns the Frozen Donkey Wheel back into its proper position, the Oceanic Tribe notices that they are in the ancient past. A huge Egyptian-style statue can be seen in the distance (ostensibly the source of the "four-toed statue" from "Live Together, Die Alone"). That links to the hieroglyphics seen at the Temple site (and for that matter, the Swan Station, the door for the controls to Cerberus, the Frozen Donkey Wheel, and Hurley's drawing of Egypt in the previous episode), and continues to build evidence for ancient origins of the island.

    One interesting note involves Jacob/Christian Shepherd. If the Oceanic Tribe (and John Locke) were in the ancient past when the Frozen Donkey Wheel was turned into its proper position, then Jacob/Christian Shepherd appears to be independent of the normal passage of time. Either that, or Jacob/Christian Shepherd was caught up in the time jumping as well.

    It was a great idea to have the Oceanic Tribe "stop" in the 1970s era of the Dharma Initiative, before whatever catastrophe was mentioned in the Swan Station orientation film. This presents the perfect opportunity to fill in the gaps in the Dharma part of the mythology left from earlier seasons. Most of the scenes are meant to explain how Sawyer and the rest came to be welcomed into the Dharma Initiative, especially when there was no reason for Horace to trust them at all. Saving Amy was a nice start, and preventing a war with Richard was even better. But it was mostly about Sawyer's decision to step up to the plate and keep his people on the island long enough to find the rest of the Oceanic Tribe.

    The location of Rose, Bernard, and the others in 1974 (and 1977, for that matter) is still to be resolved. That appears to be a bit of a plot hole, but it's also something that could be easily answered later in the season. Less clear is how Richard could remember John Locke (and presumably, now the man with the really fake facial hair), yet seem not to know them in the months after the crash of Oceanic 815. And if that red-headed child was supposed to be Charlotte, that's an apparent continuity error; according to Ben's litany in the fourth season, Charlotte wasn't born until 1979!

    Paul's ankh necklace is an interesting little artifact, because it could link to the gigantic statue earlier in the episode. The statue appeared to be holding two ankhs, one in each hand. The ankh is a symbol for eternal life (perhaps a connection to Richard and the unusual properties of the island) and fertility. Amy later gives birth on the island, which holds potential significance in light of the symbolism.

    It's ironic that Juliet agrees to stay and help Sawyer for two weeks, and ends up being there for at least another three years. It's a close parallel to Juliet's previous experience with the Others. Three years is long enough for Juliet to start up a relationship with Sawyer, who seems to excel at fanning the romantic flames with women who used to be close with Jack. It's this obvious rapport between Sawyer and Juliet that practically demands the return of Kate at the end.

    The difficulty of women to give birth safely on the island was a major plot thread in the second and third seasons, and Juliet brings up her own failure to resolve the problems back in the future. Those issues only emerged when women both conceived and delivered on the island, so one can assume that Horace and Amy weren't somewhere off the island when the conception took place. As Juliet and Sawyer seem to agree, this implies that something changed between 1977 and 2001, when Juliet arrived on the island.

    Daniel is nowhere to be found in the 1977 scenes, which could intersect with his activities in the opening sequence of "Because You Left". He could be working on the Orchid Station, given his scientific prowess, and that would position him perfectly for any upcoming attempt to turn the Frozen Donkey Wheel and return to 2008. And that does seem like something that will happen, because the Oceanic Tribe isn't supposed to be there by the time Ben arrives on the island (pretty much any day now), since he would have recognized them if they had been there!

    Enough emphasis was placed on Amy and the arrival of her son to imply that her son will eventually be important to the story (or, at the very least, someone already known). There aren't a whole lot of choices at this point, but considering how connected everyone seems to be, it's unlikely to be some random child. Amy's son would be about 30-31 at the time of the Oceanic 815 crash.

    Now that it's been confirmed that Jack, Kate, and Hurley have also arrived in 1977, the question is whether or not Sayid and Sun arrived in the same time period. Locke and Ben seem to have crashed with the rest on Ajira 316 in 2008, so it's not a given that both are in the same time. Sayid could be back in 1977, while Sun could have been the woman that left with Frank on one of the Ajira canoes, as mentioned in the previous episode.
  • It's 1974.

    Damn, ABC is really intent on having a show that is set in the 1970's. Just days after Life on Mars was canceled it looks like Lost is going to be in the decade for at least the remainder of the season.

    This episode wasn't bad, it was adventurous, but a lot of it was really unnecessary. I do not like the new characters at all, and I just don't like how the time travel ended.

    Where are the rest of the survivors? Why did everybody have to come back? These are questions that need to be addressed immediately or you're going to lose a lot of viewers.
  • I have only just started watching Lost again after decided seasons 3 and 4 weren't for me. This season has got me interested again and well it's about time.

    The flashes has finally stopped after a whirlwind journey through time. It's quite unfortunate how it ended for Daniel, Charlotte died and left him devastated so he did not have a great deal to say in this episode, except for looking miserable.
    Sawyer, known as "LeFleur" by the people working on the Dharma has taken lead and makes up a story about their ship crashing and how they became stranded on the island, looking for other survivors. At the moment it is unknown (maybe i missed something due to the poor internet connection) how they managed to stay on the island, when they were about to be shipped out by submarine to tahiti. I enjoyed the last few minutes, it was nice to see Sawyers expression when he knew they were back and it will be interesting with his relationship with Kate, even though she is with Jack.
  • The first Sawyer-centric ep since early season 3. And it's a sweet one!

    I've never been a big fan of the Juliet character. But i've got to give this episode props for developing her relationship with Sawyer in a natural /believable way. I'm pulling for those two crazy kids! with the reveal of the 06 returning (at their same time- 1977), if Juliet still likes Jack, this could be the first good love quadrangle I've ever seen.

    But oddly, the episode as a whole didn't do much for me. The flashes have stopped (thank God!) but now, stuck in the 70s, Sawyer and co. somehow manage to integrate themselves into DHARMA. okay... It's been fun learning about the history of the island this season (statue alert!) but I honestly don't know where their going with this. Like faraday, my mind is a jumble due to the do's and don't of time travel. All I know is a Purge is coming...
  • Sawyer=Awesome

    It's been almost two and a half years since the last Sawyer episode, so it was about time for one and it didn't disappoint! In fact this episode is probably the closest we'll get to a traditional flashback all season; there were two separate stories running parallel to each other in different times focusing on the same character.

    The episode started with the last scene from "This Place is Death", which is normally a cheap trick but worked here to clearly establish that by turning the wheel, Locke saved them all. We then got a very welcome surprise by seeing what is most likely the full four toed statue. While it may have annoyed some that we only saw it for a moment, it is a good reminder to the audience that it will be answered at some point.

    So with the time-travel arc done with the characters are now stuck in the seventies. The reveal that Sawyer was LaFleur was relatively obvious, but awesome nonetheless! This is where we had the best use of flashbacks/forwards for a while. The thing this episode had that many others this season have been missing was a fully contained story rather than just set-up. We've already seen a couple of characters working for the Dharma initiative (Daniel and Jin) so here we had confirmation that all our remaining main characters were working for it. The obvious question was how did they end up there, which for once was actually answered! Ok, not fully answered, but enough that it's clear how things will progress.

    Amongst other things it is a fantastic idea to place the castaways in the Dharma initiative. As such a big part of the show the DI needs a lot of attention, but it wouldn't have worked if that had all come from one character's flashbacks. To be able to have it in the current timeline of the show means that it can be gone into fully, hopefully giving a satisfying story.

    As this is a Sawyer episode I'd better talk about him for a while. He's been probably the best character for the last season and it was fully shown why here. We got to see the there major aspects to his character. Firstly there was action Sawyer when he saved Amy (yay for Michelle Dessler from 24!). He was perfectly reasonable with the gun-happy Others, but was also fully willing to take them out if needed, which he did. Then there was con-man Sawyer when he effortless managed to convince Horace that they had crashed on a boat. The subtle details were played perfectly, and while I'm not sure how Sawyer new so much about the Black Rock, the little mention of it was great! He also managed to work his magic on Richard a bit by telling him the complete truth. A conversation that could have gone so badly was handled perfectly thanks to solid writing and great performances from both actors.

    The only complaint I had with the episode was when lovey-dovey Sawyer came around. Now his relationship with Kate is great, but I really was not a fan of him getting together with Juliet. While there is an obvious path that can be seen (she's the only female who knows the truth about him on the island) it still seemed out of place. However it did work when he saw Kate once again. Despite his claims to Horace he's clearly still in love with her and a simple look at the end was all that was needed. While I'm not happy that this will mean yet another love-triangle (or quadrangle when you include Jack) it worked for this episode.

    On top of all that other fantastic moments included Jin's improved English and a heart-broken Dan seeing a young Charlotte. Props to Daniel Dae Kim for his continued superb performance as Jin. They could've gone the easy route and had Jin speaking fluent English here (as DDK can), but held back and still kept it slightly broken, which worked far better. Considering what happened to Charlotte was only that same day from Dan's perspective it was understandable that he was pretty quiet for most of the episode. When he did see Charlotte there was no need for dialogue, his look said it all and it was a great moment.

    Other than the whereabouts of Rose, Bernard and any other surviving castaways the major question that this episode brought up is how the season will work thematically from here. With two different time periods on the same island does that mean every episode will focus on either the seventies or 2007/8? Or did the new plane in fact also land in the seventies. Anything's possible now, and so long as the episode quality is up with this one's I'm happy with whatever they do!
  • It wasn´t a top Lost episode, but it is very entertaining and it is very hard not to be interested in Sawyer flashbacks which was the highlights of this episode. The present scenes was only presentations and setups.

    Plot Details/Objective -» The 2 previous episodes didn´t show us what happened with Sawyer, Juliet, Miles, Jin and Dan, this was done in purpose, since the introductory arc is suppose to be slower and address one situation in each episode. We already know how the Oceanic Six or five came back, How Locke died before he tried to convince Jack and Co to come back, now was time to know what happened in the Island. The writers had material to structure more than one episode about what and where Sawyer did/was 3 years with the Dharma Initiative. But they decided to make only episode, which is fine by me, since it is better this way.

    What I Like/Disliked -» I liked almost all scenes, like the previous episode, we have a complete storyline (presentation, setup, complication phase, climax and the ending).


    Presentation -» (9/10). Exactly the kind of presentation that Lost know to make, a nice surprise. The presentation about Jim Le Fleur, Juliet and Miles in the present was not anything special, but necessary I think.

    Complication Phase -» (9/10). The setup for the complication phase was nicely done, when Sawyer and Juliet decided to help some woman that belongs to the Dharma Initiative. Was nice to see the consequences, which add the necessary tension when Sawyer was caught and when he had to talk to Richard to solve their problem and keep the peace.

    Climax -» (8,5/10). Maybe when he talked to Richard, this was nicely done.

    Cliffhanger/Ending -» (9/10). Sawyer conversation with Juliet was superb, this is way the ending means something, this is way Sawyer had a conversation where he says that 3 years is enough to forget someone and then Kate is back to the Island. Time and Scenes Management -» (8/10). A Drunk Horace storyline seemed to me like a filler, at least, the pregnant woman didn´t die, so something happened to the Island, to make the pregnant woman die in the last seasons.

    Dialogues -» (9/10). Great dialogues there.

    Action /Adventure -» (9/10). This little adventure that Sawyer and Juliet made in the past was interesting.

    Drama/Emotions -» (7/10). Nothing from the top, just minor drama.

    Suspense/Tension -» (9/10). We had nice tension in 3 scenes in the flashbacks.

    Surprise/Twists -» (8/10). Juliet and Sawyer are together, and their belong to the Dharma Initiative, with Jin and Miles too.

    It wasn´t a top Lost episode, but it is very entertaining and it is very hard not to be interested in Sawyer flashbacks which was the highlights of this episode. The present scenes was only presentations and setups.
  • Sawyer confirms that he would have been a better leader than Jack

    When Oceanic 815 crashed on the island in Season 1, I always thought that if only Sawyer had been a little less "Every man for himself" in his attitude, he would have been a better leader than Jack.

    As Sawyer notes in Season 5, Jack never thought things through. He merely reacted, and got people killed.

    He repeatedly led people on one wild goose chase after another. Up to the radio tower. Down to the beach. Into the caves. Onto the ship. Round and round. Chasing their tails.

    In this episode, Sawyer confirms my suspicion. He always had a cooler head than Jack.
  • LaFleur are you really Sawyer?


    We start of in the past with the remaining surviors (Sawyer, Juliet, Miles, Jin and Daneil). It is the 1960's and the DARMAH people are on the island and seem to be having problems with the Others (Just like everyone else)

    a DARMAH couple gets attacked by two Others and Sawyer and Juliet come two the rescue guns blazing like a hot bada** couple, saddly the man dies and his girlfrend tricks her heros and knocks them out.

    We meet the head of DARMAH Horace Godspeed (the biggest hippie I've ever seen, but it is the 60's) who questions Sawyer about how he and his people got to the island - Because according to the info they got from the DARMAH girl sawyer is the groups leader. Sawyer uses his talents as a lieing con artist to deliver a convinceing story that he and his friends were shipwrecked and his name is James LaFleur.
    Before their fate can be decided Richard the ageless elder of the Others shows up as result of the two Others that Sawyer and Juliet killed. Godspeed prepares for battle (wierd for a hippie) But Sawyer stops him by offering to talk to Richard and telling him that all blame goes to him and since he is not DARMAH this should prevent a war.
    Once again Sawyer uses his con artist skills and his time travel experinec to convince Richard to back if they hand over the dead DARMAH guys body which doesn't sit well with his girlfriend. Sawyer's attacks save's the group and they have been working with the DARMAH folks for 3 years.

    Sawyer's transformation in this episode, no in this seires is amazing.He is agreat leader (although he really is the only one left for this job sinceMiles isno leader, Dan is still crushed over the death ofhis one true love, Juliet isgetting over the fact that she's back in the island Subburbs were she had been for the past 4 ears, and Jin has a langue barrier thing)
    Now Sawyer or rather James LaFleur is head of security and second in command; Miles is his Lackie, Juliet is his lover and a mechanic, Jin works security as well and speacks perfect english (ABOUT TIME). Sawyer is respected and feared by the DARMAH folks now I can get fearing Sawyer but to Respect him-
    But then again he has eraned it.

    Sawyer seems to be letting go of the past as he is now going by his first real name "James" for the first time in the series.
    He also seemed to feel sorry for thedead DARMAH gus girlfriend when she gave his body to the Others.

    He and Juliet make a great couple, and they really seem to connet and trust each other (something that would have been inpossible to think aboutback in season 3) proff of this is how Sawyer convinces her to stay on the island with him, and deliver a baby something she swore of doing due to her failures after coming to the island.
    Oddly enough Sawyer and Juliet have been living a lie for 3 years and still maintained a great relationship, while Jack and Kaite lived a lie for 3 years and they completly fell apart.

    All in all best Sawyer cetric episode ever!!!!!!

  • We finally end up in a familiar place, and someone gets a new name and a new job

    We've been dealing with time travel a lot on Lost, but we haven't dealt with the emotional part of time travel. In the main action of the first four seasons of the show, a hundred days passed. During the fourth season, we went through a period of flashforwards, where we saw bits of the next three years through the eyes of the Oceanic 6 plus Ben. Basically what's been happening on the island the first half of Season 5 is time travel, though we're never going to be sure how it was certain people managed to move through time, while the island stayed in the same place. But when Locke pushed the Unfrozen Donkey Wheel, the island seems to have made one more huge jump --- and finally stopped moving. But as Dan puts it, "We're just not on the song we want to be on."

    That Dan is able to make any coherence of this at all is a miracle. He's a yammering wreck when we first see him --- he barely had seconds to react to Charlotte's death, and now somehow her body has not traveled with them. For the rest of the episode, he's a shell of himself, barely able to speak coherently. Somebody has to take over and lead--- and now that would seem to be Sawyer.

    Sawyer--- or we might as well start calling him James, because that's pretty much who he's going to be in the eyes of everybody for the rest of the season--- has made the furthest emotional journey of pretty much everyone on the island. He was utterly reprehensible for much of the shows first three season, but there were patches of light throughout. He seemed to be headed to darkness at the end of Season 3, when he killed Cooper and then blew a hole in Tom after he surrendered. But in Season 4, he began to take a more heroic role, saving Claire from assassination, getting a group of people away from Locke, sacrificing his own rescue so that others could leave. Now, even though he's been dropped in the early seventies, he manages to find a way to improvise. The skills lying that he managed to acquire as a con man finally seem to be used in a positive way. He saves a woman from kidnapping, then manages to sell a story to the Dharma Initiative about who his people are and why they are here. It's hard not to compare this to what Jack did when the Oceanic 6 were rescued; the big difference is they follow him willingly, and manage to uphold the lie.

    It's taken us two seasons, but we're finally back in the Dharma Initiative, led by that character we've seen glimpses of, Horace Goodspeed. This must be some kind of sustained nightmare for Juliet, considering how hard she wanted to get away from this particular block of housing, but she manages to hide it pretty well for the majority of the episode. If anything, she seems to have James' back for the moment he takes shots at the Others who try to kill Amy, and she holds in her inner knowledge about the island to the best of her ability. (It must have been kind of frustrating, after all that time in medical school, that's she now working as a mechanic, but then again, considering what being a fertility specialist was like in her stint as an other, maybe it's a relief that all she has to do is fix cars.)

    Sawyer gives a modified story of himself as James LaFleur, which is a modified version of Rousseau's story, combined with the search for the Black Rock. This particular story manages to fool Horace, but all it does is guarantee that he and his friends get a trip on the sub at morning. (I've never understood why Miles and Juliet wanted to leave that bad. Even if they get off the island, it pretty much means they have to live in the seventies, a period which seems only mildly better than being stranded on the island in the present.) Then Richard Alpert (looking a lot neater than he did when we last saw him in this era, 'The Man Behind the Curtain') makes an appearance. Somehow, he got past the sonic fence that KO'd our heroes when they tried to walk through. He also states that while the fence keeps back many things, his people isn't one of them. Which does beg the question, why haven't the Others attacked by now? This question might be answered later.

    James then walks up to Richard, and manages to convince him that he was responsible for the death of the man, and more importantly, that he's waiting for John Locke to come back. (It's pretty clear this surprises Richard, though he has a good poker face.) They work out an arrangement that leads to restoration of the status quo, and gets James some good will with Horace. He convinces Juliet to stay for two weeks, just like Ben managed to convince her to stay for six months.

    Three years later, James has become the head of security for the whole Dharma Initiative. Everybody looks up to him; some people even fear him. For a man who once couldn't wait to get off this 'damn rock', he's finally got a position of security. (How long, it might well be asked, was he planning to keep it? Didn't he know about the Dharma Purge?) What's more, he seems to have gotten past the crush on Kate that was both liberating him and weighing him down, the whole time she was on the island. He now seems to be in love with Juliet, and they've got a domestic setup. He feels secure enough that when Horace, working off a hangover (which he used to nearly blow the place to smithereens) and asks him if it's possible to get over someone, he says, yes, you can.

    But isn't James talking out of one side of his mouth? As we've heard from Jin (who, thank God, has finally managed to learn English by now) they've been doing grid searches of the island for three years, looking for signs of somebody. But why are they looking for Locke? The flashes have stopped; there's no danger of anyone dying. No, he's still remember what Locke told him back in 'The Little Prince''--- he's going to bring 'them' back. And for James, that means Kate. We saw in his eyes the moment he saw her in that moment where she helped Claire give birth to Aaron. She is the one that got away (though to be fair, he never really had her). And even though he's been with Juliet nearly ten times longer than he even knew Kate, when Jin calls and tells him that he's found them, he doesn't even hesitate before lying to Juliet about what's happened. He can't keep this a secret, he knows that, but he doesn't want to share her, not yet. And the expression that crosses his face the moment that Kate steps out of the Dharma van demonstrates that in this case, absence definitely has made the heart grow fonder.

    Josh Holloway's work in this episode is superb, but he isn't the whole show. Jeremy Davies has to go through an even greater range of emotion in just a few hours. This is significant, because we won't be seeing Dan for a while now. Elizabeth Mitchell has always been good, but she was underutilized in Season 4. Here she regains her stride, particularly in the scene where she has to deliver a breech birth. The look of joy on her face when she finally manages to deliver a healthy, breathing boy into the world--- it's clearly one of the few really good things to happen to her on the island, and it shows. Reiko Aylesworth is very good as Amy, showing levels of emotion she was never quite allowed to dip into in all her years on 24, and Doug Hutchinson shows certain levels of... humanity, he's rarely been able to explore on any film or TV show he's been a part of it.

    'LaFleur' (I have no idea what this name means to James; my guess is it's a maiden aunt of some kind) has been staying on the island, waiting and hoping 'his people' to come back. It took three years, and in that time, he's actually managed to do something Sawyer was never capable of--- build a life. The conflict between the two is going to be a huge part of the drama in the second half of Season 5. But that's about to become the smallest obstacle anybody in or out of the Dharma Initiative will have to face.
    My score:9
  • First Sawyer centric ep after a while

    Season 5
    Episode 8: LaFleur
    As Time Travelling finally stops, Sawyer, Juliet, Daniel and Miles join the Dharma Initiative. Sawyer becomes the head of security under the name of Jim LaFleur.

    This was a great episode. The first Sawyer centric since Season 3's Every Man for Himself. It is the first episode to feature the Dharma Initiative and how Sawyer, Juliet, Miles and Daniel joined them. It's also the first one featuring Sawyer and Juliet on a relationship. It also features the end of Time Travelling. I rlly liked this episode, was rlly great and awesome. Terrific one. It features the Dharma, which became a rlly awesome factor of the season.
  • The first Sawyer-centric episode since the early hours of season three and it's an absolute beaut.

    The first Sawyer-centric episode since the early hours of season three and it's an absolute beaut. While 'LeFleur' is hardly revelation or action heavy, it still manages to hold its head up with the big boys thanks to Josh Holloway's tour de force in the lead role. He's fantastic here, expertly demonstrating James' transformation from wandering miscreant to cool-headed hub of the DHARMA community and making it all seem entirely logical. The dual 1974-1977 time structure could easily have produced some ham fisted developments in the hands of a lesser crew, but here the viewer buys every change, not the least of which is Sawyer and Juliet's budding romance which seems so obvious now that we begin to question why we never thought about it before. While the ending is hardly a shocker, 'LeFleur' is less about dramatic upturns and more about repositioning, laying the groundwork for Lost's trajectory in the remainder of season five and at that, it succeeds admirably. Oh, and did you all spot the back of the four-toed statue? Looks rather Egyptian to me...
  • LaFleur Review

    This new episode was slower than the last few but slow sometimes is a good thing and in this case it is a good thing. first off the episode started with a great scene where we finally see the Four Toed Statue (from behind but who cares we still saw it for a second but Sawyer and Co. go through time instantly and we don't see it again, I really want to know what year they where in when the statue was standing and who are the people who made it, The statue looked slightly native but something tells me its something else because remember it had four toes and who's to say that this is the same statue as the Four Toed one. This was the first Sawyer Centric episode since early season 3 and it was long overdue, through flashbacks the story of how Sawyer, Juliet, Jin etc. meet up with the Dharma Initiative and how they are accepted into the Dharma well sort of all we got was that they where with them for another two weeks. It was great to see Horace again and I was surprised to see he was leading the Dharma. There was a lot of Skate stuff here with Sawyer getting over Kate and falling in love with Juliet which was strange to see but I think I always knew that they would get together one was or the other. The final scene was great and it left me wanting to know what happens next with Kate returning will Sawyer be with here or Juliet. The thing is Lost isn't on next week so we have two wait two weeks to see what happens.

    LaFleur was a strong episode with plenty of character development and some answers. It is very refreshing to have some great episodes like the early seasons of Lost the last three episodes have been superb.

    9 out of 10.
  • I don't think this episode is perfect but is very, very good,

    I don't think this episode is perfect but is very, very good, give us some details of what is happenig to our favorite charaters, also Sawyer is using his con abilities once again to keep the guys alive, bottom line the episode is a fine episode and a good installment, they still need to explain what is that giant statue and why is there but I guess that will be coming up on the next few episodes!

    on the last line all I have to say is Lost is getting even better with each episode and that is one of the reasons why we love it!
  • We discover what happens to those left on the island and what theyve been up to while waiting for Locke to bring the rest back.

    I have to admit that when I saw Jin at the end of Season 5 Episode 6 "316", I was able to guess the whole "stuck in the 70's" theory. Even though I saw it coming, however, I thought the episode was very well done and I loved how it revolved around Sawyer.
    I feel like Sawyer and Juliet are a good couple. It doesn't feel forced but actually quite natural. My only real gripe with the episode is that they didnt really do much with the "3 years later" Jin, who can speak English perfectly. I hope that they develop his character a bit more. Now that he can speak english, hopefully the writers will take this chance to develop his character a bit and let us see a bit more of his personality.
  • Very exciting

    I love the new pace of Lost, it really feels like we're getting somewhere this season. And I like that Sawyer and Juliet finally got together, I really hope he doesn't start drooling over Kate again. You can say whatever about the Kate - Jack - Sawyer triangle, but it does seem like Kate and Jack are happy and Juliet and Sawyer are happy, so why ruin it?! Also, Juliet is a very attractive and smart woman, why should she be considered anything less than Kate, I think it's unfair that all the blokes want Kate over Juliet. Please keep the love-story dramas to a minimum and just move on with the story...
  • Oo.. a really major developments..

    The record seems to be back on and they are somewhere in 80's and oo.. what a development. It is still Dharma days and they manage to save one of them, get into and then somehow manage to day.. so we have three years cap.. But I really liked the way it was built and the opportunity that it will be old days.. to see the island back then.. it looks so promising. And it was not the situation they are now in that amazed me in this episode.. also the emotional part.. the way Sawyer really managed to get so much emotion into his char.. and the heart to heart talk with Hector about Kate.. and then the ending.. it was really intriguing.
  • Great episode that explores more about the Dharma Initiative and the Hostles.

    This was a very good episode. After the last two episodes that explored the Oceanic 6 and their journey back to the island, and Locke's adventure off the island as Jeremy Bentham and his reincarnation, we get to see what has happened to Sawyer, Juilet, Jin, Daniel, and Miles. After Locke stops the time shifts, they find themselves in the past, in 1974 were they will remain. As Faraday puts it, the record has stopped skipping, so they are not traveling through time anymore, but it is playing the wrong song, hence 1974. Sawyer is at the heart of this episode and he has found himself a new lady. The flashback/flashforward system is used to show what they experienced once Locke stopped the time shifts, as well as the present (which is 1977 for them) and what is currently happening on the island(1974-77). They are constantly searching and waiting for the Oceanic 6 return. This reunion, or half a reunion, is how the episode concludes. Also a nice, albeit, short glimpse of the four toed statue we first saw back in the season 2 finale.
  • Lost keeps on rocking...

    Fantastic episode again. Sort of a "re-premiere". Now that all the time anomaly is gone, the left-behinders are stuck in the Dharma era. Fantastic way to tell the Dharma story, I must say. While we didn't actually see the inner workings of Dharma this time, or any stations, it wasn't really missing. A good character driven story, with lots of focus on Sawyer and Juliet.

    To me, the 3 biggest highlights:

    -The statue

    -Richard entering the barracks

    -Juliet and Sawyer kissing.

    I was also impressed at how well the writers integrated Horace's character into the story, and actually developed him to a point where he finally feels like a normal character and not just a 2 dimensional extra. Overall, Lost season Five is continouing it's quest to become the best season of the show so far.
  • Back to the island and we see what Sawyer, Jin, Juliet, Faraday and what's his name have been up to for the three yrs between Locke leaving and current(?) time.

    Just to figure out the timeline, the plane crashed in Sep 2004, the Oceanic 6 came back to reality in what, Jan 05? The season ender #3 with Jack wanting to go back would have been Jan 08-ish?. So, way back when, Sawyer et al finally stabilize at a time when the Dharma and Richard Alpert's "hostiles" have an uneasy truce. The episode is a nice development of "Jim Lafleur" the professional liar. The time warp 5 join the Dharma's and in the intervening 3 years seem to rise in the command structure. Flipping back and forth three years every few minutes kept the story moving intriguing and some good Sawyerisms.
  • WOW!

    When this episode first came on I was so confused when we saw Sawyer as LaFleur I then rememberd when Jin was dressed up like a Dharma worker and I realized that this was a cover like they were pretending that they were somone they were not or they were caught and made to be Dharma. The best thing about this episode was when we got to see Richard Alpert and he was still the same and still leading the hostiles.The 4 toed statue and how we got to actually see what it kind of looked like was shocking to me because i almost forgot about it. So all in all this was a great episode.
  • sawyer is going to be a perfect man. the relationship between kate and him will be very exciting. i think this episode is the best in season5. although we didn,t find much more about dharma but we found that sharlot was in the island

    sawyer is going to be a perfect man.
    the relationship between kate and him will be very exciting.
    i think this episode is the best in season5.
    although we didn,t find much more about dharma but we found that sharlot was in the island before.
    but my question is how richard didin,t know sawyer?
    richard is the one who can travel in time and he must know sawyer and others.

    i hope sawyer and kate fall in love again and make jack angry. because everytime jack maked angry the story would be so nice.
    thank you from all of you. thanka a lot
    this at least 100 words long make me angry
  • Sawyer and the other survivors reside in the year 1974. They have to perpetuate a lie, so they can live in the Dharma Initiative now. They build themselves a nice life. 3 years later Jack, Kate and Hurley are back on the island.

    What I really liked about this episode was that it was so calm. The previous episodes where thrilling and great but I needed a liitle rest now. It was so lovely to see how the Dharma Initiative lives as big happy family. Also great to see Jin speaking English. Yeay, no subtitles anymore. I was kinda shocked when I saw Juliet and James together as a couple. I didn't see that coming. Maybe because I liked Kate and him together so much but we'll see. And his look when Jack, Hurley and Kate are back promises a lot of drama. Will he still be Jimi LaFleur living a happy life with Juliet or will he be Sawyer again?

    As we can see back in the 70ies women were able to have babys. But can't they later anymore? Maybe because of that incident with the Swan station? And what happened to Daniel??

    A lot of quetions. I hope they'll be answered soon. Great episode! Josh Holloway is an awesome actor! But LaFleur is a daft name.

    P.S.: Please don't mind if I made some mistakes. I'm from Germany so English is not my first language.
  • amazing once more

    just keeps getting better and better! we learn alot more about the dharma initiative and their history, we also catch a glmpse of what used to be the four toed statue! i thought that was cool and it gave me shivers. The moment where daniel sees young charlotte was intense, and it gave me goosebumps. Overall, i really loved this episode and sawyer is amazing. Hopefully i'll get used to the whole juliet and sawyer thing, ive always been a skate shipper, and i always wanted juleiot with jack, guess things dont go the way i want them to, but the ending was intense and i guess i was sort of disspointed that they didnt cover more of it and now we have to wait 2 whole weeks. BUT, im sure it will be worth the wait
  • Can we say, awesome?

    That is what I am talking about, for the second week in a row Lost, you have blown me away. The glimpse of the statue/idol was just a killer way to start it off. FINALLY we learn what has happend to our abandoned comrades for the last three years, and really they haven't been doing that bad. We learned how Daniel appeared in the Orchid (Season 4), we encountered Horace again, and the meeting between Richard and Sawyer... you couldn't HELP but sit there and smile and shake your head in awe. Now, being the chick that I am, the best part for me was the love that Sawyer and Juliet found in eachother. THANK GOD. This poor guy, I mean as terrible as he has been he finally got the girl. And this girl isn't running to his tent to bang him because Jack shared his spoon with Juliet. The smile he gave her after she saved the baby (*The 1st one ever to be concieved on the island under Juliet's care*) was nothing short of priceless. If Kate comes in to screw this up... This is in my top 5 best episodes of all time. Loved it. Loved it. Loved it.

    AND, ONE quick question to sum this up. The submarine came back two weeks later from the day that Horace first wanted to ship them off. Is that the very trip that brings Ben to the island to begin with???!? Just a thought!!!
  • You will have to watch the episode. You can watch it on abc.com.

    I have been a fan of lost since season 2, but the episodes this season have been garbage and confusing. Now I understand where the writers our trying to move the show. This was the best episode since season 3 finale. I still dont know where there are exactly going, but where ever it is I believe it will be good. Wasnt it great the see the statue again! I know true lost fans where excited to see that.I hvae a question though, please help me answer this. Why doesnt Richard know anything, but he seems to be ageless?

    p.s. A war is coming, or maybe it already happened.
  • LeFleur Brings In A New Dawn

    Welcome to Lost for the forseeable future - stuck in the Dharma days as we get to know the mystery of the Dharma Inititive, a mystery that we have always wanted to know for the past couple of seasons. I was so happy in the beginning of the episode when we saw a full version of the statue, but then I laughed when I realized we weren't really going to see the full statue in this episode - only the backside of it. I have thought for a long time that the statue was going to be Richard Alpert - because it makes sense. However, I have recently read a theory regarding Daniel Faraday which seems like it could be pretty good. Very happy to see them show the full statue and even happier (now) not knowing what it is because the rest of the episode turned out to be fantastic, pulling in right behind "316" as number one for the season for me. I loved the Richard Alpert / Sawyer scene. Sawyer kind of takes his "Head of Security" role in this episode. I'm not sure if we will get more flashbacks to 1971 - 1974 or if that was kind of it. These are the kinds of things that the writers can decide and I'll be fine with either way. They could show some stories during the past three years or they could just go from here and use Kate and Hurley as the primary flashback devices in this time era. Another big scene that I predicted (and enjoyed) was the Juliet Sawyer being together three years into the future. Everyone kind of saw it coming as soon as Jack and Kate hooked up off the island. It made sense that Sawyer and Juliet would do something on the island, making it interesting when Jack and Kate get back. I loved Sawyer's "I don't even remember her face" line. He seems like he could be over her, but I expect a dark future for Juliet and Sawyer. It's really hard to imagine the time difference here. Sawyer knew Kate for 110 days before she left the island, which took up 4 seasons of show and its hard to make the connection that Juliet / Sawyer have been going at each other now for over 1000 days because we have only seen it in one episode. I do hope that Sawyer stays with Juliet, but I sense some fighting on the horizon over the return of Kate. Loved the explainations in the beginning by a very "out of it" Daniel Faraday. The island has stopped moving through time thanks to whatever Locke did down in the Donkey wheel area. Again - explained very well and acted out very well. Overall, blockbuster episode that I think really symbolizes the return of the season for me. I have a felling the second half is going to be far stronger then the first half as its more my LOST "style".
  • Excellent, best damn show EVER!

    OMG what an episode....I LOVED every second of it. If anyone has doubts about this show, they should slap themselves in the face becuase this show is unlike any other....its simply AMAZING! It's the most unique show out there....just the greatest show on earth (there's never gonna be another).
    I won't give too much away but I just have to say one thing SPOILER (look away if you havent seen this ep).........

    ...the statue gave me goosebumps....OMG I had chills....if you are dying to see the four toed statue then you will get a glimpse of it. This episode was pure brilliance.
  • The best episode of the series.

    James finally gets to show all of his attributes as a person. He is intelligent, has a lot of strategies and above all, knows how to move on. James is a fighter, adapts himself to circumstances which makes him a better leader than jack himself or even locke. Yes, the 3rd leader has been revealed. Come on! He could even motivate Juliet to try to deliver the baby! That is something even Ben had a hard time doing! In less than a minute he convinced Richard he was not part of the dharma initiative and got to an agreement!!! There is neither a "I have to fix things so people get to love me" Philosophy here, nor a "I am obsessed with my Daddy and therefore i need to be important" factor. Yes, it might be that he was trying to con himself into believing he does not love Kate anymore, but come on, Juliet is badass too!!! This episode has helped me in my personal life a 100% I am not the same person after I watched it.
  • No one can do this episode justice.

    I can't put this episode into words. All I can say is; its a must see. This is the first episode I've bothered to review at all.

    Really in a review you go over what has happened but in this case I don't want to compromise it in the slightest. Its not just like the other episodes this season which have been so good that they feel 20 minutes too short, its more. Its made the wait until next week feel far too long. My only fear is that this episode raises the bar so much that Lost will get canceled as all great shows seem to.
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