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  • Yay the Statue! And then... NOO!!! Not Juliet-Sawyer!!! NOO!!!

    Well I will start from the good side: we finally saw the statue. It was very interesting, beautiful and enormous. I was really hoping for at least a small glimpse at it and I got it.

    But OH MY GOD! How could the writers do this?? Why couldn't they just leave the relationships as they were?? I already faced the fact that Juliet will not be with Jack, but PLEASE! Anything but this! So now what? I am 100% sure that the writers will just kill her off in the nearest episodes so that the LOVE triangle can continue....TRIANGLE MY A**... And so another great character is beeing destroyed weee. I "LOVE" LOST so much!

    I am very sorry for my anger - this episode was indeed very good, but even the thought of this killed this episode...
  • It's 1974.

    Damn, ABC is really intent on having a show that is set in the 1970's. Just days after Life on Mars was canceled it looks like Lost is going to be in the decade for at least the remainder of the season.

    This episode wasn't bad, it was adventurous, but a lot of it was really unnecessary. I do not like the new characters at all, and I just don't like how the time travel ended.

    Where are the rest of the survivors? Why did everybody have to come back? These are questions that need to be addressed immediately or you're going to lose a lot of viewers.
  • Very exciting

    I love the new pace of Lost, it really feels like we're getting somewhere this season. And I like that Sawyer and Juliet finally got together, I really hope he doesn't start drooling over Kate again. You can say whatever about the Kate - Jack - Sawyer triangle, but it does seem like Kate and Jack are happy and Juliet and Sawyer are happy, so why ruin it?! Also, Juliet is a very attractive and smart woman, why should she be considered anything less than Kate, I think it's unfair that all the blokes want Kate over Juliet. Please keep the love-story dramas to a minimum and just move on with the story...
  • We discover what happens to those left on the island and what theyve been up to while waiting for Locke to bring the rest back.

    I have to admit that when I saw Jin at the end of Season 5 Episode 6 "316", I was able to guess the whole "stuck in the 70's" theory. Even though I saw it coming, however, I thought the episode was very well done and I loved how it revolved around Sawyer.
    I feel like Sawyer and Juliet are a good couple. It doesn't feel forced but actually quite natural. My only real gripe with the episode is that they didnt really do much with the "3 years later" Jin, who can speak English perfectly. I hope that they develop his character a bit more. Now that he can speak english, hopefully the writers will take this chance to develop his character a bit and let us see a bit more of his personality.
  • I don't think this episode is perfect but is very, very good,

    I don't think this episode is perfect but is very, very good, give us some details of what is happenig to our favorite charaters, also Sawyer is using his con abilities once again to keep the guys alive, bottom line the episode is a fine episode and a good installment, they still need to explain what is that giant statue and why is there but I guess that will be coming up on the next few episodes!

    on the last line all I have to say is Lost is getting even better with each episode and that is one of the reasons why we love it!
  • LaFleur Review

    This new episode was slower than the last few but slow sometimes is a good thing and in this case it is a good thing. first off the episode started with a great scene where we finally see the Four Toed Statue (from behind but who cares we still saw it for a second but Sawyer and Co. go through time instantly and we don't see it again, I really want to know what year they where in when the statue was standing and who are the people who made it, The statue looked slightly native but something tells me its something else because remember it had four toes and who's to say that this is the same statue as the Four Toed one. This was the first Sawyer Centric episode since early season 3 and it was long overdue, through flashbacks the story of how Sawyer, Juliet, Jin etc. meet up with the Dharma Initiative and how they are accepted into the Dharma well sort of all we got was that they where with them for another two weeks. It was great to see Horace again and I was surprised to see he was leading the Dharma. There was a lot of Skate stuff here with Sawyer getting over Kate and falling in love with Juliet which was strange to see but I think I always knew that they would get together one was or the other. The final scene was great and it left me wanting to know what happens next with Kate returning will Sawyer be with here or Juliet. The thing is Lost isn't on next week so we have two wait two weeks to see what happens.

    LaFleur was a strong episode with plenty of character development and some answers. It is very refreshing to have some great episodes like the early seasons of Lost the last three episodes have been superb.

    9 out of 10.
  • The first Sawyer-centric episode since the early hours of season three and it's an absolute beaut.

    The first Sawyer-centric episode since the early hours of season three and it's an absolute beaut. While 'LeFleur' is hardly revelation or action heavy, it still manages to hold its head up with the big boys thanks to Josh Holloway's tour de force in the lead role. He's fantastic here, expertly demonstrating James' transformation from wandering miscreant to cool-headed hub of the DHARMA community and making it all seem entirely logical. The dual 1974-1977 time structure could easily have produced some ham fisted developments in the hands of a lesser crew, but here the viewer buys every change, not the least of which is Sawyer and Juliet's budding romance which seems so obvious now that we begin to question why we never thought about it before. While the ending is hardly a shocker, 'LeFleur' is less about dramatic upturns and more about repositioning, laying the groundwork for Lost's trajectory in the remainder of season five and at that, it succeeds admirably. Oh, and did you all spot the back of the four-toed statue? Looks rather Egyptian to me...
  • First Sawyer centric ep after a while

    Season 5
    Episode 8: LaFleur
    As Time Travelling finally stops, Sawyer, Juliet, Daniel and Miles join the Dharma Initiative. Sawyer becomes the head of security under the name of Jim LaFleur.

    This was a great episode. The first Sawyer centric since Season 3's Every Man for Himself. It is the first episode to feature the Dharma Initiative and how Sawyer, Juliet, Miles and Daniel joined them. It's also the first one featuring Sawyer and Juliet on a relationship. It also features the end of Time Travelling. I rlly liked this episode, was rlly great and awesome. Terrific one. It features the Dharma, which became a rlly awesome factor of the season.
  • It wasn´t a top Lost episode, but it is very entertaining and it is very hard not to be interested in Sawyer flashbacks which was the highlights of this episode. The present scenes was only presentations and setups.

    Plot Details/Objective -» The 2 previous episodes didn´t show us what happened with Sawyer, Juliet, Miles, Jin and Dan, this was done in purpose, since the introductory arc is suppose to be slower and address one situation in each episode. We already know how the Oceanic Six or five came back, How Locke died before he tried to convince Jack and Co to come back, now was time to know what happened in the Island. The writers had material to structure more than one episode about what and where Sawyer did/was 3 years with the Dharma Initiative. But they decided to make only episode, which is fine by me, since it is better this way.

    What I Like/Disliked -» I liked almost all scenes, like the previous episode, we have a complete storyline (presentation, setup, complication phase, climax and the ending).


    Presentation -» (9/10). Exactly the kind of presentation that Lost know to make, a nice surprise. The presentation about Jim Le Fleur, Juliet and Miles in the present was not anything special, but necessary I think.

    Complication Phase -» (9/10). The setup for the complication phase was nicely done, when Sawyer and Juliet decided to help some woman that belongs to the Dharma Initiative. Was nice to see the consequences, which add the necessary tension when Sawyer was caught and when he had to talk to Richard to solve their problem and keep the peace.

    Climax -» (8,5/10). Maybe when he talked to Richard, this was nicely done.

    Cliffhanger/Ending -» (9/10). Sawyer conversation with Juliet was superb, this is way the ending means something, this is way Sawyer had a conversation where he says that 3 years is enough to forget someone and then Kate is back to the Island. Time and Scenes Management -» (8/10). A Drunk Horace storyline seemed to me like a filler, at least, the pregnant woman didn´t die, so something happened to the Island, to make the pregnant woman die in the last seasons.

    Dialogues -» (9/10). Great dialogues there.

    Action /Adventure -» (9/10). This little adventure that Sawyer and Juliet made in the past was interesting.

    Drama/Emotions -» (7/10). Nothing from the top, just minor drama.

    Suspense/Tension -» (9/10). We had nice tension in 3 scenes in the flashbacks.

    Surprise/Twists -» (8/10). Juliet and Sawyer are together, and their belong to the Dharma Initiative, with Jin and Miles too.

    It wasn´t a top Lost episode, but it is very entertaining and it is very hard not to be interested in Sawyer flashbacks which was the highlights of this episode. The present scenes was only presentations and setups.
  • what an breath taking epoide !

    oh god ! what else can i say ! words dont describe it at all no matter what ! i love it in every way ( the drama , the romance , the thiller and the Suprisess ) . In this great Sawyer centric episode it make sawyer really reallly a perfact perfomance never thought he's ganna play it so well ! . Daniel is back , he is more crazy than he was... , Sawyer is with Juliet that was really suprise . and yeah sawyer was so touching ! when he said i dont even remember her FACE ! . P.S : this season is going to GOOD , hope it's contuino like this the whole season to win an EMMY !
  • A kinder gentler Sawyer.

    This episode features Sawyer (Jim LaFluer). They encounter the Dharma Initiative and Sawyer lies about who he his to keep his people there and safe. In the beginning of the episode is at the time when John had gone down the well and time shifted and the well disappeared. Sawyer and his group are heading toward the beach when they hear the scream of a woman. She is about to be killed and they save her. She leads them back to the camp of the Dharma Initiative.

    This episode goes back and forth in time by 3 years to illustrate how Sawyer used his conning skills to keep them there and how they have survived for 3 years.

    During the episode Richard enters the Dharma camp and Sawyer talks to him telling him things that had happened in the past and the truce is maintained between Dharma and the others.

    The episodes in Season 5 keep getting better and better. This one was great.
  • Another outstanding episode.

    Wow. LOST is getting ready for its final season next season and this episode is like a connecing episode to the rest of the series. In this great Sawyer centric episode he has to make up a lie to protect the survivors on the island and the oceanic 6 that returned in this episode to the island. So anyways, there is a submarine coming to island with new recruits so Sawyer says that he will take the oceanic 6 into the Dharma and act like they came from the submarine and that he and Juliet will take care of their names being on the list. A great episode!
  • Sawyer and the other survivors reside in the year 1974. They have to perpetuate a lie, so they can live in the Dharma Initiative now. They build themselves a nice life. 3 years later Jack, Kate and Hurley are back on the island.

    What I really liked about this episode was that it was so calm. The previous episodes where thrilling and great but I needed a liitle rest now. It was so lovely to see how the Dharma Initiative lives as big happy family. Also great to see Jin speaking English. Yeay, no subtitles anymore. I was kinda shocked when I saw Juliet and James together as a couple. I didn't see that coming. Maybe because I liked Kate and him together so much but we'll see. And his look when Jack, Hurley and Kate are back promises a lot of drama. Will he still be Jimi LaFleur living a happy life with Juliet or will he be Sawyer again?

    As we can see back in the 70ies women were able to have babys. But can't they later anymore? Maybe because of that incident with the Swan station? And what happened to Daniel??

    A lot of quetions. I hope they'll be answered soon. Great episode! Josh Holloway is an awesome actor! But LaFleur is a daft name.

    P.S.: Please don't mind if I made some mistakes. I'm from Germany so English is not my first language.
  • LOST is transitioning into its final run, and I couldn't be more excited! This week was a superb Sawyer episode, and sets up the rest of the series.

    When determining an end-date to the series, Lost producers hoped for two more seasons, but ABC instead demanded three shortened seasons of 16 episodes each. It's clear to see that the last three weeks would have been the penultimate finale of Lost, with the show making its way into its final stretch. The season 4 plotlines revolving around the assimilation of the freighter people into our survivors, John Locke's journey off the island, the return of the O6, and the time travel stories have all come to a close. The producers created a truly great transition segment of three episodes, and each was superb.

    A Sawyer episode on LOST has been long-overdue, and Josh Holloway certainly delivered in this installment. Jeremy Davies and Elizabeth Mitchell were also great, and Daniel Dae Kim doesn't get much attention as Jin, but he was fantastic in the later Dharma days, picking up on English and showing the consistency of his character over time.

    The conversation with Richard was very well done, and truly shows how far the series has come. Richard has always been the all-knowing source of knowledge for our survivors, but it's interesting to see the tables turned. It's nice to see how the show will return to a traditional flashback format (most probably) after this week, with seasons 4 and 5 being a definite change of pace. The time travel stories were great, but were starting to make my head spin. The Dharma story for the rest of the season has a lot of potential to answer some of the bigger mysteries of the show, and I look forward to seeing our people's interactions with young Ben, Marvin Candle, and more of Horace. Definitely DEFINITELY a series classic.
  • sawyer is going to be a perfect man. the relationship between kate and him will be very exciting. i think this episode is the best in season5. although we didn,t find much more about dharma but we found that sharlot was in the island

    sawyer is going to be a perfect man.
    the relationship between kate and him will be very exciting.
    i think this episode is the best in season5.
    although we didn,t find much more about dharma but we found that sharlot was in the island before.
    but my question is how richard didin,t know sawyer?
    richard is the one who can travel in time and he must know sawyer and others.

    i hope sawyer and kate fall in love again and make jack angry. because everytime jack maked angry the story would be so nice.
    thank you from all of you. thanka a lot
    this at least 100 words long make me angry
  • This episode was one of the most cleverly plotted, written and acted episodes I've ever seen of this show.

    Last week I was not as blown away by the life and death of Jeremy Bentham as I thought I would be, probably because me expectations for it were way too high. But this week was the complete opposite because I didn't expect too much from it and now it is one of my top ten favourite episodes of all time.
    First of all, the four toed statue. This is the thing for which this episode will always be remembered simply because it was one of the most amazing three seconds in Lost history. The statue was so enormous and magnificent but also slightly chilly and creepy that I'm still thinking about it three days later and everytime I see a picture I get a chill. I have never known people to theorise and go as crazy over something as they have about this and the writers definately know how to give us a tiny taste of something amazing.
    Secondly Sawyer and Juliet. I said before season five started that if Sawyer and Juliet become a couple I will lose faith in the writers. Simply put, I didn't believe they could be together as they seemed more capable of just being friends then lovers. And it's only taken them eight episodes to convince me. The fact that they've been together three years has made me want them to end up together more than Sawyer and Kate. Wouldn't we all live happily ever after if Jack and Kate got married and then Sawyer and Juliet did. Come on!!!! It's perfect. But one of these people will surely die before the end of season six so why bother thinking about it. But it was great to see Sawyer truly happy.
    Jeremy Davis was also outstanding in this episode, even though his part wasn't huge. Daniel seems so trapped in his own head about Charlotte's death and what she told him that even when the camera isnt focusing on him, you can see him in the background acting superbly. He barely talks to any of the other survivors and the only time he perks up is when he sees Charlotte as a little girl. I also loved the fact that he automatically knew it was her. He didn't need telling twice.
    Horace Goodspeed also got a whopping part in this episode. We find out that he is the spokesperson for Dharma, that he is the father of Amy's baby, that his wife Olivia is either dead or she left him and that he is actually good friends with Sawyer. I still can't wrap my head around that in the present time on the show Horace is alive, but it's some good television right there. But who is his baby? People have been saying Ben but this is such a retarted answer I nearly scream everytime I hear it. My guess is one of the others. Wouldn't it be the biggest betrayal if one of the others we've seen so far (Tom, Ethan, Goodwin) once had a father in Dharma and betrayed him. I know it's been done with Ben but still.
    Richard's part in the episode was also fantastic. What is it with Nestor Carbonell and his creepy aura that makes you want to run the other way? I don't know. I'm glad that Sawyer had the upper hand in the conversation rather than Richard because there have been too many times where the others have been talking smug to the survivors like this. However one nitpick is I'm worrying that Richard has only got his information on the survivors from them. Locke and Sawyer have now told him information that he had no clue about before and comes in useful for him later. I hope we find out just how huge Richard is soon...and if he has four toes. On the whole this episode as great. The fact that Jack, Kate and Hurley returning isn't happy but actually irritating because they're ruining Sawyer's happiness was a nice twist and left the cliffhanger a little bitter sweet. I can't wait for Namaste in which we find out what happened to Sun, Sayid and Frank after the crash and the story continues with Locke and Ben on the Hydra island. Could we find out who was shooting at Locke, Sawyer, Juliet, Dan, Miles and Charlotte in the boat? I hope so.
  • The best episode yet, a master piece from the writers of this very special show that keeps you "open mouthed"

    This is probably the episode everybody was waiting for since we first started to watch the show. It is one chapter of a kind that I guess it's going to repeat its formula from now on. And it is like that because the writers and producers of Lost know that they have to star wrapping up, so they better start explaining and putting pieces toguether if they don't want to find a show's finalle a little bumpy.

    "La Fleur" is a very revealling episode, in wich we know, at last the Dharma Initiative from the inside, only seen before in some training videos and the arrival of Ben Lynus with his father.

    Besides that, it was about time to offer a new Sawyer based episode. His relationship with Juliette just put the show on top of the game for that matter, the same way time travel did for the "Science Fiction" excuse of the show.

    All of us that follow the series since the begining are enjoying this penultimate season that will offer a lot of gifts to its followers (like the four toed statue a last revealed in its original shape).

    Great episode, I watched it already 4 times and since there is not going to be another new episode until next week, I guess I will be watching it a couple of times more... the final minute its plain audiovisual poetry.
  • This episode is not about time travel, but feeling travel.

    Lost is becoming a masterpiece of tv drama series. Instead of tell repetitive stories from a group of people lost on a island - what I would expect from this season, the theme "time" is so well developed that makes me remember Proust´s In search of Lost Time.
    This episode is not about time travel, but feeling travel. About what happens to our feeling as time goes by, to love when we think it´s gone.
    It seems as if Sawyer ( and, why not, all of them) were always walking in circles, taking his decisions, saying no to certain situations (Kate?), beginning again his life, and when he thinks life is going straight ahead, it comes back like an old vinyl long-play - with the wrong song playing.
  • Skeptical no more!

    I have to admit it: I was very skeptical back then when it started to become clear that some sort of time travel was the reason behind the mysteries of the island. But, how wrong was I? So, so wrong. The writers have been doing a wonderful job and every new episode I watch makes me go back to previous ones so I can better understand all the connections between the multiple story lines. I'm absolutely enthralled.

    As for the episode itself, it loved it and Sawyer was majestic handling both the Dharma leader and Richard. I was also kinda rooting for him and Juliette ever since Jack and Kate left the island and FINALLY they hooked up (although I must say he's left me jealous, but that's a whole nother story :) ). I really can't wait for next week's episode to see how the reunion will end up, especially how the new love bird will handle the return of their previous crushes.

    Bottom line, 11 out of 10.
  • wow this was the best episode yet

    Some of what happened in this episode was predictable but at the same time it was so interesting to see it didnt matter. Juliet and sawyer, all of them working for dharma and then at the end when they finally see the oceanic six (some of them anyway) it just makes you want more, and of course the episode ends moments later to leave you hanging.. and how convenient that theres no episode next week lol just makes you want it more. I definately thing this is the best show on tv at the moment and LaFleur was the best episode ive seen. The biggest questions i have are: 1) Did the people on the plane all get sent do different points in time when the last flash happend? Daniel mentioned Charlotte was sent back maybe locke and those others were kept in the present time
  • Sawyer=Awesome

    It's been almost two and a half years since the last Sawyer episode, so it was about time for one and it didn't disappoint! In fact this episode is probably the closest we'll get to a traditional flashback all season; there were two separate stories running parallel to each other in different times focusing on the same character.

    The episode started with the last scene from "This Place is Death", which is normally a cheap trick but worked here to clearly establish that by turning the wheel, Locke saved them all. We then got a very welcome surprise by seeing what is most likely the full four toed statue. While it may have annoyed some that we only saw it for a moment, it is a good reminder to the audience that it will be answered at some point.

    So with the time-travel arc done with the characters are now stuck in the seventies. The reveal that Sawyer was LaFleur was relatively obvious, but awesome nonetheless! This is where we had the best use of flashbacks/forwards for a while. The thing this episode had that many others this season have been missing was a fully contained story rather than just set-up. We've already seen a couple of characters working for the Dharma initiative (Daniel and Jin) so here we had confirmation that all our remaining main characters were working for it. The obvious question was how did they end up there, which for once was actually answered! Ok, not fully answered, but enough that it's clear how things will progress.

    Amongst other things it is a fantastic idea to place the castaways in the Dharma initiative. As such a big part of the show the DI needs a lot of attention, but it wouldn't have worked if that had all come from one character's flashbacks. To be able to have it in the current timeline of the show means that it can be gone into fully, hopefully giving a satisfying story.

    As this is a Sawyer episode I'd better talk about him for a while. He's been probably the best character for the last season and it was fully shown why here. We got to see the there major aspects to his character. Firstly there was action Sawyer when he saved Amy (yay for Michelle Dessler from 24!). He was perfectly reasonable with the gun-happy Others, but was also fully willing to take them out if needed, which he did. Then there was con-man Sawyer when he effortless managed to convince Horace that they had crashed on a boat. The subtle details were played perfectly, and while I'm not sure how Sawyer new so much about the Black Rock, the little mention of it was great! He also managed to work his magic on Richard a bit by telling him the complete truth. A conversation that could have gone so badly was handled perfectly thanks to solid writing and great performances from both actors.

    The only complaint I had with the episode was when lovey-dovey Sawyer came around. Now his relationship with Kate is great, but I really was not a fan of him getting together with Juliet. While there is an obvious path that can be seen (she's the only female who knows the truth about him on the island) it still seemed out of place. However it did work when he saw Kate once again. Despite his claims to Horace he's clearly still in love with her and a simple look at the end was all that was needed. While I'm not happy that this will mean yet another love-triangle (or quadrangle when you include Jack) it worked for this episode.

    On top of all that other fantastic moments included Jin's improved English and a heart-broken Dan seeing a young Charlotte. Props to Daniel Dae Kim for his continued superb performance as Jin. They could've gone the easy route and had Jin speaking fluent English here (as DDK can), but held back and still kept it slightly broken, which worked far better. Considering what happened to Charlotte was only that same day from Dan's perspective it was understandable that he was pretty quiet for most of the episode. When he did see Charlotte there was no need for dialogue, his look said it all and it was a great moment.

    Other than the whereabouts of Rose, Bernard and any other surviving castaways the major question that this episode brought up is how the season will work thematically from here. With two different time periods on the same island does that mean every episode will focus on either the seventies or 2007/8? Or did the new plane in fact also land in the seventies. Anything's possible now, and so long as the episode quality is up with this one's I'm happy with whatever they do!
  • Superbly scripted !!!!!

    One of the finest episodes ever. The best thing about this episode was that there were no new questions raised, and it provided answers to some of the old questions. This was one of the Sawyer centric episode, and Sawyer happens to b my fav character of the show. The moment i saw the statue in the beginning, i was excited to see the remainder of the episode which turned out to be fascinating. The ending was particularly special with the appearance of Jack, Kate and Hurley. This show is becoming more and more exciting with every episode. I just cant wait for the story to unfold. Keep up the good work !!!!!
  • WOW!

    When this episode first came on I was so confused when we saw Sawyer as LaFleur I then rememberd when Jin was dressed up like a Dharma worker and I realized that this was a cover like they were pretending that they were somone they were not or they were caught and made to be Dharma. The best thing about this episode was when we got to see Richard Alpert and he was still the same and still leading the hostiles.The 4 toed statue and how we got to actually see what it kind of looked like was shocking to me because i almost forgot about it. So all in all this was a great episode.
  • "Her face she is gone and never get back" :)

    LaFleur, who knows without spoilers that will be Sawyer ?? Oh come on that was nice suprise :)After episode about LOcke, Ben, Widmore was time for Oceanic Six concretely for "Oceanic Island" :P, Daniel is back , he is more crazy than he was... , Sawyer is with Juliet that was really suprise . Episode with total Dharma Initiative that first Dharma Initiative , Horace as leader , shock... some new characters, adventures , mysteries and even nice couple dancing :)
    I think the best in this episode was story Sawyer about dont remember people which people loves, after three years he dont remember what he feel to Kate and he even dont remember her face ... so when I saw Sawyer`s face while he see Kate again I really laughing :)

    Nice story episode :) 10
  • Back to the island and we see what Sawyer, Jin, Juliet, Faraday and what's his name have been up to for the three yrs between Locke leaving and current(?) time.

    Just to figure out the timeline, the plane crashed in Sep 2004, the Oceanic 6 came back to reality in what, Jan 05? The season ender #3 with Jack wanting to go back would have been Jan 08-ish?. So, way back when, Sawyer et al finally stabilize at a time when the Dharma and Richard Alpert's "hostiles" have an uneasy truce. The episode is a nice development of "Jim Lafleur" the professional liar. The time warp 5 join the Dharma's and in the intervening 3 years seem to rise in the command structure. Flipping back and forth three years every few minutes kept the story moving intriguing and some good Sawyerisms.
  • King James

    With the return of the Oceanic Six covered ("316") and the adventures of John Locke off the island recounted ("The Life and Death of Jeremy Bentham"), only the travails of the characters back on the island remain to be covered before bringing all three groups back together in some fashion. That story turns out to be the rise of Sawyer as the leader that so many, particularly Hurley, felt he could be.

    Sawyer comes into his own in a big way in this episode, and it is a major advancement of his story arc. Gone is the Sawyer that would have concerned himself solely with his own survival and interests. He is now as capable a leader as Jack, and perhaps a better one at this point. The three years with the Dharma Initiative certainly have something to do with that, but he was already taking charge (with Juliet's able guidance) once the time jumps stopped. (And it's fun to note that Miles essentially took up Sawyer's previous role as the sarcastic challenger to Sawyer's assumed authority.)

    The episode itself is relatively straightforward once the pattern was recognized. Most of the actions jumps between 1974 (when the Oceanic Tribe first encounters Amy) and 1977 (when Amy gives birth). Sadly, the impact of the final scene was completely obliterated by the ABC promotional staff, so what probably would have been relatively smooth foreshadowing felt heavy-handed and obvious.

    The beginning of the episode dropped a few interesting clues and details. Just before Locke turns the Frozen Donkey Wheel back into its proper position, the Oceanic Tribe notices that they are in the ancient past. A huge Egyptian-style statue can be seen in the distance (ostensibly the source of the "four-toed statue" from "Live Together, Die Alone"). That links to the hieroglyphics seen at the Temple site (and for that matter, the Swan Station, the door for the controls to Cerberus, the Frozen Donkey Wheel, and Hurley's drawing of Egypt in the previous episode), and continues to build evidence for ancient origins of the island.

    One interesting note involves Jacob/Christian Shepherd. If the Oceanic Tribe (and John Locke) were in the ancient past when the Frozen Donkey Wheel was turned into its proper position, then Jacob/Christian Shepherd appears to be independent of the normal passage of time. Either that, or Jacob/Christian Shepherd was caught up in the time jumping as well.

    It was a great idea to have the Oceanic Tribe "stop" in the 1970s era of the Dharma Initiative, before whatever catastrophe was mentioned in the Swan Station orientation film. This presents the perfect opportunity to fill in the gaps in the Dharma part of the mythology left from earlier seasons. Most of the scenes are meant to explain how Sawyer and the rest came to be welcomed into the Dharma Initiative, especially when there was no reason for Horace to trust them at all. Saving Amy was a nice start, and preventing a war with Richard was even better. But it was mostly about Sawyer's decision to step up to the plate and keep his people on the island long enough to find the rest of the Oceanic Tribe.

    The location of Rose, Bernard, and the others in 1974 (and 1977, for that matter) is still to be resolved. That appears to be a bit of a plot hole, but it's also something that could be easily answered later in the season. Less clear is how Richard could remember John Locke (and presumably, now the man with the really fake facial hair), yet seem not to know them in the months after the crash of Oceanic 815. And if that red-headed child was supposed to be Charlotte, that's an apparent continuity error; according to Ben's litany in the fourth season, Charlotte wasn't born until 1979!

    Paul's ankh necklace is an interesting little artifact, because it could link to the gigantic statue earlier in the episode. The statue appeared to be holding two ankhs, one in each hand. The ankh is a symbol for eternal life (perhaps a connection to Richard and the unusual properties of the island) and fertility. Amy later gives birth on the island, which holds potential significance in light of the symbolism.

    It's ironic that Juliet agrees to stay and help Sawyer for two weeks, and ends up being there for at least another three years. It's a close parallel to Juliet's previous experience with the Others. Three years is long enough for Juliet to start up a relationship with Sawyer, who seems to excel at fanning the romantic flames with women who used to be close with Jack. It's this obvious rapport between Sawyer and Juliet that practically demands the return of Kate at the end.

    The difficulty of women to give birth safely on the island was a major plot thread in the second and third seasons, and Juliet brings up her own failure to resolve the problems back in the future. Those issues only emerged when women both conceived and delivered on the island, so one can assume that Horace and Amy weren't somewhere off the island when the conception took place. As Juliet and Sawyer seem to agree, this implies that something changed between 1977 and 2001, when Juliet arrived on the island.

    Daniel is nowhere to be found in the 1977 scenes, which could intersect with his activities in the opening sequence of "Because You Left". He could be working on the Orchid Station, given his scientific prowess, and that would position him perfectly for any upcoming attempt to turn the Frozen Donkey Wheel and return to 2008. And that does seem like something that will happen, because the Oceanic Tribe isn't supposed to be there by the time Ben arrives on the island (pretty much any day now), since he would have recognized them if they had been there!

    Enough emphasis was placed on Amy and the arrival of her son to imply that her son will eventually be important to the story (or, at the very least, someone already known). There aren't a whole lot of choices at this point, but considering how connected everyone seems to be, it's unlikely to be some random child. Amy's son would be about 30-31 at the time of the Oceanic 815 crash.

    Now that it's been confirmed that Jack, Kate, and Hurley have also arrived in 1977, the question is whether or not Sayid and Sun arrived in the same time period. Locke and Ben seem to have crashed with the rest on Ajira 316 in 2008, so it's not a given that both are in the same time. Sayid could be back in 1977, while Sun could have been the woman that left with Frank on one of the Ajira canoes, as mentioned in the previous episode.
  • The first Sawyer-centric ep since early season 3. And it's a sweet one!

    I've never been a big fan of the Juliet character. But i've got to give this episode props for developing her relationship with Sawyer in a natural /believable way. I'm pulling for those two crazy kids! with the reveal of the 06 returning (at their same time- 1977), if Juliet still likes Jack, this could be the first good love quadrangle I've ever seen.

    But oddly, the episode as a whole didn't do much for me. The flashes have stopped (thank God!) but now, stuck in the 70s, Sawyer and co. somehow manage to integrate themselves into DHARMA. okay... It's been fun learning about the history of the island this season (statue alert!) but I honestly don't know where their going with this. Like faraday, my mind is a jumble due to the do's and don't of time travel. All I know is a Purge is coming...
  • Lost is getting back one track: this episode was exciting, heartfelt, and didn't leave the audience with a painfully spinning head of confusion.

    First off, let me say I was seriously looking forward to this episode with fear. I knew, knew, KNEW the writers were pushing Sawyer and Juliet together, but I didn't know how I felt about it. I was entirely unsure. Would they be eachother's consolation prizes after the departure of Jack and Kate, or would there be something genuine and intriguing between them?

    So, first I'll say thank you to the writers for stopping the time warps. My head was beginning to ache just as much as the character sin the show. Nevertheless, hurrah for the brief view of the statue. I have been wondering about that scary four toed foot for quite a bit now.

    Secondly, I'm liking the twist of the Losties being forced to join Dharma and that they are stuck in the 70's. It was convincing, put together well, and not forced at all. I won't spoil much more about how that goes down, but it was nice to have something finally happen in a logical sense.

    And finally, onto the romance. You know, I really liked that we didn't see THE moment they get together. That's what I feared. Woudl it be convincing enough? Would it be believable after four seasons of Sawyer/Kate tension? And the writers pulled through. I think they took a much better route by showing the before and after.
    Yeah, I think the before was very believable. And the after was actually freaking precious. The two of them surprisingly make a really sweet couple: while Sawyer's attraction to Kate is somewhat shallow due to the fact that it's based in empathy towards their respective "dark" pasts and sexual attraction, Juliet really balances him out well. He's hard-headed and rambunctious, and her calm nature really fits with him well. But she's also strong and hard, enough to challenge him. I really, really, really LOVED it.

    That being said, AUGHHHHHHH, why does Kate have such craptastic timing? Even so, I'm excited to see the tension. But I'd really love to find out how this is going to play out. I mean, really, I do believe Kate and Jack are meant to be. So I'm hoping it happens with Juliet and Sawyer as well.

    On a side note, Richard Alpert is just wonderful. He's sort of like a vampire in his creepy, ageless, frightening, non-Edward Cullen kind of way.
    I love him, and I would just love to find out more about him....Please, writers? Please?

    But, overall, great episode, look forward to the next one!!!!!!!!
  • A Sawyer- centric episode, with a mixture of Dharma Initiative and a touch of Richard Alpert to create brillance.

    It was a big ask for the LOST creators to come up with an episode that was as good as the unique and brillant 'The Life and Death of Jeremy Bentham' but by George, did LaFleur deliver. As soon as I heard "Previously on Lost" I was hooked and didn't dare to take my eyes away in case I missed anything.

    I was over the moon, when a couple of minutes into the episode that it appeared to be Sawyer- centric episode. He is possibly my favourite character and it has been a while since we had a Sawyer episode (Since season 3 none the less). It is shame that Sawyer doesn't get enough centric episodes, because some of my favourite episodes of Lost are Sawyer centric. But thats enough of me rambling about the greatness of Sawyer. Back to the episode itself.

    The episode was perfect; it seemed to have everything in it. Such as Richard Alpert, The Dharma Initiative, Romance, Gun Shooting and some dodgy dancing. With the Losties now part of Dharma, it has slowly and surely being filling us in with those nagging questions that has been bugging me since the first season. And I do hope that the story arch with Dharma continues through another several episodes. I am hereby stating that I hope Sawyer and Juliet will stay together and that Sawyer doesn't go with Kate. But it seems we shall see in the next couple of episodes.
  • Why is LOST soo Amazing? I dont care what people think but every episode satisfies me. Anyways this episode got me to ask a lot of questions! And here are some of the following..

    What is the significance of the giant statue? The giant statue appears to be Anubis, the Egyptian god of the dead, to what extent does this statue imply the reality of the island - that dead people continue to appear on the Island and some who die appear unable to stay dead? In mythology, Anubis was charged with determining if someone who died was worthy to enter the realm of the dead... could this statue imply something about those who continue to appear on the Island after they die? What could this statue mean for John Locke who appears unable to stay dead? Why was Amy and her son able to survive the delivery? What is the nature of the truce between the DHARMA Initiative and the Others? Was Amy's and Peter's picnic location a violation of the truce? Why were Richard's people so brutal and murderous in their treatment of Amy and Paul? Where are Rose, Bernard, and the other survivors? Where is Daniel Faraday in 1977? What is the significance of Paul's ankh necklace? Why did Jack, Kate, and Hurley return to 1977? Why wasn't Richard concerned about the Sonic fence? Why do the Others want Paul's corpse? Who is the red-headed little girl? How did Sawyer get Juliet to stay for more than two weeks? Did Sawyer and the others encounter a young Benjamin Linus there, and if so, how did they interact with him? Since Sawyer, Juliet, Jin, Miles, and Faraday are seemingly fine, why did the Oceanic Six have to return? Why did Locke have to do anything other than set the wheel back on its axis?

    LOST is the best!!!!!!
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