Season 6 Episode 5


Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Feb 23, 2010 on ABC

Episode Recap

Flash-sideways timeline (2004) Jack arrives from work at his apartment in Los Angeles. While changing his shirt he notices an appendectomy scar and when his mother rings, asking for an update on the lost coffin, he asks her about it. She tells him his appendix was removed when he was seven or eight after he collapsed at school. However, Jack doesn't seem to recall it, saying he "guesses" he remembers it. He also agrees to go over to her home to help look for his Father's will which she cannot find because there are "papers everywhere". On noticing the time, Jack excuses himself and hangs up. He drives to a school (St. Mary's Academy) where he picks up a boy, David, his son. Jack apologizes several times for being late but David seems dissatisfied. At Jack's apartment an awkward conversation between Jack and David takes place. Jack asks whether David is reading The Annotated Alice. But when Jack reminisces about reading the boy the book when he was little David walks out. In the kitchen David asks why Jack wants to have a conversation with him as they see each other once a month and wants to "get through it". Just then Jack's mobile rings. It's Jack's mother asking where he is. Jack drives to his Mother's large house where they search for the will. His mother offers Jack a drink which he refuses. She says "Good for you". She explains David was really upset at the "funeral". Jack says he didn't know that the boy was upset and that "Communication is not one of his strong suits". His Mother says it "runs in the family". Jack explains that he didn't communicate well with his Father as a child because he was terrified of his Father. His mother suggests that David may be terrified of Jack and that he should ask his son. His mother finds the Last Will and Testament and on perusing it asks Jack whether his Father ever mentioned a "Claire Littleton"? Jack arrives home with a pizza and drinks and calls for David. He is not at home. Later Jack rings David and leaves a message that he is sorry if he did something to upset David. He explains that he is going to drive over to his mother's house and asks David to wait there if he is there. At David's Mother's house Jack finds the key under a pottery rabbit and goes in. Jack then goes to David's room and calls for David but he is not here. He sees music sheets for Chopin's Fantaisie Impromptu and some photo booth shots of David and Jack. Jack listens to two messages on the answering machine. The first is from the Conservatory confirming David's slot at 7:00pm on Friday the 24th. The other is a a message from Jack in Sydney where Jack says that something happened and he "just needed to hear (David's) voice" while tearing up. At the auditions at the Williams Conservatory we hear David playing the Chopin at an audition. A boy says that David is really good and is hugged by his father. The man turns and says "They are too young to have this kind of pressure". It is Dogen. Dogen says that "it is hard to watch and be unable to help" he adds that David "has a gift", but when asked Jack says that he doesn't know how long David has been playing. Jack waits for his son outside. David says he made his mom promise not to tell Jack that he was still playing because Jack always made such a big deal of the piano playing. He says that he didn't tell Jack about the audition because he didn't want Jack to see him fail. Jack tells a story that at David's age his Father didn't want to see him fail either and that he said that Jack "didn't have what it takes". Jack says he has carried that all his life and that he never wants David to feel that way and that he loves him and that in Jack's eyes David can never fail. Original timeline (2007) Hurley and Jack Jack is looking at his reflection in the pool in front of the Temple. Dogen joins him and says he was afraid Jack had left. Jack asks whether leaving was an option to which Dogen replies that "everything is an option". Jack is asked whether his friends are coming back. Jack says that they are probably not. The two men say how they appreciate each other's honesty. Hurley is playing tic-tac-toe with Miles when he suggests that they get something to eat. Venturing into the temple he spots a man crouched by the pool, pouring something into it and asks him where the kitchen is. The man says "it is down the hallway, Hugo" and we see it is Jacob. He tells Hurley he needs him and that Hurley should get a pen to write a few things down and that someone is coming to the Island and that Jacob wants Hurley to help the someone find the island. Outside the Temple, Sayid is looked at suspiciously by the Others as he approaches Jack. He asks what Jack is hiding from him. Jack says they wanted Jack to kill Sayid with the pill which was poison. Later, Hurley, with detailed instructions written on his left arm, is discovered by Dogen searching a hallway in the temple. Dogen orders Hurley to return to the temple's square, but Jacob appears to Hurley and says he can do what he wants and to tell Dogan he is a candidate. Hurley asserts his status as a candidate and his right to do as he pleases. Dogen says something in Japanese to Hurley ("You're lucky that I have to protect you. Otherwise I'd have cut your head off."). After Dogen leaves, Jacob informs Hurley that he told Hurley that he had to bring Jack with him. Hurley says he won't be able to convince Jack to come. Jacob gives a wry smile. Hurley approaches Jack and tells him of the mission from Jacob. After Jack declines to go on the mission, Hurley tells him that Jacob said that Jack "has what it takes." Jack is disbelieving as to what he just heard and demands to see Jacob. Jack is convinced to come when Hurley explains that although Jacob is "kind of dead" he is at the place they are going to. Hurley leads Jack out of the temple and as they walk along a stream Jack sees a backpack. Kate points a gun at them Kate says Jin has gone back to the temple and that "Sawyer is on his own". Kate says she's not going back to the Temple but she intends to find Claire. Jack says Claire is not at Beach Camp and that the Temple people said something happened to her. Hurley and Jack continue on their way. Hurley wonders what went down between Jack and Kate but Jack says he wasn't cut out for marriage and kids. Jack finds Shannon's inhaler, upon which Hurley and Jack realize they are at the caves. While there, Hurley speculates that Adam and Eve might be the remains of some of the 815 survivors who have been sent back in time. Jack tells Hurley of how he discovered the caves while chasing after his dead father. Jack looks at his Father's broken coffin which Jack smashed because his Father "wasn't in it". Hurley reflects that what they are doing is "old school" - "trekking through the jungle on (their) way to do something they don't quite understand. Good times"! Hurley asks why Jack came back to the island. Hurley say he came because Jacob told him to. Jack pauses and emotionally explains that he came back because he was "broken" and that he was stupid enough to think the Island could fix him. Finally, Hurley and Jack arrive at a five story brick tower - The Lighthouse. Jack breaks the door and they climb to the top where they discover a wheel surrounding a fire bowl and a series of mirrors to reflect the firelight. Hurley says that they have to turn the wheel to heading 108. He begins to turn the wheel and asks Jack to tell him when it reaches the appropriate number. As Jack watches he sees scenes reflected in the mirrors and hundreds of names alongside the heading numbers are written along the edge. His name "Shephard" is adjacent to the number 23. As he watches the mirror, Jack sees a strange reflection and tells Hurley to stop, but the image vanishes. He then asks Hurley to turn the wheel to his number. When the mirror reaches 23, they see a reflection of Jack's childhood home. Jack speculates that Jacob has been watching them their entire lives. Jack insistently says he wants Hurley to ask Jacob "right now" why Jacob has been watching him. Jack falls into a rage wanting to know what Jacob wants from him and furiously smashes the mirrors. Afterward Hurley is sitting outside the Lighthouse. Jacob appears and Hurley apologizes for failing in his mission and that the plan for the people to find the Island is "totally screwed". Jacob is unperturbed. Jack is sitting some distance away, staring out to sea and Hurley realizes that Jacob wanted Jack to see what he did. Jacob explains that it was the only way for Jack to see how important "it is". He explains that Jack is here to do something. To get some people to do something you just tell them, for people like Jack you need to "let them look out at the ocean for a little while". He also explains that he had to get them away from the Temple as far as he possibly could, because someone bad is about to arrive there. Hurley wants to warn the people at the temple but Jacob explains that it is already too late. At Claire's camp Claire checks to make sure that Aldo and Justin are dead and then frees Jin from the bear trap. She explains that she has been living in the jungle since the other survivors left the Island three years ago. She starts to help Jin but he passes out. At the makeshift camp Jin discovers a cradle with a makeshift doll constructed from an animal carcass and fur inside it. Claire soon returns with Justin in tow. She indicates that she intends to torture Justin in order to find out where Aaron is. She ties him to a tree and goes to prepare to treat Jin's wounds. When Claire leaves the two men alone, Justin insists that Claire intends to kill them both and says that Jin must free him so that he can snap Claire's neck. Claire returns and treats Jin's wound and stitches the gashes. She explains that she hasn't been alone in the jungle but has a friend who has told her that The Others have Aaron. She also says her father told her the Others have Aaron. She won't reveal who her friend is but is keen to know that Jin is still her friend. She threatens Justin with an axe, demanding to know where Aaron is. Justin denies knowing anything about Aaron and that they captured her because she was "picking our people off". She says that the Others at the Temple had stuck her with needles and branded her. Jin stops her from killing Justin, saying that Kate took Aaron off the Island. Claire then strikes Justin in the heart with the axe killing him. Afterwards, Jin tells Claire that he lied, hoping to save Justin's life, and that he had seen Aaron at the temple with the Others and that she will need Jin to get to him. Claire says that this is good, because if Kate had really taken Aaron she would have to kill her. Locke, walks in. Jin rhetorically asks whether it is John but Claire says "this is not John, this is my friend".
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