Season 2 Episode 23

Live Together, Die Alone (1)

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM May 24, 2006 on ABC
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After discovering something odd just offshore, Jack and Sayid come up with a plan to confront "The Others" and hopefully get Walt back. Meanwhile, Eko and Locke come to blows as Locke makes a potentially cataclysmic decision regarding the "button" and the hatch. Lastly, Desmond returns and he sheds some more light on his experience on the island in the three years prior to when Locke came down into that hatch.moreless

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  • Desmond's past and more about the Others was woven well into the story. I am wondering what happened to the Polar Bears, Wild Boars and other props which were so prevalent the first season. Lost has definitely morphed and they've done a great job leadingmoreless

    After the information exposed on the hatch and Des' history. The theory behind what is really going on on the Island has certainly turned towards a scientific experiment gone wrong. Intriguing that the Others care about phony beards and "real" names, such as "Tom" and "Bea". I wonder if the Others aren't involved in the pasts of our Lost heroes somewhere, sometime.

    Hurley was sent back, why? Why was he brought in the first place, why not someone else? Good idea Walt and Michael bailing out, hard to envision Michael getting back with the rest of the Survivors after his muderous spree.

    Looks like lots of twists and turns ahead, who will survive the Electro-magnetic pulse, the explosion and the capture by the Others, and who will go the way of Boone, Shannon, Anna Lucia and Libby....moreless
  • Awesome.

    Michael leads Jack, Kate, Sawyer and Hurley to the Others. Henry, the apparent leader of the Others, releases Hurley, takes Jack, Kate, and Sawyer as prisoners, and allows Michael and Walt to leave the island. Desmond returns and realizes that he crashed Flight 815 when he entered the numbers into the computer too late. Locke stops entering the numbers and traps himself, Mr. Eko and Desmond inside the hatch, which implodes. In flashbacks, Desmond is shipwrecked on the island and lives in the hatch with a man named Kelvin, whom he accidentally kills. I love the start of this episode where Jack, Sawyer and Sayid swim to the boat and find a drucken Desmond inseide - awesome. I love Desmonds back story and the fact that he knew Libby off the island. I love the Jack and Sayid scene. John thinks that the button is a con. I love the scenen with Jack, Kate, SAwyer, Hurley and Michael. I also love the John and Desmond scenes. Oh and the Charlie and MR Eko scenes - Charlie is so funny. I love him. I love the scene where Jack wants Michael to tell the truth - amazing.moreless
  • Very Good Season Finale

    I think that this episode of Lost was a very good season finale. This episode was very informative. This episode was a Desmond flashback episode. In his flashback's we saw Desmond leaving a prison and taking a book with him by Charles Dickens. When he left the prison a man named Charles Widmore asked Desmond to take a ride with him. Widmore was going to try to buy off Desmond from doing anything with his daughter Penelope. Desmond didn't take the money. Later on Desmond was at a cofee shop where he met Libby and Libby gave Desmond her boat which was her husband's who died. Desmond wanted her boat to go on a trip around the world. The next flashback we see Desmond in a storm while he's on the boat. Then Desmond's boat crashes on the island. We see someone come to pick him up and take him to the hatch. We then find out that the man was Kelvin. Kelvin tells Desmond that if Desmond leaves the hatch he will get infected with the sickness. Later on we see Desmond and Kelvin in the hatch and Kelvin is painting the map on the blast doors. Then later Kelvin leaves the hatch and Desmond follows him. Desmond see's Kelvin going to a his boat that Desmond took to get to the island. Desmond becomes so mad at Kelvin he bangs Kelvin's head on a rock and Kelvin dies. Then Desmond is running to the hatch to enter the numbers but he is too late and s magnetic force under the hatch causes the plane to crash on the island. On the island Jack and Sayid decide to let Sayid take Desmond's boat and go to the other side of the island to meet the others. Sayid, Jin and Sun all go on the boat and when they get to the rock with the hole in it Sayid gets off to go explore the land. Sayid finds no one and the hatch that we saw being guarded in Three Minutes we find out that there is nothing there. Meanwhile the 5: Jack, Kate, Michael, Sawyer and Hurley go looking for Walt. They see a bird that seems to call out Hurley's name. Then Jack get's mad at Michael and Michael tells the 5 that he killed Ana Lucia and Libby and that he let "Henry Gale" go. Later on the 5 are walking through the forest when they see the black smoke that Sayid said we would let out when the coast was clear. All of a sudden pellet type things are shot at the 5 and they are knocked out. Then we see the 5 on a dock with Mr. Friendly and Ms. Klugh. Then a boat pulls up and "Henry Gale" gets off. He tells Michael that Walt is on the boat and that hey can go but Michael can't tell anyone and that he can never come back. Then Ms. Klugh tells Hurley that he could go but he has to tell everyone else on the island that they shouldn't try to find them. "Henry Gale" says that Jack, Kate and Sawyer are coming with them. Meanwhile in the hatch Eko is still pushing the button on the countdown. Locke tells Eko to stop but Eko doesn't want to listen to him. When Locke then try's to break the computer Eko kicks Locke out of the hatch. Locke then finds Desmond and ask's Desmond to help him. Desmond then locks Eko outside of the hatch and the blast doors come down. Eko decides to blow open the blast doors and asks Charlie to help him. Charlie shows Eko the dynomite from the black rock. When Eko goes to open the doors there is a big explosion but the doors don't open. Locke still decides not to push the button and the countdown runs out. The magnetic force attracts things to the hatch. Then Desmond finds the key that Kelvin had and he goes underneath the hatch to cut the magnetic force off. At the end of this episode we see two Russian pilots playing chess in a artic lab. Then a screen starts to beep and one of them calls Penelope Widmore telling her that they have found the magnetic force. Overall this was a great episode and I can't wait until Season 3 starts.moreless
  • The start of something even bigger than you know

    And so we've come to the end of season 2, and now realize the other trick the creators of Lost are masterful at--- tricking us with the flashback. Last season, they gave us a shot of everybody on Oceanic 815; this flashback is the first one to involve character, who wasn't on the flight at all. Indeed, when the episode begins were shocked to see him at all. (In fact when I saw that they were going to waste our time on a character who had nothing to do with the crash, I was a little upset. How little I knew.)

    Ever since Desmond ran off into the jungle, some viewers probably wondered where the hell he'd gotten to. Turns out, he's the man on the boat that we just saw arrive at the funeral, and he's as shocked as any of the castaways that he's ended up back here. He thinks that this is all that's left , and it's possible that the magnetic interference that screwed up the compasses before is still in effect. I subscribe to another theory that will later become popular--- the island won't let him leave. It knows that Desmond has work to do.

    Desmond's story on it's own is very compelling. We see him getting dishonorably discharged from the Scots Guard at the beginning of his flashback, and meeting the father of a woman Desmond is in love with --- Penelope Widmore. The same Widmore who's name we've seeing on a lot of things connected with the island. In fact, her father Charles plays a very critical role in the series as well, though we won't learn that for another couple of seasons. Desmond then does exactly what he told Jack he was doing--- trains for a boat race around the world to restore his honor. The boat is purchased from someone we've seen before--- Libby, who is now linked by one degree of separation to three people on the island. He washes up on shore, and meets Kelvin. We've seen him before to--- in 'One of Us', he helped turn Sayid into a torturer. He's part of the Dharma Initiative now, and though we don't know for how long, it's pretty clear he's been waiting for replacements, just like Desmond was.

    Now that Desmond's back on the island, he's still pretty despondent, and his mood doesn't get much better when he runs into Locke, who's got no faith left about anything, and tells Desmond what he found in the Pearl station. He and Desmond scheme to get Eko out of the hatch, and find out what happens when no one presses the button. We know nothing good can come of this. Meanwhile, Jack is still leading Michael and his not-really- merry band to meet with the Others. Sayid, however, intends to use the boat to sail ahead and try and scout ahead. In order to do this, he needs help so he goes to Jin, and Sun comes along in order to translate. While they're on their little excursion, Sayid spots something that's really unsettling--- a giant stone statue of a foot--- with only four toes. It's not until season 5 that we got any explanation as to what that statue was originally, and we still don't know ho built it and how it was torn down. Producers say they'll give us the answers in due time. Tick-tock fellows.

    The group headed to the village encounters a bird that seems to scream Hurley's name. There's never been any follow up on this, so we let it go. More importantly, Sawyer and Kate can find out that they're being followed, and when they take out the Others, they learn of Michael's deception Michael's barely been holding it together, and he cracks like an egg when Jack pushes him. However, he tells them that they have to go ahead with the plan, if they're going to have any element of surprise. But given how much of an edge the Others seem to have held since the beginning, it's probably doomed to failure.

    All told this is a fascinating episode (it works best when seen in context with Part 2) but now it's clear that the pieces are coming together. Of course, there were a lot of little plot points from Season 2 that have never gone anywhere, but I'm willing to let that slide as we approach the climax of what has been a good season.

    My score:9moreless
  • More Setups and Great Scenes for a Season Semi Finale!!!

    Logic/Details - » This episode continue to make setups, but solve some things in the ways. All the Main Characters have their share of participation :Jack, Sayid, Kate, Sawyer, Hurley, Sun and Jin.

    Since this is the pre season 2 finale, it make sense that Desdmond came back, because his flashbacks about how he arrive in the island are unknown. Like episode 7, 15 and 22, this episode follow the same mindset.

    There are some development regarding Locke and how he lost his faith and want to see what happens if he don´t press the buttons.

    Progress -» The flashbacks advances really fast. The events on the island come to a semi conclusion when Jack reveal to his friends what Michael is up to. Locke takes measures to ensure that the button is not pressed anymore. Emotions/Stimulation/Highlights -» This episode has some good and great highlights scenes. For example: 1 – Desdmond Flashbacks when Libby appears (surprise), his scene with Penelope (touching) and when he arrived in the Island (curiosity and mystery) 2 – When Sayid Found that Strange Statue (One more Mystery), 3 – Interactions: Locke and Eko, Locke and Desdmond (in the Beach), Charlie and Locke (ironic), 4 – When Jack Reveals to Kate and Co what is Michael intentions (Fantastic and Satisfactory)

    Ending - » nothing mind blowing since this is the pre finale.

    Overall - » The Plot advances in this final setup that can create the Best Season Finale of Lost to date. Is not superior from the Last Episode.moreless
Clancy Brown (I)

Clancy Brown (I)

Kelvin Inman

Guest Star

April Grace

April Grace

Ms. Klugh

Guest Star

Stephen Paget

Stephen Paget

Master Sergeant

Guest Star

Henry Ian Cusick

Henry Ian Cusick

Desmond Hume

Recurring Role

Sam Anderson

Sam Anderson

Bernard Nadler

Recurring Role

M.C. Gainey

M.C. Gainey

Tom Friendly

Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (25)

    • Numbers: 16

      Near the end of this episode, the alarm beeps 16 times until Kelvin enters all the numbers into the computer.

    • This is not the first time Alan Dale(Alan Widmore) and Daniel Dae Kim(Jin Kwon) have worked together on a TV series. They worked together in 24, although they didn't share any scenes together.

    • Desmond told Libby that he had 8 months to get ready for the race. 8 is one of "The Numbers".

    • The statue found by Sayid, Sun and Jin had 4 toes. 4 is one of "The Numbers".

    • Libby pays for Desmond's coffee, which cost $4 dollars. 4 is one of "The Numbers".

    • Island events in this episode take place on November 25th 2004.

    • Desmond: 23 and 42

      The letters that Widmore withheld from Penelope show that the house number of her street address was 23, while Desmond's (the return address) was 42.

    • Goof: (Continuity) When Pennys voice-over reads Desmonds letter when he's suicidal after Kelvin's death, she misses out a sentence (probably just done for flow of script), but in the next scene, the layout of the letter has changed - the missed out sentence is in a different position on the letter.

    • The unstable electric energy is powerful enough to pull the washing machine and fire-extinguisher towards it, however it does not effect Eko's cross! His cross is just swinging around his neck normally while he's standing infront of the magnetized wall. This is a goof as we have previously seen Eko's cross reacting to the magnets as he decided to take over the hatch.

    • If the others wanted Jack, Sawyer, and Kate, why didn't they grab Jack and Sawyer when they were trying to find Michael, and Kate stumbled after them? Hurley was sent back, so he was only needed as a messenger.

    • Goof: It is very hard to tell, but after John locked out Eko, Eko went to Charlie for help, you can see on Charlie's watch it is around 11:30, then we see Eko, then back to Charlie where his watch now says 5:20.

    • The swan station might not have been what they said: that it could kill everyone. The fake Henry Gale lied to Locke about him not pushing the button, which eventually lead to Locke smashing the computer. Also the Others didn't seem very concerned when the station was going into meltdown, adding to the fact that it might not be as powerful as was claimed.
      That or the Others don't know about what the button actually does, which only means they are not part of the DHARMA Initiative, adding more to the mystery.

    • When Jack, Kate, Sawyer, Hurley, and Michael find the heap of tubes from the Pearl station, they are startled by noises that seem to be around them. Apparently, one of the voices clearly says the name "Elizabeth" which is the name of the boat Desmond came to the island with and also the Christian name of Libby.

    • Goof: In the last five minutes of the episode, there is a shot where The Others are helping Jack, Kate and Sawyer to get up, just after Hurley has left.
      The woman who is helping Kate to stand on her feet, mistakenly grabs her breasts instead of her arms. You can even see her smile a little because of her mistake.

    • In yet another close instance of the repeated line, Eko tells Locke "Don't tell me what I can do." Locke is most famous for saying "Don't tell me what I can't do!," but other characters, including Jack, Shannon, Kate, and now Eko, have said this line at various points.

    • The system failure that caused the plane to crash happened at 4:16 AM or PM. 4 and 16 are two of the dreaded numbers.

    • Libby asks Desmond in the flashback what the 42,000 dollars are for. 42 is one of the numbers.

    • This episode had the first scene outside the island that was not in a flashback.

    • The hieroglyphics on the countdown indicator loosely translate to "death."

    • Desmond's letters to Penelope reveal that Penny lives in Knightsbridge. This is the same area of London in which Lucy Heatherton lives. Lucy, of course, was the girl that Charlie conned back in Season 1.

    • The two inhabitants of the monitoring station are alerted to an electronmagnetic anomaly. They turn to another terminal where the following text appears:

      Delivery Subsystem 550 Requested action taken:
      > Received: by with SMTP id m12mr1134484nfg:
      > Received: by 10,29.30.1 with HTTP
      > Message-ID: Subject: AUTOMATED TEST
      > MIME-Version: 1.0
      > Content-Transfer-Encoding: quoted-printable
      > Content-Disposition: inline

      1bbybby 77111790v****systems normal**** 76555-222-0

      zzzzzzz330 7711346 ****systtems normal**** QX10022005-CHI



      Delivery Subsystem 550 Requested action taken:
      > Sent: by with SMTP id m11mr1134484nfg
      > Sent: to 10,49.31.1 with HTTP


    • Klugh's (pronounced clue) real name is apparently Bea.

    • It is finally confirmed that Flight 815 did in fact crash on September 22 2004. There were speculations beforehand that it may have been a different date between fans, which was the day the "Pilot" episode aired. Also, it has been 65 days since the plane crashed, which would make the date of this episode set on November 25 2004, Thanksgiving.

    • The number that appears on the computer screen at the end of the episode is 7418880. 4 x 8 x 15 x 16 x 23 x 42 = 7418880

    • In an earlier episode, "Fire + Water" where Charlie kept having visions one of his visions was a big flash of white light and the sky turning violet, exactly as how it happened when the button wasn't pushed.

  • QUOTES (32)

    • Locke: His name is Mr. Eko.
      Desmond: And why does Mr. Eko carry a stick carved with scripture?
      Locke: Because he's a priest.
      Desmond: We locked out a priest?

    • Sawyer: So, these Others, you think they're left over from the Dharma folk?
      Michael: I don't know, man.
      Sawyer: My theory, they're aliens. That's why they use the fake beards, their heads are made of pathetic.
      Hurley: 'Prosthetic', dude.
      Sawyer: You can't even spell and now you're correcting me? What do you think, Freckles?

    • Sawyer: When the Doc told me you all got caught in a net I thought he meant, uh...something else.
      Kate: Since when did you and Jack start talking about me?

    • Desmond: And what did he name his boat?
      Libby: 'Elizabeth'. He named it after me.
      Desmond: Then I thank you, Elizabeth. And I shall win this race for love.

    • Jack: What's the matter?
      Kate: All that stuff we found in the medical station - costumes, make-up, fake beards - what if these people just want us to think they're hillbillies?
      Michael: Listen, I was there. I saw them. They are hillbillies. They live in huts; they eat fish; they're probably more scared than we are. And they have no idea we're on our way.
      Sawyer: Alright, enough jibber-jabber, let's roll.

    • Sayid: I need to get to the North shore of the island, and quickly.
      Desmond: Going to see the hostiles, are you?
      Sayid: What?
      Desmond: You know what, ignorance is bliss. The boat's all yours, brother, for all the good it'll do you.
      Sayid: I don't know how to sail.
      Desmond: Then I suggest you find someone who does.

    • Penny: Desmond, what are you running from?
      Desmond: I have to get my honor back; and that's what I'm running to.

    • Jack: Black smoke, huh?
      Sayid: This time they will know that we are coming!

    • Sayid: On the way to the funeral I told you that Michael had been compromised by the Others, and then you asked me how we might take advantage of that. I believe fate has given us our answer ... the boat.
      Jack: The boat?
      Sayid: This camp Michael is leading you to across the island ... that is where they will set their trap. While Michael leads you by land, I can approach far more quickly by sea. And I can go ashore undetected.

    • Locke: What if I told you that all those years that you and all the men before you were down there pushing that button ... What if I told you it was all for nothing?
      Desmond: I'd ask you ... How the hell did you know something like that?

    • Desmond: When did you come here here?
      Locke: Sixty...sixty-five days ago.
      Desmond: The date, what was the date?
      Locke: September 22nd.
      (long pause as Desmond looks at log sheet of button pushes, which reads system failure on the 22nd of September)
      Desmond: I think I crashed your plane.

    • Micheal: Hey, thanks for coming out here, risking your neck for my boy.
      Jack: Live together, die alone, right?

    • (Jack offers something to eat to Desmond)
      Jack: So, when you ran off, I guess you forgot to mention that you still had a sailboat. Why did you come back?
      Desmond: (laughing) You think I did it on purpose? I was sailing for two and half weeks, bearing due west, makin' nine knots, I should have been in Fiji less than a week. But the first piece of land I saw wasn't Fiji, was it? No. No, it was here, this, this island. And you know why? Because this is it! This is all there is left. This ocean and this place here! We are stuck inside of a bloody snow globe! There's no outside world. There's no escape. Just go away, let me drink.

    • (in a letter to Desmond)
      Penelope: All we need to survive is one person who truly loves us. And you have her.

    • Sun: (after Sayid protests her coming on the boat) You need someone to translate, and you need two people who can sail.
      Sayid: Desmond managed by himself.
      Sun: Look where he ended up.

    • Eko: (racing from the sealed hatch) Do you know how they opened the hatch door?
      Charlie: (playing his guitar) No, but if you hum a few bars...

    • Locke: (to Eko) ...I was wrong.

    • Claire: What happened down there?
      Charlie: You want to know the part where I almost got killed by the flaming fireball or the flying fork?
      Claire: I want you to be serious.

    • Locke: (to Desmond) You wanna take a walk? I'll make the popcorn.

    • Locke: What did one snowman say to the other snowman?
      Desmond: Smells like carrots.

    • (Jack hands Hurley a gun)
      Hurley: No way! If I take that I'm gonna kill someone.
      Sawyer: Ain't that the point?
      Hurley: I thought the point was to get Walt back?

    • Jack: We're not even sure that Micheal has been turned by them?
      Sayid: He has been turned.

    • Desmond: Are you still pushing it?
      Jack: (smiles) Yea! I'm still pushing it.

    • Desmond (to Locke): See you in another life, brotha.

    • Sayid: (on sight of a huge statues foot) I do not know which is more disquieting, the fact that the rest of the statue is missing, or that it has four toes.

    • Locke: (talking to Desmond)...I saw a light from inside the hatch, I thought it was a sign. But it wasn't a sign, probably just you goin' to the bathroom.

    • Charlie: John! John! Seriously, you're about to be detonated!

    • Jack: I would not have brought you out here if I didn't have a plan.
      Sawyer: What plan?

    • Jack: If they don't think we still believe Michael they'll kill us all!

    • Desmond: (after Inman put in the code) What was all that about?
      Inman: Just savin' the world.

    • Sawyer: Dharma nutri-bar?
      Hurley: No thanks, I'm not hungry.
      Sawyer: You serious?

    • Hurley: Did that bird just say my name?
      Sawyer: Yeah it did. Right after it crapped gold.

  • NOTES (9)

    • The Australian band Elora Danan Band has a song featured on their album "In The Room Up There" named after and based on this episode.

    • First appearances by Alan Dale and Sonya Walger.

    • This two-part episode was nominated for three Emmy Awards for Outstanding Directing for a Drama Series, Outstanding Single-Camera Picture Editing for a Drama Series and Outstanding Special Visual Effects.

    • The title of this episode is a reference to something Jack previously said. In "White Rabbit," during Jack's monologue towards the end of the episode, he said, "...and if we can't live together, we're gonna die alone." This statement has been repeated on several occasions, and has become one of the themes of the show.

    • Although none of the regular cast was nominated for an Emmy for season two, Henry Ian Cusick (Desmond) was nominated for best guest actor in a Drama for this episode.

    • International air dates:
      Poland: November 24, 2006 (TVP1)
      Germany: February 12, 2007 (PRO7)
      Denmark: June 28, 2006 (Kanal 5)

    • According to the May 26th Podcast, the crew started writing "Live Together, Die Alone" four weeks before airing. The episode was shot in 17 days with two simultaneous crews, and was finished just five days before airing.

    • Although credited, Michelle Rodriguez ("Ana-Lucia") didn't appear in this episode. This is the first season finale without all the regular actors.

    • This episode is a two-hour season finale.


    • Desmond's full name is Desmond David Hume.

      David Hume was a Scottish philosopher, and also a naturalist and a skeptic. His work was greatly influenced by the English philosopher John Locke.

    • The Odyssey: Desmond is sailing around the world in attempt to win the respect of, and return to, his true love Penelope--but he ends up stranded on an island. In "The Odyssey," Odysseus was trying to return to his wife Penelope from the Trojan War, but got stranded on several occasions en route. Also, Penelope had 108 suitors while Odysseus was gone, and Penelope becomes engaged while Desmond is in prison.

    • The book that Desmond plans on reading is called "Our Mutual Friend", which was the last novel Charles Dickens completed and is, arguably, his darkest and most complex.

      Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse got the idea that Desmond wanted this book to be the last thing he read from an interview with John Irving, where he said just that.