Season 3 Episode 15

Left Behind

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Apr 04, 2007 on ABC



  • Trivia

    • Saint Lucy: Kate took the alias "Lucy", remarking that Lucy was a Saint. The Feast of Saint Lucy falls on December 13, the same day on which the events of this episode (including the Feast at the beach) occur.

    • When Kate and Cassidy are in the bar having a drink, Cassidy is asking Kate a question and we see Kate playing with an empty glass. We then cut to a view of Kate face on, where she holds up the glass with a dark drink in it, and drinks it in one sip.

    • Black and white ("Lost"'s recurring theme):

      While she's being held, Kate observes a backgammon board to kill time.

    • Just like everything DHARMA owns, the motel bathroom is decorated with a picture framed with an octagonal shape, which has 8 sides. 8 is one of "The Numbers".

    • Juliet's right hand is handcuffed to Kate's left hand. That gives Kate the advantage, since they're both right-handed.

    • Sawyer says he needs to change "the hearts and minds" of the rest of the group. Hearts and Minds is the title of an episode from Season 1.

    • Goof: When Juliet and Kate are hiding from the "Black Smoke," there is a little part where you see (from the monster's point-of-view) a man in a red T-shirt visible on the very left side of the screen.

    • Island events in this episode take place on December 11th, December 12th and December 13th 2004.

    • Numbers: 4

      The Monster flashes lights 4 times during the night attack on Kate and Juliet.

    • The game room where Kate was held contained the game Mouse Trap - Locke stated this was his favorite game as a child.

    • In the game room where Kate is being kept, you can see two pinball machines in the background, Cyclone, and Revenge From Mars. They were manufactured in 1988 and 1999 respectively.

    • Numbers: 4

      The grenade thrown into the recreation room where Kate was being held is marked ALSG274: 2+7+4=13 ---> 1+3=4

    • Sawyer refers to the DHARMA steak sauce as A-1, a popular American brand.

    • The knife from Juliet's pocket is a "Kershaw Chive", designed by the Hawaiian based knifemaker Ken Onion who lives on Oahu.

    • In the season 2 episode "Lockdown," the word "Cerberus" was written on the map that appeared on the blast door. Cerberus is the three headed dog that guards the underworld and is thought by many fans to be the name of the smoke monster. Further evidence of this is seen in this episode when the smoke monster shows it can split into three parts. Also, when it hits the sonic fence, the smoke morphs into what looks like three separate heads stemming from a tail.

    • When he is talking to Hurley, Sawyer can be seen reading Watership Down. He was seen reading this book earlier in season one.

    • When Kate's mother bends down to clean up the soup that was spilled on her and the floor, there are no stains on her blouse, only her apron. However, when she stands up, her blouse is severely stained as well.

    • The grenade thrown into the recreation room where Kate was being held, marked ALSG274, is actually a tear-gas grenade made by ALS Technologies. It is not made to put someone to sleep, but to cause coughing and inflammation of the eyes.

    • Numbers: 4

      Juliet tells Kate that she has dislocated her shoulder 4 times.

    • Kate and Juliet escape "the Monster" by hiding in the roots of a banyan tree. This method was used by her previously in "Pilot (1)", by Boone and Shannon in "Hearts and Minds", and by Rousseau in "Exodus (2)".

    • Cassidy, Sawyer's ex-girlfriend who he conned (as seen in the episode "The Long Con") is seen helping Kate speak to her mother, who ends up being conned by Sawyer in previous episodes.

    • When Sawyer is talking to Claire near Aaron, the baby starts crying when Sawyer speaks. However, in previous episodes, Sawyer's voice had a totally different effect, soothing Aaron and putting him to sleep.

    • Kate finds Jack still asleep, although at least a day has passed since the Others knocked her, Juliet, Jack and, presumably, Sayid out with gas, and the effect on her and Juliet was over much more quickly.

    • If you watch frame by frame the scene in which Kate and Juliet fall in the mud, you'll realize Evangeline Lilly and Elizabeth Mitchell are already covered in mud before they fall.

    • The code that Juliet types in the fence is 151623. However, only the 4 last digits are seen, while the other 2 are only heard. 4, 15, 16 and 23 are some of "The Numbers".

    • Numbers: 4

      The license plate on Kate's car is Missouri 4ON DVB.

    • The book Claire is reading is called Rick Romer's Vision of Astrology. Rick Romer was the set-decorator of Lost and this was the first episode after he left the show.

  • Quotes

    • Juliet: I hope you're not dragging me all the way back there for him.
      Kate: Excuse me?
      Juliet: I hope you're not going back for Jack. Because I was standing right there when he told you not to come back! And now that you've ruined his chance to get off the island - (Kate stops Juliet from talking by punching her in the face)

    • Sayid: I've checked all the houses. Everyone's gone. No weapons. No trail. It's like fifty people disappeared into thin air.

    • Kate: So, this guy who ripped you off, will you give me his name, tell me where I can find him? You almost got arrested for me, Cassidy, I wanna help you.
      Cassidy: I'm pregnant. It's his; baby is his. And I still love him.
      Kate: So, call the cops. Have him locked up.
      Cassidy: Will you ever forgive your mom for calling the cops?
      Kate: No. No, I won't.

    • Jack: What happened?
      Kate: They all left.
      Jack: What? (he sits up) What?
      Kate: Because of me. I'm so sorry. I should of listened to you. I never - I wanted to come back to help you, but you didn't need me to. And, now, because of me, you can't go. (Kate starts crying) I'm so sorry. I am so sorry.
      Jack: They just... left? Even, uh, even Juliet?
      Kate: No, they left her too.
      Jack: Why?
      Kate: You know her better than I do. Now what?
      Jack: Now, now we go back.

    • Sawyer: I hope you'll remember this little barbecue at your meeting later.
      Charlie: Oh, what meeting?
      Sawyer: Hurley told me about the vote.
      Charlie: Vote? Since when did anyone around here vote?

    • Juliet: They left me behind too, they gassed me. I know that you don't care, but the people I spent the last three years of my life with, they just left me! I thought that maybe, maybe if I could make you think that we were in it together, maybe I wouldn't get left behind again.

    • Kate: You don't know anything about [Jack].
      Juliet: I know where he was born, I know what his parents did for a living, I know that he was married and who he was married to. I know why he got a divorce, I know how his father died, I know his height, his weight, his birthday, and his blood-type. What do you know about him, Kate?

    • Kate: Did [Jack] say that to you?
      Juliet: Sorry?
      Kate: That I broke his heart.
      Juliet: He didn't have to.

    • Kate: I wanna know why you told 'em what I did to Wayne.
      Diane: I thought, maybe, you came because you wanted to say you are sorry.
      Kate: I'm not sorry. He hit you, he treated you like a dog, and you -
      Diane: You can't help who you love, Katherine! And, for good or bad, I loved him and you burnt him alive. You turned on the gas and you lit a match. You murdered him in cold blood!
      Kate: I did it for you.
      Diane: No, what you did, you did for yourself. I have to go back to work. Because you are my daughter, I am not gonna tell the two men sitting at the table, who have been following me for the last month, that you are here. But I swear to god, Katie, if I ever see you again, the first thing I will do is yell for help.

    • Claire: Is, uh, is there anything I can do for you?
      Sawyer: No. I just came by to, uh, say your baby (pause) ... he's not as wrinkly as he was a couple weeks ago!
      Claire: Yeah, I guess he's not. Thanks.
      Sawyer: Oh, and, uh, this is for you. (He hands her the blankets)
      Claire: Thank you.
      Sawyer: I don't like ... blankets. Well, goodnight!

    • Kate: Why would they handcuff you to me and then drag us all the way out into the jungle?
      Juliet: Ben has a thing for mind games.
      Kate: That why he left you behind?
      Juliet: Do we really have to talk?
      Kate: Nope.

    • Cassidy: Figure it out? That Marshal: I don't know what you did to him, but if he ever gets his hands on you, it is gonna be you or him.
      Kate: Look, if you've changed your mind, if you don't want to help me, I get it.
      Cassidy: No, I do wanna help you. But if I'm lying to Federal Agents, Lucy, so that you can have a chat with your mom, then I, at least, need to know that there's a pretty good reason.
      Kate: [My dad], uh, used to get drunk and beat up my mom. So, I blew up his house. I made it look like an accident - a gas leak. Took out an insurance policy on the house for her; set her up for life. And, then, she gave me up. Chose him over me. So, the reason I need to talk to her is someone I love, someone who is supposed to care about me, betrayed me and I want to know why!
      Cassidy: Well, then let's go find out.

    • Hurley: Apologize for calling me all those names.
      Sawyer: Ugh. I'm really sorry I called you rotund.
      Hurley: Really?
      Sawyer: Oh, god! You're worse than a girl! Come on, let's, uh, spread the love.

    • Cassidy: So, what the hell are you doing in Iowa?
      Kate: I want to talk to my mother.
      Cassidy: You're gonna have a really hard time doing that because, if you did what you just said you did, the Feds are gonna be watching her 24/7.
      Kate: I'll figure something out.
      Cassidy: Oh, you will, huh?
      Kate: What you want to help me?
      Cassidy: Absolutely.
      Kate: Why?
      Cassidy: I fell in love with the wrong guy. And then, I gave him my life savings. He conned me and embarrassed me. He was a bad guy. So, I'll help you get the meeting with your mom, Lucy, because one of us deserves something good.

    • Cassidy: How about you tell me your name?
      Kate: (pause) It's Lucy.
      Cassidy: And, what's your real name? Next time somebody asks you, don't think about it.
      Kate: I didn't think-
      Cassidy: Not even for a second. So, why Lucy?
      Kate: She's a saint. I had to memorize them all in Sunday School so I figured they'd still all be rattling around my brain.

    • Hurley: Dude, you need to know that there's been some chatter after Paulo and Nikki and everything. Well, tomorrow there's gonna be a vote.
      Sawyer: Vote for what?
      Hurley: Decide whether or not to banish you.
      Sawyer: Banish me!? Where?
      Hurley: Well, there was debate about that, but the consensus was half a mile down the beach.
      Sawyer: Consensus?
      Hurley: I'm only saying this because there may be a way to fix it. To, like, make amends.
      Sawyer: I don't do "amends."
      Hurley: You might want to ask yourself about all the good stuff that comes from being a part of this society. I mean, you can't even feed yourself.

    • Cassidy: Hey! Why'd you help me?
      Kate: Just one girl watching another girl's back I guess.
      Cassidy: Or: you're stranded here and, for some reason, you didn't want that guy calling the cops.

    • Juliet: Do you think [the Monster's] gone? Are we safe?
      Kate: Are you serious? You've never seen that?
      Julier: If you don't believe me you can always pull my other shoulder out of its socket.
      Kate: I wasn't trying to.
      Juliet: Don't flatter yourself. It's just the fourth time it's been dislocated.

    • Desmond: So, what's your angle, brother?
      Sawyer: My angle?
      Desmond: Well, you haven't spoken three words to me and then suddenly you want to be my hunting partner.
      Sawyer: My angle is I got hearts and minds to change. And politics is all about bribes. Since money don't mean squat on this island, I've got to give the people something they like. And people like meat.

    • Sawyer: Why do we gotta be out here so damn early?
      Desmond: You asked me to help you catch a boar. Well this is when they break cover to eat.
      Sawyer: Looks like they picked a day to sleep in.

    • Kate: Jack told me not to come back to protect me! Because he didn't want me to get hurt!
      Juliet: Is that what you think?
      Kate: Yeah, that's what I think!
      Juliet: We have cameras on the cages, Kate. All of them. He saw you. You and Sawyer. The reason Jack told you not to come back wasn't because he didn't want you to get hurt. It was because you broke his heart.

    • Cassidy: What makes a girl who went to sunday school scared of cops?
      Kate: A few months ago, I killed my stepfather and escaped from the Marshal who arrested me for it.
      Cassidy: Why?
      Kate: Cause he was a bad guy.

    • Hurley: Don't look at me and pretend we're not talking. I'm not supposed to be here.
      Sawyer: Good, then scram!

    • (Looking at Claire putting Aaron to sleep)
      Sawyer: I ain't kissing no damn baby.
      Hurley: Claire is, like, really influential. She votes you to stay, you're home free, dude.
      Sawyer: Well, why wouldn't she vote for me? It's not like I ever done anything bad to her.
      Hurley: Nah, but you never did anything good for her either. And, have you ever even asked how Aaron is?
      Sawyer: Well, I know how he is: he ... cries loud and he smells.
      Hurley: You see, that's what I'm talking about. You're sarcastic, people don't like that.
      Sawyer: All right. So, I go over and do what?
      Hurley: Moms love it when you show interest in their babies. You should go over there, say something nice, call her Claire, and give her this [blanket]. I know you can do it, dude.

    • Locke: I came to say goodbye.
      Kate: Goodbye?
      Locke: I'm leaving with them.
      Kate: What the hell is going on? I mean, what are they doing to you? Are you brainwashed? Where did Jack go?
      Locke: Jack didn't go anywhere, Kate. He's gonna have to stay behind like you.

    • Hurley: (to Sawyer) Did you try to gut [a fish] yourself? How have you not learned that by now? I mean we've been here for, like, three months?

    • Sawyer: You know how for three days, ten hours and 15 minutes I ain't allowed to use nicknames?
      Hurley: Yeah.
      Sawyer: Well, you Sir Hugo, are rotund, annoying, and you're ruining my damn view! How's that for amends?

    • Kate: We're going back.
      Juliet: What? They did this to us. Why would we go back?
      Kate You say "they" like you didn't lock me in a cage and watch me break rocks all day! We're going back to your village because my friends were probably gassed just like us. Your people are gone anyway. I saw them all pack up and leave.
      Juliet: What?
      Kate: Locke came in to say good-bye. They were taking off, going somewhere else.
      Juliet: Going, going where?
      Kate: He didn't exactly tell me. (Juliet looks confused. Kate smiles.) Welcome to the wonderful world of not knowing what the hell's going on.

    • Juliet: What the hell am I doing here?
      Kate: Why don't you tell me!?
      Juliet: (groggily) I don't know.
      Kate: Well, I don't know either! So, why don't you let go of my wrist? (Juliet releases her wrist) So what the hell happened?
      Juliet: I was making a cup of tea. Cannister came in through the window.
      Kate: So, what'd you do to piss 'em off?

    • Sayid: (regarding Juliet) She is not coming with us.
      Jack: Yes, she is.
      Sayid: Why?
      Jack: Because they left her behind, too.

    • Sawyer: You tricked me into being decent? That's gotta be the lamest con in the history of cons!
      Hurley: It wasn't a con, dude. If you're gonna be our temporary leader, then you need to do some damage control.
      Sawyer: Leader!? What the hell are you smoking?
      Hurley: Jack's gone. Locke's gone. Kate and Sayid. You're all we got. When Paulo and Nikki died, we all looked to you. Then again, you totally tried to steal their diamonds, but we wanted to look to you. Look around: you made everyone happy. Just for today, they can eat boar, laugh, and forget that they're totally screwed. And you did that for 'em, dude. You.
      Sawyer: Well, what if I don't want to be leader?
      Hurley: Yeah, well, I don't think Jack wanted it, either. Sucks for you, dude.

  • Notes

    • This episode won a 2008 Golden Reel Award for Best Sound Editing in Television: Short Form – Sound Effects and Foley.

    • Rodrigo Santoro (Paulo) and Kiele Sanchez (Nikki) are no longer in the opening credits.

    • Ben (Michael Emerson) is the only main cast member who doesn't appear in this episode.

    • International Air Dates:
      Denmark: May 2, 2007 on Kanal 5
      The Netherlands: October 5, 2007 on Net 5
      Belgium: October 22, 2007 on VT4
      Spain: Monday October 29, 2007 on FOX TV Spain
      Finland: Thursday November 22, 2007 on Nelonen
      The Czech Republic: Sunday December 16, 2007 on TV Nova
      Macedonia: Sunday December 23, 2007 on A1
      Germany: Monday January 14, 2008 on Pro7
      Greece: Wednesday September 24, 2008 on ET1
      The Middle East:Sunday January 18, 2009 on MBC action

    • Episode Title: The title refers to the characters' situation in this episode, as they get left behind when the rest of the Others pack up and leave their homes suddenly.

    • Music: Patsy Cline's "Walking After Midnight" is playing in the background when Kate's car is getting towed in Iowa.

    • This is Beth Broderick's fourth appearance on the show. She also appeared in "The Long Con", "What Kate Did" and "Born to Run".

    • This is a Kate-centric episode.

  • Allusions

    • The title is also the title of a series of novels, about what might happen after the "rapture" (the future vanishing of christians to meet Christ in Heaven).

      After Jack, Kate, Sayid and Juliet are left behind by the Others, Sayid says, regarding the Others's sudden disappearance, "It's like fifty people disappeared into thin air". This also fits with Locke's conversation with Kate where he indicates she is not good enough to be taken because of what she has done. The tribulation, a time of war, death and destruction, traditionally follows the rapture.