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Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Mar 29, 2006 on ABC

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  • This episode was a great momentum to a semi-great season. I really suspect that Lost is going to end with a bang. Very eye-opening, and the beginning of a great conclusion for this season.

    So I just watched this episode, right, and found the uv hieroglyph on the door of the thing to be quite interesting. I'm wondering though if Henry actually hit the countdown button as the whole concept seems rather fishy. Why that series of numbers, over and over again...and what happens if someone missed it.

    The finding of food supplies seems to be the most interesting of the events this episode, and lends to those that believe that the "Others" are just like them, and they have all been forced onto this island as test subjects to a Umbrella-type corporation (Dharma) seeking a place to practice unregulated eugenics.

    The details add more to Locke's past then was originally fortold, and hindsight's twenty twenty as to whether Locke will have another.

    All in all, a great ep.

    You no wen you watch a show and half way through the second series you start to realise, this show used to be better?? well lost is in no way like that. this is another of those crazy episdoes that leaves you counting the hours til 9PM next wednesday with many twists along the way and on huge cliffhanger. this is what makes lost such a great show!
  • this was good

    this was a really good episode and so revealing!!! i am curious about the map and what it means exactly. i wonder what is going to happen with "henry gale" now that they know he is an other and if locke will osmehow be able to protect him like he promised. i think it is possible that henry triggered the map somehow when he was typing in the code.
  • Did you notice someone from Sayid's past in Locke's flashback?

    This episode was so refreshing! For a while I was questioning if the show would ever move forward. This show was one of those that seemed to make connections (or indicated that there are connections that will be made in the future) vs. just highlighting a small fraction of the whole story, or focusing on relational "fluff" as another reviewer wrote.

    As foreshadowed in the preview for next week's show, there is now a live "other" to provide possible answers to some of the island's mysteries...seems he knows a little more about the hatch(es) than the plane crash survivors. *Not sure if he knows about the map that Locke saw on the security door.

    Also, as another reviewer mentioned, we still have more to see of Locke's past. I did think that the safety deposit box area looked much like the one at the bank that Kate held-up. I also thought that the neighborhood that Locke was in when he was doing his home-inspection looked much like the neighborhood that Sawyer and his girlfriend were in when Sawyer had her leave quickly with her fortune (supposedly - since he had it in a different bag). But, the thing that I'm CERTAIN about is the woman for whom Locke was doing the home inspection...this was the woman that Sayid had known since childhood that he had to torture and ended up falling in love with and letting her go. The very woman that Sayid was flying to find in the states when the plane crashed on the island. Is her name Nadia? Character name Nadia is listed under "guest stars" for this episode.

    Can't wait for next week's episode.
  • Overall, this episode dropped quite a bit of information into the audience’s lap, as if tempting the viewers to dig further and discover everything to be gleaned.

    As expected, this episode represented a turn towards the final leg of the season arc, as a great deal of information seems to have come together by the end. There are still a thousand questions that remain answered, but the writers have paid off the patience of many by providing some information that should factor into the season finale.

    It’s not at all clear why the blast doors in the hatch would drop at this particular time, though it’s possible to speculate based on the evidence. Michael’s comment about the blast doors is clear evidence that this moment has been coming for quite a while, since the writers planted the seed very early in the arc. The intersection of the blast doors dropping and the arrival of the supply drop seems to be a little too coincidental, especially on the heels of Henry’s question about how old the food is in the previous episode.

    So there’s two simple ways to interpret this. One interpretation would be that the announcement was meant as a warning that there was a supply drop coming and that the blast doors would come down to prevent contact with the outside world. But that doesn’t quite match what Desmond described. Another possibility is that the blast doors were routinely tested, and that the announcement was meant to remind the hatch inhabitants to reset the timer and get behind the doors. While the hatch inhabitants were safely in the hatch, unable to leave, the supply drop could take place for the Dharma personnel on the island. This is supported by the note on the map which reads “PRD every 6-8 months”, which probably refers to Parachuted Ration Drop. (Ignoring, for the moment, the idiocy of having vent lines open to other rooms if the blast doors have dropped!)

    Of course, there are plenty of other ways to explain what happened, but one thing is strongly suggested: the blast doors have probably dropped several times before, giving someone the time and opportunity to hide that map where it couldn’t be found. It may not have been Desmond (who claimed to have been trapped in the hatch by himself for quite some time), but it seems written from the point of view of someone trying to understand what’s happening on the island.

    The alternative is that the map was planted there. If the Others triggered the blast doors in an attempt to capitalize on the Henry’s presence there, since he definitely seems to be one of them, then Locke could have been meant to see that map. The Others could have been watching Sayid, Ana, and Charlie, and could have taken measures to advance their agenda by playing on Locke’s psychological issues.

    At any rate, the map suggests that the general shape of the island is rather similar to the octagonal symbol used by the Dharma Initiative, which in and of itself underscores the theory that the entire island was converted into a massive playground for Hanso’s little endgame. At least three of the six stations are identified, as well as at least four “CV” installations. What “CV” might stand for is anybody’s guess.

    The four identified stations do, in fact, match the hieroglyphics that appeared when the countdown dropped to zero, and there are lines connecting all many of the six “outer” stations, which adds credence to the theory that the stations are connected somehow. The possible locations of the two other stations are indicated. The map could include rivers, but there are also indications of tunnels in the area of the island that hasn’t been pinned down.

    Why would that be the case? The simple explanation is that the “security system” is active on that side of the island, preventing exploration. The question is: does that also correspond to the area of the island controlled by the Others? That would suggest that the “security system” is keeping the JackLocke tribe from discovering the active Dharma sites. On the other hand, Ana seemed to suggest that the very center of the island was the stronghold of the Others, which would suggest that the big circle at the center of the map was the active communal Dharma facility referenced in “Orientation”.

    The notes in conjunction with the “CV” notations translate to “Here Be Dragons”, which could indicate that the “CV” sites are actually the origination points of the “security system”. The repeated references to Cerberus (protector of the gateway to hell) are also very suggestive. Part of the problem is that the location of certain established places in the series (the drug plane, Black Rock, Danielle’s redoubt, etc.) aren’t indicated clearly on the map, for obvious reasons. There’s also no sense of scale, though one could assume that the drawing is not to scale and that the stations are perhaps a mile apart.

    There’s a reference to experiments on polar bears using extreme climate change and gene therapy, which suggests that the polar bears were brought there by Dharma. The alleged incident is referenced as the “AH/MDG incident of 1985”, which definitely refers to Alvar Hanso. Is “MDG” a reference to one of the fields of study initiated by Hanso to “further the evolution of the human race”?

    One could go on and on with an analysis of the map, and there’s little doubt that it will come up again and again on fansites around the internet. The real question is not what the map means, but what it represents. If Locke has been waiting for a revelation, some sign meant for him to discover, like the shaman imploring his gods to deliver a message, then how will he react to this experience? Will he tell Jack and the rest of the prominent tribe members about the map, or will he keep this to himself in some kind of power play?

    While Locke doesn’t look like he’ll be going anywhere for a while on his own, he could enlist a few other people with a vested interest in discovering the purpose of the island. If he remains true to form, he could set out to discover the facility at the center of the island on his own. One would hope that he would at least consult Sayid on the information that was stolen from Danielle, to see if those maps could be correlated to the map he saw on the blast doors. And of course, there’s the question of how much of the information Locke was able to retain. (It’s a lot easier to work out details on a screencap, with plenty of time to spare, than it would have been for Locke at that angle and for such a short period of time.)

    It’s also quite interesting to watch the slow switch in Locke’s attitude towards Henry, counterpoint to Jack’s own shifting perspective. Locke started out as very suspicious of Henry, but by the end of this episode, he was ready to trust Henry at his word, all because Henry didn’t abandon him. (Yes, on top of his delusions of “destiny”, Locke has serious abandonment issues. Locke’s a seething cauldron of psychological chaos.)

    Jack now has every reason to think that Henry is another plant by the Others, which puts him in an interesting position. Last time Jack encountered the Others, Zeke had a gun to Kate’s head; now, Jack has one of the Others at gunpoint. The difference is that Henry has Locke over a barrel, and he’s also very good at messing with people. (One would think, looking back on the whole series, that Locke is particularly vulnerable to psychological manipulation.)

    Locke’s flashback helped to fill in a few gaps in his story, linking his life in “Walkabout” to the rest of his history, without giving up the one piece of information that would really make the fans happy. Frankly, it’s better that way. This wasn’t the episode to drop that particular bomb, even if the writers really built the episode in a way that suggested it might be relevant. But now it’s clear why Locke wasn’t with Helen, and reveals how far he had fallen to build up the fantasy that he could have his life back.

    Though the flashback dealt with his abandonment issues, so often self-imposed, there were other nuggets spread throughout that part of the story. For one thing, Sayid’s lost love Nadia is alive and well, and living on her own, at least four years prior to the crash of Oceanic 815. Oceanic was in operation, which makes absolute sense given their connections to Dharma.

    An interesting possibility arises, given the behavior of Locke’s father since his introduction in the first season. Is it possible that Locke’s father is, in fact, the read Sawyer? What would happen if “Sawyer” were to discover that? One thing the producers promised was that the connections between the survivors would slowly unfold, even if they didn’t impact the main story, and that is happening more and more. All of it continues to suggest that these individuals were chosen by Dharma to be on Oceanic 815 specifically because of their connected histories.

    Obviously, Locke and the map aren’t the only items of interest in the episode. There’s the rather calm battle of wits between Jack and Sawyer. Jack manages to outwit and outplay his opponent, which should lead to some interesting jockeying later down the road. Sawyer was well on his way to becoming the merchant prince of the island, right down to the scoundrel personality, and now he’s lost control of an important asset to Jack. How will he respond to the fact that Jack has effectively demonstrated his power over him?

    One small problem with the episode is Kate. She seems awfully chummy with Sawyer, given how he used her so terribly only a few days earlier. More than that, she’s back to her flirting ways with Jack. Kate is easily the least defined and least interesting characters right now, with no discernable motivations of her own. The writers need to remedy that quickly.

    The rest of the characters are sidelined somewhat by the intense focus on the hatch, which would normally be a bad sign. In this case, the writers used the tension surrounding Locke and his status, past and “present”, to keep the episode gripping. There really was a sense that Locke could be a victim, betrayed by Henry in his moment of need, and the fact that it didn’t happen, leaving Locke to be manipulated even more, carries the momentum into the next episode. Things are really beginning to take shape for the end of the season, and if they do this right, the writers could make everyone forget the bumps along the way.
  • Another Great epiosde I feel to many questions came at me and with no questions answered.

    Put your Mangos were your mouth is.

    I liked this epsiode a bit better then the last one.

    I enjoyed seeing Libby who allmost never seems to be in it. The Poker setting was great since the cast of Lost loves to play poker but I think they usally like to play for money.

    Dont get me wrong Im the biggest Lost fan but i never actually wondered why jack had the tattoes but I guess now we know were his next flashback is heading toward as Long as its not this season.

    I bet the Food that Kate found was for Desmond Not for them, I honestly think that I should Crash my plane on this Island.

    Henry must of done somthing to realese Locke out of his prison and has now munipulated Locke into being his "friend" It was not that shocking that Henry has been confirmed to be an "Other" which most of us knew.
    The Map on the wall might be a map of the Island with diffrent hacthes and one big thing in the middle??

    I thought everybody knew about henry in the hacth or at least kate.

    Ill be back next week will hurleys epiosde.
  • Brilliant episode. Lots of new mysteries and some possible mistakes in the script?

    This episode is much better than most of teh previous ones.

    We get a number of new mysteries to think about until next week:

    1) Lockdown. For some reason blast doors suddenly went down and sealed Locke and Henry. Why did it happen?

    2) When Locke got stucked by the blast door, which has injured him, Henry went to the computer room to enter the numbers. He sais that he enetered them, but nothing happened. But Locke has seen some strange scheme on one of the blast doors which is visible only in UV. Why would "doctors" that created this project put some scheme on the blast door and not tell engineers, working there, about it? I'm sure those engineers (at least the one, whom survivers found when they first came to the hatch) didn't know about thee scheme, otherwise why would they press the button??

    3) Food that came with the parachute. It appeared right after the doors went up in the hatch (the lighting beacon on top of all that pile of food would have been noticed a long time ago otherwise). Why didn't fall on the island right now? Does not entering the code deliver some food (like cheating in the game)? But how was it delivered? By an airplane? That's got to be a very fast airplane to get from anywhere to the island and drop the food almost right after the timer went off in the hatch. So I think, that this food was lying there in the middle of the jungle for a long time, and the lighting beamer started working only after the timer went off. But what about the quality of the food? Rains, etc. would probably spoil it.

    4) Possible mistake in the script. Let's imagine that Henry Gale is really one of the "Others". So once they found someone who came by baloone to the island. He was already dead, or they killed him. They don't take his parachute, but they dig a grave and put him in there WITH his driver's license. Ain't that stupid? I knew that Saide will dig the whole to check where there is a body of a woman - I would do the same! And why did this fake Henry had to tell a story about his wife? Why couldn't he say that he came by a baloone with his REAL friend Henry, who died and then this fake Henry digged him a grave? This would eliminate any possible problems with the survivors. So it's either a mistake in the script or a scriptwriters did it on purpose?
  • Wow I cant belive how great this epidsode was!

    Wow. I can see why ABC was holding this episode for awhile. Most times the good stuff never happens till the end of the show but they threw everything out in the first 10 mins. "Henry Gale" is definatly not a good man. Just seeing the image of different chambers on the blast doors gave me a sense that there is more to this island then the castaways know.
  • So many stories, so little time...

    The main setup of the last episode (Whole Truth) was the story surrounding "Henry Gale". Is he, is he not...? HE IS! I have to admit that I was undecided what to think of him but "Henry" offered yet anther reference to "he" in the preview after the episode. In the preview, Sayid is threatening him and "Henry" states if he tells the survivors where the Others are "He" will kill him. This is not the first time "He" has been referred to. In "Maternity Leave" the character who Sawyer called "Zeke" asked Ethan "What am I supposed to tell 'Him'?". This reference is bound to resurface again as it is apparent "He" is a major part of the plot yet to be revealed. Who is "He"? I have my theories such as this being the man in the filmstrip. Whoever "He" is he has a stronghold on the Others and seems to be the Others Puppet Master not to mention the Survivors.

    Does anyone else feel as though the Locke flashback has more to tell? That could not have been all to it. Where is his father now? Where is Helen? How did Locke become paralyzed? What did this flashback have to do with the episode except for "Henry" not leaving such as his father and Helen. There's plenty more to come than what is being told.

    It was nice and all to see Jack relax a bit and play some cards but this is just fuel added to the fire between he and Sawyer. The conversation dialogue between them is interesting. Sawyer talks about his knowledge of Asia. Jack has a tatoo from Asia and Sawyer knows its origin. Also, losing to Jack can do nothing but create more animosity for Sawyer. A reprecussion is forthcoming.

    My man "Henry" is screwed. Sayid is already all kinds of pissed off and this latest revelation can't be good for his blood pressure. The ballon carrying supplies is an interesting twist. There was an experiment done years ago involving rats (or mice)who were trained to press a button every time it wanted food. After a while the distributer of the food changed the amount of times one would have to press the button for food. It is interesting that the Hatch provides a button and now some food has been dropped. There was not a plane heard overhead but there was a balloon with supplies. Did the countdown having anything to do with it or did Henry trigger something when he was alone for so long? Is that the reason he was sent to the Survivors to begin with is for this event?

    The biggest question is what was the writting on the hatch? No answers, no theories, just more questions. What an amazing show!

  • Another great episode. Even better then last week. That's two in a row, and it really looks like we're starting to get somewhere finally.

    Surprises abound in one of the most exciting episodes of the season. We get to see more of Locke before his accident and before that ill fated trip on the plane that brought our castaways here to this island of mystery and shock.

    I find myself enjoying the Locke-centric episodes the most. He is a really great character as played by Terry O'Quinn (sp). I also enjoyed the power struggle between Jack and Sawyer in the poker game which led to some funny moments to go along with the suspense in the episode. It does appear that Kate seems to always approach the guy that wins towards the end of the episodes whenever Jack or Sawyer are involved. Don't know what's up with that, but I do have some assumptions that I won't discuss here.

    We also have another mystery on our hands when the lights go out and the dark lights come on giving us a map as a clue on the door which only Locke sees. Don't know if he'll remember it, but it seems to me, and this is just my own guess, that it is a map of some sort which involves all the hatches around the island which lead to a central point in the complex which our heroes haven't found yet. The central point has a big question mark directly in the middle, but it has me thinking that something at that central point is of great importance.

    On top of this we find out that Henry Gail, the prisoner and the one who helps Locke while he is trapped under the door, is not the real Henry Gail. No real surprise there, but I'm starting to think he isn't one of the Others, but someone else. Will see in future episodes I'm sure.

    And what about all that food that Jack, Kate, Sayid, Charlie, and Anna Lucia see when they come together at the end. What does it all mean?

    And let's not forget the numbers, the bank, and the lock box for Locke in the flashbacks. Is it the same bank where Kate went to get her lock box last season? What's with the keys? Juicy plot details to chew on for sure.

    A great episode definately, but I'm not sure it is a classic yet. As the season goes on and we learn more, maybe it will be. Dang this review is long. Guess that's what happens when you get an episode of Lost as good as this one. Definately the best of this season for sure.
  • Sent chills down my spine throughout (Spoilers Ahead)

    Another amazing addition to Lost which will be remembered for a while.

    I am just so impressed by Terry O'Quinn and his character Locke. His story always has something substantial to give us.

    Damon and Carlton really are amazing writers. This episode's dialogue was just near perfect.

    The mythology parts were fantastic. What happened in the hatch totally threw me off my seat.

    Favorite parts in this episode:

    1. Jack and Sawyer playing poker (Food vs Medicine)
    2. Locke's dad faking his death!!
    3. Finding out that Henry Gale isn't Henry Gale but an Other!!!

    Can't wait for next week.
  • The Hatch suddenly springs to life so Loacke is enlisted to take the help of Hnery Gale. Sayid and co. have a shocking revelation about Henry Gale and the balloon. Also Sawyer and Jack are egaged in a game of Poker where Jack wins something precious.

    A wonderful Locke-centric episode. Would have really have to rate it as one of the very best this season. It still had its flaws though. The Lost writers are just creating more and more mystery without even caring a tad about answering them. Inspite of all this I liked the episode, partially because I simply love the character of Locke. It was actually a sad sight seeing Locke stranded alone with his girl friend and Dad deserting him. One trivia I would like to tell the readers that The woman to whom Locke was selling the house was actually Sayid's Iraqi girl friend.
  • Charlie,Ana-Lucia, and Sayid find a balloon. The blast doors in the hatch close locking Locke beneath one of them. Jack plays cards with Kate, Hurley, and Sawyer.

    For the last couple of episodes I have been trying to figure out who this Henry Gale is, but now I am almost certain he is an \"Other\". Who knows what Sayid will do now.
    What\'s with the writing on the wall? How is Locke going to get that back?
    This episode has brought Lost back to what it was. It was starting to get boring but after this episode there is alot more they can explain. The next few episodes should be very interesting.
    With only four episodes left the story behind \"Henry Gale\" with have to be told.
  • Not only was more of Locke's past revealed but so was an interesting inscription on a wall in the hatch. Also Henry Gale is not Henry Gale? Then who is he and where did he come from?

    Amazing revelation episode. Locke's flashbacks were interesting but surely not complete. The so called Henry Gale is not who we thought he was. What a shock! The weird inscription revealed in the hatch under the UV light was extremely intersting. Now I definately can't wait for the next episode about Hurley. This show is definately the greatest masterpiece of a show ever created. So captivating that it hurts to wait. Don't y'all agree?
  • A great Locke centered episode.

    Tonight was mostly a Locke focused episode.

    We saw more flash backs involving his Father and his girlfriend Helen.

    In an instant Locke must decide weather or not he is going to trust Henry(the man who was found by the crazy French woman), when the hatch goes into some kind of lock down.

    Jack play poker with Sawyer to win back the meds he got away with when taking the guns out of the infirmary.

    Siyed, Charley, and Anna Lucia find Henry's balloon where he said it would be, however the grave doesn't contain Henry's wife, it contains Henry.

    During the Lock down Food is mysteriously parachuted down to the island.

    I can't wait for next week!
  • Lost is a great series. It would be better served if it did fewer episode like "The Shield" and cut out some of the fluff.

    "Lockdown" was another great episode. Focusing on John Locke with flash backs and the prisoner's continuing effort to come between Locke and Jack.

    Anyone that was surprised about the prisoner "Henry" not being legit should have read my review of the previous episode. Just because he knew there was a balloon there didn't mean that he was ever on it. Hopefully he will get the "Sayid" treatment again.

    Now for the stupid part. Locke tells the fake "Henry" to go out the unblocked air vent in the pantry. Why didn't he just go out that grate himself before he ever let "Henry" out or tried to go under the "glass door"? I'm not sure about you...but that door didn't look like it was made out of glass to me. There is only one explanation that would fit. What if the Darma Group is controlling their thoughts as well as their memories as part of the experiments that I am convinced are taking place on the island. They could then force Locke to try and get out under the door to see how he dealt with the injury.
  • WOW great episode.

    That was amazing yeah the flashbacks werent that great but we got to see Nadia, the same bank Kate robed to get the plane (maybe), and another Lockes father might be the real sawyer or have something to do with Sawyer. It's so crazy how Henry is one of the others after saving Locke and all and what was with the doors and the blacklight maP, and the food was that supplies for Kelvin and his partner or maybe the real Henry was suppose to relieve them of their duty and that was his food so he can survive. Man this was one of the best.
  • Holy moses, it's getting crazy!

    Excellent episode. It had me clenching my seat during the commercials because I was anxious to learn the truth behind Henry Gale. I was worried for a moment that Henry and Locke\'s relationship would parallel the one Locke had with Helen, resulting in Henry leaving Locke during the \"lockdown\" like Helen did. Also, having Jack deal with Claire\'s baby problems, and Libby\'s urchin injury, after becoming frustrated with Henry was a good build up of tention for him, before joining in the game of poker to relax.
    In reference to Locke\'s flashbacks, I noticed the number of the safety deposit box in which Locke retrieved the money for his father was \"1516\"...another allusion to the \"magic numbers\" that plague almost everyone on the island.
    As for the batch of supplies that Jack and Kate found late in the episode, it seems the people behind Dharma haven\'t abandoned their project, but where did they come from? No one heard a plane?
    Henry Gale\'s story checked out, with the exception of a MAN being buried in the grave, instead of his wife. And this man\'s name was actually HENRY GALE. Does this mean the fake Henry Gale is one of the others? Was he in the balloon with the real Henry Gale? Only time will tell...
  • A series of incredible events unfold. No prize for best flashbacks of the season, but the action on the island was “LOST” at its best.

    A series of incredible events unfold, as “LOST” offers up another fantastic episode. This episode offers a nice contrast between suspense and recreation, courtesy of Locke and Jack respectively. Many clues concerning the mystery of Dharma are revealed, but you’re a better man than I if you can figure out what’s going on. With respect to events on the island, this episode contained more action and suspense than any episode in memory. By contrast, I felt the flashback sequences were rather dull, predictable, and weak. No prize for best flashbacks of the season, but the action on the island was “LOST” at its best.

    If you can't get enough of "LOST", check out "www.theislandoflost.com."
  • When was I supposed to breathe?

    Tonight's action packed episode of Lost grabbed me by the throat and didn't let go. From the surprising lockdown to the final moments of the episode, I didn't have a moment to relax.

    The episode is based around Locke, and focuses on what happens to him when he is suddenly locked down in the hatch. Meanwhile, in his flashbacks, we are treated to a further look into Locke and Helen's relationship. During the course of the flashbacks, we are given more hints as to the true nature of Locke's dad. They don't say it outright, but true Lost fans will probably know what they are hinting (and it's something that I've been saying since Locke's father first said the word "con").

    The episode is a well rounded episode with a ridiculous amount of suspense, and some humour thrown in to balance things in the form of a Jack/Sawyer card game. These scenes were funny to watch and definitely were a nice way to catch your breath inbetween the Locke scenes (ok, maybe I was lying when I said I didn't have a moment to relax, but it was really intense!). You are left to wonder through the whole episode where Sayid, Ana, and Charlie are, and when they come back it serves as one of Lost's greatest (and most painful to realize that another week's wait is ahead) endings.

    Overall, this episode was just incredible. The suspense alone was enough to make anyone scream out at Locke's 'misfortunes', and the humour was an excellent balance to make a complete package. And now the wait begins again.

    (Don't forget to check out www.theislandoflost.com for all your Lost related information!)
  • very good episode, thickened the plot.

    This episode was really good, it was a perfect lost episode- answered some questions, but revealed alot more, while still developing character and maintaining suspense. Is the link between Sawyer and locke, the guy that sawyer killed, the one that worked at that stand in australia? The one that sawyer thought caused his parents to fall apart? Is that locke'
    s dad? It seems saywer is meeting everyone's parents.

    Kate's mom and dad
    Jack's dad
    others I cant recall.

  • Awesome mystery and suspense!!!

    This epeisode brought back to me what i think this series is all about.

    Amazing suspense and complete mystery and intrigue. Its been a while since we haven\'t been able to explain something on the island. In this episode i don\'t think i could explain one thing from the mysterious hatch movements, to our new visitor, and even why there is a balloon if not two ballons crashed on the island!

    First why sis the hatch lockdown. mor eimportant is how to make it do it again or to get out of it when that happens again. Is this somehting they triggered, or is it totally random. and then Why???

    Second is who is this guy! I never believed him from the beginning! And now that we know he is lieing (spelling) who is the other guy that is buried? Was that a second ballon crashed? If so who was on it and was it the guy in the hatch with locke?

    ThirdThese pictures on the wall... obviously this atch was designed to lockdown and show these pictures. But is this a part of the original project or is this somehting that whoever was in charge of the hatch before drew and rigged up? Is this a true legit map and symbol directory of al lthe other hatches on the island or across the world?

    This suspense and intrigue that is building between this weeks episode and next when we learn some of the prisoners secrets of the hatch is unbearable. This mystery is what i love abou this show. I can\'t tell you one thing that ilearned in this episode but i know that i can\'t wait for next weeks installment.

    True LOST fansknow exactly what i am talking about. This wa a great epeisode, well written and executed. Absolutely amazing and totally enthralled with anticipation!!!
  • A jaw-dropping end to a turbulent ride of trust and deception. We find more about the troubling relations between Locke and his father, while Locke finds help in the most surprising place, his captive.

    This weeks plot was almost poetic. Locke's legs being crushed by the doors seemed so appropriate to the development of the story. As to his backstory, I thought that segment of the episode was weak. I think it would've been better if we finally found out how he was first hurt. But I trust in Damon to give us an even better medium to explalin that story. I felt all the information revealed in his backstory was stuff we already knew about and it didn't need reiteration.

    Sawyer and Jack were classic Sawyer and Jack. I'm just glad we got an almost Jack and Locke tension free episode, because their old couple power bickering is bothering me.

    As for the notorious Henry Gale I felt so confident by the end of the episode of his innocense. I was so sure that if he was an other he would of run away or try to hurt Locke even more, but he was so kind and so friendly that I did not think it possible that he was decieving us. An I was absolutley stunned at the revelation of his lies. I like Locke put my trust in him and was crest-fallen to see that it was wrongly placed. But at least we have a conclusive answer now, and finally a hint to what is going on after all these weeks.

    Overall, I had higher expectations that what was delivered. This is a case where the teaser is more exciting than the actual episode. So hopefully I will place my hopes more discretly next week.
  • does any one know what the writing on the wall was. plz if u do msg me. plz plz plz plz.

    does any one know what the writing on the wall was. plz if u do msg me. plz plz plz plz.it will be a great help to me. and if u ever need nething just msg me and tell me and i will c what i can do. aight. thanks
  • Lockedown - another great episode!

    Lost is back on track with this week's great installment. We find out what happened with Helen, John Locke's father, Anthony Cooper, and are teased by the mysterious writings on the wall when the black light comes on. Sawyer and Jack have at it in a high stakes game of Poker (wagering mangos of all things). Jack can read people and "Find their tell" very easily, and is able to clean the ninth grade drop out, Sawyer, out. Locke's father seemed to know a lot about how to con people, possibly he and Sawyer have a link, becuase as we all know there are no coincedences on Lost! We witness another cross in the show, as Locke seems to be a home inspector for Nadia, Sayid's past love, and reason for travelling to LA. We find out that she is not married. Judging by the teaser for next week's episode Henry admits to being an other, and we will find out a whole tonne of island mythology in future episodes, I cant wait!
  • Lockdown... the plot thickens.

    Very good episode. We learn a lot of new stuff concerning the hatch, Henry Gale and a little gem about the Dharma Initiative. I liked the flashbacks, but I've been wondering what's this link between Locke and Sawyer that was supposed to be revealed in this episode. Maybe I missed it. I did catch Nadia though. And what was that drawing/diagram on the blast doors that was revealed once the black lights were turned on? Very interesting... looked like a Dharma Initative symbol... maybe a map to the other stations?

    We also now know that the outside world (or at least, -some- people in the outside world, know of the island's location, since they're sending food and supplies via parachute drops. Probably operatives from the Dharma Initiative sending it for the scientists/operatives on the island, or something like that.

    So, judging by the end of the episode and by looking at next week's preview, it's fair to assume that Henry Gale is definitely an Other. Can't wait for the next episode...
  • Hopes

    I hope this episode lives up to the previews, it looks FKEN CRAZZZY! thet hatch goin off, wonder if sayid and others get in a trap! lol well, yeah good hype for it, so we see what will happen during this episode, and how henry gale is going to unfold and his game he's been playing
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