Season 6 Episode 5


Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Feb 23, 2010 on ABC

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  • Jack is not boring!

    It's sad to see that many Lost fans can't appreciate Jack's importance to the show, and only find flashbacks (forward or sideways) interesting if there is an action plot going on. Sure, when we visit Jack off the island, he's not shooting people like Sayid does or running away like Kate, or conning people like Sawyer, or even eating cursed chicken like Hugo might. No, Jack's episodes are realist in orientation, and often deal with dramatic situations based on family dysfunction (father/son). But why is that boring? It's not. In fact, Jack's father/son related flashes are pivotal to understanding the driving theme of Lost -- moving on from the past, moving away from those who were most responsible for creating your identity and the issues that surround that identity. Jack's flashes help to ground Lost again and again in the real world, reminding us of the relevance of the more extreme characters and their problems, e.g., Kate and Sawyer. Now onto this particular episode: the sideways world is showing us a character arc where Jack was able to overcome his father issues via his own relationship with his son. And as is usually the case so far this season, some really great emotional resonance is created from the parallel narrative. I loved it!
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