Season 2 Episode 17


Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Mar 29, 2006 on ABC

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  • Why did the map was written in the blast doors?

    The flashback of this chapter shows us a little information about Locke´s father, Anthony Cooper. Locke is about to propose his girlfriend but everything changes when his father appears...

    Last episode, Sayid, Ana Lucía and Charlie had gone to the jungle in order to look for Henry´s baloon. And, when Henry said that if he was an Other all of this could be a trick from him to kidnap them and be traded, Jack gets very angry. But this was no joke: Sayid, Ana Lucía and Charlie find the baloon and also find Henry´s wife´s tomb... It seems Henry wasn´t lying after all...

    Then, the action concentrates on Locke, as it is a Locke-centric episode. All of a sudden, something happens to the hatch... A voice is heard through the speaker box and the blast doors come down inmediately after that... ¿What was happening? Locke decides to ask Henry for help and the two of them try to open the blast doors. When they manage to open the door enough for somebody to escape, Locke decides to be the one to escape and ask for help, but then he gets stuck and the door starts to come down again, making a deep wound on his leg.
    After this, Locke depends on Henry to help him and push the buttons but, surprisingly, he does what Locke asks for...

    But... What happens with Locke when Henry is not with him? A blue light turns on, letting him see something that he will not see ever again: There are some drawings, more exactly a map, written on the blast doors. But we are not able to look carefuly into this map, so, at a first sight we won´t know what it is this map for. Although this, we do see a "?" on the middle of the map, so we will have to wait for next episode to find what does it means...

    But this is not all, as we find out at the end of the chapter that Henry is a liar, since the real Henry Gale was found dead and buried next to the baloon...

  • What’s the real reason for the lockdown?

    The whole lockdown bit is fascinating. It’s also odd – both the dome and the living area get cut off. Now going back to the good old days when Dharma still actively participated on the island, there were supposed to be two people at all times, taking shifts. The loudspeakers probably made the announcement – interestingly no mention is made of either the lockdown or the pallet drop on the orientation tape – and one, or both, would make sure they were inside the dome for the computer. Assuming the idea of the lockdown is to prevent one witnessing the drop, why warn of it? There has to be another reason for the lockdown.

    Why is there a ventilation shaft going from the armory to the pantry to the dome? I could understand from the pantry to the dome, in case someone got locked out during the lockdown but the armory? From a security standpoint, it is completely illogical. Locke even had to bolt it shut when they first found it.

    If Locke hadn’t been so distracted he might have thought it odd how Henry remembered the numbers for the computer after hearing them only once (under stressful conditions) and remembers them after hitting his head.

    After Henry’s apparently pushing the button, Locke trusts him completely. Had it not been for Sayid, Ana and Charlie finding proof of his lies, Henry would probably have been released and been accepted into the tribe, allowed to spy (or whatever else he’s here for) to his heart’s content.

    The map we only get the most brief of glimpses of but we will soon see it in more detail, apparently. It’s odd that the map is in the shape of the Dharma logo instead of the actual shape of the island.

    The flashbacks were interesting but we still have the most important of questions which has never been answered – how did John get from being a home inspector to the box company *somehow* ending up in the wheelchair in the process?! Long ago we assumed that John was in the chair because of the kidney operation but that’s not the case so how’d it happen?

    John risks everything to help the father who’s betrayed him before, who betrays him again and he loses Helen. Hopefully John learned his lesson after this and told his father to get lost (no pun intended) if he ever showed up again. This does give us an idea how John became such a sad figure before the island, he’d literally lost everything.

    Notice when Jack etc find the pallet and Sayid’s group shows up too, Jack ignores the pallet completely, instead demanding to know where they’ve been.

    A fascinating episode but raises many new questions.
  • One of the most exciting episodes of season two.

    Still can\'t get over it. The was Lost at its best. The Henry Gale storyline, having been cleverly developed over the last few episodes, comes to a climax. I was beginning to believe him; especially since there was a balloon and a grave where he said it would be! The food arriving by parachute was another neccessary storyline as well.

    The situation in the hatch was also highly entertaining. For those who said \"Why did Locke bother crawling underneath if he knew about the vent shaft?\" I would have to ask them, \"What would be your first reaction in a situation like that?\" I know what mine would be.

    However, I have only one criticism. The fatal flaw was the fact that if it was a \"total\" lockdown, then the vent shaft would also close, with no way in or out.

    The flashback of Locke was also interesting. One of my personal theories is that Locke\'s dad is the \"main guy\" of the Dharma Initiative. He is a rich man, so possibly he could be connected with funding. In the \"Dharma Initiative\" video from \"orientation\" it talks about the Hanso Foundation bringing funding. At this point it show a black&white image of a man standing at a window. Could this be Locke\'s dad? Look closely. Maybe.

    excellent episode
  • In a few seconds, Lost lays out a major piece of mythology.

    As is the case with the multiple flashback arcs, this episode offers further details of how certain events in the castaways lives happened. Something happened between the events from the flashbacks of "Orientation" to "Walkabout" that explained how Locke went from a satisfying relationship (arguably the best thing that ever happened to him), to having to pay a woman to reenact this moment in his life for him. This episode answers that question. The biggest mystery in Locke's past could've easily been put it in with Locke having one of the blast door bars go through his legs, effectively limiting his mobility. Considering the information overload of the blast door map, it was probably better that we wait a little longer for that piece of information.

    Locke is probably the best-developed character on the show. Initially, Locke was this super cool character who could do anything, unlocking the power of the island as well as knowing tons of valuable information. Now we see him as a very flawed human being, one who has been jerked around by almost everyone around him his whole life. Despite trying not to be fooled again, he still falls for his father's cons in hopes that he can earn his love and it ends up costing him the woman who truly loves him.

    It happens again in the hatch, as Henry Gale provides him invaluable help during the lockdown, possibly saving his legs and taking care of the button. In the end, Henry lied to Locke just like Cooper, betraying his trust, although he didn't kill him after the Lockdown was over, which he easily could have.

    This episode effectively brought back the theory that Cooper is the original Sawyer, one that has been around since we first saw him. Cooper is the right age to con Sawyer's parents circa 1976 and he has been a guiltless bastard every time he's appeared on the show. Of course, what kind of ramifications would that entail should Sawyer find out (and how could that happen on the island)?

    Theories aside, there is a definite connection between the survivors revealed, as Locke inspects the house of Sayid's childhood love, Nadia. So between four and seven years, Nadia made it to America. A lot can be said about these connections, from they are just random Easter eggs that the producers throw in to reward fans who pay attention to something to show how interconnected all the survivors really are. It adds to the theory that each person was placed on the island for a reason.

    We knew some lockdown was coming, as the blast doors were mentioned back in "What Kate Did". Of course, the lockdown spurs many questions. The consensus seems to be that this lockdown was triggered because of the food drop. But is that so? Now why would they lock them in the hatch while the food was dropped is unknown, nor why would they not drop the food off closer to the hatch (is there anything in there that they use to protect themselves from whatever contaminant they are so afraid of). Also, why is the lockdown apparently only for the living quarters and not the whole hatch? OK, the human sized air vents can be maneuvered around, but doesn't that wreck the point of a lockdown?

    Ironically, the moment that is getting the most attention is something that only occurred for a few seconds on screen. While brief, this "map" is a crucial piece of the island mythology. They didn't need to show it for long since rabid Lost fans took high definition screen shots and clarified some of the harder to read items, also translating the Latin into English (it also appeared in an issue of Entertainment Weekly). Although it will be harder for Locke, who only had a brief shot while he was still in agonizing pain.

    One of the theories that has sprung this season is is the island conning Locke? He has shown to be easily swayed and there is a thin line between that and faith. The hatch has turned out not to be what he expected, and it has been eating at him all season, now the hatch has given him an exclusive look at this map. Perhaps he sees this as another phase in his destiny that he claimed lead him into the hatch, and tha. If that's true, he will likely keep it secret, as he has the hatch when he and Boone first found it, along with his mysterious former handicap.

    There are six stations, four of which are named (The Staff or caduceus, The Arrow, The Swan and The Flame). Some suspect The Flame is the underwater hatch some have theorized as existing, which would make its name ironic. There are several extensions springing forward to the question mark in the center, but do not connect. What does that mean? Were all the hatches connected at some point and obstructed by something, or was this a theory that was dashed? The CV's followed by a Roman numeral throughout the map are also curious, but I have no idea what that could mean.

    A note near The Flame has one author writing that they suspected The Flame to be there, but later doubted it "due to Cerberus activity" (The Staff station may have been abandoned due to this as well). Cerberus was the mythological three-headed dog that guarded the gates of hell. Because of that connotation, the theory that Cerberus is the smoke monster has sprung up on the net, and some believe that is the official name.

    There are numerous notes of failed operations, like The Staff station being abandoned after the "AH/MDG Incident". This could shed some light on The Others, who may have crashed that hatch like our castaways have The Swan, or perhaps they are renegade Dharma, or experiments gone awry. Nearby there is mention of several system wide failures, which could be what the incident was. There is also mention of a Magnus or M. Angus Hanso, whose resting place is at the black rock. If this is the Black Rock, it seems awfully close to The Swan station.

    Below The Swan, there is a line reading "Fatalities: 5". This worth noting because Rousseau's crew consisted of six people and she was the last person alive. Did Rousseau write any of this? However many people drew this map, they had to know the island, and Rousseau would be a prime candidate for that (although one notation by The Staff suggests that they couldn't get there and back to The Swan in 108 minutes). Has Rousseau been in the hatch? How many, other than The Staff does she know about? Next time she pops up, Locke should talk to her about it, and perhaps consult her notes Sayid has, as Entil noted.

    There are several phrases in Latin, like "I think, therefore I am depressed", "It's a bad plan that cannot be changed" and "the cure is worse than the disease". All of these, with the corresponding dates, point to things going wrong with the experiments after the incident (which happened before 1980 if we are to believe what the Orientation film told us).

    Some places, like the survivors' camp, aren't labeled, and the map is likely not drawn to scale. Perhaps the island is shaped similarly to the octagon of the Dharma logo. This could add some credibility to the theory that the island is man made. It does work as a reference point, so perhaps they were looking for something that they could design their stations from.

    The writing on the wall (so to speak) appears to have been written by several generations of Dharma employees. Its location also warrants discussion. Why is this on the blast door? What use does it have only be shown in lockdown for a few seconds in black light? Who are they hiding the map from? Did The Others have something to do with it? What goal were they trying to accomplish with the map? This opens so many possibilities for the future.

    Sayid's confrontation at the end of the episode begs one big question; did Sayid prepare that little speech the whole way back, asking Charlie and Ana-Lucia "Does this sound cold blooded and cool?" Now that Sayid knows that his gut instinct was correct, Henry is in deep trouble. Had Sayid and Ana-Lucia been alone, Sayid's speech would've likely been the last thing Henry ever heard.

    Like other recent episodes, much else doesn't happen outside of the hatch. There are some lighter moments with Sawyer, Hurley, Kate and Jack playing poker, but the other players don't seem as eager to get back what Sawyer took from them a few days earlier (it's easy to forget that, especially with the long gaps between some of the episodes). Plus Jack knocks down Sawyer's status so quickly that it renders his power play in "The Long Con" moot. It does set up Jack's past in Thailand, which is likely after his divorce, but perhaps they could've done it differently.

    One thing that they didn't have enough time for was Jack and Kate's relationship since Jack didn't tell her about Henry until this critical moment. Clearly she was siding with Sawyer, but after his con, she found herself out of the loop as Jack got a little jealous and spent his time trying to start an army with Ana-Lucia.

    Libby still feels like the most likely candidate to be one of The Others besides Henry. Of the tail section that haven't died or disappeared, we know the least about Libby. Ana-Lucia and Eko both have had a flashback episode and Bernard is vouched for by Rose, who we know was on the plane. All we have are a few morsels of information and a look of discomfort when Libby realized Hurley recognized her.

    Since this episode confirms that Henry is an imposter (he will still be referred to as Henry Gale until we learn his true name, the man Sayid dug up will be called the real Henry Gale or something to that affect), Jack and Locke now have to decide what to do with him. Will they use him to confront the others? Keep him there indefinitely as they have before?

    This episode really gets the final arc moving, as the blast door map gives the audience more than enough to chew on to make up for the episodes that focused more on characters. Although it seems anti-climactic that they waited three episodes to tell us what we already knew about Henry, knowing what I know from the end of season two, it was a good step in the seasonal narrative.
  • This was by far one of the best episodes of Lost so far this season.

    This was by far one of the best episodes of Lost so far this season. We see a 'lockdown' with Locke at the hatch and Henry Gale suceeds in saving him. Meanwhile Ana-Lucia, Charlie and Sayid find Henry Gale's balloon but they dig up the grave and find a black man who's name is Henry Gale. Jack and Kate finds a misterious package near the hatch which is attached to a parachute.

    I loved this episode because it didn't lag on about nothing but every minute we discovered something new and it kept me on the edge of my seat! Usuallt the story we saw in this episode would have been carried out over 2 or 3 episodes but we saw all of the thrill in one. Season 2 of Lost is slowly concluding and the episodes have started to get back to my name expectations again.
  • one of the best episodes of the season!

    this one was really great! all three sceneries (the hatch, the pokergame at the beach and sayid, ana-lucia and charlie out on their search for "henry"'s balloon) were interesting to watch.

    we finally found out how the blast doors work (even though i don't have a clue why they came down at all), it was fun to see jack beat the crap out of saywer not with fists but in a game you would have thought saywer to be way better (i guess, there are a lot of undiscovered talents jack has and i think, this was one more hint that he may after all not be the allniceandallsoliddoctor) and i didn't see it coming for one second that after finding the balloon (which made me think that "henry" really hadn't lied and would be off the hook for good) they still would find out that in fact he was an "other".
  • Why?

    (maybe spoilers)
    Let me ask you this: why oh why didn't Locke use the vent to get out of there in the first place? Why did he have to risk his life by passing under the heavy door, when in the vent the only risk he could take was to pass by some dirty rats?
    Well, it's easy: because that way this episode, with all its fake thrills and intensity, wouldn't have even existed.
    These kind of plot holes are getting way too often and obvious in this show. This is one of my least fav episodes so far.
  • The hatch goes crazy! Henry Gale isn't Henry Gale.

    In Locke's flash back, he is about to propose to Helen, when he learns that his father has died. It turns out that Cooper is not really dead. He shows up and tells Locke that he faked his own death in order to hide from he stole $700,000 in a retirement con. He tells Locke that he's afraid he's being watched. He offers Locke a cut of the money if he will go to the bank and withdraw it from a safety deposit box for him.

    Locke refuses to be conned again, but he agrees and does it. After he does he comes inconact with the people after his father. They threaten Helen, but Locke lies for his father to protect him.

    Locke brings the money to his father and Locke refuses his cut. Locke ask Helen to marry him but she turns him down

    On the island, the hatch takes over and Locke is trapped with Henry when the doors come down. When Locke tries to escape, his legs are crushed underneath the doors. He ask Henry to push the button and get help.

    Some where else on the island, Ana Lucia, Sayid and Charlie find Henry's balloon. They dig up his wife's grave and find out that Henry Gale is not Henry Gale.
  • looks like henry gale isn't really henry gale

    great episode. we're led to believe that henry gale really is who he is saying as they find the parachute and the grave. the hatch suddenly does something strange as steel doors are put into place preventing locke from going anywhere. henry and locke try and lift up one of the hatch doors and as locke tries to slide underneath, it crushes his leg. henry is forced to go through the air vents to push in the code. locke sees something different on the steel door. why didn't he look at the other steel doors too? there could have been crap written on them.
  • 4 8 15 16 23 42 This is how i like my LOST! Rrrrock on!!!

    WOw. this was an great episode.
    I am so excited. Whats going on with the map. Whats Henry Gale doing now? Who is he? What does he want. Why is food brought to the island?
    I loved it when everyone was in the hatch togehter at the end of the episode. I don't like that only a few characters are envolved...
    Uuh so many new questions...I want some answers...
    Cant wait for the next episode...But i have the feeling that next week it is going to be normal again, as nothing has happened...!!!! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !
  • I love it, a ton of things going on!

    This is great.First off, the hatch is acting weird.There is a weird voice coming out of the box, sounds a little like Helen. Then, while telling Henry to shut up, the doors go down. Locke tries to go under, but his legs get crushed. So Locke has to get Henry's help to get it back up, and the button is getting very close to 0. But Locke can trust Henry...right?No, and the whole room turns blue, and it shows a map with a question mark in the middle.Locke doesnt know whats going on, but it goes back to normal as Henry put in the numbers. Meanwhile, Sayid, Charlie, and Ana find the balloon. But Sayid still doesnt believe him, so he digs up the grave, and he finds not a woman, but a man. His name is Henry Gale!This episode was great, and it solved a lot of mysteries that were coming up.
  • The question whether the prisoner is lying is answered in this episode. Jack gets his revenge finally by beating Sawyer in a game of poker winning back the medical supplies. A Very nice episode !

    Sayid\'s questing party finds out the truth about Henry Gale, the prisoner.
    Meanwhile there is a situation at the hadge forcing Locke and the prisoner to work together and just as you think that so called Henry Gale is going to be the hero of the day it is revealed that he was lying about his name and his origin, yet we are not told why he did.
    Additionally Jack gets his revenge by winning back all the medicine from Sawyer in a game of poker.
    All in all it was another fine example of why this show is so popular: It has some turnarounds, but in the end it brings up much questions than it answers.
  • Best episode ever.

    This has to be the best episode Lost has ever shown, possibly even topping Exodus! This episode also makes it seems like Lost is back where it was. The Long Con was great, One of Them was even better, Maternity was even better than both of them, The Whole Truth was meh, and finally, Lockdown tops both of them. Hopefully, "Dave" will turn out great as well.
  • My favourite episode, great!

    Henry Gale tries to convince Locke and Jack that he was just making a bad joke. Jack insists that Henry should draw another map, though Locke argues that it would be pointless - it would be impossible to catch up to Charlie, Sayid, and Ana-Lucia. Jack becomes angry and orders Locke to put Henry back into the armory. After Jack leaves, Henry asks Locke why he lets Jack talk to him like that. Locke roughly grabs Henry by the neck and throws him into the armory. Back in the clearing, Sayid, Charlie and Ana-Lucia have found both the balloon and the grave, apparently confirming Henry's story.

    Back on the island, Jack's medical attention is sought by several people. He quickly realizes that if anyone is to receive medical treatment, he needs to get the medicine back from Sawyer. Sawyer, Kate, and Hurley are nearby playing poker. Jack takes the opportunity to win the medicine back playing poker, which he does very easily.

    In the hatch, there is suddenly static noise and what sounds like a voice coming from the speakers. Locke goes to look at the computer, notices the prompt is blinking like normal, and that the timer has 47 minutes left. A few seconds later, a voice announces "5...4...3...2...1". At 1, the blast doors quickly begin to shut. Locke reacts quickly, grabs a crowbar, and dives to slide it under the door to stop it from closing completely.
    The mysterious diagram on the blast door, revealed by black light.
    The mysterious diagram on the blast door, revealed by black light.

    Locke forms a truce with Henry to get the blast door open. Together, the two are able to lift it open and then slide a toolbox underneath to keep it from closing. Locke hastily tries to slide under the door, but the door crushes the toolbox just enough to pin his legs painfully under the door. Henry, following Locke's instructions, quickly grabs a stack of weights from the exercise area and puts them under the door to stop any further pressure on Locke's legs. Henry tries to pull Locke out from under the door but one of the pins in the door that goes into the floor is stuck in Locke's right leg. Locke tells Henry to get into the computer room through the vents and input the numbers. Henry goes into the pantry to access the vents, but he slips while climbing the shelves, smacking his face on a lower shelf, and lies stunned on the ground.

    Henry slowly wakes up as the alarm begins to go off. He climbs into the vent, disappearing from Locke's sight. The alarm begins to beep rapidly, signaling the beginning of the 1-minute countdown. Locke begins to get nervous, but suddenly the alarm stops, there is a whirring noise, and the lights go out. Seconds later, blacklights come on and a drawing is revealed on the blast door under which Locke is trapped. It appears to be a map of the island with a giant "?" in the middle. Suddenly, the normal lights turn back on and the blast doors retract to their normal positions. Locke crawls to the computer room to check the computer and timer, which is back to 108. Henry steps into the computer room telling Locke that he did what Locke asked him to do. After inputting the numbers he climbed back into the vent when the blast doors did not immediately open. Locke thanks Henry for not leaving him.
    The photo ID of Henry Gale.
    The photo ID of Henry Gale.

    Jack and Kate come across a flashing light in the jungle. Both race over to see what it is, finding an enormous package of food (with the DHARMA logo) attached to a parachute. Sayid, Charlie, and Ana-Lucia also arrive, and they all go back to the hatch, where they find Henry tending to Locke's leg. Jack grabs Henry away from Locke, but Locke tries to defend Henry, saying that he was helping after the blast doors came down. Sayid holds Henry at gunpoint. He confirms that the balloon and the grave were where Henry said they were. However, Sayid was still skeptical as to the validity of Henry's story, so he dug up the grave, and found a man's body - a body with the real Henry Gale's ID.

    In the flashback, Locke and Helen are now living together. Locke is preparing a picnic lunch, and he packs an engagement ring with it. Before they leave, Helen reads the obituaries in the newspaper and sees the name "Anthony Cooper", Locke's father. Helen and Locke postpone their picnic to go to Anthony's funeral. Locke notices two mysterious men nearby, and also notices a silver Mercedes. At the conclusion of the funeral, Locke stands next to the coffin and forgives his father. The silver Mercedes immediately drives off.
    Locke and Helen arrive at Locke's father's funeral.
    Locke and Helen arrive at Locke's father's funeral.

    Later, when working at his current job as a home inspector, Locke notices the same silver Mercedes. When he approaches the vehicle, the window rolls down to reveal Anthony, who is still alive. Anthony reveals that he faked his own death to avoid retribution from the two men who were lurking at the graveyard because he conned them out of $700,000. He wants Locke to go to the bank to get the money for him from a safety deposit box, and keep $200,000 as payment. Anthony confesses that it won't pay Locke back for what he went through, and that if he doesn't see Locke again, he would understand. Locke goes to the bank to get the money and races back home. However, the two men - one named Jimmy Bane - are waiting at his house, and start questioning him about Anthony's whereabouts. Jimmy and the other man leave after Locke reveals nothing. Helen asks Locke if Anthony is still alive, but Locke denies it.

    Locke later goes to a motel and gives Anthony his money, refusing to take his cut because he only did the job to please him. He tells his father he is going to propose to Helen. However, Helen followed Locke to the motel room and saw everything. After slapping Anthony, she leaves and Locke chases after her. Locke claims he was going to tell her everything eventually, but she is hurt that Locke chose his scheming father's love over hers. Locke gets down on one knee and proposes. After a long silence, Helen shakes her head and drives away, leaving Locke to stare at his father getting into a taxi cab to drive away as well.
  • Finally an anwser

    Henry is Lying... finally the acknowledgement
    The mysteries which are piling up in the series have come to 1 anwser.. wonder how long it will take for the next one. I can't stand the face of that guy "Henry" means he plays his part well in the show, but it also shows that there was added a new storyline which we can wait for another season to come to a conclusion
  • OK, now this is more like it.

    A Locke episode.

    Big stuff doing here.

    First off, I have to say that maybe the flashbacks have run their course. At least for Locke, anyway. I'm beginning to wonder where this change in his personality took place. Not only is he duped AGAIN by his loser dad, this time the cost is a lifetime with Peg Bundy. That is not a good trade. I was hoping that this one would explain just how he was crippled but no such luck. Again, I'm thinking they might be wasting time on the little things. We get it, he got screwed over. Let's move on.

    Either way, I don't want to see his Pop again unless he's in cahoots with Sawyer on a con. So now we finally know the secret of Henry Gale. Can't say I was that surprised. But we're still left with the why. Why would he send the three of them out into the jungle knowing that the truth really was out there under a pile of stones? Is it possible that the set up he was hoping for didn't really happen for some reason? Or was his capture deliberately planned as part of a bigger plan? Like, does it have to do with the controlled food drops? Or maybe our heroes are in possession of something they don't even know they have. Or maybe the Others just hated "Henry" and wanted him out.

    Some observations:

    * CROSSOVER ALERT: Sayid's lover was the one whose house was inspected by Locke.

    * This lockdown…I'm thinking that it has to do something with the restocking of the food. Perhaps "Henry" knew this ahead of time and hoped to gain their trust so he could go rummaging during the chaos.

    * "When I want the guns, I'll get them."

    * Tell me you didn't jump when the doors slammed on Locke's legs and you're lying.

    * "Want me to get a ruler?"

    * The map…so much good stuff there. Who the hell would've expected that one? Once again, they follow the standard of answering a question and posing a thousand more. Thank you Entertainment Weekly for blowing it up for us since TiVo couldn't really give us a clear shot of it.

    A few quick notes about this map -
    o The big ? in the center can't possibly be a good thing, can it? On the Lost page on TVGuide.com, it lists the name of an upcoming episode as "?". Good to know we won't have to wait long.
    o It looks as if one hatch did exist and now doesn't. Could that have been the place where the Tailies took refuge? We never really explored that
    o There are three different styles of handwriting on the door. Just how many people worked on this thing? And who was the first? And how can we get those doors down again?
    o Who turned on the black light so Locke could see it? Was it "Henry"? If so, why?

    * I'm hoping that Locke pulls a Michael Corleone on "Henry" and turns his back on him like he did Fredo. He can't possibly defend this guy anymore.

    * I still think that the French chick is in on something…Just what, I have no idea.

    * Why hasn't Kate told Jack about the box o' beards she saw in the medical hatch with Claire?

    * Where is Michael and Walt? BTW, saw Walt on "My Name is Earl" this week and it looks like he's four inches taller since he left. Wish they never would've casted a kid in the first place. Can't wait to hear the explanation.

    * Where's Eko when all this is happening? Glad to see he's finally back next week.

    NEXT WEEK: Hurley's in the limelight…
  • Get the rope!!!

    Yes sir, we know who Henry Gayle is and he isn't the man in the hatch, he's pushing up flowers...well not anymore since Syaid dug him up. The look on the imposters face at the end of the episode was priceless and if I were a telepath and had to guess what he was thinking...I'd say that he wished that he'd done a better job at getting rid of the drivers liscense.
  • WOW!!

    Finally. What a great great episode. I can not believe how many things happened. All these little shifts between the characters (Charlie, Kate, Sawyer, Locke) and the giant new things (the parashute with food, the map on the wall, henry gayle is probably another). A great great episode that turned up my interest in lost to a hundred!!
    How can I waite for the next one..?
  • Check out the hatch door map!

    I love this show, but boy do they leave you frustrated by bringing up more and more questions and answering relatively little!

    I don't have a DVR, but I knew I had another ace up my sleeve to study the hatch door. Go to www.lost.cubit.net and check in the "Investigations" category. They have an extremely detailed map with even all the Latin translated. Warning: You may get "lost" in this site as you spend hours looking at all of their information.
  • Bring me the head of Henry Gale...

    Alternatively, his ID card will do just as fine. Again in episode 2×17 we are “Lost” in subplots about people’s pasts, riddled with the “evil” numbers (see saftey deposit box Nr. 1516) and the writers’ obsession of thickening the plot by distracting from it.

    Henry Gale is dead. Spoiler? No! Henry Gale is white! Is he? Dead or white, does it matter? He is one of “them”, that’s all.
    So, seal the hatch, drop off some new supplies while everyone inside the hatch is locked in! So that’s where the cereal comes from! I think it is time to send in Jack Bauer to get to the bottom of this. Someone is stealing fruity loops cereal and puts it in cheesy white boxes with strange logos printed on it. Messy stuff.

    If “Lost” is keeping it’s current course it will be “lost” in the TV ether before you know it. There are too many competitive shows out there for mediocrity to survive for long and today’s audience is incredibly sensitive to this. Anyone I have spoken to so far agreed that Season Two is getting weaker and weaker with every show. Flashback my dear writers belong in Season One, if you have not succeeded to establish your characters after one season you never will and spending a whole episode on one character can be nice but as flashback (and not the last since we still need to find out when/how Locke lost his control over his legs)? The plot thickens… elsewhere.
  • we think the food came from that Dharma and it was programmed to arrive. and we think this is the reason the hatch locked, so nobody could be outside when the food lands.

    i must say, as many of you already have said it, that this was one of the best episode ever! it's very exciting, it keeps you close and makes you wonder about so many things. in my country this ep haven't aired yet, but I've seen it on my PC, as i did with all the other ones. I've seen the first season and 7 ep from season 2 in 2 days. my brother said I'm crazy, but then he was very bored and started to watch an ep, after that another one and so on and now he's simply crazy about what is going to happen next.

    we think the food came from that Dharma and it was programmed to arrive. and we think this is the reason the hatch locked, so nobody could be outside when the food lands. cause we know that there was supposed to be only 1 man, not half of a plane. so the food was programmed, the hatch locked to be sure nobody was out, and that map appeared because nobody push the button. cause when that guy typed the numbers everything went back to normal.

    I'm quite intrigued how you guys could see something written on that map, 'cause all i saw was something irrelevant, just some pics and some writing. so if translated... this means this show is driving us crazy :))) but is so damn good :)) i think will last more that 5 seasons so expect for more
  • For the first time in lost i yell: "GO SAYID!!"

    Lock is not one of my favorites but this episode made me realise that you can't just like one of them. You have to love al of them. And its easy to say you hate one of them but sooner or later they will make you shout "Go .." you know. I don't realy like Sayid but this episode i whent like "YEAH!"
  • Lost at its best, with actual plot developments, great interaction, and a great ending!

    I'll be honest,
    while it has still been my fav show,
    and I've enjoyed the last few episodes.
    Its been moving kinda slow.

    This episode takes that slow buildup,
    and uses it for a perfect ending.

    Jack was in great form,
    (after the constant bickering with Locke).
    "when I need the guns, I'll get the guns"
    and still showing concern for Locke,
    when he came into the hatch,
    and saw Henry standing over him.

    I have a feeling the downward spiral of Locke is about to start, at least for a few episodes.

    No real answers (except that Henry Gale isn't Henry Gale), and only more questions.
    But thats why I love series/show long plots.

    Can't wait until the next episode.
  • This episode is no gamble.

    After the last episode ended on a cliffhanger this episode effectively ends on an even better cliffhanger. So many pivotal things happen int his episode. The hatch reveals another one of its unknown characteristics. When the hatch doors drop we also so a layout of all the hatches and a mysterious ? in the center. This map creates a million new questions. We also learn Locke has a lot more him than we once thought. A dharma food drop is found and Henry Gale was frontin. These things all drastically change our understanding of the lsot world. In addition, the poker scene is absolutely a classic. jack got game!
  • 'Who's Henry Gale'?

    The show gets worse with every single freaking episode. I don't care about Locke and what his dad did to him for the 100th time, neither, did I care last week when Sun got pregnant.

    What I want to see is the whole 'Who's Henry Gale' issue dissolve, but instead the writers are trying to thicken the plot and turn up the suspense, but the show is simply turning me off.

  • Locke and the prisoner get locked in the hatch, while jack plays Sawyer in a high stakes card game.

    AAAAAHHHHHH! this show never really goes anywhere! It only opens up many new mysteries, yet never fully answeres them. This episode, just reveals more mysteries. I have to say that this is the best episode in a long time, the ending ended in a cliffhanger twist, that wasnt surprising yet satisfying at the same time. OVer all it was a well written episode. Kudos to the writers for sticking in another great twist that will make me stick around for a little longer.
  • The Beginning of The End for John Locke

    As people all around the country flipped on to the episode of Lost that boasted 5 Events that would change the island forever, everyone expected to finally see what happened to Locke's legs.

    Why was he in a wheelchair before flight 815?

    That question remains unanswered. Not only are we still in the dark on Locke's former condition, we also have a handful of other questions that spawned off the 5 events. Let's take a look...

    1. Why did the hatch lock down?
    2. Was Nadia still waiting for Sayid?
    3. Was Helen in on the con with Cooper?
    4. Where did the food drop come from?
    5. Where did that map come from?
    6. Were they sending it for the survivors or for the hatch occupant(s)?
    7. Why did "Henry" lie about who he was?
    8. Who was Henry Gale?

    We get 5 important events and 8 more questions. At this rate of exchange, by halfway through Season Three Damon Lindeloff won't know what the hell is going on.

    I digress, Lockdown, was about telling another crucial part of Locke's story. We're beginning to witness the inner turmoil of John Locke and I would estimate 2-3 more flashback episodes for Locke being crucial to his story unless they decide to really draw it out. If Terry O'Quinn weren't as good as he is atcaptivating audiences and making people think, I would venture a guess that Locke would not survive the third season.

  • This episode is absolutely blinding. It's amazing, and just what we wanted after a few boring episodes

    Just what we needed from the lost team, an episode with revealing features in it. Although i am excited about the prospect of what the map is revealing i still have a few questions to ask.

    1. Where has michael gone? i know he went looking for his son, but y haven't they showed us what's happening with them and how come there not gettin in tocuh via the computer in the hatch.

    2. Where did the food come from? Is this what is delivered everytime of the year or something for whoever's in the hatch. Also where did the scottish bloke go from the hatch. Its not as if he can go anywhere on the island unless he knows more about the island and maybe another dharma hatch maybe.

    3. 'Henry Gale'? What do u think about him? Me myself, i think he is one of 'the others' but i also think now they have him, i think he will be an insider for the gang. I think this because he has helped locke from the lockdown and also y would he have come back to help him, y didn't he run out of the hatch. Its all interesting to know.

    What about the computer as well, y dnt they let the timer run out and see what happens. Personally i think this is what is gonna happen at the end of the series. Hopefully the last few episodes will be exciting to watch.

    Let me know what u think on the matter and keep watching.
  • This is definitely one of the best episodes in a while. Finally some great new twists.

    This episode brings me back to early in Season 1 where questions were constantly being brought up and there were cliffhangers galore. There were several key new twists brought up this episode, definitely making it a 'Pivotal' episode that a Lost follower should not miss.

    At this point we still no very little about the Dharma initiative, and there is room for a lot of great shows introducing to us what is really going on in this island.

    The map on the hatch really established how much more of the island there is yet to explore and I have no doubt that this show will continue to get better and stay at the top of my list for several more seasons.
  • Who else went back to freeze-frame on the map? :-D

    Hopefully it wasn't just me being geeky, but I just had to go back and take another look. Even on a non-HD TV it's relatively clear. Very intriguing, and more so after I found someone had done a high-res screen cap, followed by someone else who'd gone to the trouble of identifying all the text, and translating all the latin.

    After all the mid season breaks I can't believe that there will be a gap between the next 2 eps and the season finale. What are they playing at??
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