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Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Mar 29, 2006 on ABC

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  • Lockdown

    The riveting main plot is a test for both Lost fans and character John Locke himself, teasing their prior knowledge and provoking what's to come.
  • #217 'Lockdown'

    What an interesting episode. All of the "Locke-centered" ones have been so far. I love the way they continued his father's storyline here. The man had to fake his own death because these two guys were after him and his money. John and Helen (guest star Katey Sagal) went to his funeral which gave John a chance to finally move on, but his papa was following him and needed the last favor. John went to the safe with his key, got dad's money for him to leave the country. But it all ends terribly for John (who had to lie to his girlfriend all the time), daddy got his money and left and Locke was alone again - Helen followed him to the motel and left in shock when she saw John with his supposedly dead father. Very good flashbacks in this one. Meanwhile there was some sort of lock down in the hatch and Henry is not really Henry. 9.5/10

  • Awesome.

    The hatch suddenly traps Locke, who is forced to ask Henry to enter the numbers into the computer. Ana Lucia, Sayid, and Charlie return and reveal that "Henry Gale" is lying and that he is one of the Others. In flashbacks, Locke's marriage proposal to Helen is rejected, because of his inability to let go of the pain his father caused him. Wow - my favourite episode of the season and the last season, I guess. So amazing - I love hte storyline. The scene with John and Henry are amazing. I love the way Jack is in this episode. I love the scene with the poker, Jack knows his stuff - I love the scene with Jack, Sawyer, Kate and Hutlry, and then there is just Sawyer and Jack left - I love them. I love the way the hatch shuts down awesome storyline I loved every minute of it. I love the way Henry has to push the buttons - amazing, I love the tension. The ending is awesome too.
  • The hatch starts going haywire, some major secrets are revealed, and oh, what a denouement

    This episode takes place mere seconds after 'The Whole Truth' ended, and shows how the tension between Locke and Jack continues to build. But this episode is completely (as the title says) focused on Locke, and sets a whole new set of mysteries about the hatch, reveals the single biggest prop used in the series, and ends with one of the greatest twists since 'Walkabout'.

    Even those he's only been in the armory for two days, it's pretty clear that Henry is starting to convince Locke that he is who he says he is. Minutes later, however, the situation between them takes on dire straits. Remember those blast door that Michael pointed out? A countdown is heard over the speakers (it's hard to tell whether it's live or a recording) and down they come, sealing Locke in. Realizing they're trap, Locke has no choice but to turn to Henry for help in getting out of their trap.. However, Henry convinces Locke that he will be on his side when Jack' comes back.

    They try to pry the door open, but in the process a metal rod goes through one of Locke's legs. There's a look of sheer horror on his face when he realize what might have happened, but he can't even stop to focus on it, because there's something else he has to deal with--- the button. Once again, he is forced to put his trust in Henry. as he tells him to crawl through a grate in the pantry and get to the computer.. The suspense in these sequences is thrilling even if you know how it's going to end, but more important is the interaction between Locke and Henry. The scenes between Locke and 'Henry' are among the richest and most thrilling parts of the entire series. In almost all of them, Henry is trying to convince Locke, even though horrible things have happened to him because of what he did, his actions were the right ones. No matter where they are, no matter the circumstances, Locke will always try to prove his superiority in regard to the island, and almost always Henry has outmaneuvered him. Why does this happen? Because, as we see in the flashback, Locke can not avoid being conned. He is finally approaching happiness with Helen (who we met in 'Orientation'), when he learns that Anthony Cooper has died. He thinks he's finally gotten past, when a few days later Cooper pops up, saying that he fakes his death to get $700,000 from a couple of guys. Once again, he manages to convinces Locke to help him, in exchange for a cut of the money. Yet again Locke has been fooled, and this time when Helen learns, she will not forgive him. She turns away from his proposal, and leaves his life for good. (In the it's a small world after all category, we also see Locke doing a house inspection for a woman in California. I missed it the first time, but the woman is Nadia, Sayid's beloved, who the CIA said was living in California.)

    The timer finally runs out, and we wonder what's going to happen next, when something out of left field comes: a black light goes on, and we see that written on the blast door is a map of the island. The map is so complex that three years later we are still trying to divulge information from it. To try and sum up what we learn in a few words would be impossible, but suffice to say the writers have really been trying to test the will of the fans with this particular prop.

    I will therefore pose another question: why did the lockdown happen so close to the timer going off? Weren't the Dharma officials afraid that something like this could keep people from entering the code? More importantly, why did it happen now? Does it have something to do with another event? Was it arranged by the Others? Did the Dharma Initiative program it, and that's still going on twenty to twenty five years later?

    Another possibility occurs near the end. Kate and Jack are walking back to the beach, when they see a flashpoint flicker. A few feet onward they come to a parachute, and there's food in it (as well as other supplies? Was the lockdown connected to this parachute drop/ And more importantly, how a plane find the island? This kind of gets lost in the shuffle, and we don't answer it, either.

    Above ground, there are some more light-hearted events taking place. Sawyer is fleecing some of the locals at poker (a game all about bluffing, which is right up his alley), and Jack comes up, and is lured in. Again the game begins, and once again the con man gets play. This time Jack manages to win the medicine back. The macho posturing proves that at least ere, Jack will always out maneuver Sawyer. However, this doesn't exactly do much to make him a good leader, just someone who won't let anything go.

    Meanwhile, Sayid, Charlie and Ana finish their search of the wreckage, and find Henry Gale's balloon. (We also see that the balloon came from somewhere Widmore Labs, which if you were paying attention--- I wasn't--- also showed up on Sun's pregnancy test and in Charlie's flashback. We'll learn some of its connection soon enough.) Yet despite all the evidence, Sayid didn't believe his eyes, so he goes searching further. And when he digs up a grave, he doesn't find a woman, but a man: Henry Gale. Now every action that 'Henry' has taken must be seen in a new light, and we find ourselves wondering again: who is this man?

    'Lockdown' features everything that you expect from Lost--- superb writing, fine acting, several great props, and a whale of a kicker. John Locke thinks that he has the answers, but yet again he has been proven wrong. The consequences of this episode will be far reaching, even as yet another lockdown begins.
    My score:9.7
  • Strong since the BEginning, Only the Flashbacks are the Weak point!!!

    From the Writers/Perspective:

    Another Satisfatory episode, sicen the producers decided to reveal the truth about Henry Gale, so how could they bring this ia a great way and make a twist? The first Scene is Strong, When Sayid and Cia found the Ballon.

    The endind is strong either, since nobody expected Sayid to found out the truth the way he did.

    With a beginning and a ending planned, the hard part was to make a interesting event in the Island.

    The Lockdown make this interesting and because locke is inside the Hatch, he is the Main Character and we have another Locke sequel of Flashbacks.

    Other mini Events just are there to distract.

    My Point of View:

    This episode is very interesting, with a both strong beginning and ending.

    The Lockdown is intriguing and the Locke situation is interesting to see, since Locke's legs are trapped under one of the blast doors and he have to trust Henry.

    OVerall, this episodes builds up you trust regarding Henry Gale since the beginning of this episode, and the Lockdown only favor him. The Lockdown place another mystery and a amazing ending make this episode deserve at least a 9. Only the flashbacks are not strong, since this Locke drama about his father became tiring and repetitive.
  • Henry Gale

    Al final Henry no es Henry. Su cuerpo era el enterrado, y entonces... Seguramente este hombre está ahí por una razón (será sacar a John de quicio y ponerlo en contra de Jack?) y no va a vacilar en hacer lo que fue a hacer cueste lo que cueste. Por qué no apretó el botón? Si no lo hizo por qué luego (como se verá) se lo dijo a John? Por qué no los emboscó como había predicho? Por qué no se escapó? Qué es eso que Locke vió en la pared? Seguramente sea algo demasiado real, demasiado irreal como todo en esta isla.
  • The Hatch just gets that much more mysterious, as does its prisoner, Fenry Gale!

    All of Locke's episodes are of a high quality. There hasn't been a bad one yet. However, I like some more than others. I'm not insinuating that Lockdown is a weak episode because it is far from that. In fact it is still one of the best of this season, which has been rather up and down to say the least. But there is something missing! Lockdown is indeed exciting and revealing but when I watched it (certainly on first viewing) it just didn't seem as exciting and as fast-paced as I expected or would have hoped. The problem comes not from the action in the hatch but the action outside, which although broadens some character threads, does little to progress this episode's story or momentum. The poker game, while entertaining, is the one time when I can say something has been fitted into the episode just to fill up the running time and to try to break up the tension between the hatch happenings. It would have been better if there was other tension back on the beach. Sawyer is too playful in this episode, which goes against the grain of events in The Long Con, which saw a return to the dark roots of his character. Comic relief works in Lost but in this episode you could do without it. It would have worked better in an episode, which was of a generally slower pace and more character focused. Lockdown is mainly centered around the mysteries of the island, and in particular, the Swan Station. A new mystery is added into the mix, consequently piling on more questions - the Blast Door Map!!!!
    This was surely the biggest discovery of Season 2, next to the discovery of the Swan Station in the first episode.
    Certainly, post airing it was the most talked about, theorised about and obsessed about mystery of the show for a good long while. And we only see a few seconds of it on sceeen. It is the viewer's need to pause, zoom and rewind countless times using our modern technology that offered the more concrete revelations about what the Map revealed.
    All the scenes in The Swan are totally engrossing so it is fortunate that they occupy the majority of the screen time.
    Locke's flashbacks in this season have been not as powerful as they were in Season 1. I still can't quite to grips with the fact that Locke was in love and was in a comfortably relationship with a woman. In Season 1 we were introduced to Locke as a small man with big dreams, a loner and a loser in life. That was how he was portayed and that was how I accepted him to be. The last Locke episodes had cast that notion aside. So Locke wasn't so much of a loner all his life, as I had imagined him to be. He WAS in a relationship, he WAS in love, he WAS reasonably happy and most importantly he didn't seem as LOST, as we saw him earlier in the season. I had ignored the dark cloud that hovered over him in Orientation, his father, and that obstacle continues to be a key aspect to turning Locke's flashback story full circle somewhat. By the end of the episode Locke loses his girl, is broken by his father and consequently returns to the pathetic, lonesome loser that he was (before landing on Lost island). It was nice to bring back Locke back to being Locke (as sad as it is to see him so broken-hearted).
    Terry O'Quinn's performance is stellar and Michael Emmerson's portrayal of Henry Gale nearly matches up to it.
    There are a number of other mysteries addressed in this episode. One is that Kate and Jack discover a supply drop, which may be connected to the Swan Station Lockdown. The fact that food is being dropped onto the island neatly explains how there is food in the Hatch. But the question remains who is dropping it and for whom? Is it for the people assigned into the Hatch or is it for The Others also?
    And we also discover that Henry Gale is NOT Henry Gale but is assuming his role (the real Henry Gale is dead!). Have we now got proof that he is an Other????
    Another terrific Locke-centric episode despite some minor momentum issues, which makes this the weakest of his episodes thus far.
  • The bunker undergoes a transformation, all by itself, leaving Locke and the prisoner to do some bonding. Sayid, Ana and Charlie end up getting some bonding time in also, as they go off to check the story of the prisoner.

    We have the trio on the hunt for the place where the hot air balloon was, all this just to confirm his story, we see that Charlie had gone and got some ruit for breakfast and we have Sayid watching over Ana as she sleeps.

    Jack goes to ask Hurley when the others left and was surprised to hear him say yesterday, Jack makes some remark about being told these things, Hurley's reply is "in the loop dude" obviously meaning a two way aspect. He then decides its too late to go after them, his attention is also required by Claire who needs him to.

    The trio has reached the area where they were directed by the prisoners map, they go into each area assigned and spent three hours before they decide to call it a day, just as they were doing so, Charlie calls them over, as he has discovered something.

    Bank in the bunker, there is a noise coming through the speakers that Locke is trying to hear, but the prisoner keeps shouting about whats happening, to the extent that he can't hear it. The blast doors then come down, Locke is able to put a crowbar under one door, just before it hits the floor. After a short while, knowing that the button needs to be pressed, he unlocks the door and places alot of faith in the prisoner. They try to force the door up and managed to a small way up, then they placed the tool box under it to hold it in place. Because of the countdown, Locke goes to shimmy under the door, but as he does so the door pins him to the floor.

    There is a major trust issue now, Locke has to trust him, as he explains the countdown then directs him through the ventalation system and gets him to reset the countdown, Locke is calling out his name but to no avail, but then he does come back, just as the other three come back with guns drawn, as they found everything was as he said, but Sayid dug up the grave to find the real guy who the prisoner claims to be, as they also found the guys driving licence.
  • Great

    The hatch suddenly traps Locke, who is forced to ask Henry to enter the numbers into the computer. Ana Lucia, Sayid, and Charlie return and reveal that "Henry Gale" is lying. Locke remembers the favor that his father asked of him.
    A brilliant, brilliant episode with some great moments within the hatch, the part where Locke gets impalled by the blast door went through me and the part where Locke sees the blast door map was strange.
    Henry Gale begins to fail in his cover up as Henry Gale at the end of the episode where the others return to the Hatch this had me on edge and I wanted to see more.
  • Only one word: "Wow..."

    A huge improvement over the previous episode brought the answers that we had been waiting for. Henry Gale IS.. one of them. Sayid was the hit character of this episode, especially when he was speaking to Henry about that fact that the real Henry Gale was buried up in the ground, not his wife.
    The lockdown was brilliant, no one was expecting it. The hatch tried to take a life of it's own. When John's leg was crushed, all he had was Henry, who helped him. This was just another way to prove his innocence.
    The John flashbacks which were obviously at least 5 years before the island were interesting. John's father appeared to be dead, but shockingly he was alive, and was running from two men to whom he took them for a retirement con.
    John's bad decisions lead to him loosing Helen and his father. She was right, there is no love between Anthony and John. Then on the island with Ana-Lucia, Charlie and Sayid finding the balloon and the grave, wow, I thought it was true myself. But the shocking, most wicked ending of an episode reveals the truth. At least they didn't make us wait until next week. More mysteries lead us to believe, who is this man who claimed to be Henry, why did food arrive on the island during the lockdown and what was this ? sign during the blur lights?
    More, more, more...

    Overall, a brilliant episode with action and many answered questions. What is to be done about the fake Henry?
  • A Locke-centric episode.

    Let me just start off this review by saying that as whole, I really liked this episode. Although, I have to say that I definitely don't think that this was the best episode ever of Lost. Locke has never been one of my most favorite characters on the show, so I just naturally don't like his episodes as much as everyone else's. I did enjoy getting to see Katey Segal again in this episode as a guest star though. My favorite thing about this episode was the poker game story line and Sawyer's involvement with it since he's always been one of my most favorite characters on the show. Josh Holloway definitely plays the role of Sawyer perfectly. All in all, this definitely wasn't the best episode ever of Lost in my opinion, but I still thought that it was still pretty good.
  • The hatch strikes back!

    Very exciting episode! I am watching the series again because I missed a couple of episodes in seson 2, so I'm far behind and have no idea what's going on in the new season, but I hope it's as good as this episode. The first time I watched this episode I was at the edge of my seat. Yes sometimes you think you know what's going on, but the writers surprise you every other episode with a new storyline, plottwist or new backround information that gives you a whole new perspective! So you can guess what it's all about but you can never be sure..That's why I really like this show. This episode is a fine example because you didn't know if Henry was one of the others or not...You thought about it, you were kinda sure, but you didn't know...untill the end. Still it could go in any other direction. Is he one of the "good" others (like the daughter of the french chick) or one of the bad "others"? Are they all bad? Who's the man in charge? What do they want? And what about the hatch?? What is up with the lockdown? Why now? Who pushed the numbers? Did Henry put in another secret code to stop the lockdown? And what the hell was up with the blacklight symbols??!! It frustrates me that there are even more questions now, and I love it!
  • Wow...

    As far as the island scenes go, sheer perfection. The hatch takes control over the situation and decides to initiate a lockdown. Meanwhile Sayid and co find the balloon. Henry wasn't lying! I loved the lockdown, because i love the hatch. Locke getting stuck under the blast door was very well done too. He was forced to trust Henry, whom he asked to push the button. He did... or he didn't we don't know. However a black light came on revealing a huge drawing on the blast door... a map, of all dharma stations. DAYUM. And alot more info. That was amazing.

    Oh and Henry is in fact an other. Because Sayid dug up that grave, and what he found inside wasn't a woman, but a man... man named Henry Gale. DAYUM! Great twist!! But, why only 9.4? As much as it hurts, I thought tthe flashback was average at best, and by Locke standards it was below average. The whole daddy pretends to be dead but is alive thing was so obvious. Helen leaving Locke was dramatic, but far away from being as dramatic as the previous Locke flashbacks. If the flashback was only a bit better, this could be a clear 10, but you can't win them all I guess.
  • "What's in the bag John?"

    There's a lady who's sure all that glitters is gold And she's buying the stairway to heaven. When she gets there she knows, if the stores are all closed With a word she can get what she came for. Ooh, ooh, and she's buying the stairway to heaven. There's a sign on the wall but she wants to be sure 'Cause you know sometimes words have two meanings. In a tree by the brook, there's a songbird who sings, Sometimes all of our thoughts are misgiven. Ooh, it makes me wonder, Ooh, it makes me wonder. There's a feeling I get when I look to the west, And my spirit is crying for leaving. In my thoughts I have seen rings of smoke through the trees, And the voices of those who stand looking. Ooh, it makes me wonder, Ooh, it really makes me wonder. And it's whispered that soon if we all call the tune Then the piper will lead us to reason. And a new day will dawn for those who stand long And the forests will echo with laughter. If there's a bustle in your hedgerow, don't be alarmed now, It's just a spring clean for the May queen. Yes, there are two paths you can go by, but in the long run There's still time to change the road you're on. And it makes me wonder. Your head is humming and it won't go, in case you don't know, The piper's calling you to join him, Dear lady, can you hear the wind blow, and did you know Your stairway lies on the whispering wind. And as we wind on down the road Our shadows taller than our soul. There walks a lady we all know Who shines white light and wants to show How everything still turns to gold. And if you listen very hard The tune will come to you at last. When all are one and one is all To be a rock and not to roll. And she's buying the stairway to heaven.
  • Amazing! Loved it!

    Locke has flashbacks of when his father cons him once again. He was going to ask Helen to marry him, but after she finds out about his dad, she leaves him.

    When the hatch goes berserk, Locke needs Gale's help. Locke gets trapped in one of the blast doors and injures his leg. While trapped, the alarm goes off and Gale must push the button. It is uncertain whether Gale pushed it in time, but Locke sees a map of the island briefly. Ana, Charlie, and Sayid find the balloon and the grave of Gale's wife. Jack, Sawyer, Hurley and Kate are playing poker. Sawyer loses against Jack, so he replays him. Jack bets all the fruit he won and Sawyer bets all the medicine. Jack wins. Ana, Sayid and Charlie come back and have a surprising piece of information: Henry Gale is not who he says he is. They dug up the grave and found the real Henry Gale and his wife.

    This episode was great! Mysterious ending! I knew he was fake! This episode gets a 10 out of 10!
  • Locke down in the Hatch

    For some reason John puts his trust in the prisoner Henry and seeks his help when the hatch door locks them in. When Locke gets trapped under the door it crushes his legs and he needs Henry to push the button before the time runs out. Henry is unconscious on the floor but wakes up in time to get to the computer to push the button or so we think. While trapped under the door John sees the whole room turns blue and on the wall above him is a map. Jack and Kate come across a pallet of food that seemed to appear out of nowhere. Ana Lucia, Sawyer, and Charlie find the balloon Henry was talking about however they discover that Henry is not who he says he is. They found the real Henry's body buried beneath the balloon.
  • a good episode

    A good episode this one. The island mystery plot is fulfilled, so is the caracter plot (here Locke). There's romance and comedy, adventure and thrill. The homosexual subtext in the dialogues between Sawyer and Jack playing poker is quite genious, and ambiguous enough to keep narrow-minded viewers in oblivion. Of course Jack and Kate are meant to be but the writers may want to push the Jack-Sawyer romance to the limits, that would be interesting. Either way, they are on this island for months now, so what the heck are they waiting for ?! It's barely human! It won't save this season from mediocrity though...
  • My Favourite.

    The hatch suddenly traps Locke, who is forced to ask Henry to enter the numbers into the computer. Ana Lucia, Sayid, and Charlie return and reveal that "Henry Gale" is lying. Locke remembers the favor that his father asked of him.
    A brilliant, brilliant episode with some great moments within the hatch, the part where Locke gets impalled by the blast door went through me and the part where Locke sees the blast door map was strange.
    Henry Gale begins to fail in his cover up as Henry Gale at the end of the episode where the others return to the Hatch this had me on edge and I wanted to see more.
  • "Thank you, Henry. Thank you for not leaving me."

    Locke's flashbacks are terribly sad, the most emotionally touching so far this season. The way they relate to the main plot is also excellent. This whole episode is wonderful, and is definitely one of the best of the entire season.

    The main plot is extremely interesting, and almost everything else is just a distraction when compared to it. The blast doors that Michael earlier found in the hatch come down and Locke is trapped, with no way to get to the computer. He has no choice but to unlock Henry from the armory and enlist his help to try and raise the doors. The blast doors are something new, and it's a great way to examine not only Locke, but Henry Gale as well. By the end of the story, when the doors go up and Henry is still there, the audience can't help but believe in him, especially after seeing the group find the balloon in the jungle. Both Terry O'Quinn and Michael Emerson do an amazing job in this episode, and I really feel that they are John Locke and Henry Gale. The final scene before Jack and Co. enter the hatch is great, as for the first time Locke thinks that he can actually trust someone, and that no matter what happens, that person won't leave him. Unfortunately, his wavering faith is about to take another massive hit.

    My favorite part of the hatch sequence is the final four minutes on the button clock. The tension in these scenes, especially when Henry falls and is stunned for a couple minutes is great. When you actually step back and look at it, it's kind of funny. Locke is trapped on the floor with one of the spikes from the blast doors through his leg, and just when you thought things couldn't get any worse, the one person who can help falls unconscious. There's no room for laughs, though, because of how dire the situation is. The decision to not show Henry once he starts moving through the vents is another excellent one. The tension is ramped up even more-the alarm is still going, and the change in volume and speed tells us exactly how much time is left. We keep thinking that it'll stop any minute, but we're not fully sure. Henry could have gotten stuck, or he might have forgotten the code. When the noise of the hieroglyphics whirring occurs, the viewer thinks it's all over, that Henry didn't get there in time, and that it's all over. But we're wrong-the noise stops, and the clock can be heard winding back up. That's when the blast door map appears. The single most intriguing prop in show history, the map that appears on the blast door and can only be seen under black light, is so full of mystery and information there's no wonder that it wasn't shown in greater detail. You have to go online and find blown up images of it, but aside from the drawings of the hatches, there's mention of Cerberus and Cerberus vents (most likely referring to the smoke monster), Dharma projects shutting down, and a note that talks about the way that polar bears are adapting to the island climate. Yeah, weird. The shot of the map reflected in Locke's eye is amazing, and it's also quite apt-Locke is going to be reflecting on the map again and again after this.

    The flashbacks, as I said, are incredibly moving, and their end is a classic Locke flashback ending. Anthony Cooper fakes his death, and enlists Locke to get some money out of the bank for him. At first it seems ridiculous that Locke would help the man that stole his kidney and told him he wasn't wanted, but by the end of the episode we understand-Locke wants to forgive his father, and he wants to move on with both Helen and Cooper. However, he lies to the heavies in his house and to Helen, all to keep Cooper's secret. Jimmy Bane is a great character and a classic gangster, which is just as much fun as seeing Nadia again (there's proof that the CIA wasn't lying to Sayid). The final flashback is the money one though. Locke doesn't say anything, but we can tell what he means-he got the money because he loves his dad. How sweet. Unfortunately, Helen doesn't love Cooper, and Locke going over her head to help him is too much. The scene by her car is almost too sad for words, as Locke could not be hurt more than having a proposal rejected. Helen getting in the car and driving away without saying anything speaks volumes, if you'll forgive the pun, and leaves Locke broken. To make matters worse, the only other person that Locke feels that he can trust and believe in leaves as well, that being Cooper. The image of Locke alone in the parking lot while the planes swoop overhead is a great one, but also an incredibly sad one, and the viewer can't even imagine what Locke will be like next time we see him in a flashback.

    To provide some much needed relief from the incredibly tense main story, there's the poker game subplot. Once again, Sawyer is trying to teach Hurley how to play cards with little success, as the latter is losing again and again. Jack shows up though, and decides to play Sawyer for the medical supplies. The banter between the two is hilarious, and the plot is just plain fun to watch, especially when about half the camp stands a hundred feet away and watches. There's some more light thrown on Jack's past, when we find out that he's been to Phuket, Thailand, and that it may have something to do with his tattoos. The rest of the scene is played for laughs, especially Kate's great ruler comment. The only gripe I have with the scene is that it further renders The Long Con a pointless episode. Sawyer stole the guns and the medical supplies, and not only are people joking with him and playing cards, but the medical supplies are gained back. I don't care so much that the supplies were taken from him-it had to happen eventually. I just don't like how quickly it happened. I've been able to ignore Sawyer still being everyone's favorite on the island, but the fact that he now only has the guns and the heroin is a little irritating, especially when no one aside from Charlie has any interest in the statues at all, and Sawyer doesn't make any argument when Jack insinuates that he'll be coming for the guns in a couple days time. However, from a purely entertainment point of view, the subplot is fine.

    There's also the rather important moment of the food drop. It's preceded by a typically soap opera-ish Jack/Kate scene, but that's quickly forgotten when we discover the pallet filled with Dharma Initiative food. No one knows where it came from, but I have a feeling that the food drop and the lockdown happening simultaneously is not a coincidence. This episode ends, like last episode, in a great scene with Henry Gale. However, instead of Henry Gale himself making the scene great, Sayid does it. He comes into the hatch and says that they found the balloon and the grave, just like Henry told them. However, upon digging up the grave, Sayid discovered the body of the real Henry Gale. It's a great way to end the episode-just when we thought that Henry might be able to be trusted, this happens, and now we know for sure-he's one of the Others.

    Lockdown is an excellent episode. It's packed with excellent acting, great dramatic moments, and almost every scene is either incredibly tense or at least advances the story in some way. This is going to be the best episode for a while, though, as the last six episodes of the season are going to take a while to really get going.
  • great episode

    The hatch takes a life of its own. Locke is trapped inside the hatch, he gets an unlikely ally to get him out of his predicament. Ana Lucia, Sayid and Charlie go into the jungle to search for the balloon Henry Gale claims got him to the island. Stuff happens in this episode, we get to see things that might explain about Henry Gale, but other things come along to make us question who he really is. It's a good episode, the mystery deepens even more. More questions come our way. It's a good episode, the acting was good, it's well directed.
  • All about Locke.

    Really like this episode a lot. It focuses mainly on Locke. Because he is unable to walk he is left in the hatch to look after Henry but when the shutters come down for no apparent reason Locke is trapped. He manages to put something under the door and with henry's help it is lifted enough for Locke to go under. The the door comes down on his legs and he is trapped. But the button counts down. Henry goes trough the vent but is too late the button reaches zero but something weird happens. The lights go out and a map appears on the door infrount of John and then tis gone. And the door goes up and Henry helps him. Meanwhile a food drop is made at the hatch, and flashback's reveal more about Locke's life and how is father ruined it yet again. Overall another great episode. Season 2 has produced some great episodes.
  • Review

    Finnaly most of the "Henry Gale" storyline has been discovered and what an ending it was. Sayids dialouge at the end of the episode is one of my favorite monologue speeches by a castaway from flight 815. Once again I felt the episode as a whole started off slowly and then everything got a little crazy as it got toward the end of the show. The food dropping out of the sky was random, but it makes me think that food is periodicaly dropped onto the island for the folks that used to work for the Dharma Inititive. Though I think they are out of business by now, so I dont know why food is still being dropped to them. I like the way that Lockes flashback ended - with his losing both his father and Helen after everything he went through to try and get Helen. Michael Emersons acting in this episode was amazing from start to finish, one of the better new charcters of this season though hes only been in four or five episodes. Jack playing poker with Sawyer was a nice filler to keep Jack away from the hatch. Overall one of the better episodes of seaosn 2...
  • Definitely in the top 10 episodes of LOST. Locke-centric episodes never cease to amaze me.

    Lockdown is, by far, the coolest episode of LOST. It isn't my favorite but that doesn't mean I can't love it like my own. Henry Gale ((Ben)(Michael Emerson)) is great in this episode and I think making him a main character in season 3 was a very good idea that will pay off when his flashback episode comes around.

    The map in this episode is a great example of how awesome LOST is. It really shows how much detail the producers, writers, and directors go into to make this show what it is. In fact, I have an enlarged photo of the map framed in my room.

    Every Lock episode is made by the flashbacks and these were no different. The flashbacks told of the time when Locke thought his father was dead when he really wasn't. His father had "killed" himself off because two guys he had got in a retirement con were looking to kill him. After this, he comes to Locke asking for help. He wants him to go to the bank and get a bag of money out of a safety deposit box for him because he think the two guys are sitting on the bank waiting for him. Locke does but when his girlfriend, Helen, find out that he lied to her about his dad she leaves him. It is a very tragic story and it shows why Locke is the man he is on the island. Anthony Cooper is a great character even though he is almost universally hated and I think Kevin Tighe does a great job with the character.

    Besides Locke being trapped in the hatch--which is extremely frightening by itself, there are a few underlying story-lines. Jack and Sawyer play poker for the medicine that Sawyer stole--which is hilarious--and Ana, Sayid, and Charlie follow Henry's map to his balloon. After a few hours of searching, Ana finds a grave and they notice that it is not raining on the grave and, when they look up, they see a giant balloon with a smiley face on the top, just like Henry had said. However, Sayid, being the genius he is, still doesn't believe him and he digs up the grave. We later find out that Sayid found a man in the grave--not a woman like Henry had said. At this point, I was really expecting Sayid to say something like "why didn't you tell us you were gay Sadly, he did not. The episode ends when Sayid says, "Not a woman but a man. A man named Henry Gale." Oh snap.

    This was a great episode. Anyone who gives this episode less than 9.5 is crazy!
  • Quite possibly Lockdown is the best single-episode of Lost.

    Locke episodes are always great. Not only they're great, but they always show us something new. Locke episodes always reveal something.

    Walkabout revealed that Locke was in wheelchair, and that the island healed him.
    Deus Ex Machina showed us how the island is able to 'talk' with Locke, and we saw the light in the hatch too, which was a major clue.
    In Orientation we learned a lot about the hatch. Probably ever since that episode, we didn't really learn anything new about it, minus the hieloglyphs surprise in One of Them.

    And now...


    The title itself can be understood two ways: lock-e-down or lockdown. But are accurate.

    The 'teaser' of the episode(the part which is leading up to the main title sequence) is full of surprises. Well, only one surprise, but that's more than enough:

    Sayid, Ana and Charlie actually manage to find the balloon of Henry Gale - and the grave of his wife too!

    So, he didn't lie?! All this time they tortured and locked up an innocent person?

    In the hatch, Henry continues to carefully manipulate Locke. He's trying to turn Locke against Jack by sheding some light on the fact that Jack is the leader, and Locke does what Jack wants...

    Meanwhile, in Locke's flashback, Locke is about to propose Helen. They're together for a long time now, and Locke finally managed to put his father behind. Until... they find out that Anthony is dead.

    Probably, the only drawback feature of this episode was the poker subplot. Which was funny, for sure, but it seemed to be a cheap excuse to keep Jack away from the hatch. But why do that? Well, because there's a 'lockdown' in the hatch!

    All the blast doors suddenly came down. But what for? And not only Locke(and Henry) can't exit the hatch... they can't access the computer!

    Locke, because has no other choice, releases Henry so he could help him open one of the doors. They successfully open one of them enough to Locke crawl under it, however... just when he starts crawling, the door falls on his... legs. And the episode begins.

    In the flashback, Helen and Locke visit Anthony's funeral. Ironically, they're the only ones there...

    In the hatch, as Locke is trapped under the door, he's forced to work with Henry. And that means... Henry has to crawl through the vents to access the computer room and push the button. What this episode does extremely good, is how it manages to keep the viewer on the edge of her/his seat, while there's not much action going on. It's totally centered on the hatch, where Locke doesn't move, nor does Henry... Surely. We got a great flashback, and a funny poker subplot, but still... Speaking of flashbacks. Appearently, Anthony isn't dead. He isn't dead as his father visits Locke.

    Anthony tells the truth: the only way he could 'rescue' is if he pretended dead, because he stole $700 000 from two men... as a 'retirement' con. Cooper wants John to pick the money up, and deliver it to his father. If he succeeds, Locke gets a nice cut of the money.

    Meanwhile, we're under 4 minutes in the hatch, and there's no sign of Henry. Beep, beep, beep. What now? Is this the moment where we finally find out what happens when the countdown ends?

    10 seconds... 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1...

    people with good ears, and loud soundsystem/tv, could've noticed the same noise as in 'One of Them' - hieloglyphs start spinning, and something 'starting up'. However, what's that...? Did it just stop? Did Henry push the button afterall?

    And this is what Lost is good at. Mysteries. In only a few seconds, Lost reveals the biggest mystery of season 2. And this few seconds will definitely go down as one of the most memorable moments of Lost ever.

    All the lights, electricity goes off, UV lamps turn on: because this is the only way that the map on the blast door is visible: a map of other hatches.The island... everything. This map, I'm sure - was frozen on every Lost fan's screen for hours - there's simply so much information on it. Unfortunately, Locke has only about 10 seconds to memorize it. Let's hope he does.

    10 seconds later UV lamps go off, electricity is back on, and the doors are going up: is it over? Yes it seems to be over.

    And Henry didn't escape - he told John that he pushed the button in time. In Locke's flashback, Anthony and him meet up in a motel. Locke got the money. But here's the twist: Helen followed Locke. And she's absolutely puzzled that he's still doing favors to his dad: after all what happened: and after the promise Locke made to Helen.

    Locke, a desperate man, sees no other option to keep Helen, so he proposes to her: But Helen rejects. She leaves. Anthony? He leaves too. Locke's alone...

    ...which is a great contrast to the island story. Henry didn't leave Locke alone, although he could've! This time... Locke's fine. Or...is he?

    Meanwhile, Jack and Kate are heading towards the hatch, but their journey is soonly interrupted by Sayid and co: they have something to show. But... what's that in the jungle? What's that blinking. A huge package dropped by a plane - just now - a package full of Dharma equipment: mostly food. This is what the lockdown was for? And Dharma is still active?! How could this episode possibly get better?


    As Sayid, Charlie, Ana, Jack and Kate arrive to the hatch, they confront Henry Gale. Because... [Sayid]:

    We did find your balloon, Henry Gale. Exactly how you described it. We also found the grave you described. Your wife's grave. The grave you said you dug with your own bare hands. It was all there, your whole story, your alibi. It was true. But still I did not believe it to be true.. so I dug up that grave. And found that there was not a woman inside. There was a man. (shows dead man's drivers license) A man named Henry Gale.

    L O S T


    Overally, this episode was incredible. Not only we got one more tearjerker Locke episode, we got probably the most twisty on island story so far.

    Objectively, this has to be the best episode of Lost. Subjectively, of course, this is not the case for everyone, but it definitely ranks high on very lost fan's list.

    Locke's character was once again beautifully contrasted in the flashback: and on the island. This is art, the writing is so sharp and flawless.... it's art. Well no wonder, this episode was written by Damon and Carlton.

    All the mysteries, all the clues in this episode... well, there were alot and they added ALOT, too. Both causal and hardcore fans are satisfied with this episode: is there anything more to desire? No, there is not. This episode was 'perfect'. After a heavily character centered transitional episode, Lost is back full throttle, and everything is set for the endgame: an 'other', a map of the hatches, and a desperate man who's willing to do anything just to finally find his purpose: Locke.
  • Locke needs a friend, and the only one he can turn to is his enemy!

    Wow! This epsiode ruled my school. Locke made a serious character development in his flashbacks. Locke asked Helen to marry him and she refused. Locke\\\'s dad, Anthony Cooper, faked his death to avoid to mafia criminals that were going to kill him. So, Locke still wants a family so he try to help his \\\"dad\\\" out. Then, Locke is denied by his girlfriend and father, I wanted to cry for him. I felt so bad. And on the island the hatch goes into Lockdown leaving Henry Gale, or Ben, the only one to help Locke, who\\\'s leg is stuck under the hatche\\\'s balst door!
  • The hatch decides to take control of the situation.

    Wow. So where should I begin. The breathetaking beginning, well, I didn't see that coming. Ana, Charlie and Sayid actually FIND the balloon and the grave Henry was talking about!

    In the hatch, a creepy voice is heard through the loud speaker... but what it is saying? Only the last few things are understanable: 3, 2, 1, LOCKDOWN.

    Locke and Henry are now trapped inside the hatch. But the bigger problem is, they can't reach the computer to enter the code.

    This episode is Locke centric, and it deals with Locke's hard decisions. It has a very sad ending; because of his father, he breaks up with Helen; and it's even sadder because this break up right when Locke asked Helen to be his wife..

    In the hatch, Locke's legs are trapped under one of the blast doors due to Henry's and his failed attempt to open it.

    So Locke has no other chance but to trust Henry. Locke asks him to climb up into the vents and push the button. Henry does it, or does he? We can hear the same engine starting up as in 2X14 One of them, but then it suddenly stops. But instead of 'nothing happening' this time we get a very interesting thing. Suddenly, the hatch's electricity goes out and neon lights turn on revealing what's painted on the blast door. A map.

    Locke tries his best to memorize this map during the few moments it's shown.

    After it goes away, Henry tells Locke he entered the code just in time, and Locke is surprised Henry didn't escape...

    ...Although the episode shows us how Henry doesn't betray John, Henry turns out to be an other, because Sayid did dig up that grave, and inside the grave was not a woman, but a man, a man named Henry Gale...Awesome ending , awesome episode.
  • Even when he's trapped under a door, Locke is the coolest

    What a great way to pull everyone out of the doubt that this show is going somewhere, okay well maybe not everyone thought so, but to me the past two episodes stunk (Maternity Leave, The Whole Truth).

    How could an episode like this possibly be bad with and ending like the one in The Whole Truth, at that point you knew this episode would be non stop excitment, even the flip back and forth between the hatch and Sawyer and Jack's card game didn't upset me.

    Again as usual I didn't like the flashback, never do. I was a little disapointed that a Locke flashback let me down, but after Orientation, I knew it was possible. Nothing beats the ending to this episode.

    Sayid: We did find your balloon, Henry Gale, exactly how you described it. We also found the grave you described, your wife's grave. The grave you said you dug with your own bare hands. It was all there. Your whole story, your alibi, it was true. But still I did not believe it to be true. So I dug up that grave and found that there was not a woman inside. There was a man... A man named Henry Gale.

  • when steel blast doors come down in the hatch, locke must trust henry to climb in the vent, and go push the button. meanwhile, jack and sawyer play cards for mangos and medicine

    this really was one of the best episodes of this season and this is the episode where season 2 got the the really really amazing episodes. the season didnt have as good a start as season 1 in the first 6 episodes, excluding the first 3, but after "the other 48 days the series started getting better than season 1, and by episode 13 onwards the series was 10 times better than
    the first, which is hard to imagine after the greatness of the first one. this episodes best parts where: when locke found his father was not dead, tha part where jack beat sawyer at cards, the part where the lockdown happens, the part where the map appears on the blast door, the part where jack and kate find the parachute full of food and the part where it was discovered henry was one of the others.
  • John Locke must seek assistance from Henry Gale, a man who may be in league with the mysterious \"Others\", when the Swan Station goes into a state of lockdown.

    An incredible episode with superb acting and special effects.
    There was the revealing behaviour of the stranger known as Henry Gale in his assistance of John Locke. What is his agenda and will we discover more about him in season three of this awesome series?

    This episode added a new and mysterious layer to the mythological elements that surround Lost. You could almost hear the sounds of internet geeks everywhere taking screencaps as the blast doors closed and the flourescent light illuminated the detailed Dharma map of the island.

    This was an episode that should not be missed or over looked by Lost fans.
  • This is a brilliant episode because not only does it reveal a few things but it also leaves you with more questions.

    This is my favourite episode out of season one and season 2, I think this is mainly down to the fact I thought that not only the events that were happening on the island were really interesting but the flashback aswell.watching lost I much prefer to watch the events on the island and some flashbacks I can find quite boring(jin/sun) and there are not many flashbacks that I can really enjoy only lockes, sawyers and ana lucias so when this episode came around I loved every single second of it from start to finish.I also loved the fact that we found out some information about henry and we were left with questions over the hatch and the lockdown.
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