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Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Mar 29, 2006 on ABC

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  • Why?

    (maybe spoilers)
    Let me ask you this: why oh why didn't Locke use the vent to get out of there in the first place? Why did he have to risk his life by passing under the heavy door, when in the vent the only risk he could take was to pass by some dirty rats?
    Well, it's easy: because that way this episode, with all its fake thrills and intensity, wouldn't have even existed.
    These kind of plot holes are getting way too often and obvious in this show. This is one of my least fav episodes so far.
  • 'Who's Henry Gale'?

    The show gets worse with every single freaking episode. I don't care about Locke and what his dad did to him for the 100th time, neither, did I care last week when Sun got pregnant.

    What I want to see is the whole 'Who's Henry Gale' issue dissolve, but instead the writers are trying to thicken the plot and turn up the suspense, but the show is simply turning me off.

  • Henry Gale is gay?? Not that there is anything wrong with that!

    I have a strong feeling Henry Gale is gay and that is what he was hiding from them. He even kinda eluded that to Locke when he said you have to protect me no matter what. He also has constantly challenged Locke and Jack's relationship with each other, asking why do you let him talk to you like that. I Gale and his "wife"(commonly used in reference to a gay lover) use to argue all the time, and that is why he is asking Locke why he lets Jack treat him that way. I also think he never pushed that button, I think it was too late by the time he got there, because they got pretty low in the countdown before but food was never dropped off.I think that will be the thing that he tells Locke, that his botton is useless. All in all it was a regular good episode but not as special as I thought it would be. The show is still one of my favorites. Oh and a side note I hope that I'm wrong because I don't want the show to become this predictable.
  • Bring me the head of Henry Gale...

    Alternatively, his ID card will do just as fine. Again in episode 2×17 we are “Lost” in subplots about people’s pasts, riddled with the “evil” numbers (see saftey deposit box Nr. 1516) and the writers’ obsession of thickening the plot by distracting from it.

    Henry Gale is dead. Spoiler? No! Henry Gale is white! Is he? Dead or white, does it matter? He is one of “them”, that’s all.
    So, seal the hatch, drop off some new supplies while everyone inside the hatch is locked in! So that’s where the cereal comes from! I think it is time to send in Jack Bauer to get to the bottom of this. Someone is stealing fruity loops cereal and puts it in cheesy white boxes with strange logos printed on it. Messy stuff.

    If “Lost” is keeping it’s current course it will be “lost” in the TV ether before you know it. There are too many competitive shows out there for mediocrity to survive for long and today’s audience is incredibly sensitive to this. Anyone I have spoken to so far agreed that Season Two is getting weaker and weaker with every show. Flashback my dear writers belong in Season One, if you have not succeeded to establish your characters after one season you never will and spending a whole episode on one character can be nice but as flashback (and not the last since we still need to find out when/how Locke lost his control over his legs)? The plot thickens… elsewhere.
  • Wow! Something happened this episode! did we get any answers? erm no just the usual crap.

    So why did the blast doors come down? why did they go back up again? Why now and not some other time? It's simple things like this that really annoy me about this show, when something does actually happen they gloss over it by showing some luminous map thing on the blast door on top of Locke. Just give me some friggin answers!!! Stop trying to avoid it by teasing me with more questions! It is starting to really irritate me now. Having said all that though, this was the best episode in a long while although my grievances stand. Average.
  • "What's in the bag John?"

    There's a lady who's sure all that glitters is gold And she's buying the stairway to heaven. When she gets there she knows, if the stores are all closed With a word she can get what she came for. Ooh, ooh, and she's buying the stairway to heaven. There's a sign on the wall but she wants to be sure 'Cause you know sometimes words have two meanings. In a tree by the brook, there's a songbird who sings, Sometimes all of our thoughts are misgiven. Ooh, it makes me wonder, Ooh, it makes me wonder. There's a feeling I get when I look to the west, And my spirit is crying for leaving. In my thoughts I have seen rings of smoke through the trees, And the voices of those who stand looking. Ooh, it makes me wonder, Ooh, it really makes me wonder. And it's whispered that soon if we all call the tune Then the piper will lead us to reason. And a new day will dawn for those who stand long And the forests will echo with laughter. If there's a bustle in your hedgerow, don't be alarmed now, It's just a spring clean for the May queen. Yes, there are two paths you can go by, but in the long run There's still time to change the road you're on. And it makes me wonder. Your head is humming and it won't go, in case you don't know, The piper's calling you to join him, Dear lady, can you hear the wind blow, and did you know Your stairway lies on the whispering wind. And as we wind on down the road Our shadows taller than our soul. There walks a lady we all know Who shines white light and wants to show How everything still turns to gold. And if you listen very hard The tune will come to you at last. When all are one and one is all To be a rock and not to roll. And she's buying the stairway to heaven.
  • A jaw-dropping end to a turbulent ride of trust and deception. We find more about the troubling relations between Locke and his father, while Locke finds help in the most surprising place, his captive.

    This weeks plot was almost poetic. Locke's legs being crushed by the doors seemed so appropriate to the development of the story. As to his backstory, I thought that segment of the episode was weak. I think it would've been better if we finally found out how he was first hurt. But I trust in Damon to give us an even better medium to explalin that story. I felt all the information revealed in his backstory was stuff we already knew about and it didn't need reiteration.

    Sawyer and Jack were classic Sawyer and Jack. I'm just glad we got an almost Jack and Locke tension free episode, because their old couple power bickering is bothering me.

    As for the notorious Henry Gale I felt so confident by the end of the episode of his innocense. I was so sure that if he was an other he would of run away or try to hurt Locke even more, but he was so kind and so friendly that I did not think it possible that he was decieving us. An I was absolutley stunned at the revelation of his lies. I like Locke put my trust in him and was crest-fallen to see that it was wrongly placed. But at least we have a conclusive answer now, and finally a hint to what is going on after all these weeks.

    Overall, I had higher expectations that what was delivered. This is a case where the teaser is more exciting than the actual episode. So hopefully I will place my hopes more discretly next week.
  • Another Great epiosde I feel to many questions came at me and with no questions answered.

    Put your Mangos were your mouth is.

    I liked this epsiode a bit better then the last one.

    I enjoyed seeing Libby who allmost never seems to be in it. The Poker setting was great since the cast of Lost loves to play poker but I think they usally like to play for money.

    Dont get me wrong Im the biggest Lost fan but i never actually wondered why jack had the tattoes but I guess now we know were his next flashback is heading toward as Long as its not this season.

    I bet the Food that Kate found was for Desmond Not for them, I honestly think that I should Crash my plane on this Island.

    Henry must of done somthing to realese Locke out of his prison and has now munipulated Locke into being his "friend" It was not that shocking that Henry has been confirmed to be an "Other" which most of us knew.
    The Map on the wall might be a map of the Island with diffrent hacthes and one big thing in the middle??

    I thought everybody knew about henry in the hacth or at least kate.

    Ill be back next week will hurleys epiosde.
  • The Hatch just gets that much more mysterious, as does its prisoner, Fenry Gale!

    All of Locke's episodes are of a high quality. There hasn't been a bad one yet. However, I like some more than others. I'm not insinuating that Lockdown is a weak episode because it is far from that. In fact it is still one of the best of this season, which has been rather up and down to say the least. But there is something missing! Lockdown is indeed exciting and revealing but when I watched it (certainly on first viewing) it just didn't seem as exciting and as fast-paced as I expected or would have hoped. The problem comes not from the action in the hatch but the action outside, which although broadens some character threads, does little to progress this episode's story or momentum. The poker game, while entertaining, is the one time when I can say something has been fitted into the episode just to fill up the running time and to try to break up the tension between the hatch happenings. It would have been better if there was other tension back on the beach. Sawyer is too playful in this episode, which goes against the grain of events in The Long Con, which saw a return to the dark roots of his character. Comic relief works in Lost but in this episode you could do without it. It would have worked better in an episode, which was of a generally slower pace and more character focused. Lockdown is mainly centered around the mysteries of the island, and in particular, the Swan Station. A new mystery is added into the mix, consequently piling on more questions - the Blast Door Map!!!!
    This was surely the biggest discovery of Season 2, next to the discovery of the Swan Station in the first episode.
    Certainly, post airing it was the most talked about, theorised about and obsessed about mystery of the show for a good long while. And we only see a few seconds of it on sceeen. It is the viewer's need to pause, zoom and rewind countless times using our modern technology that offered the more concrete revelations about what the Map revealed.
    All the scenes in The Swan are totally engrossing so it is fortunate that they occupy the majority of the screen time.
    Locke's flashbacks in this season have been not as powerful as they were in Season 1. I still can't quite to grips with the fact that Locke was in love and was in a comfortably relationship with a woman. In Season 1 we were introduced to Locke as a small man with big dreams, a loner and a loser in life. That was how he was portayed and that was how I accepted him to be. The last Locke episodes had cast that notion aside. So Locke wasn't so much of a loner all his life, as I had imagined him to be. He WAS in a relationship, he WAS in love, he WAS reasonably happy and most importantly he didn't seem as LOST, as we saw him earlier in the season. I had ignored the dark cloud that hovered over him in Orientation, his father, and that obstacle continues to be a key aspect to turning Locke's flashback story full circle somewhat. By the end of the episode Locke loses his girl, is broken by his father and consequently returns to the pathetic, lonesome loser that he was (before landing on Lost island). It was nice to bring back Locke back to being Locke (as sad as it is to see him so broken-hearted).
    Terry O'Quinn's performance is stellar and Michael Emmerson's portrayal of Henry Gale nearly matches up to it.
    There are a number of other mysteries addressed in this episode. One is that Kate and Jack discover a supply drop, which may be connected to the Swan Station Lockdown. The fact that food is being dropped onto the island neatly explains how there is food in the Hatch. But the question remains who is dropping it and for whom? Is it for the people assigned into the Hatch or is it for The Others also?
    And we also discover that Henry Gale is NOT Henry Gale but is assuming his role (the real Henry Gale is dead!). Have we now got proof that he is an Other????
    Another terrific Locke-centric episode despite some minor momentum issues, which makes this the weakest of his episodes thus far.
  • Wow!! That is all I can say!!

    This was an amazing episode!! We found out so much information. Ex: "Henry Gale" is not who he say he is; there is a map on the blast doors; A supple of food was delivered by Dharma; oh! and also that Jack can beat Sawyer BADLY at cards! We have not had a good episode in quite awhile. This was defenitly worth all those repeats
  • Awesome.

    The hatch suddenly traps Locke, who is forced to ask Henry to enter the numbers into the computer. Ana Lucia, Sayid, and Charlie return and reveal that "Henry Gale" is lying and that he is one of the Others. In flashbacks, Locke's marriage proposal to Helen is rejected, because of his inability to let go of the pain his father caused him. Wow - my favourite episode of the season and the last season, I guess. So amazing - I love hte storyline. The scene with John and Henry are amazing. I love the way Jack is in this episode. I love the scene with the poker, Jack knows his stuff - I love the scene with Jack, Sawyer, Kate and Hutlry, and then there is just Sawyer and Jack left - I love them. I love the way the hatch shuts down awesome storyline I loved every minute of it. I love the way Henry has to push the buttons - amazing, I love the tension. The ending is awesome too.
  • Just WOW

    First of all to all you out there giving this episode less than 10, you shouldnt be watching television.
    Now to the real stuff... Notice the Sawyer-Locke connection... Lockes father definately has something with James(Sawyer) but well thats for the writers to write and for us to find out...
    How about that parachute. I think that if you dont press the button, the parachute will fall with the food... just a thought.... dont know why though...
    Anyway excellent episode and cant wait till the next one!
  • After a bunch of silly episodes and a long wait for reruns to stop, we finally get to see something refreshing! What happened to this show?

    All I can say is... Lame. We had three episodes that left us waiting for something of what this show had in the beginning. But now it is just lame. I can't say I didn't enjoy this episode, it's actually one of the best eps I've seen since episode seven or eight from this season, but the way they're showing us things it's annoying. They just show us a little just at the end and leave it like that, so we pray for the next one to come, and when it does, after three weeks of reruns, we still have nothing! What do we do now, with this bunch of questions and just a couple of answers? Well, sure... We have to wait until the next episode to know the answer to that...

    But hey, this episode had something of what I was expecting. We see a little more of Locke's past, my favorite character, and we get a little more about the hatch. We also get to see a map which we don't even know where it fits, but there's still the ending scene where we're suppossed to wait until next week. Let's hope it gets more interesting after that.
  • Finally an anwser

    Henry is Lying... finally the acknowledgement
    The mysteries which are piling up in the series have come to 1 anwser.. wonder how long it will take for the next one. I can't stand the face of that guy "Henry" means he plays his part well in the show, but it also shows that there was added a new storyline which we can wait for another season to come to a conclusion
  • A Locke-centric episode.

    Let me just start off this review by saying that as whole, I really liked this episode. Although, I have to say that I definitely don't think that this was the best episode ever of Lost. Locke has never been one of my most favorite characters on the show, so I just naturally don't like his episodes as much as everyone else's. I did enjoy getting to see Katey Segal again in this episode as a guest star though. My favorite thing about this episode was the poker game story line and Sawyer's involvement with it since he's always been one of my most favorite characters on the show. Josh Holloway definitely plays the role of Sawyer perfectly. All in all, this definitely wasn't the best episode ever of Lost in my opinion, but I still thought that it was still pretty good.
  • this was good

    this was a really good episode and so revealing!!! i am curious about the map and what it means exactly. i wonder what is going to happen with "henry gale" now that they know he is an other and if locke will osmehow be able to protect him like he promised. i think it is possible that henry triggered the map somehow when he was typing in the code.
  • Charlie,Ana-Lucia, and Sayid find a balloon. The blast doors in the hatch close locking Locke beneath one of them. Jack plays cards with Kate, Hurley, and Sawyer.

    For the last couple of episodes I have been trying to figure out who this Henry Gale is, but now I am almost certain he is an \"Other\". Who knows what Sayid will do now.
    What\'s with the writing on the wall? How is Locke going to get that back?
    This episode has brought Lost back to what it was. It was starting to get boring but after this episode there is alot more they can explain. The next few episodes should be very interesting.
    With only four episodes left the story behind \"Henry Gale\" with have to be told.
  • Locke and the prisoner get locked in the hatch, while jack plays Sawyer in a high stakes card game.

    AAAAAHHHHHH! this show never really goes anywhere! It only opens up many new mysteries, yet never fully answeres them. This episode, just reveals more mysteries. I have to say that this is the best episode in a long time, the ending ended in a cliffhanger twist, that wasnt surprising yet satisfying at the same time. OVer all it was a well written episode. Kudos to the writers for sticking in another great twist that will make me stick around for a little longer.
  • Strong since the BEginning, Only the Flashbacks are the Weak point!!!

    From the Writers/Perspective:

    Another Satisfatory episode, sicen the producers decided to reveal the truth about Henry Gale, so how could they bring this ia a great way and make a twist? The first Scene is Strong, When Sayid and Cia found the Ballon.

    The endind is strong either, since nobody expected Sayid to found out the truth the way he did.

    With a beginning and a ending planned, the hard part was to make a interesting event in the Island.

    The Lockdown make this interesting and because locke is inside the Hatch, he is the Main Character and we have another Locke sequel of Flashbacks.

    Other mini Events just are there to distract.

    My Point of View:

    This episode is very interesting, with a both strong beginning and ending.

    The Lockdown is intriguing and the Locke situation is interesting to see, since Locke's legs are trapped under one of the blast doors and he have to trust Henry.

    OVerall, this episodes builds up you trust regarding Henry Gale since the beginning of this episode, and the Lockdown only favor him. The Lockdown place another mystery and a amazing ending make this episode deserve at least a 9. Only the flashbacks are not strong, since this Locke drama about his father became tiring and repetitive.
  • Henry Gale

    Al final Henry no es Henry. Su cuerpo era el enterrado, y entonces... Seguramente este hombre está ahí por una razón (será sacar a John de quicio y ponerlo en contra de Jack?) y no va a vacilar en hacer lo que fue a hacer cueste lo que cueste. Por qué no apretó el botón? Si no lo hizo por qué luego (como se verá) se lo dijo a John? Por qué no los emboscó como había predicho? Por qué no se escapó? Qué es eso que Locke vió en la pared? Seguramente sea algo demasiado real, demasiado irreal como todo en esta isla.
  • a good episode

    A good episode this one. The island mystery plot is fulfilled, so is the caracter plot (here Locke). There's romance and comedy, adventure and thrill. The homosexual subtext in the dialogues between Sawyer and Jack playing poker is quite genious, and ambiguous enough to keep narrow-minded viewers in oblivion. Of course Jack and Kate are meant to be but the writers may want to push the Jack-Sawyer romance to the limits, that would be interesting. Either way, they are on this island for months now, so what the heck are they waiting for ?! It's barely human! It won't save this season from mediocrity though...
  • At last, a great season 2 ep!!!

    Ok, so i've not been the biggest fan of season 2 so far. Too many left over questions from season 1 that remain unanswered for my liking.

    But, this ep at last starts to reveal some new plotlines that may just turn the season around for me.

    Up till now Mr Eko was my fave of this season, but this may well have done it!

    Good work
  • looks like henry gale isn't really henry gale

    great episode. we're led to believe that henry gale really is who he is saying as they find the parachute and the grave. the hatch suddenly does something strange as steel doors are put into place preventing locke from going anywhere. henry and locke try and lift up one of the hatch doors and as locke tries to slide underneath, it crushes his leg. henry is forced to go through the air vents to push in the code. locke sees something different on the steel door. why didn't he look at the other steel doors too? there could have been crap written on them.

    You no wen you watch a show and half way through the second series you start to realise, this show used to be better?? well lost is in no way like that. this is another of those crazy episdoes that leaves you counting the hours til 9PM next wednesday with many twists along the way and on huge cliffhanger. this is what makes lost such a great show!
  • Wow I cant belive how great this epidsode was!

    Wow. I can see why ABC was holding this episode for awhile. Most times the good stuff never happens till the end of the show but they threw everything out in the first 10 mins. "Henry Gale" is definatly not a good man. Just seeing the image of different chambers on the blast doors gave me a sense that there is more to this island then the castaways know.
  • Only one word: "Wow..."

    A huge improvement over the previous episode brought the answers that we had been waiting for. Henry Gale IS.. one of them. Sayid was the hit character of this episode, especially when he was speaking to Henry about that fact that the real Henry Gale was buried up in the ground, not his wife.
    The lockdown was brilliant, no one was expecting it. The hatch tried to take a life of it's own. When John's leg was crushed, all he had was Henry, who helped him. This was just another way to prove his innocence.
    The John flashbacks which were obviously at least 5 years before the island were interesting. John's father appeared to be dead, but shockingly he was alive, and was running from two men to whom he took them for a retirement con.
    John's bad decisions lead to him loosing Helen and his father. She was right, there is no love between Anthony and John. Then on the island with Ana-Lucia, Charlie and Sayid finding the balloon and the grave, wow, I thought it was true myself. But the shocking, most wicked ending of an episode reveals the truth. At least they didn't make us wait until next week. More mysteries lead us to believe, who is this man who claimed to be Henry, why did food arrive on the island during the lockdown and what was this ? sign during the blur lights?
    More, more, more...

    Overall, a brilliant episode with action and many answered questions. What is to be done about the fake Henry?
  • Locke down in the Hatch

    For some reason John puts his trust in the prisoner Henry and seeks his help when the hatch door locks them in. When Locke gets trapped under the door it crushes his legs and he needs Henry to push the button before the time runs out. Henry is unconscious on the floor but wakes up in time to get to the computer to push the button or so we think. While trapped under the door John sees the whole room turns blue and on the wall above him is a map. Jack and Kate come across a pallet of food that seemed to appear out of nowhere. Ana Lucia, Sawyer, and Charlie find the balloon Henry was talking about however they discover that Henry is not who he says he is. They found the real Henry's body buried beneath the balloon.
  • Wow...

    As far as the island scenes go, sheer perfection. The hatch takes control over the situation and decides to initiate a lockdown. Meanwhile Sayid and co find the balloon. Henry wasn't lying! I loved the lockdown, because i love the hatch. Locke getting stuck under the blast door was very well done too. He was forced to trust Henry, whom he asked to push the button. He did... or he didn't we don't know. However a black light came on revealing a huge drawing on the blast door... a map, of all dharma stations. DAYUM. And alot more info. That was amazing.

    Oh and Henry is in fact an other. Because Sayid dug up that grave, and what he found inside wasn't a woman, but a man... man named Henry Gale. DAYUM! Great twist!! But, why only 9.4? As much as it hurts, I thought tthe flashback was average at best, and by Locke standards it was below average. The whole daddy pretends to be dead but is alive thing was so obvious. Helen leaving Locke was dramatic, but far away from being as dramatic as the previous Locke flashbacks. If the flashback was only a bit better, this could be a clear 10, but you can't win them all I guess.
  • Another great installment form LOST.

    Ok Ive slowly started drifting from lost because of its repetivness and slow exectution of answers, however i felt while this episode wasnt the best ever it was cetainly worth sitting down to watch.
    Alote was revealed and although im not entirely sure why the hatch locked down im certainly glad that it did.

    Keep up the good episodes and answering the questions (although now they've seemed to have generated another 10).
  • Lockdown

    The riveting main plot is a test for both Lost fans and character John Locke himself, teasing their prior knowledge and provoking what's to come.
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