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Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Mar 29, 2006 on ABC

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  • Who else went back to freeze-frame on the map? :-D

    Hopefully it wasn't just me being geeky, but I just had to go back and take another look. Even on a non-HD TV it's relatively clear. Very intriguing, and more so after I found someone had done a high-res screen cap, followed by someone else who'd gone to the trouble of identifying all the text, and translating all the latin.

    After all the mid season breaks I can't believe that there will be a gap between the next 2 eps and the season finale. What are they playing at??
  • Great episode.

    I was starting to get tired of seeing boring episodes of this season, but Lockdown definitely changed. Another great episode by none other than Locke himself. The flashback was also decent with the return of Locke's father. By the way they end episode with Henry Gale, I'm already excited to see the next episode.
  • Wow!! That is all I can say!!

    This was an amazing episode!! We found out so much information. Ex: "Henry Gale" is not who he say he is; there is a map on the blast doors; A supple of food was delivered by Dharma; oh! and also that Jack can beat Sawyer BADLY at cards! We have not had a good episode in quite awhile. This was defenitly worth all those repeats
  • Where did the food came from? Who brought it? Why did the black guy travelled in a baloon with a smiley and crashed on this island? Why did fake Henry typed in those number?!?!?! I really want to see what happens if they don't do it :)))

    Well the episode itself is more questionable than interesting. However it does makes a feeling "I can't wait to see another episode". Overall score 9.5 and several more questions, like: where did the support with food came from (a soundless airplane, or maybe it came from underground with baloon to make it look like it came from above, or maybe generous martians threw it for people not to die from starvation to see the next episode, who knows...)?
    Anyway, I'm a little more satisfied with this episode than with the last 3 ones.
    Good job, keep up!
  • just read the review

    Oh my gosh that episode ROCKED!!!!!! it was soo intresting but sad to I mean Henery , im using that cause I dont know his real name, was the only person in Lockes life who didn't leave him and then he turns out to be and other, which I think he is now, I mean I felt so sorry for locke when that happened but it wasnt enough to make me cry. It was real revealing to because at the end all that food had been dropped I think the science team is preventing them from getting off the island, like theyre the replacements for that other guy but all I want to know is did the science team pick him up or did he join the others? let me know what you think.
  • The latin translations on the blast door...

    The geek in me would not allow me to ignore the latin phrases on the blast door, so I googled them. If anyone cares, here are the translations:

    Liberte te ex infernus = save yourself from hell
    Sursum corda = lift up your hearts
    Malum est consilium quod mutari non potest = It is a bad plan that cannot be changed
    Nil actum reputa si quid superest agendum. = Don’t consider that anything has been done if anything is left to be done.
    Hic sunt dragones = Here be dragons!
    Credo nos in fluctu eodem esse. = I think we're on the same wavelength.
    Ursus maritimus = maritime bear (AKA Polar bear)
    Ut sit magna, tamen certe lenta ira deorum est. = The wrath of the gods may be great, but it certainly is slow.
    Cogito Ergo ___ = I think, therefore ? I can’t make out the third word. It is not Sum.

    i don't if this helps anyone
  • At last, a great season 2 ep!!!

    Ok, so i've not been the biggest fan of season 2 so far. Too many left over questions from season 1 that remain unanswered for my liking.

    But, this ep at last starts to reveal some new plotlines that may just turn the season around for me.

    Up till now Mr Eko was my fave of this season, but this may well have done it!

    Good work
  • Henry Gale is gay?? Not that there is anything wrong with that!

    I have a strong feeling Henry Gale is gay and that is what he was hiding from them. He even kinda eluded that to Locke when he said you have to protect me no matter what. He also has constantly challenged Locke and Jack's relationship with each other, asking why do you let him talk to you like that. I Gale and his "wife"(commonly used in reference to a gay lover) use to argue all the time, and that is why he is asking Locke why he lets Jack treat him that way. I also think he never pushed that button, I think it was too late by the time he got there, because they got pretty low in the countdown before but food was never dropped off.I think that will be the thing that he tells Locke, that his botton is useless. All in all it was a regular good episode but not as special as I thought it would be. The show is still one of my favorites. Oh and a side note I hope that I'm wrong because I don't want the show to become this predictable.
  • The lockdown is related to the food delivery....

    ......when the food/supplies delivery approaches the island, by whatever means, the hatch goes into lockdown until the supplies have landed. The PA system in the hatch started to crackle, and you could hear a voice as Locke fiddled with it. You could also hear the end of a countdown just before the lockdown. Or lockdown could automatically occur when any type of aircraft approaches the island. When the supplies land, their signal opens up the hatch doors. The supplies may come every few months or so, and the survivors have only been there less than 2 months now which would explain why they have not found a food drop before. This is not likely a military operation by any country or they would have eliminated the survivors.
  • A turning point in the season.

    I, like some other Lost fans, was starting to worry that this season was meandering along. Lockdown definately changed my opinion. It is now clear that many things that are being set up in this episode will pay off in the final six or seven episodes.

    The Locke/Henry stuff was extremely well done and will definately set up complications now that we know Gale definately is an Other. Will Locke still defend Henry? That's something that we'll have to wait to see.

    Another cool point is that the writers are definately trying to fill in some plot holes i.e. the plane dropping the food. People were definately wondering where Desmond's food came from and we got an answer.

    The only real problem with this episode I found was that we still don't know why Locke was in a wheelchair. That flashback would have paralleled Locke hurting his legs in the Hatch extremely well.

    All in all, an exciting episode that will definately affect everything here on out.
  • Wow,Wow,Wow and again Wow...

    I must admit,i loved the first season,and with the exception of 1 or 2 episodes have so far found that season 2 pales in comparison.
    However,this episode is a total contrast to the rest of the season...
    things seemed to happen with more ergency this time, no more pointless character development (ok...so Sawyer squished the nice froggy..that didn't help the story,did it?).
    there's now the suspicion that this is some sort of military type operation,or that the people really running the show have vast resources to rely on.
    jack and sawyer have another round , which is always fun,as i find their banter to be one of the true highlights of the show.
    and Locke once again manages to freak me out with his mental patient like looks and demeanor.
    i look forwards to the lst couple of months of the season,as I suspect that this was the episode where things finally take off towards the end of season 2.
  • Back on track, for now

    This episode will hopefully get the show moving again, after a slow start to season 2, and endless reruns. It still bugs me that entire episodes go by without even an appearance by some of the main characters. Even if they're not part of the featured story, at least check in with them every week!

    I didn't recognize Nadia, and missed the possible links between Locke and Sawyer, as well as the appearances of the Dharma doctor and Henry Gale in earlier episodes (when Hurley visited the mental hospital). I'll have to play closer attention!

    The poker game between Jack and Sawyer was a nice touch, with Jack's "poker in Phuket" background catching Sawyer off guard. I wonder if we'll find out more about Jack's previous travels.

    Hopefully Lost will keep some momentum going through the end of the season.
  • After a bunch of silly episodes and a long wait for reruns to stop, we finally get to see something refreshing! What happened to this show?

    All I can say is... Lame. We had three episodes that left us waiting for something of what this show had in the beginning. But now it is just lame. I can't say I didn't enjoy this episode, it's actually one of the best eps I've seen since episode seven or eight from this season, but the way they're showing us things it's annoying. They just show us a little just at the end and leave it like that, so we pray for the next one to come, and when it does, after three weeks of reruns, we still have nothing! What do we do now, with this bunch of questions and just a couple of answers? Well, sure... We have to wait until the next episode to know the answer to that...

    But hey, this episode had something of what I was expecting. We see a little more of Locke's past, my favorite character, and we get a little more about the hatch. We also get to see a map which we don't even know where it fits, but there's still the ending scene where we're suppossed to wait until next week. Let's hope it gets more interesting after that.
  • This is a really good episode.

    There are no spoilers in this review.

    This episode is very interesting. I think there's been a little too many annoying frogs and lost wedding rings in the second season of "Lost", but episodes like this really makes me want to keep watching the show. I always like it when things happen in the hatch. This particular episode reveals certain answers, although that only gives room for more questions. There's also lots of action and excitement. I find Locke to be an interesting person, so this being a Locke-centric episode only makes it better.

    Don't miss this episode, it is really worth watching.
  • Lost just gets better and better!

    Wow, what a great episode. There are so many things going on with that hatch and I really hope some things are revealed soon. What was with the neon nights and that weird symbol, not to mention the walls? And Henry isn't Henry... I can't wait for the next episode! LOST is one of the most exciting dramas out there!
  • Finally! Something exciting happens. Now, we may actually learn something more avout the island.

    This was an awesome episode! Much better than the last few. The writers are finally showing us what we want, the next part to the story. While watching the last few episodes, I've just felt like I was reading the prologue to a book, or something. It was kinda boring.
    Now that we know that "Henry" has been lying, what will happen next, I wonder. OOOOHHH!!! I'm so excited! Is he really one of the Others? Or someone completely different? Why did he lie about who he was? Are the survivors really going to go to war with the Others? If so, who will win? The series is finally get some of its speed back. Let's just hope that it continues to get better.
  • great

    I thik this good be the best ever, episode of Lost, at least the best this season, liked the interaction between Locke and Gale, actually began to believe Gale, the only down point was the Poker game, as I like Sawyer better than Jack, the ending was awesome, this show keeps getting better
  • Wow! Something happened this episode! did we get any answers? erm no just the usual crap.

    So why did the blast doors come down? why did they go back up again? Why now and not some other time? It's simple things like this that really annoy me about this show, when something does actually happen they gloss over it by showing some luminous map thing on the blast door on top of Locke. Just give me some friggin answers!!! Stop trying to avoid it by teasing me with more questions! It is starting to really irritate me now. Having said all that though, this was the best episode in a long while although my grievances stand. Average.
  • Lockdown is what Lost needs after a lull period.

    Definitely one of the better episodes seen in season 2. Before the Lockdown episode it was rather dull, none of those thrills that caught all of us when Lost was first aired.
    Am glad to have found the 'Henry Gale' caught red-handed, never really trusted him in the first place.
    Now all we need to know, who IS that weirdo guy, and what on earth was that bizzare diagram-like shown on before Locke?
    A better episode. Let's hope the next episode would be as good as it was before.
  • Best episode yet of Lost

    So far Lost has been intrigueing, tense, suprising and at times comical.
    This episode has it all, from a huge new revelation to certain questions answered, but each answer comes with its own questions.
    This episode kept me on the edge of my seat for the full intense 42 minutes.
    I think these were the most intense and best 42 minutes of television i have seen in my 32 years.

    The plot develops further and further and i don't know where this will lead to but if they want to make the finale of this season even bigger I have no clue how they will top this one.

    The map is defenitly the most revealing thing this episode so far. It will keep people busy for weeks to come I am sure of that.
  • Another great installment form LOST.

    Ok Ive slowly started drifting from lost because of its repetivness and slow exectution of answers, however i felt while this episode wasnt the best ever it was cetainly worth sitting down to watch.
    Alote was revealed and although im not entirely sure why the hatch locked down im certainly glad that it did.

    Keep up the good episodes and answering the questions (although now they've seemed to have generated another 10).
  • FINALLY something is happening! Lost is back on track ;)

    I was getting so bored with the turn of “events” … nothing was happening really in this season.
    Everyone has their favorite character and mine is Locke!!! In my opinion Locke is the heart of this show and I enjoyed this like no other episode! I’ve been waiting for this forever!!!
    Everyone has pretty much said it all about this episode.
    I have nothing really to add. :s

    One thing puzzles me though …
    As I remember, Lock had no feel of his legs. He didn’t feel pain!!!
    It was 2 episodes in the row (the crucial episodes with Boone, just before Boone died) when Locke got injured and didn’t notice it ‘till Boone told him. (he said something like: “dude your leg” or something like that I don’t remember now) And after that he was sticking needles and sticks on his legs and he didn’t feel pain!
    How come he does now? Did I miss something?

    Nevertheless, it didn’t really bother me, just made me wonder a bit ;)

    As I said: FINALLY something is happening! Lost is back on track ;)

  • Just WOW

    First of all to all you out there giving this episode less than 10, you shouldnt be watching television.
    Now to the real stuff... Notice the Sawyer-Locke connection... Lockes father definately has something with James(Sawyer) but well thats for the writers to write and for us to find out...
    How about that parachute. I think that if you dont press the button, the parachute will fall with the food... just a thought.... dont know why though...
    Anyway excellent episode and cant wait till the next one!
  • False Henry appeared in season 1 of lost.

    Hi there! This episode was one of the best episodes of entire season. Let me tell you something: the false "Henry" appears in season 1, episode 18 called numbers. If you watch carefully, when Hurley is visiting his friend at the hospital, the false Henry is the man who is changing the incandescent lamp. Also, the asian man who presents the movie from the hutch, is the doctor who greets Hurley in the same episode. Interesting ?
  • Was this a Sawyer Locke Connection???

    This was yet another captavating episode. It was to be revealed what the Locke/Sawyer connection would be in this episode. Could Locke's father be the one that Sawyer stole his identity from. Could he not be the man that was suppossed to be in the car that was outside Sawyer's girlfriends house when he conned her? Was Sawyer not "working" with someone? Did the silver car that Locke's father was driving not seem familiar to anyone else??? Also,the room where Locke's saftey deposit box was also looked a lot like the one that Kate had robbed. I look forward to seeing more lives being somehow connected.
  • Incredible in its presentation, this episode shows what Lost is capable of.

    Lost is always good. I should be used to it so I'm not blown away by almost every episode that airs. But, let me rave about this one real quick.

    Intense. In a word, that is what Lockdown could be described as. It's hard to say anything more. There was only one thing that wasn't the best about this episode is that I expected more answers than I got - instead I got more questions. This is not necesarily bad, it just makes me more anxious for the next episode, but it was just a little diffrent than I expected. But, overall, that is a small complaint that does not cost this episode much at all.
  • This was one of the best episodes of this season. One of the best in the show as well. Locke is stuck in the hatch with Henry and needs help getting out.

    This was one of the best episodes of this season. One of the best in the show as well. Locke is stuck in the hatch with Henry and needs help getting out.

    Henry is screwed. Since Sayid found proof that "Henry" stole the identity from someone that was buried, Henry doesn't have much room to maneuver before Sayid decides its time to play. Notice that "Henry" repeated the Numbers very quickly after Locke had only said them once. That’s because he already knew them. I don't buy his story about how the doors went up on their own. I think he went and raised the doors, and then walked back to where Locke was. That’s why he didn't answer Locke, because he didn't want Locke to realize that "Henry" knew how to work the Hatch. I also want to know why the Hatch went into lockdown in the first place.

    I think the balloons are the way that food is brought to the island. Its flown in by balloons that crash on the island. "Henry" just drew a map to a place where he knew a food balloon had landed. This would explain why the food they found near the episode had a flashing blue light, so that the "Others" could find the food sent for them.

    Notice Nadia, the lady Sayid knew from Iraq, was in the episode? Locke inspected her house during this episode.

    Finding the map is big. Now Locke will just have to find a way to make the map visible again.

    I am waiting to discover the reason how Locke lost use of his legs. That part of his life has yet to be revealed.
  • Anyone else catch the Sawyer --> Locke connection?

    The one between between Sayid and Locke was obvious. But does anyone else think that Locke's dad (Cooper) is the real Sawyer?? He mentioned that he faked his own death because he ripped some people out of a lot of money. Plus the type of guy who would steal a kidney from his own son is the type of guy who would take a family for all their worth. Just a thought...
  • defenatly deserves a 10 !!!

    Lost is just getting better and better.
    We are also finally getting some answers and again some interesting new mysteries!
    one of the best episodes so far this was, the events in the hatch with locke and the real truth about henry gale...
    I can't wait for next weeks episode to drop !!!
  • Who drew the map? Aggghhh so many questions. I got so excites a bit of pee came out!

    This was an amazing episode which is really driving the series forward. It was good to see Jack getting some control back from Sawyer, beating him at Poker, and winning back the medical supplies.

    Sawyer - When I asked you what you wanted for stakes, why didn’t you ask for the guns?

    Jack - When I need the guns, I’ll get the guns.

    This episode mainly centres around Locke and confirms that his farther was a con man, having taken $700,000 from a guy called Jimmy Payne. We watch how Locke’s need for answers and a desire to square things with his farther, leads to him agreeing to collecting the money from the safety deposit box, lying to Helen and risking being caught and possibly killed by Jimmy and his henchman.

    In the end, his dad leaves in a Taxi with the money and Helen is so upset he lied to her and hasn’t gotten over his Dad’s betrayal that she turns down his engagement. She drives away and Locke is left alone, crying, in the Hotel car park, as an Oceanic plane flies overhead.

    Last week we saw 4 of the five doomsday clock glyphs turn red before John finally input the code. But this week, stranger things are happening. Locke is pinned under the blast door while Henry crawls through an air vent to input the code just in time. As he does this the main lights in the hatch fail and a UV light flickers on. This illuminates what appears to be a map of the island with the locations of other hatches.

    See the map at www.dpolson.co.uk/Gallery/Lost/Mapon Blast Door.jpg

    We know the swan logo very well, but we have also seen an Arrow logo on the walls in the Taily’s hatch and a Medical symbol (Snakes wrapped arround a dagger) on the doors of the complex Claire was held in. From looking closely at this map, I think the Swan is at the 6 o’clock position, near the text “I am here”, the Medical snake symbol is at 10 o’clock, and the Taily’s old base is the Arrow at 12 o’clock in the picture.

    These symbols, along with others I can sort of make out (a Crab and a Scorpion) are all star constalations or signs of the Zodiac. The Swan is Cygnus, The arrow is Sagirtarius, the hunter, and the snake and dagger is Hydra. This could be a theory on the right lines but how does it all fit together? I’m sure Locke will figure it out and between him and Sayid, they’re bound to try and find the other hatches.

    This episode also lets us find out more about Henry Gale. His story turns out to be a lie when he gives a map to Ana Lucia, Sayid and Charlie. This takes them to a crashed hot air balloon and a grave marked with a cross as Henry described. He said the grave contained the body of his dead wife, but unless his wife was a black man also called Henry Gale, he’s talking shite. Sayid digs up the grave and discovers Henry is using this dead mans identity.

    J J Abrams interveaves the characters lives some more as in one flashback, we see John Locke talking to Sayid’s old love Nadia. She did make a new life for herself in America after all.

    Fantastic stuff in all and one of the most exciting episodes of Lost in a long time… but what does it all mean? Answers on a postcard please.
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