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Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Mar 29, 2006 on ABC

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  • Awesome.

    The hatch suddenly traps Locke, who is forced to ask Henry to enter the numbers into the computer. Ana Lucia, Sayid, and Charlie return and reveal that "Henry Gale" is lying and that he is one of the Others. In flashbacks, Locke's marriage proposal to Helen is rejected, because of his inability to let go of the pain his father caused him. Wow - my favourite episode of the season and the last season, I guess. So amazing - I love hte storyline. The scene with John and Henry are amazing. I love the way Jack is in this episode. I love the scene with the poker, Jack knows his stuff - I love the scene with Jack, Sawyer, Kate and Hutlry, and then there is just Sawyer and Jack left - I love them. I love the way the hatch shuts down awesome storyline I loved every minute of it. I love the way Henry has to push the buttons - amazing, I love the tension. The ending is awesome too.
  • The bunker undergoes a transformation, all by itself, leaving Locke and the prisoner to do some bonding. Sayid, Ana and Charlie end up getting some bonding time in also, as they go off to check the story of the prisoner.

    We have the trio on the hunt for the place where the hot air balloon was, all this just to confirm his story, we see that Charlie had gone and got some ruit for breakfast and we have Sayid watching over Ana as she sleeps.

    Jack goes to ask Hurley when the others left and was surprised to hear him say yesterday, Jack makes some remark about being told these things, Hurley's reply is "in the loop dude" obviously meaning a two way aspect. He then decides its too late to go after them, his attention is also required by Claire who needs him to.

    The trio has reached the area where they were directed by the prisoners map, they go into each area assigned and spent three hours before they decide to call it a day, just as they were doing so, Charlie calls them over, as he has discovered something.

    Bank in the bunker, there is a noise coming through the speakers that Locke is trying to hear, but the prisoner keeps shouting about whats happening, to the extent that he can't hear it. The blast doors then come down, Locke is able to put a crowbar under one door, just before it hits the floor. After a short while, knowing that the button needs to be pressed, he unlocks the door and places alot of faith in the prisoner. They try to force the door up and managed to a small way up, then they placed the tool box under it to hold it in place. Because of the countdown, Locke goes to shimmy under the door, but as he does so the door pins him to the floor.

    There is a major trust issue now, Locke has to trust him, as he explains the countdown then directs him through the ventalation system and gets him to reset the countdown, Locke is calling out his name but to no avail, but then he does come back, just as the other three come back with guns drawn, as they found everything was as he said, but Sayid dug up the grave to find the real guy who the prisoner claims to be, as they also found the guys driving licence.
  • Great

    The hatch suddenly traps Locke, who is forced to ask Henry to enter the numbers into the computer. Ana Lucia, Sayid, and Charlie return and reveal that "Henry Gale" is lying. Locke remembers the favor that his father asked of him.
    A brilliant, brilliant episode with some great moments within the hatch, the part where Locke gets impalled by the blast door went through me and the part where Locke sees the blast door map was strange.
    Henry Gale begins to fail in his cover up as Henry Gale at the end of the episode where the others return to the Hatch this had me on edge and I wanted to see more.
  • Amazing! Loved it!

    Locke has flashbacks of when his father cons him once again. He was going to ask Helen to marry him, but after she finds out about his dad, she leaves him.

    When the hatch goes berserk, Locke needs Gale's help. Locke gets trapped in one of the blast doors and injures his leg. While trapped, the alarm goes off and Gale must push the button. It is uncertain whether Gale pushed it in time, but Locke sees a map of the island briefly. Ana, Charlie, and Sayid find the balloon and the grave of Gale's wife. Jack, Sawyer, Hurley and Kate are playing poker. Sawyer loses against Jack, so he replays him. Jack bets all the fruit he won and Sawyer bets all the medicine. Jack wins. Ana, Sayid and Charlie come back and have a surprising piece of information: Henry Gale is not who he says he is. They dug up the grave and found the real Henry Gale and his wife.

    This episode was great! Mysterious ending! I knew he was fake! This episode gets a 10 out of 10!
  • great episode

    The hatch takes a life of its own. Locke is trapped inside the hatch, he gets an unlikely ally to get him out of his predicament. Ana Lucia, Sayid and Charlie go into the jungle to search for the balloon Henry Gale claims got him to the island. Stuff happens in this episode, we get to see things that might explain about Henry Gale, but other things come along to make us question who he really is. It's a good episode, the mystery deepens even more. More questions come our way. It's a good episode, the acting was good, it's well directed.
  • Definitely in the top 10 episodes of LOST. Locke-centric episodes never cease to amaze me.

    Lockdown is, by far, the coolest episode of LOST. It isn't my favorite but that doesn't mean I can't love it like my own. Henry Gale ((Ben)(Michael Emerson)) is great in this episode and I think making him a main character in season 3 was a very good idea that will pay off when his flashback episode comes around.

    The map in this episode is a great example of how awesome LOST is. It really shows how much detail the producers, writers, and directors go into to make this show what it is. In fact, I have an enlarged photo of the map framed in my room.

    Every Lock episode is made by the flashbacks and these were no different. The flashbacks told of the time when Locke thought his father was dead when he really wasn't. His father had "killed" himself off because two guys he had got in a retirement con were looking to kill him. After this, he comes to Locke asking for help. He wants him to go to the bank and get a bag of money out of a safety deposit box for him because he think the two guys are sitting on the bank waiting for him. Locke does but when his girlfriend, Helen, find out that he lied to her about his dad she leaves him. It is a very tragic story and it shows why Locke is the man he is on the island. Anthony Cooper is a great character even though he is almost universally hated and I think Kevin Tighe does a great job with the character.

    Besides Locke being trapped in the hatch--which is extremely frightening by itself, there are a few underlying story-lines. Jack and Sawyer play poker for the medicine that Sawyer stole--which is hilarious--and Ana, Sayid, and Charlie follow Henry's map to his balloon. After a few hours of searching, Ana finds a grave and they notice that it is not raining on the grave and, when they look up, they see a giant balloon with a smiley face on the top, just like Henry had said. However, Sayid, being the genius he is, still doesn't believe him and he digs up the grave. We later find out that Sayid found a man in the grave--not a woman like Henry had said. At this point, I was really expecting Sayid to say something like "why didn't you tell us you were gay Sadly, he did not. The episode ends when Sayid says, "Not a woman but a man. A man named Henry Gale." Oh snap.

    This was a great episode. Anyone who gives this episode less than 9.5 is crazy!
  • Quite possibly Lockdown is the best single-episode of Lost.

    Locke episodes are always great. Not only they're great, but they always show us something new. Locke episodes always reveal something.

    Walkabout revealed that Locke was in wheelchair, and that the island healed him.
    Deus Ex Machina showed us how the island is able to 'talk' with Locke, and we saw the light in the hatch too, which was a major clue.
    In Orientation we learned a lot about the hatch. Probably ever since that episode, we didn't really learn anything new about it, minus the hieloglyphs surprise in One of Them.

    And now...


    The title itself can be understood two ways: lock-e-down or lockdown. But are accurate.

    The 'teaser' of the episode(the part which is leading up to the main title sequence) is full of surprises. Well, only one surprise, but that's more than enough:

    Sayid, Ana and Charlie actually manage to find the balloon of Henry Gale - and the grave of his wife too!

    So, he didn't lie?! All this time they tortured and locked up an innocent person?

    In the hatch, Henry continues to carefully manipulate Locke. He's trying to turn Locke against Jack by sheding some light on the fact that Jack is the leader, and Locke does what Jack wants...

    Meanwhile, in Locke's flashback, Locke is about to propose Helen. They're together for a long time now, and Locke finally managed to put his father behind. Until... they find out that Anthony is dead.

    Probably, the only drawback feature of this episode was the poker subplot. Which was funny, for sure, but it seemed to be a cheap excuse to keep Jack away from the hatch. But why do that? Well, because there's a 'lockdown' in the hatch!

    All the blast doors suddenly came down. But what for? And not only Locke(and Henry) can't exit the hatch... they can't access the computer!

    Locke, because has no other choice, releases Henry so he could help him open one of the doors. They successfully open one of them enough to Locke crawl under it, however... just when he starts crawling, the door falls on his... legs. And the episode begins.

    In the flashback, Helen and Locke visit Anthony's funeral. Ironically, they're the only ones there...

    In the hatch, as Locke is trapped under the door, he's forced to work with Henry. And that means... Henry has to crawl through the vents to access the computer room and push the button. What this episode does extremely good, is how it manages to keep the viewer on the edge of her/his seat, while there's not much action going on. It's totally centered on the hatch, where Locke doesn't move, nor does Henry... Surely. We got a great flashback, and a funny poker subplot, but still... Speaking of flashbacks. Appearently, Anthony isn't dead. He isn't dead as his father visits Locke.

    Anthony tells the truth: the only way he could 'rescue' is if he pretended dead, because he stole $700 000 from two men... as a 'retirement' con. Cooper wants John to pick the money up, and deliver it to his father. If he succeeds, Locke gets a nice cut of the money.

    Meanwhile, we're under 4 minutes in the hatch, and there's no sign of Henry. Beep, beep, beep. What now? Is this the moment where we finally find out what happens when the countdown ends?

    10 seconds... 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1...

    people with good ears, and loud soundsystem/tv, could've noticed the same noise as in 'One of Them' - hieloglyphs start spinning, and something 'starting up'. However, what's that...? Did it just stop? Did Henry push the button afterall?

    And this is what Lost is good at. Mysteries. In only a few seconds, Lost reveals the biggest mystery of season 2. And this few seconds will definitely go down as one of the most memorable moments of Lost ever.

    All the lights, electricity goes off, UV lamps turn on: because this is the only way that the map on the blast door is visible: a map of other hatches.The island... everything. This map, I'm sure - was frozen on every Lost fan's screen for hours - there's simply so much information on it. Unfortunately, Locke has only about 10 seconds to memorize it. Let's hope he does.

    10 seconds later UV lamps go off, electricity is back on, and the doors are going up: is it over? Yes it seems to be over.

    And Henry didn't escape - he told John that he pushed the button in time. In Locke's flashback, Anthony and him meet up in a motel. Locke got the money. But here's the twist: Helen followed Locke. And she's absolutely puzzled that he's still doing favors to his dad: after all what happened: and after the promise Locke made to Helen.

    Locke, a desperate man, sees no other option to keep Helen, so he proposes to her: But Helen rejects. She leaves. Anthony? He leaves too. Locke's alone...

    ...which is a great contrast to the island story. Henry didn't leave Locke alone, although he could've! This time... Locke's fine. Or...is he?

    Meanwhile, Jack and Kate are heading towards the hatch, but their journey is soonly interrupted by Sayid and co: they have something to show. But... what's that in the jungle? What's that blinking. A huge package dropped by a plane - just now - a package full of Dharma equipment: mostly food. This is what the lockdown was for? And Dharma is still active?! How could this episode possibly get better?


    As Sayid, Charlie, Ana, Jack and Kate arrive to the hatch, they confront Henry Gale. Because... [Sayid]:

    We did find your balloon, Henry Gale. Exactly how you described it. We also found the grave you described. Your wife's grave. The grave you said you dug with your own bare hands. It was all there, your whole story, your alibi. It was true. But still I did not believe it to be true.. so I dug up that grave. And found that there was not a woman inside. There was a man. (shows dead man's drivers license) A man named Henry Gale.

    L O S T


    Overally, this episode was incredible. Not only we got one more tearjerker Locke episode, we got probably the most twisty on island story so far.

    Objectively, this has to be the best episode of Lost. Subjectively, of course, this is not the case for everyone, but it definitely ranks high on very lost fan's list.

    Locke's character was once again beautifully contrasted in the flashback: and on the island. This is art, the writing is so sharp and flawless.... it's art. Well no wonder, this episode was written by Damon and Carlton.

    All the mysteries, all the clues in this episode... well, there were alot and they added ALOT, too. Both causal and hardcore fans are satisfied with this episode: is there anything more to desire? No, there is not. This episode was 'perfect'. After a heavily character centered transitional episode, Lost is back full throttle, and everything is set for the endgame: an 'other', a map of the hatches, and a desperate man who's willing to do anything just to finally find his purpose: Locke.
  • This is a brilliant episode because not only does it reveal a few things but it also leaves you with more questions.

    This is my favourite episode out of season one and season 2, I think this is mainly down to the fact I thought that not only the events that were happening on the island were really interesting but the flashback aswell.watching lost I much prefer to watch the events on the island and some flashbacks I can find quite boring(jin/sun) and there are not many flashbacks that I can really enjoy only lockes, sawyers and ana lucias so when this episode came around I loved every single second of it from start to finish.I also loved the fact that we found out some information about henry and we were left with questions over the hatch and the lockdown.
  • one of the best episodes of the season!

    this one was really great! all three sceneries (the hatch, the pokergame at the beach and sayid, ana-lucia and charlie out on their search for "henry"'s balloon) were interesting to watch.

    we finally found out how the blast doors work (even though i don't have a clue why they came down at all), it was fun to see jack beat the crap out of saywer not with fists but in a game you would have thought saywer to be way better (i guess, there are a lot of undiscovered talents jack has and i think, this was one more hint that he may after all not be the allniceandallsoliddoctor) and i didn't see it coming for one second that after finding the balloon (which made me think that "henry" really hadn't lied and would be off the hook for good) they still would find out that in fact he was an "other".
  • I love it, a ton of things going on!

    This is great.First off, the hatch is acting weird.There is a weird voice coming out of the box, sounds a little like Helen. Then, while telling Henry to shut up, the doors go down. Locke tries to go under, but his legs get crushed. So Locke has to get Henry's help to get it back up, and the button is getting very close to 0. But Locke can trust Henry...right?No, and the whole room turns blue, and it shows a map with a question mark in the middle.Locke doesnt know whats going on, but it goes back to normal as Henry put in the numbers. Meanwhile, Sayid, Charlie, and Ana find the balloon. But Sayid still doesnt believe him, so he digs up the grave, and he finds not a woman, but a man. His name is Henry Gale!This episode was great, and it solved a lot of mysteries that were coming up.
  • Best episode ever.

    This has to be the best episode Lost has ever shown, possibly even topping Exodus! This episode also makes it seems like Lost is back where it was. The Long Con was great, One of Them was even better, Maternity was even better than both of them, The Whole Truth was meh, and finally, Lockdown tops both of them. Hopefully, "Dave" will turn out great as well.
  • WOW!!

    Finally. What a great great episode. I can not believe how many things happened. All these little shifts between the characters (Charlie, Kate, Sawyer, Locke) and the giant new things (the parashute with food, the map on the wall, henry gayle is probably another). A great great episode that turned up my interest in lost to a hundred!!
    How can I waite for the next one..?
  • we think the food came from that Dharma and it was programmed to arrive. and we think this is the reason the hatch locked, so nobody could be outside when the food lands.

    i must say, as many of you already have said it, that this was one of the best episode ever! it's very exciting, it keeps you close and makes you wonder about so many things. in my country this ep haven't aired yet, but I've seen it on my PC, as i did with all the other ones. I've seen the first season and 7 ep from season 2 in 2 days. my brother said I'm crazy, but then he was very bored and started to watch an ep, after that another one and so on and now he's simply crazy about what is going to happen next.

    we think the food came from that Dharma and it was programmed to arrive. and we think this is the reason the hatch locked, so nobody could be outside when the food lands. cause we know that there was supposed to be only 1 man, not half of a plane. so the food was programmed, the hatch locked to be sure nobody was out, and that map appeared because nobody push the button. cause when that guy typed the numbers everything went back to normal.

    I'm quite intrigued how you guys could see something written on that map, 'cause all i saw was something irrelevant, just some pics and some writing. so if translated... this means this show is driving us crazy :))) but is so damn good :)) i think will last more that 5 seasons so expect for more
  • For the first time in lost i yell: "GO SAYID!!"

    Lock is not one of my favorites but this episode made me realise that you can't just like one of them. You have to love al of them. And its easy to say you hate one of them but sooner or later they will make you shout "Go .." you know. I don't realy like Sayid but this episode i whent like "YEAH!"
  • Lost at its best, with actual plot developments, great interaction, and a great ending!

    I'll be honest,
    while it has still been my fav show,
    and I've enjoyed the last few episodes.
    Its been moving kinda slow.

    This episode takes that slow buildup,
    and uses it for a perfect ending.

    Jack was in great form,
    (after the constant bickering with Locke).
    "when I need the guns, I'll get the guns"
    and still showing concern for Locke,
    when he came into the hatch,
    and saw Henry standing over him.

    I have a feeling the downward spiral of Locke is about to start, at least for a few episodes.

    No real answers (except that Henry Gale isn't Henry Gale), and only more questions.
    But thats why I love series/show long plots.

    Can't wait until the next episode.
  • This episode is no gamble.

    After the last episode ended on a cliffhanger this episode effectively ends on an even better cliffhanger. So many pivotal things happen int his episode. The hatch reveals another one of its unknown characteristics. When the hatch doors drop we also so a layout of all the hatches and a mysterious ? in the center. This map creates a million new questions. We also learn Locke has a lot more him than we once thought. A dharma food drop is found and Henry Gale was frontin. These things all drastically change our understanding of the lsot world. In addition, the poker scene is absolutely a classic. jack got game!
  • This episode is absolutely blinding. It's amazing, and just what we wanted after a few boring episodes

    Just what we needed from the lost team, an episode with revealing features in it. Although i am excited about the prospect of what the map is revealing i still have a few questions to ask.

    1. Where has michael gone? i know he went looking for his son, but y haven't they showed us what's happening with them and how come there not gettin in tocuh via the computer in the hatch.

    2. Where did the food come from? Is this what is delivered everytime of the year or something for whoever's in the hatch. Also where did the scottish bloke go from the hatch. Its not as if he can go anywhere on the island unless he knows more about the island and maybe another dharma hatch maybe.

    3. 'Henry Gale'? What do u think about him? Me myself, i think he is one of 'the others' but i also think now they have him, i think he will be an insider for the gang. I think this because he has helped locke from the lockdown and also y would he have come back to help him, y didn't he run out of the hatch. Its all interesting to know.

    What about the computer as well, y dnt they let the timer run out and see what happens. Personally i think this is what is gonna happen at the end of the series. Hopefully the last few episodes will be exciting to watch.

    Let me know what u think on the matter and keep watching.
  • This is definitely one of the best episodes in a while. Finally some great new twists.

    This episode brings me back to early in Season 1 where questions were constantly being brought up and there were cliffhangers galore. There were several key new twists brought up this episode, definitely making it a 'Pivotal' episode that a Lost follower should not miss.

    At this point we still no very little about the Dharma initiative, and there is room for a lot of great shows introducing to us what is really going on in this island.

    The map on the hatch really established how much more of the island there is yet to explore and I have no doubt that this show will continue to get better and stay at the top of my list for several more seasons.
  • Great episode.

    I was starting to get tired of seeing boring episodes of this season, but Lockdown definitely changed. Another great episode by none other than Locke himself. The flashback was also decent with the return of Locke's father. By the way they end episode with Henry Gale, I'm already excited to see the next episode.
  • just read the review

    Oh my gosh that episode ROCKED!!!!!! it was soo intresting but sad to I mean Henery , im using that cause I dont know his real name, was the only person in Lockes life who didn't leave him and then he turns out to be and other, which I think he is now, I mean I felt so sorry for locke when that happened but it wasnt enough to make me cry. It was real revealing to because at the end all that food had been dropped I think the science team is preventing them from getting off the island, like theyre the replacements for that other guy but all I want to know is did the science team pick him up or did he join the others? let me know what you think.
  • The latin translations on the blast door...

    The geek in me would not allow me to ignore the latin phrases on the blast door, so I googled them. If anyone cares, here are the translations:

    Liberte te ex infernus = save yourself from hell
    Sursum corda = lift up your hearts
    Malum est consilium quod mutari non potest = It is a bad plan that cannot be changed
    Nil actum reputa si quid superest agendum. = Don’t consider that anything has been done if anything is left to be done.
    Hic sunt dragones = Here be dragons!
    Credo nos in fluctu eodem esse. = I think we're on the same wavelength.
    Ursus maritimus = maritime bear (AKA Polar bear)
    Ut sit magna, tamen certe lenta ira deorum est. = The wrath of the gods may be great, but it certainly is slow.
    Cogito Ergo ___ = I think, therefore ? I can’t make out the third word. It is not Sum.

    i don't if this helps anyone
  • The lockdown is related to the food delivery....

    ......when the food/supplies delivery approaches the island, by whatever means, the hatch goes into lockdown until the supplies have landed. The PA system in the hatch started to crackle, and you could hear a voice as Locke fiddled with it. You could also hear the end of a countdown just before the lockdown. Or lockdown could automatically occur when any type of aircraft approaches the island. When the supplies land, their signal opens up the hatch doors. The supplies may come every few months or so, and the survivors have only been there less than 2 months now which would explain why they have not found a food drop before. This is not likely a military operation by any country or they would have eliminated the survivors.
  • Wow,Wow,Wow and again Wow...

    I must admit,i loved the first season,and with the exception of 1 or 2 episodes have so far found that season 2 pales in comparison.
    However,this episode is a total contrast to the rest of the season...
    things seemed to happen with more ergency this time, no more pointless character development (ok...so Sawyer squished the nice froggy..that didn't help the story,did it?).
    there's now the suspicion that this is some sort of military type operation,or that the people really running the show have vast resources to rely on.
    jack and sawyer have another round , which is always fun,as i find their banter to be one of the true highlights of the show.
    and Locke once again manages to freak me out with his mental patient like looks and demeanor.
    i look forwards to the lst couple of months of the season,as I suspect that this was the episode where things finally take off towards the end of season 2.
  • This is a really good episode.

    There are no spoilers in this review.

    This episode is very interesting. I think there's been a little too many annoying frogs and lost wedding rings in the second season of "Lost", but episodes like this really makes me want to keep watching the show. I always like it when things happen in the hatch. This particular episode reveals certain answers, although that only gives room for more questions. There's also lots of action and excitement. I find Locke to be an interesting person, so this being a Locke-centric episode only makes it better.

    Don't miss this episode, it is really worth watching.
  • Lost just gets better and better!

    Wow, what a great episode. There are so many things going on with that hatch and I really hope some things are revealed soon. What was with the neon nights and that weird symbol, not to mention the walls? And Henry isn't Henry... I can't wait for the next episode! LOST is one of the most exciting dramas out there!
  • Finally! Something exciting happens. Now, we may actually learn something more avout the island.

    This was an awesome episode! Much better than the last few. The writers are finally showing us what we want, the next part to the story. While watching the last few episodes, I've just felt like I was reading the prologue to a book, or something. It was kinda boring.
    Now that we know that "Henry" has been lying, what will happen next, I wonder. OOOOHHH!!! I'm so excited! Is he really one of the Others? Or someone completely different? Why did he lie about who he was? Are the survivors really going to go to war with the Others? If so, who will win? The series is finally get some of its speed back. Let's just hope that it continues to get better.
  • great

    I thik this good be the best ever, episode of Lost, at least the best this season, liked the interaction between Locke and Gale, actually began to believe Gale, the only down point was the Poker game, as I like Sawyer better than Jack, the ending was awesome, this show keeps getting better
  • Best episode yet of Lost

    So far Lost has been intrigueing, tense, suprising and at times comical.
    This episode has it all, from a huge new revelation to certain questions answered, but each answer comes with its own questions.
    This episode kept me on the edge of my seat for the full intense 42 minutes.
    I think these were the most intense and best 42 minutes of television i have seen in my 32 years.

    The plot develops further and further and i don't know where this will lead to but if they want to make the finale of this season even bigger I have no clue how they will top this one.

    The map is defenitly the most revealing thing this episode so far. It will keep people busy for weeks to come I am sure of that.
  • FINALLY something is happening! Lost is back on track ;)

    I was getting so bored with the turn of “events” … nothing was happening really in this season.
    Everyone has their favorite character and mine is Locke!!! In my opinion Locke is the heart of this show and I enjoyed this like no other episode! I’ve been waiting for this forever!!!
    Everyone has pretty much said it all about this episode.
    I have nothing really to add. :s

    One thing puzzles me though …
    As I remember, Lock had no feel of his legs. He didn’t feel pain!!!
    It was 2 episodes in the row (the crucial episodes with Boone, just before Boone died) when Locke got injured and didn’t notice it ‘till Boone told him. (he said something like: “dude your leg” or something like that I don’t remember now) And after that he was sticking needles and sticks on his legs and he didn’t feel pain!
    How come he does now? Did I miss something?

    Nevertheless, it didn’t really bother me, just made me wonder a bit ;)

    As I said: FINALLY something is happening! Lost is back on track ;)

  • Just WOW

    First of all to all you out there giving this episode less than 10, you shouldnt be watching television.
    Now to the real stuff... Notice the Sawyer-Locke connection... Lockes father definately has something with James(Sawyer) but well thats for the writers to write and for us to find out...
    How about that parachute. I think that if you dont press the button, the parachute will fall with the food... just a thought.... dont know why though...
    Anyway excellent episode and cant wait till the next one!
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