Season 6 Episode 5


Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Feb 23, 2010 on ABC

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  • Jack and Hurley find a special lighthouse on the Island; Claire shows her crazy side to Jin (and her squirrel bone baby); in the flash-sideways, Jack struggles to repair his relationship with his son, David.

    This episode was not the best episode of Lost, but certainly not the worst. The highlight, by far, was seeing Claire in action once again. Emilie de Ravin is doing a great job of portraying this new, crazy Claire. She literally stuck an axe into a man's gut! It was really unexpected and so out of character for the Claire we remember from the first four seasons of the series. It is clear that this new, revamped Claire is a lot more dangerous than ever before.

    Matthew Fox kind of impressed me in the flash-sideways scenes. He's a good actor. Unfortunately, his on-Island storyline was not as exciting as I had hoped. First of all, it seemed weird to me that he and Hurley would leave the Temple without taking both Sayid and Miles with them. I understand it was necessary for storyline purposes, but it still seemed unusual. Oh well, I will not nitpick that development to death.

    Things are interesting, and there are not a lot of mysteries for the writers to explore throughout the rest of the season. I am eager to see how things unfold, especially since the finality of this season seems to be bringing out the best of all actors involved.