Season 2 Episode 23

Live Together, Die Alone (1)

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM May 24, 2006 on ABC

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  • Desmond's past and more about the Others was woven well into the story. I am wondering what happened to the Polar Bears, Wild Boars and other props which were so prevalent the first season. Lost has definitely morphed and they've done a great job leading

    After the information exposed on the hatch and Des' history. The theory behind what is really going on on the Island has certainly turned towards a scientific experiment gone wrong. Intriguing that the Others care about phony beards and "real" names, such as "Tom" and "Bea". I wonder if the Others aren't involved in the pasts of our Lost heroes somewhere, sometime.
    Hurley was sent back, why? Why was he brought in the first place, why not someone else? Good idea Walt and Michael bailing out, hard to envision Michael getting back with the rest of the Survivors after his muderous spree.
    Looks like lots of twists and turns ahead, who will survive the Electro-magnetic pulse, the explosion and the capture by the Others, and who will go the way of Boone, Shannon, Anna Lucia and Libby....
  • Awesome.

    Michael leads Jack, Kate, Sawyer and Hurley to the Others. Henry, the apparent leader of the Others, releases Hurley, takes Jack, Kate, and Sawyer as prisoners, and allows Michael and Walt to leave the island. Desmond returns and realizes that he crashed Flight 815 when he entered the numbers into the computer too late. Locke stops entering the numbers and traps himself, Mr. Eko and Desmond inside the hatch, which implodes. In flashbacks, Desmond is shipwrecked on the island and lives in the hatch with a man named Kelvin, whom he accidentally kills. I love the start of this episode where Jack, Sawyer and Sayid swim to the boat and find a drucken Desmond inseide - awesome. I love Desmonds back story and the fact that he knew Libby off the island. I love the Jack and Sayid scene. John thinks that the button is a con. I love the scenen with Jack, Kate, SAwyer, Hurley and Michael. I also love the John and Desmond scenes. Oh and the Charlie and MR Eko scenes - Charlie is so funny. I love him. I love the scene where Jack wants Michael to tell the truth - amazing.
  • Very Good Season Finale

    I think that this episode of Lost was a very good season finale. This episode was very informative. This episode was a Desmond flashback episode. In his flashback's we saw Desmond leaving a prison and taking a book with him by Charles Dickens. When he left the prison a man named Charles Widmore asked Desmond to take a ride with him. Widmore was going to try to buy off Desmond from doing anything with his daughter Penelope. Desmond didn't take the money. Later on Desmond was at a cofee shop where he met Libby and Libby gave Desmond her boat which was her husband's who died. Desmond wanted her boat to go on a trip around the world. The next flashback we see Desmond in a storm while he's on the boat. Then Desmond's boat crashes on the island. We see someone come to pick him up and take him to the hatch. We then find out that the man was Kelvin. Kelvin tells Desmond that if Desmond leaves the hatch he will get infected with the sickness. Later on we see Desmond and Kelvin in the hatch and Kelvin is painting the map on the blast doors. Then later Kelvin leaves the hatch and Desmond follows him. Desmond see's Kelvin going to a his boat that Desmond took to get to the island. Desmond becomes so mad at Kelvin he bangs Kelvin's head on a rock and Kelvin dies. Then Desmond is running to the hatch to enter the numbers but he is too late and s magnetic force under the hatch causes the plane to crash on the island. On the island Jack and Sayid decide to let Sayid take Desmond's boat and go to the other side of the island to meet the others. Sayid, Jin and Sun all go on the boat and when they get to the rock with the hole in it Sayid gets off to go explore the land. Sayid finds no one and the hatch that we saw being guarded in Three Minutes we find out that there is nothing there. Meanwhile the 5: Jack, Kate, Michael, Sawyer and Hurley go looking for Walt. They see a bird that seems to call out Hurley's name. Then Jack get's mad at Michael and Michael tells the 5 that he killed Ana Lucia and Libby and that he let "Henry Gale" go. Later on the 5 are walking through the forest when they see the black smoke that Sayid said we would let out when the coast was clear. All of a sudden pellet type things are shot at the 5 and they are knocked out. Then we see the 5 on a dock with Mr. Friendly and Ms. Klugh. Then a boat pulls up and "Henry Gale" gets off. He tells Michael that Walt is on the boat and that hey can go but Michael can't tell anyone and that he can never come back. Then Ms. Klugh tells Hurley that he could go but he has to tell everyone else on the island that they shouldn't try to find them. "Henry Gale" says that Jack, Kate and Sawyer are coming with them. Meanwhile in the hatch Eko is still pushing the button on the countdown. Locke tells Eko to stop but Eko doesn't want to listen to him. When Locke then try's to break the computer Eko kicks Locke out of the hatch. Locke then finds Desmond and ask's Desmond to help him. Desmond then locks Eko outside of the hatch and the blast doors come down. Eko decides to blow open the blast doors and asks Charlie to help him. Charlie shows Eko the dynomite from the black rock. When Eko goes to open the doors there is a big explosion but the doors don't open. Locke still decides not to push the button and the countdown runs out. The magnetic force attracts things to the hatch. Then Desmond finds the key that Kelvin had and he goes underneath the hatch to cut the magnetic force off. At the end of this episode we see two Russian pilots playing chess in a artic lab. Then a screen starts to beep and one of them calls Penelope Widmore telling her that they have found the magnetic force. Overall this was a great episode and I can't wait until Season 3 starts.
  • The start of something even bigger than you know

    And so we've come to the end of season 2, and now realize the other trick the creators of Lost are masterful at--- tricking us with the flashback. Last season, they gave us a shot of everybody on Oceanic 815; this flashback is the first one to involve character, who wasn't on the flight at all. Indeed, when the episode begins were shocked to see him at all. (In fact when I saw that they were going to waste our time on a character who had nothing to do with the crash, I was a little upset. How little I knew.)

    Ever since Desmond ran off into the jungle, some viewers probably wondered where the hell he'd gotten to. Turns out, he's the man on the boat that we just saw arrive at the funeral, and he's as shocked as any of the castaways that he's ended up back here. He thinks that this is all that's left , and it's possible that the magnetic interference that screwed up the compasses before is still in effect. I subscribe to another theory that will later become popular--- the island won't let him leave. It knows that Desmond has work to do.

    Desmond's story on it's own is very compelling. We see him getting dishonorably discharged from the Scots Guard at the beginning of his flashback, and meeting the father of a woman Desmond is in love with --- Penelope Widmore. The same Widmore who's name we've seeing on a lot of things connected with the island. In fact, her father Charles plays a very critical role in the series as well, though we won't learn that for another couple of seasons. Desmond then does exactly what he told Jack he was doing--- trains for a boat race around the world to restore his honor. The boat is purchased from someone we've seen before--- Libby, who is now linked by one degree of separation to three people on the island. He washes up on shore, and meets Kelvin. We've seen him before to--- in 'One of Us', he helped turn Sayid into a torturer. He's part of the Dharma Initiative now, and though we don't know for how long, it's pretty clear he's been waiting for replacements, just like Desmond was.

    Now that Desmond's back on the island, he's still pretty despondent, and his mood doesn't get much better when he runs into Locke, who's got no faith left about anything, and tells Desmond what he found in the Pearl station. He and Desmond scheme to get Eko out of the hatch, and find out what happens when no one presses the button. We know nothing good can come of this. Meanwhile, Jack is still leading Michael and his not-really- merry band to meet with the Others. Sayid, however, intends to use the boat to sail ahead and try and scout ahead. In order to do this, he needs help so he goes to Jin, and Sun comes along in order to translate. While they're on their little excursion, Sayid spots something that's really unsettling--- a giant stone statue of a foot--- with only four toes. It's not until season 5 that we got any explanation as to what that statue was originally, and we still don't know ho built it and how it was torn down. Producers say they'll give us the answers in due time. Tick-tock fellows.

    The group headed to the village encounters a bird that seems to scream Hurley's name. There's never been any follow up on this, so we let it go. More importantly, Sawyer and Kate can find out that they're being followed, and when they take out the Others, they learn of Michael's deception Michael's barely been holding it together, and he cracks like an egg when Jack pushes him. However, he tells them that they have to go ahead with the plan, if they're going to have any element of surprise. But given how much of an edge the Others seem to have held since the beginning, it's probably doomed to failure.

    All told this is a fascinating episode (it works best when seen in context with Part 2) but now it's clear that the pieces are coming together. Of course, there were a lot of little plot points from Season 2 that have never gone anywhere, but I'm willing to let that slide as we approach the climax of what has been a good season.
    My score:9
  • More Setups and Great Scenes for a Season Semi Finale!!!

    Logic/Details - » This episode continue to make setups, but solve some things in the ways. All the Main Characters have their share of participation :Jack, Sayid, Kate, Sawyer, Hurley, Sun and Jin.

    Since this is the pre season 2 finale, it make sense that Desdmond came back, because his flashbacks about how he arrive in the island are unknown. Like episode 7, 15 and 22, this episode follow the same mindset.

    There are some development regarding Locke and how he lost his faith and want to see what happens if he don´t press the buttons.

    Progress -» The flashbacks advances really fast. The events on the island come to a semi conclusion when Jack reveal to his friends what Michael is up to. Locke takes measures to ensure that the button is not pressed anymore. Emotions/Stimulation/Highlights -» This episode has some good and great highlights scenes. For example: 1 – Desdmond Flashbacks when Libby appears (surprise), his scene with Penelope (touching) and when he arrived in the Island (curiosity and mystery) 2 – When Sayid Found that Strange Statue (One more Mystery), 3 – Interactions: Locke and Eko, Locke and Desdmond (in the Beach), Charlie and Locke (ironic), 4 – When Jack Reveals to Kate and Co what is Michael intentions (Fantastic and Satisfactory)

    Ending - » nothing mind blowing since this is the pre finale.

    Overall - » The Plot advances in this final setup that can create the Best Season Finale of Lost to date. Is not superior from the Last Episode.
  • Useless/Confession

    Al final se termina por saber el plan de Michael, y Hurley decide volver cuando se entera quien mató a su beloved Libby. Pero empezemos por el principio: John y Desmond harán lo posible por hacerle ver a Eko que ese maldito botón es absolutamente innecesario para la supervivencia del mundo. Para eso se encierran junto a la computadora esperando que el reloj llegue a cero.
    Por otro lado Sayid, Jin y Sun excursionan en bote hacia el campamento de los otros haciendo un descubrimiento escalofriante: esa pierna estatua con sólo cuatro dedos en su pie... y el resto de la estatua?
    Desmond y su mujer que se será protagonista en la tercera temporada. Ufff...
  • The finale of season and boy what a doozie, awesome viewing, we have the them versus us at the end, also we have the will they or won't they let the countdown run its course, if they do what will happen?

    Sayid comes up with a plan for Jack and the others, without alert the others Jack must follow Michaels' plan nearly to the last letter, with the exception of his little recon party in the form of Sayid and the Korean SBS.

    Locke and Desmond get back into the grove and discuss alot of things regarding the bunker, the happenings and then their agreement that the countdown needs to be able to be completed. We have Desmonds flashback on the majority of his adult life, from the moment he left a HMP and discharged from the army, to the moment that he left and ran across the island to the boat.

    Michael, Jack, Sawyer, Kate and Hurley enact a role of the famous five and set off on their little adventure to rescue Walt and get them back, not long after setting off Kate says that there are two of them following them, 50 yds back on the other side of the river, Kate and Sawyer open fire on them, killing one but allowing the other to escape.

    Michael realises or begins to suspect something is up, that he's been rumbled, as when they go through a dense forest section, a camaflagued bird swoops down at them, causing him to panic and fire at it, we hear just clicks, but Hurley is adament that the bird said his name.

    Locke and Desmond distract Mr Eko from his post at the computer, then take up position by it and then trigger a lockdown, giving them total access and preventing others from coming in. Mr Eko goes and gets help from Charlie, discovers how they got into the bunker in the first place.

    Desmond has more flashbacks from his time on the islands, some of which he shares with Locke, whilst others he keeps to himself, like the real story behind the death of the other man in the bunker with him.

    Mr Eko tries to blow open the blast door leading to the computer, but the result is a large fireball and the loss of hearing for both himself and Charlie, but the time locked up with the computer has allowed Desmond the time to confirm that he caused their plane to crash, then tells Locke about the system crash, that they must go ahead and press the button.

    Meanwhile the others are captured and lead to a pier of some sorts, they were unable to get to Sayid's smoke signal, Michael sort of gets his rewards and Hurley is told that he is free to go back and warn the others never to come to this part of the island again.

    There is an anomoly of an electromagnetic discharge on the island, which is picked up by a listening station !!!! He he, but what did happen to Desmond ?
  • OMG

    Michael leads Jack, Kate, Sawyer and Hurley to the Others' camp. Locke is happy to see Desmond back with the survivours and the two plot to stop pushing the button. Desmond returns to the island and remembers his life back at home with his girl friend Penny. Brilliant, Amazing, Excited, this episode is an all time great as lost goes anyway ,it was so entertianing and was a brilliant end to another brilliant season.I thought it was nice to see Desmond again after a long absence and I enjoyed seeing Michael beginning to loose his nerve. .
    But there is still the better second half to come of this brilliant finale.
  • A Desmond-centric episode.

    Let me just start off this review by saying that as whole, I absolutely loved this episode. I have to say that I think that Desmond is a very interesting character. I loved all of the flashbacks of his life. All of the story lines in this episode were great, and I loved all of the shocking revelations that were revealed in this episode. I especially liked learning about what caused the plane to crash on the island. I have to say that I absolutely loved Charlie in this episode. I just wish that he had been featured a little bit more since he's one of my most favorite characters on the show. I'm very glad to see that Charlie and Claire seem to have stopped fighting and made up with each other. I loved the ending of the episode. That definitely was a great way to end the season. All in all, I thought that this was a very well written, well acted and well made episode of Lost from everyone involved, and I can't wait to start watching my Lost: Season Three DVD set in order to find out what happens next.
  • Amazing Season Finale!

    This will be a duplicate review for "Live Together, Die Alone" parts 1 and 2, since they are the same episode.

    Desmond has flashbacks to his love, Penelope, meeting Libby who gives him the boat, and to the island when he was in the hatch.

    The boat found contains Desmond. Locke is determined not to push the button. Eko wants to though. Locke and Desmond lock Eko out. Desmond realizes that he is the one who crashed the plane when he didn't push the button. Michael, Jack, Sawyer, Hurley and Kate go to get Walt, while Sayid, Sun and Jin follow behind. Michael takes them to a different place than Sayid expects, which gets Sawyer, Kate, Jack and Hurley captured by the Others. Eko gets Charlie to help him in blowing open the doors, but it doesn't work. Desmond wants to push the button, but Locke destroys the computer. The Others let Michael go home with Walt. They give him a boat. Michael and Walt leave the island. They let Hurley go to warn everyone not to cross pathes with the Others. Then, they take Jack, Sawyer and Kate hostage. It seems that "Henry" is the leader. The timer runs out and the whole place is shaking. A terrible sound wave goes throughout the island. Locke admits he was wrong. Desmond saves the place by putting the key in the failsafe. Charlie and Claire kiss. Two guys find out that an electromagnetic thing happened and call Penny to tell her.

    This episode was so great! The ending was tight! I can't believe Michael left. I hate him. I want to know more about the Others now. I also am wondering what Danielle thinks. This episode gets a 10 out of 10 from me!
  • the trade off

    At first when I saw the boat offshore I thought it was just an illusion. But as Jack Sawyer and Sayid ran closer to it, I knew it was for real. As curious as I was to who was on the boat, I never would have expected it to be Desmond. As Michael and his "crew" head off in the wood Kate notice that they are being followed. Jack is forced to tell the rest of the crew about Michael evil plan to trade them to the ohers. Now at this point, I would have had to Shoot Michael, One for lying and two for shooting Ana Lucia and Libby. But they press on cause like always Jack has a plan.

    Michael leads Jack, Kate, Sawyer and Hurley to the Others' camp. Locke is happy to see Desmond back with the survivours and the two plot to stop pushing the button. Desmond returns to the island and remembers his life back at home with his girl friend Penny. Brilliant, Amazing, Excited, this episode is an all time great as lost goes anyway ,it was so entertianing and was a brilliant end to another brilliant season.I thought it was nice to see Desmond again after a long absence and I enjoyed seeing Michael beginning to loose his nerve. .
    But there is still the better second half to come of this brilliant finale.
  • "No such thing as fate. But you saved my life, brother, so that I could save yours."

    After twenty-two episodes, featuring new characters, new mysteries, and stunning reveals, the finale of Season 2 is here, and a mind blowing finale it is. This surpasses the Season 1 finale with ease, and is better than the finale to Season 3, in my opinion (an extremely uncommon one). Everything about it is perfect-the acting, the direction, the writing, the flashbacks, the music, the storylines, everything. There's only one thing that I don't particularly care for, and I'll get to that at the end.

    Before I start, I'll say that I'm reviewing the whole episode here, not the imaginary "Part 1." I don't want to rant, but I think it's just plain stupid to think that an episode is defined by the length of previous episodes. The fact that this episode is two hours does not mean it's two episodes. The credits run at the beginning of the first hour and the end of the second. There's no break in the middle, and there's frankly no real point where the first hour could have ended. The episode is edited to run as one, and if it were to be split up, or if it were even intended to be split up and simply wasn't, even a child would be able to tell you that there's no point where you could stop it and wait another week, because there's never even the slightest hint of a wrap-up anywhere in the middle. Therefore, it's one episode. Anyway, on to the actual thing!

    It's hard to figure out just which story is the main one, and which is the subplot(s). Desmond has the flashbacks, so technically his should be the main story, but all the main characters except for Locke (Jack, Sawyer, Kate) are going with Michael, so this seems to be somewhat more important. I'm going to start with the hatch storyline, and then go to the others. Locke has decided that the button pushing needs to stop, and is furious with Eko for letting it continue. Both Terry O'Quinn and Adewale AA are amazing in this episode, and there's not a word I don't think is delivered wrong. The scene when Locke tries to destroy the computer with Eko's scripture stick is a great one, and the camera angle on it is excellent. Eko forcibly grabbing Locke and removing him from the hatch is another great shot, and it reminds us how formidable Eko is.

    We then see Charlie encounter the crying Locke in the woods, and it's a gleeful moment for Charlie, and the audience in part. It's sad that Locke's crying, and it touches people, but Locke's been acting like such a jerk, and acts like such a jerk later on that it's a little bit warranted. Charlie has had his revenge on Locke, but gets some more here. He very much enjoys Locke being humiliated and having his faith taken from him, because it's happened to Charlie, at Locke's hands! Therefore, unlike most of the audience who detest Charlie during that scene, I'm fairly indifferent. It's sad for Locke, but he's been a bit full of himself, so maybe this experience will be humbling. How wrong we are. Locke recruits Desmond and decides to force the clock to hit zero. Desmond's arrival is great, especially when we see him with a gun and a bottle of wine, drunk in his boat. Henry Ian Cusick establishes himself as one of the five best actors on Lost in this one episode, and his flashback episodes next season (yes, he'll be a main character in Season 3) are some of the best in Lost history. Anyway, his performance on the beach when Locke tells him of the Pearl is excellent, and so is his scene with Jack, when he says that the island and the ocean is all that's left. It's a great commentary on what the show has been like. We've never seen anything of the outside world since the characters have landed on the island, just flashbacks. Therefore, Desmond's theory could actually be right…or not.

    Tricking Eko is another good moment, and the loss of the Jesus stick is a significant moment. Just like Locke forced his own decision over Eko's, in this case he's actually taken Eko's faith away from him. Eko banging on the blast door which Desmond has lowered is great, and immediately ramps up the tension as to what will happen when the clock hits zero. There's also the fact that since the blast doors have gone down, everything in the computer room is on backup power, so there's only a soft yellow light. It's a great decision by the cinematographer and gaffer, and really fits the mood of the room, as Locke and Desmond wait. Since seeing two people wait around is not very interesting, it's going to be Eko who keeps us interested in the storyline. He's desperate to get the doors up, or blast his way through them, and recruits Charlie to help. One of the funniest lines ever comes in this episode: when Eko runs up to Charlie, who's playing his guitar, he says, "Charlie, do you know how they got the hatch door open?" and Charlie responds, "No, but if you hum it I could probably play it." It's good that Charlie agrees to help Eko without a lot of wheedling, because this episode is not about Charlie, and even the storyline doesn't really require him. Therefore, to try and take a long look at Charlie's new personality would just be a waste of time. The writers can't seem to make up their mind about Charlie. Half the time it looks like he's being a very nice guy, and wants to help. The other half of the time he's a worse person than Sawyer, and is angry at everyone. This switching of character is just plain annoying, and I for one am sick of it by this episode. All the other characters are dynamic as well, yet they're believable. Half the time I think Charlie must be having his period because his mood swings are so severe, so I'm glad his good guy/bad guy persona is not really seen in this episode.

    Eko tries to blast through the blast door with dynamite, while Locke and Desmond chat about the Pearl, and Locke talks about the night he was banging on the hatch door and saw a light. The sequence with the dynamite is incredibly intense, and it's really seen through Charlie's eyes. We're with him-this isn't a good idea! Eko, don't light it! Run! The effect is great, as the fire shoots through the shaft, although it's rather ridiculous that Eko thought by going around a wall he'd be safe. Charlie with the ringing ears effect works great, and totally makes the audience feel like we're in the tunnel. Instead of saving his own skin, Charlie turns and decides to rescue Eko, and continues that even when things are going terribly wrong. Meanwhile, Locke has given Desmond the record from the Pearl, on which Desmond makes a terrible realization: He crashed Oceanic Flight 815. The second this occurs, all doubt vanishes from the audience's mind. The button is real, and Locke has to press it. This has always been a bit annoying to me, as the evidence is right there and Locke doesn't see it. Whatever, though, him breaking the computer is a great moment, and it leads to possibly the most intense scene of the whole series. Desmond realizes he has to stop the magnet from blowing, and so all he can do is turn the failsafe key that he took from Kelvin. It's a great moment, as Desmond sacrifices himself to save his friends. The sequence of things flying through the air is also great, and I love how the objects gradually grow bigger. It starts out with forks and knives flying towards the wall, all while Charlie is trying to get Eko out of the hatch. Then the weights go up into the air, along with the appliances in the kitchen. Eventually everything is gone-the metal cans in the pantry fly away, and then the shelves all line up by the door, unable to squeeze through. The exercise bike, computer equipment, the washer and dryer, and eventually the countdown timer itself all go away. The best thing that flies toward the wall, though, is Eko's cross. It always gets me, and I always feel terrible when I see it. Eko had got it off his brother, and it signified his faith. Locke already took his stick, and now his cross is gone. Then there's one of the best lines ever, delivered impeccably by Terry O'Quinn. The understatement of the century, "I was wrong." It's unclear just what happens when Desmond turns the key, aside from everyone in the audience having heart attacks simultaneously because of the tension. The sky turns purple and a terribly loud tearing noise rips through the air. The shots of everybody reacting to it, from Sayid, Sun and Jin on the boat, to Aaron, Claire and Bernard on the beach, to Jack, Sawyer, Hurley, and Kate, who can't cover their ears because their hands are tied, and the Others-the motley crew that includes Alex, Pickett, Klugh, "Zeke", or as we can now call him Tom, and Fenry. Overall, the hatch story is excellent, and definitely makes for a great episode.

    The flashbacks are magnificent as well. Desmond has been dishonorably discharged from the army, and it's not clear why. There's also the sketch of his romance with Penny Widmore, and his relationship with her dad. We never actually see any of the romance, but it somehow makes it more effective-there's the idea that the two love each other, but like "Romeo & Juliet" her father won't allow her to marry Desmond, and forces the two apart. Love is a theme that hasn't been explored on Lost in any amount of detail. There's relationships on the island, and characters have fallen in love, but it's never been an overriding theme of the show. Here, though, it's integral to Desmond's story. He's lost his honor by going to jail and not spending time with Penny, and her father calls him a coward. Therefore, he decides to enter Mr. Widmore's race around the world, win, and gain back his dignity and Penny. The scene with Libby is unexpected, but it provides a little insight into her. It's fate at work again-how weird is it that the boat that just showed up on shore is named after the person who just died? The scene between Desmond and Penny at the stadium is incredibly moving, and a great scene. Henry Cusick is terrific, and it's nice to see the other side of the scene from the season premiere. It's a real sense of unity to the season, and the flashbacks make great bookends.

    Anyway, Desmond arrives on the island next. The blurry vision effect is great, and it's quite jarring when the guy in the yellow suit grabs Desmond. We already knew about Kelvin, and knew this would happen, but it's unexpected that he's in a Hazmat suit. It's also unexpected that Kelvin is really Kelvin Inman, the guy who turned Sayid into a torturer. Clancy Brown does a great job in this episode, and I thought he was mediocre in One of Them, so I'm glad he improved. The scenes between Desmond and Kelvin provide a lot of answers, but also raise a lot more questions. It's also frustrating to watch, because of how it takes two years for Desmond to learn what happened to Radzinsky (he committed suicide, if you're wondering). We learn where the blast door map came from, and we also finally get the answer to what's behind the button. It's an electromagnet, and the button releases the magnetic buildup. There's also the failsafe, which will completely "blow the dam" as Kelvin puts it. In a later flashback, we learn that Kelvin has been repairing Desmond's boat, and is planning to leave the island forever, leaving Desmond alone. We get a lot of insight into the supposed Quarantine-that it's really nothing, and is only used to keep Dharma employees in the hatch. The scene when Desmond finds out that Kelvin is lying is played well by the two guys, although Kelvin's death is so terribly wussy. I mean, I've hit my head on a rock, and I'm clearly not dead. The two weren't even wrestling that hard. The scene when Desmond barely enters the numbers is incredibly tense, but not as intense as the turn of the key.

    The last flashback is the best, and is incredible. The letter in the book is a great touch, yet it's a little corny. The whole Our Mutual Friend thing is a good idea, but it's setup gets a little tedious (okay, we know the book's important). The letter also seems a little too convenient, given the situation, although that may just be fate. However you look at it, it's heartbreaking, and Desmond's destruction of the hatch is great. I love the sequence, and it's just as emotional as Locke banging on the hatch. What's even greater is that both things are happening simultaneously, and both things give the other person hope. Desmond thinks his life is over, but he sees Locke on the hatch, and thinks that his replacement is here. Locke thinks everything he has been doing was useless, but the light from the hatch means something's in it, and that encourages him. Overall, Desmond is a great character, who will only improve in Season 3. His flashbacks here are great, and the reprisal of the letter over the crawl to the keyhole is an inspired idea. His last line is "I love you, Penny," and as he sacrifices himself, he looks just like Jesus Christ. An amazing story.

    All right, now to the others. Jack, Kate, Sawyer and Hurley are following Michael across the island. The shot of the five leaving the beach is great, and there are a lot of funny scenes along the way. The moment with the "Hurley" bird (second finale in a row) is a fine example, with Sawyer's great, "Yeah, it did [say Hurley's name]…right before it crapped gold." There's also the line after Hurley says he's not hungry and Sawyer responds, "Are you serious?" It's a mean line, and Hurley's presence in this episode is very melancholy and is very effective, as it was last episode. The best episode of this sequence however, is when Michael tells the truth. Everything about that moment is perfect, and every single actor plays it perfectly. For once Jack's fury is not annoying in the slightest, and Matthew Fox is terrific. You can feel Sawyer's anger and Kate's shock, and the facial acting of both Josh Holloway and Evangeline Lilly is perfect. Harold Perrineau is the best though, as he struggles to justify his actions. As I said in a previous review, Harold is one of the most underrated actors on the show, and his performance in this entire episode is top notch. He desperately tries to plead his case, but is taken out by Hurley. Jorge Garcia's acting in this scene is amazing, as he realizes that even if Michael didn't mean to kill Libby, he still would have done it. Michael's apology is sincere, there's no doubt about that, but the Losties can't believe it at the moment. They continue to follow him, however-live together, die alone.

    The sequence during which the Others capture our heroes is another great one. The poison darts are an awesome touch, and I love Sawyer going down and everyone leaving him. I don't know why, but it just works. Michael is holding up his hands, trying to talk sense into the Others (yeah, right), while Jack drops his gun and grabs the unconscious Kate and tries to run before he too is hit. Hurley puts his hands over his head, and my sympathy for him increases even more-he doesn't belong here, he didn't want to come, and he shouldn't have come. Now God knows what will happen to him. The group is taken out onto the dock for the Pala ferry, where the motorboat that took Walt pulls up. It's a great scene, as almost all the Others we know are there. Pickett beats up Sawyer, Alex is standing back looking uncomfortable, Miss Klugh is doing all the speaking, and Tom removes his beard for the second time, and boy, does he not look menacing without it. The second that beard comes off he looks like a scared underling, and that's made even more apparent when his boss berates him for it, and all he can say is, "I think they…know." His boss is a surprise though-it's Fenry! He was lying the whole time! He's the big guy, the scary guy, the leader of the Others. What better way to make your captors ignore you than by making them think you're unimportant and useless. Fenry is ten times as evil as he was in the hatch here, as he barks out orders to his cronies.

    The release of Hurley comes as a surprise too. It seems that these four are incredibly important, but for Hurley just to be a messenger boy seems rather odd. The truth is that Hurley was never intended to be there. The producers only planned on killing Ana-Lucia, but they realized that because she wasn't really liked, her death wouldn't have an impact. Therefore, they killed Libby too, to really get some emotion across. Hurley would naturally want revenge, but the producers didn't have him in their plans for early Season 3, so it was easiest to have him sent back as a messenger to his people. He walks down the dock completely confused, and asks the same question Michael does: "What about my friends?" It's amazing that Michael still considers these people his friends, but somehow fitting. Ironically, when Desmond called Eko and Charlie Locke's friends, Locke responded, "They're not my friends." Michael's departure is quite mysterious as well. Fenry is clearly unhappy that Walt is going, although he indicates that Walt's powers are even more amazing than what the Others originally anticipated. There's also the conversation by the boat. Fenry says that the island can't be found from the outside, which is what we've been thinking for a while now. There is a way out, though, which he gives to Michael. His most interesting comment is that the Others are the good guys, which makes the audience scoff, but when we think back on it at the end of next season, we'll see that he isn't talking too crazy. The storyline ends, or doesn't end, depending on how you look at it, perfectly-complete confusion. The audience doesn't know what's going on at all. Michael has been reunited with Walt, in an extremely touching scene. Malcolm David Kelley has only been seen a couple times this season, but is still a great actor (he's grown a lot, though). The boat leaves, though, and the look between Jack and Michael makes us wonder-do they have a plan? Are Michael and Walt gone forever? What about all our questions, damn it?! Hurley is walking back to camp, but will he make it? Are the Others simply going to kill him at some point on the journey? And most of all, Jack, Kate, and Sawyer have bags pulled over their heads. What will happen to them? Why are they needed? What's Fenry's agenda? What's up with the Others? Another great storyline.

    The last storyline of this season finale is Sayid, Sun, and Jin in the boat. There's some real nice moments between husband and wife, and Jin is the nicest he's ever been. I especially like how he doesn't want to go, and Sun didn't pressure him at all. He wants to stay with her and the unborn baby. They do accompany Sayid, however, where they make a startling discovery-a statue with four toes. It's an amazing occurrence, and very strange. It's another mystery, but I'll tell fans this-don't hold your breath for the answer. There's also the scene of Sayid inspecting the camp. This really just serves to fuel the idea that the Others are acting-no one's in the huts, and there isn't even anything left behind. The Dharma door is fake-it opens right into the rock behind it. It's the perfect place for a fake camp.

    Now to the only thing I don't like about the episode-the scene with Charlie and Claire at the end. It's not that I don't like the scene. Charlie being completely unaware of the hatch is strange, and makes us wonder about Desmond, Eko, and Locke even more, and it's nice that Claire lets Charlie back in, and forgives him. It's not quite clear why, but isn't it a good idea to wrap up all Season 2 story arcs in one episode? My problem with it is its placement. We've just seen bags pulled over the eyes of our three leads, and now we cut back to a love story moment that isn't necessary. It's followed by a really interesting scene, two guys in some Siberian place calling Penny about an electromagnetic anomaly-the hatch blast. I don't like the editing here though. I think the best ending would have been when the bags were pulled over the heads of the three at the dock. The Charlie-Claire scene should have taken place in the afternoon, and the Siberian scene, well, should have happened first. I just think that the bag pull not only makes the fade to black easy and natural, but it sums up the episode perfectly-bags have been pulled over the audience's eyes, and we'll have to wait for Season 3 for them to be removed.

    This episode is a masterpiece. Every actor is perfect, from Matthew Fox to the guy who plays Man #2 in the Arctic. The direction couldn't be better, the writing is top notch, and Michael Giacchino's score is better than that of a lot of movies I've seen. Overall, aside from the editing glitch at the end, this episode is perfect.

    Season 2 has been a wonderful season-it has explored deeper themes than Season 1, like science vs. faith, good vs. evil, trust vs. blind trust, and others. The story arcs, from Charlie's to Locke's to Michael's have been wonderful, and the further development of the characters has, for the most part, been great. Episodes individually haven't been as consistently good as those of Season 1, and this season isn't as easy to watch from beginning to end (meaning it doesn't flow quite well), but it still is a great work of television that deserves to be recognized.
  • great episode

    Desmond makes it back to shore with a sail boat. Jack and Sayid come up with a plan how to deal with the others. They are now aware of what's about to happen. Eko and Locke go against one another over the fate of the hatch. This episode shows a lot, it's really exciting. The plan to go the other side of the island is the main feature of the episode, we're shown a lot of things in this episode. It's really exciting. I just can't wait for the next episode, the writers came up with another exciting episode, this episode is really good.
  • the curtain falls

    Just some misteries were opened. I love this episode! It is very special 'cause main heroes are kept by Others. It's very bad but Kate, Jake and Sawyer will definitely find the way to escape. Showing about Desmond's life was interesting and teaching. Now I know that playing with the Button Can be wrong and bad game. Till last explosion I didn't believe that the danger exist.
  • Wonderful Season Two Finale!

    I had been a little frustrated with Lost this season. But any qualms I had were quickly extinguished after viewing this 2 hour long finale. You also know how disappointed I was at the end of last year's long ladder inside a dark hatch finale that had me itching to see how my foot would look inside a 50-inch TV screen.

    I wasn't disappointed this time, though. At all. The producers promised a more satisfying finale and by golly we got one. Some fans will gripe that too many more questions were raised. But they're such intriguing questions. Are Locke, Mr. Eko and Desmond dead? What was that weird, knowing look Jack gave Kate and Sawyer right before The Others threw sacks over their heads all about? How is The Island different after that electromagnetic hell storm? Is Leader of The Others (Henry Gale) really going to allow Michael and Walt to be rescued? Or is he setting them up? What's up with the four toed statue? And the flying bird who appeared to say Hurley's name? Why did Charlie turn out to be such a punk?

    Now, considering this is Lost, half these questions may never be answered. But I'm hoping most of them will be. Although I'm sure the writers will take their sweet time answering them. But they better not take too much time. Viewers are losing patience and Lost will lose even more viewers if the pace isn't picked up next season.

    So, what did I learn during this episode -- other than that Desmond loves everything Charles Dickens?

    Let's review: We learned that Desmond caused the plane to crash when he failed to press The Button and all heck brook loose inside The Hatch. We learned that the island is a very real place that exists on earth. We saw the outside world for the first time which dispelled the theory that everyone is dead except for the plane crash survivors. We learned there are real consequences -- flying forks, violet skies and a really loud magnetic humming -- when The Button isn't pushed. The finale was enjoyable on several levels. Those scenes inside The Hatch were intense and had me sitting on the edge of my couch. The Others are getting creepier and creepier. Desmond's back story was also interesting. So was watching mighty alpha males Locke and Eko (my favorite Lost character) fighting over The Button. The distraught look on Locke's face when he said, "I was wrong," for not wanting to push The Button was haunting.

    This finale had it all -- action, intrigue and the right amount of humor. I loved Sawyer postulating that The Others are aliens whose heads are made of "plastetic." And when he verbally slapped Hurley for not wanting to take a gun with him in the jungle because he might kill one of The Others. "Ain't that the point?" Sawyer cracked.

    Lost has a tendency to get lost during the season. But the show certainly found its way with this episode. More mystery. More intrigue. More questions. This episode will always be in any 'favorite' episode lists.
  • Goodbye Swan station Part 1.

    This episode was fantastic. We meet up again with Desmond. This episode tells us about Desmonds past and how he got to the island... In a boat race. Kate, Sawyer, Sayid and Hurley go off with Michael to find Walt, but before long realise that Micheal is luring them into a trap. Locke and Desmond lock themselves in the hatch and wait for the countdown of the the button. Locke is convinced that nothing will happen with the number reaches zero, but Mr Eko believes that the consequences could be dangerous. I think this first part was amazing. The writing was great. Th next part is even better.
  • Review

    Once again I thought the flashback in this episode was really strong and one of the best parts of the series if you ask me. Getting to see an altered perspective in a flashback is really cool - mainly the scene between Desmond and Jack at the stadium. I think that Penny and Desmonds on screen connection is very strong, and I would like to see her in all of Desmonds flashback. I thought that the scene between Micheal, Jack, Kate, Sawyer, and Hurley was really good. I love Jacks intensity when he gets worked up over something, but I like that Micheal was finnaly revealed for what he did. The look on Hurleys face when he found out that Micheal killed Ana Lucia and Libby was also one of the best acting jobs in the show. I think that scene, right there with all 5 of them, might be one of the best scenes that Lost has ever done. I think this episode had everything to set up for a perfect finale - Jack and gang are going to meet the others, Sayid and gang are moving into position, and Locke is planning on seeing what the hatch really has in store for him...
  • first time I'm not sure about the button

    This is by far the first time that I'm not sure that the whole button thing is a bogus. I believed it from the first time we saw it that it wasn't real. That nothing would happen if they wouldn't push the button. Though Henry lied a lot I believed him, that he never got to push the button because there was from my way of thinking not enough time for him to get there and do it. But now the quaranten thing could get interessting.

    I think it is funny that Michael talked all crazy but Jack had to point it out so that the other 3 would get it. And I think it is sad because of Walt. If he finds out wht his father did... I mean if my father killed 2 people and tried to trick 4 others into something that could very possible lead to their death, people I like and probably care about... I'm not sure how I would feel about it. I just know that it wouldn't feel right.
  • I liked this episode, and I didn't like it. Well... below is (are) the reason(s):

    I liked this episode, and I didn't like it. Well... below is (are) the reason(s):

    Well, it's not that I don't like him, but it was a Desmond-centric episode... and since he didn't appear in many of these last episodes, he kinda banished from my memory and I don't remember him as a "fine" character.

    And, it wasn't really adventurous at all! I hate when it finishes like this. You know, just when you think something exciting is going to happen... boom, there's the Lost logo and "don't miss the next episode!" Uh, how exciting, yay.

    Maybe... I wonder what will happen with Sayid, Jack, Kate, Sawyer and the "Others" and the others considering the ones we know, and what will happen between Eko and Locke...
  • What more do u want form this show, this episode had everything and i dont think anyone wanted it to end. One of the most amazing episodes of a show I have seen on tv in general. This is what lost is all about

    Well we learnt so much from this episode its so revealing that it showed us more in one episode then it did in the entire season. We go into every single character individually and learn almost half of their lives. The whole return of Desmond was classic. He is so deep and complex and they show a side to him we didnt even get a chance to see, personally I was really happy to see his return because since the start of the season he looked like one of those characters that would just fit in fantastically among the cast and that is eaxctly what they did.
  • The first hour of the 2-hour terror.

    The season finale's first part set up the plot to be executed in the second. Locke's decision seems to be very strong. He gets Desmond to produce a fake lockdown with them inside the computer room, and Eko outside it.

    During that, our losties are prepared to visit the others. As they leave the camp they soonly have an encounter with 2 'others'. Kate and Sawyer manages to take down one of them, but the other one runs away...

    Kate and Sawyer indicate that if that 'other' reaches his camp he will warn his friends, and they'll be in big trouble, however Jack says the others already know of their arrival because of Michael..

    Michael confesses. He tells the whole truth about everything.

    However, Jack claims he has a plan.

    In flashbacks we learn how Desmond washed up on the island.

    Really exciting ,revealing, action packed, dramatic. What else is needed..?
  • Kill him, kill Michael

    Oh My God how I loved this episode, I could watch it again and again and never get tired of it, infact that's what I did. There is just so much going on in this episode, that I can't even blink without missing something exciting, important, or just amazing.

    The scene where Jack reveals what Michael is doing is the best scene in T.V. history. The fact that Hurley and Sawyer didn't do anything about finding their lovers killer really did make a lot better then them crucifying Michael. This is the episode where I realized Jack really is my favourite character.

    Desmond is one of my favourite characters, and his flashback was amazing. Locke's whole change in personality was great, but I'd rather he had stayed the same. Over all this episode was perfect.

    Hurley: I'm going back.

    Jack: No Hurley... Hurley you can't!

    Hurley: We were all gunna get killed and you knew it, and you let us come anyway.

    Jack: It's too late to go back now, Hurley. We already caught them following us once. If they don't believe that we trust Michael, they'll kill us all. I'm sorry that I didn't say anything. But you have to know that I would never bring you out here if I didn't have a plan.

    Sawyer: What "plan?"

  • So exciting that leaves you speechless.

    This first part of the two-hour final episode is amazing, although the second part is better. It´s mostly about the discovering of what Michael had been doing when he left the survivors.

    You may have wondered all week about the sail boat; some have said that it could be The Others´, other people may have thought that there were members of the Dharma Initiative inside that boat, but the ones who thought it was Desmond coming back were right. The survivors find him drunk inside the so mentioned boat, it seems that he tried to go away from the island, but it misteriously brought him back.

    We also see how John Locke makes an important decision about the button, as stop pushing it may be, in his opinion, the best solution. The entire episode revolves around Locke´s decision and Mr Eko´s aim to change his mind. With Desmond on the island, Locke has now somebody who supports him and both manage to get Eko out from the hatch as he was not helping at all. But, with Charlie´s help, Eko puts some dynamite around the hatch in order to open it; what he doesn´t know is that is impossible to open those heavy blast doors.

    The explosion takes place, and Charlie doesn´t get hurt at all. The one who seems to be hurt is Eko, who was laying unconscious next to the blast doors. As a result, Charlie intends to wake him up without success. Meanwhile, the selected group start their walk to The Others´ camp and they discover what really Michael has done; although this, they must keep going or The Others may suspect. But, what could they do to confront The Others? Jack admits having a plan...
  • Henry Gale

    Hard to tell but when Henry Gale walks barefoot on the pier he seems to have 6 toes on each foot.Even on DVD with upgrade capacity its hard to get a clear picture.Combine this with the 4 toed statue suggests two different groups of others. The appearance of Matthew Fox in the final scene(with special make-up) and credited under another name is an interesting touch reminiscent of Michael Jacksons appearance on the Simpsons. The question there is it just a fun little thing they did or is there a deeper meaning. After watching this again I can't wait for the new season to begin.
  • One of the best episodes the show has produced so far.

    This episode is most definetly worth your while to watch, it is filled with clever plot turns, character developments, shocking revelations and more, not to mention some of the finest writing I have seen in a long while. I'm not sure where this episode ended, because I watched this along with part two on the dvd, so they just overlapped eachother as one, but the episode as a whole was the best of the series so far, it sucessfully develops Michael's character and reveals much more about the mysterious Other's in it's second half, additionally Desomond returns near the end of the episode and we learn a lot mor about him, once more, I highly reccomend this episode.
  • Desmend returns, as we look into his mystorious past. locke trys to stop Eko from pushing the mystorious button, and we find out how the plane crashed. Meanwhile, Michael leads Jack, Kate, and Sawyer into a trap to get back his son from the Others.

    IIts funny how an episode with so little mystery, can be so good. \\\\\\\"Live Together, Die Alone\\\\\\\", is a well crafted, and well written piece of work, full of suspense, and dread.

    The main flaw of the episode, s that it takes a bit too long to get the ball ruling. We meet Desmend, and Eko kicks out John for trying to take him away from the hatch, to see what happens when you don’t\\\\\\\' press the button. For me, the plot about the secrets of the button was never that interesting.

    But it\\\\\\\'s not about the button that makes this story so great.
    The struggles shared between John and Eko are entertaining, and enough to keep you on the edge of your seat. Loud explosions, and realistic conflict boils at the surface

    I love the ironey of it all. John Locke was once a man of faith, and Jack was the \\\\\\\"Man of Science\\\\\\\". Now John has turned into Jack, and Eko has turned into the old \\\\\\\"Man of Faith\\\\\\\", who was once John.

    Meanwhile, Michael leads Hurley, Kate, Sawyer, and Jack into the wilderness, clamming that they could overpower the others and gets back his son.

    Of course, what Michael does not know is that Jack knows the real reason Michael is taking them into the forest. As you know, Michael made a deal with the others; he gets his son back, and gets to go home, if he brings Hurley, Jack, Kate, and Sawyer to them.

    Jack makes a plan with Syed. Their going to ambush the others. Syed waits on the northern shore of the island, ready to attack.

    And when everything seems okay in this episode, everything goes completely wrong...the viewers feel hopeless when things takes a 360 degrees turn for the worst.

    And unanswered questions, and one major cliffhanger, leaves us all waiting for Season three....and I\\\\\\\'m dieing over here! Whats a fan in \\\\\\\"Lost Withdrawl\\\\\\\" to do?
  • How can you dislike this show?

    Best Episode yet I wasn't dissapointed at all.Full of twists and excitement leaving the fans LOST again until next season.It keeps your attention from beginning to end revealing answers in a brilliant way.This answers most questions throughout the whole 2 seasons and it is not surprising that we are left with more un-answered questions until season 3. Are Ecko, Locke and Desmond ok after Locke and Desmond decided not to press the button which Locke admits was a mistake. He believed towards the end of the season that the button was a fake and nothing would happen if they didn't push it. A strong magnetic charge built up and attracted all magnetic items to it when the numbers weren't entered. On another part of the island Jack, Sawer, Kate and Hurly were betrayed by Michael in an attempt to save Walt. He lead them into a trap where "the others" let Hurly go back and took Jack, Kate and Sawer back to where the others came from. Michael was let go and was given a boat and his son in return for the survivors. He is given directions as to how to get away from the island which fake Henry Gale states that there are specific directions to get away and says he will never be able to return to the island. The last thing shown in this episode was two people sitting in a boat in an area where it was snowing. Something started beeping on a computer and they made a phone call to Penelope, Desmonds ex lover.
  • This proves Lost is the greatest show on earth!

    Lost is definitly the greatest show on earth. Not 24. Not Grey's Anatomy. Not House. Lost is. "Live Together, Die Alone" proves it. It can't get much better than this. Great writing, producing, acting, directing, everything. Losties savor this episode: questions actually got answered! Like We find out Desmond's incident caused Oceanic Flight 815 to crash. We find out something does indeed happen when you don't push the button. Sadly more questions arose such as why did the Others take Jack, kate and Sawyer? Why did they just let Mike and Walt just go? What is that statue all about? What the heck is that discharge? Michael Emmerson did a great job portraying Fake Henry Gale. So did whoever played Tom aka Mr. Friendly ("Where's your beard?") The episode pretty much brought every single episode of the season together to create a very very very great episode. I can't wait for season 3! It looks good!
  • The return of an old character, leading to an interesting chain of events.

    Short-hair!Desmond and Libby? Yes!

    When they ran out to the boat, I suppose we were all expecting it to be Desmond, though I wasn\'t thinking he\'d have flashbacks.

    When it showed the name of Desmond\'s boat, \"Elizabeth\", it was a clue about Libby. I love how characters in Lost have connections from before the crash. And I especially love that fact that Libby was back. She was one of my favourite characters, though I wasn\'t a fan of her hairstyle. Speaking of Libby, the rest of her past needs to be revealed. We need to know more about the Libby/Hurley mental institution stuff.

    This season has most definitely recovered from its mid-season lull, because some of the recent episodes have been just amazing.

    The whole Locke stopping Eko from pressing the button scenario is interesting, and I want to see what happens in next week\'s final. Why is Eko sure everyone will get killed if they don\'t press it?

    Finally, the Jack/Kate/Hurley/Sawyer/Michael situation should hopefully lead to an interesting conclusion regarding \"The Others\".
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