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Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Mar 29, 2006 on ABC

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  • Overall, this episode dropped quite a bit of information into the audience’s lap, as if tempting the viewers to dig further and discover everything to be gleaned.

    As expected, this episode represented a turn towards the final leg of the season arc, as a great deal of information seems to have come together by the end. There are still a thousand questions that remain answered, but the writers have paid off the patience of many by providing some information that should factor into the season finale.

    It’s not at all clear why the blast doors in the hatch would drop at this particular time, though it’s possible to speculate based on the evidence. Michael’s comment about the blast doors is clear evidence that this moment has been coming for quite a while, since the writers planted the seed very early in the arc. The intersection of the blast doors dropping and the arrival of the supply drop seems to be a little too coincidental, especially on the heels of Henry’s question about how old the food is in the previous episode.

    So there’s two simple ways to interpret this. One interpretation would be that the announcement was meant as a warning that there was a supply drop coming and that the blast doors would come down to prevent contact with the outside world. But that doesn’t quite match what Desmond described. Another possibility is that the blast doors were routinely tested, and that the announcement was meant to remind the hatch inhabitants to reset the timer and get behind the doors. While the hatch inhabitants were safely in the hatch, unable to leave, the supply drop could take place for the Dharma personnel on the island. This is supported by the note on the map which reads “PRD every 6-8 months”, which probably refers to Parachuted Ration Drop. (Ignoring, for the moment, the idiocy of having vent lines open to other rooms if the blast doors have dropped!)

    Of course, there are plenty of other ways to explain what happened, but one thing is strongly suggested: the blast doors have probably dropped several times before, giving someone the time and opportunity to hide that map where it couldn’t be found. It may not have been Desmond (who claimed to have been trapped in the hatch by himself for quite some time), but it seems written from the point of view of someone trying to understand what’s happening on the island.

    The alternative is that the map was planted there. If the Others triggered the blast doors in an attempt to capitalize on the Henry’s presence there, since he definitely seems to be one of them, then Locke could have been meant to see that map. The Others could have been watching Sayid, Ana, and Charlie, and could have taken measures to advance their agenda by playing on Locke’s psychological issues.

    At any rate, the map suggests that the general shape of the island is rather similar to the octagonal symbol used by the Dharma Initiative, which in and of itself underscores the theory that the entire island was converted into a massive playground for Hanso’s little endgame. At least three of the six stations are identified, as well as at least four “CV” installations. What “CV” might stand for is anybody’s guess.

    The four identified stations do, in fact, match the hieroglyphics that appeared when the countdown dropped to zero, and there are lines connecting all many of the six “outer” stations, which adds credence to the theory that the stations are connected somehow. The possible locations of the two other stations are indicated. The map could include rivers, but there are also indications of tunnels in the area of the island that hasn’t been pinned down.

    Why would that be the case? The simple explanation is that the “security system” is active on that side of the island, preventing exploration. The question is: does that also correspond to the area of the island controlled by the Others? That would suggest that the “security system” is keeping the JackLocke tribe from discovering the active Dharma sites. On the other hand, Ana seemed to suggest that the very center of the island was the stronghold of the Others, which would suggest that the big circle at the center of the map was the active communal Dharma facility referenced in “Orientation”.

    The notes in conjunction with the “CV” notations translate to “Here Be Dragons”, which could indicate that the “CV” sites are actually the origination points of the “security system”. The repeated references to Cerberus (protector of the gateway to hell) are also very suggestive. Part of the problem is that the location of certain established places in the series (the drug plane, Black Rock, Danielle’s redoubt, etc.) aren’t indicated clearly on the map, for obvious reasons. There’s also no sense of scale, though one could assume that the drawing is not to scale and that the stations are perhaps a mile apart.

    There’s a reference to experiments on polar bears using extreme climate change and gene therapy, which suggests that the polar bears were brought there by Dharma. The alleged incident is referenced as the “AH/MDG incident of 1985”, which definitely refers to Alvar Hanso. Is “MDG” a reference to one of the fields of study initiated by Hanso to “further the evolution of the human race”?

    One could go on and on with an analysis of the map, and there’s little doubt that it will come up again and again on fansites around the internet. The real question is not what the map means, but what it represents. If Locke has been waiting for a revelation, some sign meant for him to discover, like the shaman imploring his gods to deliver a message, then how will he react to this experience? Will he tell Jack and the rest of the prominent tribe members about the map, or will he keep this to himself in some kind of power play?

    While Locke doesn’t look like he’ll be going anywhere for a while on his own, he could enlist a few other people with a vested interest in discovering the purpose of the island. If he remains true to form, he could set out to discover the facility at the center of the island on his own. One would hope that he would at least consult Sayid on the information that was stolen from Danielle, to see if those maps could be correlated to the map he saw on the blast doors. And of course, there’s the question of how much of the information Locke was able to retain. (It’s a lot easier to work out details on a screencap, with plenty of time to spare, than it would have been for Locke at that angle and for such a short period of time.)

    It’s also quite interesting to watch the slow switch in Locke’s attitude towards Henry, counterpoint to Jack’s own shifting perspective. Locke started out as very suspicious of Henry, but by the end of this episode, he was ready to trust Henry at his word, all because Henry didn’t abandon him. (Yes, on top of his delusions of “destiny”, Locke has serious abandonment issues. Locke’s a seething cauldron of psychological chaos.)

    Jack now has every reason to think that Henry is another plant by the Others, which puts him in an interesting position. Last time Jack encountered the Others, Zeke had a gun to Kate’s head; now, Jack has one of the Others at gunpoint. The difference is that Henry has Locke over a barrel, and he’s also very good at messing with people. (One would think, looking back on the whole series, that Locke is particularly vulnerable to psychological manipulation.)

    Locke’s flashback helped to fill in a few gaps in his story, linking his life in “Walkabout” to the rest of his history, without giving up the one piece of information that would really make the fans happy. Frankly, it’s better that way. This wasn’t the episode to drop that particular bomb, even if the writers really built the episode in a way that suggested it might be relevant. But now it’s clear why Locke wasn’t with Helen, and reveals how far he had fallen to build up the fantasy that he could have his life back.

    Though the flashback dealt with his abandonment issues, so often self-imposed, there were other nuggets spread throughout that part of the story. For one thing, Sayid’s lost love Nadia is alive and well, and living on her own, at least four years prior to the crash of Oceanic 815. Oceanic was in operation, which makes absolute sense given their connections to Dharma.

    An interesting possibility arises, given the behavior of Locke’s father since his introduction in the first season. Is it possible that Locke’s father is, in fact, the read Sawyer? What would happen if “Sawyer” were to discover that? One thing the producers promised was that the connections between the survivors would slowly unfold, even if they didn’t impact the main story, and that is happening more and more. All of it continues to suggest that these individuals were chosen by Dharma to be on Oceanic 815 specifically because of their connected histories.

    Obviously, Locke and the map aren’t the only items of interest in the episode. There’s the rather calm battle of wits between Jack and Sawyer. Jack manages to outwit and outplay his opponent, which should lead to some interesting jockeying later down the road. Sawyer was well on his way to becoming the merchant prince of the island, right down to the scoundrel personality, and now he’s lost control of an important asset to Jack. How will he respond to the fact that Jack has effectively demonstrated his power over him?

    One small problem with the episode is Kate. She seems awfully chummy with Sawyer, given how he used her so terribly only a few days earlier. More than that, she’s back to her flirting ways with Jack. Kate is easily the least defined and least interesting characters right now, with no discernable motivations of her own. The writers need to remedy that quickly.

    The rest of the characters are sidelined somewhat by the intense focus on the hatch, which would normally be a bad sign. In this case, the writers used the tension surrounding Locke and his status, past and “present”, to keep the episode gripping. There really was a sense that Locke could be a victim, betrayed by Henry in his moment of need, and the fact that it didn’t happen, leaving Locke to be manipulated even more, carries the momentum into the next episode. Things are really beginning to take shape for the end of the season, and if they do this right, the writers could make everyone forget the bumps along the way.
  • Lost is a great series. It would be better served if it did fewer episode like "The Shield" and cut out some of the fluff.

    "Lockdown" was another great episode. Focusing on John Locke with flash backs and the prisoner's continuing effort to come between Locke and Jack.

    Anyone that was surprised about the prisoner "Henry" not being legit should have read my review of the previous episode. Just because he knew there was a balloon there didn't mean that he was ever on it. Hopefully he will get the "Sayid" treatment again.

    Now for the stupid part. Locke tells the fake "Henry" to go out the unblocked air vent in the pantry. Why didn't he just go out that grate himself before he ever let "Henry" out or tried to go under the "glass door"? I'm not sure about you...but that door didn't look like it was made out of glass to me. There is only one explanation that would fit. What if the Darma Group is controlling their thoughts as well as their memories as part of the experiments that I am convinced are taking place on the island. They could then force Locke to try and get out under the door to see how he dealt with the injury.
  • Did you notice someone from Sayid's past in Locke's flashback?

    This episode was so refreshing! For a while I was questioning if the show would ever move forward. This show was one of those that seemed to make connections (or indicated that there are connections that will be made in the future) vs. just highlighting a small fraction of the whole story, or focusing on relational "fluff" as another reviewer wrote.

    As foreshadowed in the preview for next week's show, there is now a live "other" to provide possible answers to some of the island's mysteries...seems he knows a little more about the hatch(es) than the plane crash survivors. *Not sure if he knows about the map that Locke saw on the security door.

    Also, as another reviewer mentioned, we still have more to see of Locke's past. I did think that the safety deposit box area looked much like the one at the bank that Kate held-up. I also thought that the neighborhood that Locke was in when he was doing his home-inspection looked much like the neighborhood that Sawyer and his girlfriend were in when Sawyer had her leave quickly with her fortune (supposedly - since he had it in a different bag). But, the thing that I'm CERTAIN about is the woman for whom Locke was doing the home inspection...this was the woman that Sayid had known since childhood that he had to torture and ended up falling in love with and letting her go. The very woman that Sayid was flying to find in the states when the plane crashed on the island. Is her name Nadia? Character name Nadia is listed under "guest stars" for this episode.

    Can't wait for next week's episode.
  • Not only was more of Locke's past revealed but so was an interesting inscription on a wall in the hatch. Also Henry Gale is not Henry Gale? Then who is he and where did he come from?

    Amazing revelation episode. Locke's flashbacks were interesting but surely not complete. The so called Henry Gale is not who we thought he was. What a shock! The weird inscription revealed in the hatch under the UV light was extremely intersting. Now I definately can't wait for the next episode about Hurley. This show is definately the greatest masterpiece of a show ever created. So captivating that it hurts to wait. Don't y'all agree?
  • When was I supposed to breathe?

    Tonight's action packed episode of Lost grabbed me by the throat and didn't let go. From the surprising lockdown to the final moments of the episode, I didn't have a moment to relax.

    The episode is based around Locke, and focuses on what happens to him when he is suddenly locked down in the hatch. Meanwhile, in his flashbacks, we are treated to a further look into Locke and Helen's relationship. During the course of the flashbacks, we are given more hints as to the true nature of Locke's dad. They don't say it outright, but true Lost fans will probably know what they are hinting (and it's something that I've been saying since Locke's father first said the word "con").

    The episode is a well rounded episode with a ridiculous amount of suspense, and some humour thrown in to balance things in the form of a Jack/Sawyer card game. These scenes were funny to watch and definitely were a nice way to catch your breath inbetween the Locke scenes (ok, maybe I was lying when I said I didn't have a moment to relax, but it was really intense!). You are left to wonder through the whole episode where Sayid, Ana, and Charlie are, and when they come back it serves as one of Lost's greatest (and most painful to realize that another week's wait is ahead) endings.

    Overall, this episode was just incredible. The suspense alone was enough to make anyone scream out at Locke's 'misfortunes', and the humour was an excellent balance to make a complete package. And now the wait begins again.

    (Don't forget to check out www.theislandoflost.com for all your Lost related information!)
  • The lockdown is related to the food delivery....

    ......when the food/supplies delivery approaches the island, by whatever means, the hatch goes into lockdown until the supplies have landed. The PA system in the hatch started to crackle, and you could hear a voice as Locke fiddled with it. You could also hear the end of a countdown just before the lockdown. Or lockdown could automatically occur when any type of aircraft approaches the island. When the supplies land, their signal opens up the hatch doors. The supplies may come every few months or so, and the survivors have only been there less than 2 months now which would explain why they have not found a food drop before. This is not likely a military operation by any country or they would have eliminated the survivors.
  • For the first time in lost i yell: "GO SAYID!!"

    Lock is not one of my favorites but this episode made me realise that you can't just like one of them. You have to love al of them. And its easy to say you hate one of them but sooner or later they will make you shout "Go .." you know. I don't realy like Sayid but this episode i whent like "YEAH!"
  • The latin translations on the blast door...

    The geek in me would not allow me to ignore the latin phrases on the blast door, so I googled them. If anyone cares, here are the translations:

    Liberte te ex infernus = save yourself from hell
    Sursum corda = lift up your hearts
    Malum est consilium quod mutari non potest = It is a bad plan that cannot be changed
    Nil actum reputa si quid superest agendum. = Don’t consider that anything has been done if anything is left to be done.
    Hic sunt dragones = Here be dragons!
    Credo nos in fluctu eodem esse. = I think we're on the same wavelength.
    Ursus maritimus = maritime bear (AKA Polar bear)
    Ut sit magna, tamen certe lenta ira deorum est. = The wrath of the gods may be great, but it certainly is slow.
    Cogito Ergo ___ = I think, therefore ? I can’t make out the third word. It is not Sum.

    i don't if this helps anyone
  • FINALLY something is happening! Lost is back on track ;)

    I was getting so bored with the turn of “events” … nothing was happening really in this season.
    Everyone has their favorite character and mine is Locke!!! In my opinion Locke is the heart of this show and I enjoyed this like no other episode! I’ve been waiting for this forever!!!
    Everyone has pretty much said it all about this episode.
    I have nothing really to add. :s

    One thing puzzles me though …
    As I remember, Lock had no feel of his legs. He didn’t feel pain!!!
    It was 2 episodes in the row (the crucial episodes with Boone, just before Boone died) when Locke got injured and didn’t notice it ‘till Boone told him. (he said something like: “dude your leg” or something like that I don’t remember now) And after that he was sticking needles and sticks on his legs and he didn’t feel pain!
    How come he does now? Did I miss something?

    Nevertheless, it didn’t really bother me, just made me wonder a bit ;)

    As I said: FINALLY something is happening! Lost is back on track ;)

  • WOW great episode.

    That was amazing yeah the flashbacks werent that great but we got to see Nadia, the same bank Kate robed to get the plane (maybe), and another Lockes father might be the real sawyer or have something to do with Sawyer. It's so crazy how Henry is one of the others after saving Locke and all and what was with the doors and the blacklight maP, and the food was that supplies for Kelvin and his partner or maybe the real Henry was suppose to relieve them of their duty and that was his food so he can survive. Man this was one of the best.
  • Lockdown... the plot thickens.

    Very good episode. We learn a lot of new stuff concerning the hatch, Henry Gale and a little gem about the Dharma Initiative. I liked the flashbacks, but I've been wondering what's this link between Locke and Sawyer that was supposed to be revealed in this episode. Maybe I missed it. I did catch Nadia though. And what was that drawing/diagram on the blast doors that was revealed once the black lights were turned on? Very interesting... looked like a Dharma Initative symbol... maybe a map to the other stations?

    We also now know that the outside world (or at least, -some- people in the outside world, know of the island's location, since they're sending food and supplies via parachute drops. Probably operatives from the Dharma Initiative sending it for the scientists/operatives on the island, or something like that.

    So, judging by the end of the episode and by looking at next week's preview, it's fair to assume that Henry Gale is definitely an Other. Can't wait for the next episode...
  • Anyone else catch the Sawyer --> Locke connection?

    The one between between Sayid and Locke was obvious. But does anyone else think that Locke's dad (Cooper) is the real Sawyer?? He mentioned that he faked his own death because he ripped some people out of a lot of money. Plus the type of guy who would steal a kidney from his own son is the type of guy who would take a family for all their worth. Just a thought...
  • Get the rope!!!

    Yes sir, we know who Henry Gayle is and he isn't the man in the hatch, he's pushing up flowers...well not anymore since Syaid dug him up. The look on the imposters face at the end of the episode was priceless and if I were a telepath and had to guess what he was thinking...I'd say that he wished that he'd done a better job at getting rid of the drivers liscense.
  • The bunker undergoes a transformation, all by itself, leaving Locke and the prisoner to do some bonding. Sayid, Ana and Charlie end up getting some bonding time in also, as they go off to check the story of the prisoner.

    We have the trio on the hunt for the place where the hot air balloon was, all this just to confirm his story, we see that Charlie had gone and got some ruit for breakfast and we have Sayid watching over Ana as she sleeps.

    Jack goes to ask Hurley when the others left and was surprised to hear him say yesterday, Jack makes some remark about being told these things, Hurley's reply is "in the loop dude" obviously meaning a two way aspect. He then decides its too late to go after them, his attention is also required by Claire who needs him to.

    The trio has reached the area where they were directed by the prisoners map, they go into each area assigned and spent three hours before they decide to call it a day, just as they were doing so, Charlie calls them over, as he has discovered something.

    Bank in the bunker, there is a noise coming through the speakers that Locke is trying to hear, but the prisoner keeps shouting about whats happening, to the extent that he can't hear it. The blast doors then come down, Locke is able to put a crowbar under one door, just before it hits the floor. After a short while, knowing that the button needs to be pressed, he unlocks the door and places alot of faith in the prisoner. They try to force the door up and managed to a small way up, then they placed the tool box under it to hold it in place. Because of the countdown, Locke goes to shimmy under the door, but as he does so the door pins him to the floor.

    There is a major trust issue now, Locke has to trust him, as he explains the countdown then directs him through the ventalation system and gets him to reset the countdown, Locke is calling out his name but to no avail, but then he does come back, just as the other three come back with guns drawn, as they found everything was as he said, but Sayid dug up the grave to find the real guy who the prisoner claims to be, as they also found the guys driving licence.
  • just read the review

    Oh my gosh that episode ROCKED!!!!!! it was soo intresting but sad to I mean Henery , im using that cause I dont know his real name, was the only person in Lockes life who didn't leave him and then he turns out to be and other, which I think he is now, I mean I felt so sorry for locke when that happened but it wasnt enough to make me cry. It was real revealing to because at the end all that food had been dropped I think the science team is preventing them from getting off the island, like theyre the replacements for that other guy but all I want to know is did the science team pick him up or did he join the others? let me know what you think.
  • Best episode yet of Lost

    So far Lost has been intrigueing, tense, suprising and at times comical.
    This episode has it all, from a huge new revelation to certain questions answered, but each answer comes with its own questions.
    This episode kept me on the edge of my seat for the full intense 42 minutes.
    I think these were the most intense and best 42 minutes of television i have seen in my 32 years.

    The plot develops further and further and i don't know where this will lead to but if they want to make the finale of this season even bigger I have no clue how they will top this one.

    The map is defenitly the most revealing thing this episode so far. It will keep people busy for weeks to come I am sure of that.
  • The hatch decides to take control of the situation.

    Wow. So where should I begin. The breathetaking beginning, well, I didn't see that coming. Ana, Charlie and Sayid actually FIND the balloon and the grave Henry was talking about!

    In the hatch, a creepy voice is heard through the loud speaker... but what it is saying? Only the last few things are understanable: 3, 2, 1, LOCKDOWN.

    Locke and Henry are now trapped inside the hatch. But the bigger problem is, they can't reach the computer to enter the code.

    This episode is Locke centric, and it deals with Locke's hard decisions. It has a very sad ending; because of his father, he breaks up with Helen; and it's even sadder because this break up right when Locke asked Helen to be his wife..

    In the hatch, Locke's legs are trapped under one of the blast doors due to Henry's and his failed attempt to open it.

    So Locke has no other chance but to trust Henry. Locke asks him to climb up into the vents and push the button. Henry does it, or does he? We can hear the same engine starting up as in 2X14 One of them, but then it suddenly stops. But instead of 'nothing happening' this time we get a very interesting thing. Suddenly, the hatch's electricity goes out and neon lights turn on revealing what's painted on the blast door. A map.

    Locke tries his best to memorize this map during the few moments it's shown.

    After it goes away, Henry tells Locke he entered the code just in time, and Locke is surprised Henry didn't escape...

    ...Although the episode shows us how Henry doesn't betray John, Henry turns out to be an other, because Sayid did dig up that grave, and inside the grave was not a woman, but a man, a man named Henry Gale...Awesome ending , awesome episode.
  • #217 'Lockdown'

    What an interesting episode. All of the "Locke-centered" ones have been so far. I love the way they continued his father's storyline here. The man had to fake his own death because these two guys were after him and his money. John and Helen (guest star Katey Sagal) went to his funeral which gave John a chance to finally move on, but his papa was following him and needed the last favor. John went to the safe with his key, got dad's money for him to leave the country. But it all ends terribly for John (who had to lie to his girlfriend all the time), daddy got his money and left and Locke was alone again - Helen followed him to the motel and left in shock when she saw John with his supposedly dead father. Very good flashbacks in this one. Meanwhile there was some sort of lock down in the hatch and Henry is not really Henry. 9.5/10

  • The hatch starts going haywire, some major secrets are revealed, and oh, what a denouement

    This episode takes place mere seconds after 'The Whole Truth' ended, and shows how the tension between Locke and Jack continues to build. But this episode is completely (as the title says) focused on Locke, and sets a whole new set of mysteries about the hatch, reveals the single biggest prop used in the series, and ends with one of the greatest twists since 'Walkabout'.

    Even those he's only been in the armory for two days, it's pretty clear that Henry is starting to convince Locke that he is who he says he is. Minutes later, however, the situation between them takes on dire straits. Remember those blast door that Michael pointed out? A countdown is heard over the speakers (it's hard to tell whether it's live or a recording) and down they come, sealing Locke in. Realizing they're trap, Locke has no choice but to turn to Henry for help in getting out of their trap.. However, Henry convinces Locke that he will be on his side when Jack' comes back.

    They try to pry the door open, but in the process a metal rod goes through one of Locke's legs. There's a look of sheer horror on his face when he realize what might have happened, but he can't even stop to focus on it, because there's something else he has to deal with--- the button. Once again, he is forced to put his trust in Henry. as he tells him to crawl through a grate in the pantry and get to the computer.. The suspense in these sequences is thrilling even if you know how it's going to end, but more important is the interaction between Locke and Henry. The scenes between Locke and 'Henry' are among the richest and most thrilling parts of the entire series. In almost all of them, Henry is trying to convince Locke, even though horrible things have happened to him because of what he did, his actions were the right ones. No matter where they are, no matter the circumstances, Locke will always try to prove his superiority in regard to the island, and almost always Henry has outmaneuvered him. Why does this happen? Because, as we see in the flashback, Locke can not avoid being conned. He is finally approaching happiness with Helen (who we met in 'Orientation'), when he learns that Anthony Cooper has died. He thinks he's finally gotten past, when a few days later Cooper pops up, saying that he fakes his death to get $700,000 from a couple of guys. Once again, he manages to convinces Locke to help him, in exchange for a cut of the money. Yet again Locke has been fooled, and this time when Helen learns, she will not forgive him. She turns away from his proposal, and leaves his life for good. (In the it's a small world after all category, we also see Locke doing a house inspection for a woman in California. I missed it the first time, but the woman is Nadia, Sayid's beloved, who the CIA said was living in California.)

    The timer finally runs out, and we wonder what's going to happen next, when something out of left field comes: a black light goes on, and we see that written on the blast door is a map of the island. The map is so complex that three years later we are still trying to divulge information from it. To try and sum up what we learn in a few words would be impossible, but suffice to say the writers have really been trying to test the will of the fans with this particular prop.

    I will therefore pose another question: why did the lockdown happen so close to the timer going off? Weren't the Dharma officials afraid that something like this could keep people from entering the code? More importantly, why did it happen now? Does it have something to do with another event? Was it arranged by the Others? Did the Dharma Initiative program it, and that's still going on twenty to twenty five years later?

    Another possibility occurs near the end. Kate and Jack are walking back to the beach, when they see a flashpoint flicker. A few feet onward they come to a parachute, and there's food in it (as well as other supplies? Was the lockdown connected to this parachute drop/ And more importantly, how a plane find the island? This kind of gets lost in the shuffle, and we don't answer it, either.

    Above ground, there are some more light-hearted events taking place. Sawyer is fleecing some of the locals at poker (a game all about bluffing, which is right up his alley), and Jack comes up, and is lured in. Again the game begins, and once again the con man gets play. This time Jack manages to win the medicine back. The macho posturing proves that at least ere, Jack will always out maneuver Sawyer. However, this doesn't exactly do much to make him a good leader, just someone who won't let anything go.

    Meanwhile, Sayid, Charlie and Ana finish their search of the wreckage, and find Henry Gale's balloon. (We also see that the balloon came from somewhere Widmore Labs, which if you were paying attention--- I wasn't--- also showed up on Sun's pregnancy test and in Charlie's flashback. We'll learn some of its connection soon enough.) Yet despite all the evidence, Sayid didn't believe his eyes, so he goes searching further. And when he digs up a grave, he doesn't find a woman, but a man: Henry Gale. Now every action that 'Henry' has taken must be seen in a new light, and we find ourselves wondering again: who is this man?

    'Lockdown' features everything that you expect from Lost--- superb writing, fine acting, several great props, and a whale of a kicker. John Locke thinks that he has the answers, but yet again he has been proven wrong. The consequences of this episode will be far reaching, even as yet another lockdown begins.
    My score:9.7
  • The Beginning of The End for John Locke

    As people all around the country flipped on to the episode of Lost that boasted 5 Events that would change the island forever, everyone expected to finally see what happened to Locke's legs.

    Why was he in a wheelchair before flight 815?

    That question remains unanswered. Not only are we still in the dark on Locke's former condition, we also have a handful of other questions that spawned off the 5 events. Let's take a look...

    1. Why did the hatch lock down?
    2. Was Nadia still waiting for Sayid?
    3. Was Helen in on the con with Cooper?
    4. Where did the food drop come from?
    5. Where did that map come from?
    6. Were they sending it for the survivors or for the hatch occupant(s)?
    7. Why did "Henry" lie about who he was?
    8. Who was Henry Gale?

    We get 5 important events and 8 more questions. At this rate of exchange, by halfway through Season Three Damon Lindeloff won't know what the hell is going on.

    I digress, Lockdown, was about telling another crucial part of Locke's story. We're beginning to witness the inner turmoil of John Locke and I would estimate 2-3 more flashback episodes for Locke being crucial to his story unless they decide to really draw it out. If Terry O'Quinn weren't as good as he is atcaptivating audiences and making people think, I would venture a guess that Locke would not survive the third season.

  • Who else went back to freeze-frame on the map? :-D

    Hopefully it wasn't just me being geeky, but I just had to go back and take another look. Even on a non-HD TV it's relatively clear. Very intriguing, and more so after I found someone had done a high-res screen cap, followed by someone else who'd gone to the trouble of identifying all the text, and translating all the latin.

    After all the mid season breaks I can't believe that there will be a gap between the next 2 eps and the season finale. What are they playing at??
  • Lockdown is what Lost needs after a lull period.

    Definitely one of the better episodes seen in season 2. Before the Lockdown episode it was rather dull, none of those thrills that caught all of us when Lost was first aired.
    Am glad to have found the 'Henry Gale' caught red-handed, never really trusted him in the first place.
    Now all we need to know, who IS that weirdo guy, and what on earth was that bizzare diagram-like shown on before Locke?
    A better episode. Let's hope the next episode would be as good as it was before.
  • In a few seconds, Lost lays out a major piece of mythology.

    As is the case with the multiple flashback arcs, this episode offers further details of how certain events in the castaways lives happened. Something happened between the events from the flashbacks of "Orientation" to "Walkabout" that explained how Locke went from a satisfying relationship (arguably the best thing that ever happened to him), to having to pay a woman to reenact this moment in his life for him. This episode answers that question. The biggest mystery in Locke's past could've easily been put it in with Locke having one of the blast door bars go through his legs, effectively limiting his mobility. Considering the information overload of the blast door map, it was probably better that we wait a little longer for that piece of information.

    Locke is probably the best-developed character on the show. Initially, Locke was this super cool character who could do anything, unlocking the power of the island as well as knowing tons of valuable information. Now we see him as a very flawed human being, one who has been jerked around by almost everyone around him his whole life. Despite trying not to be fooled again, he still falls for his father's cons in hopes that he can earn his love and it ends up costing him the woman who truly loves him.

    It happens again in the hatch, as Henry Gale provides him invaluable help during the lockdown, possibly saving his legs and taking care of the button. In the end, Henry lied to Locke just like Cooper, betraying his trust, although he didn't kill him after the Lockdown was over, which he easily could have.

    This episode effectively brought back the theory that Cooper is the original Sawyer, one that has been around since we first saw him. Cooper is the right age to con Sawyer's parents circa 1976 and he has been a guiltless bastard every time he's appeared on the show. Of course, what kind of ramifications would that entail should Sawyer find out (and how could that happen on the island)?

    Theories aside, there is a definite connection between the survivors revealed, as Locke inspects the house of Sayid's childhood love, Nadia. So between four and seven years, Nadia made it to America. A lot can be said about these connections, from they are just random Easter eggs that the producers throw in to reward fans who pay attention to something to show how interconnected all the survivors really are. It adds to the theory that each person was placed on the island for a reason.

    We knew some lockdown was coming, as the blast doors were mentioned back in "What Kate Did". Of course, the lockdown spurs many questions. The consensus seems to be that this lockdown was triggered because of the food drop. But is that so? Now why would they lock them in the hatch while the food was dropped is unknown, nor why would they not drop the food off closer to the hatch (is there anything in there that they use to protect themselves from whatever contaminant they are so afraid of). Also, why is the lockdown apparently only for the living quarters and not the whole hatch? OK, the human sized air vents can be maneuvered around, but doesn't that wreck the point of a lockdown?

    Ironically, the moment that is getting the most attention is something that only occurred for a few seconds on screen. While brief, this "map" is a crucial piece of the island mythology. They didn't need to show it for long since rabid Lost fans took high definition screen shots and clarified some of the harder to read items, also translating the Latin into English (it also appeared in an issue of Entertainment Weekly). Although it will be harder for Locke, who only had a brief shot while he was still in agonizing pain.

    One of the theories that has sprung this season is is the island conning Locke? He has shown to be easily swayed and there is a thin line between that and faith. The hatch has turned out not to be what he expected, and it has been eating at him all season, now the hatch has given him an exclusive look at this map. Perhaps he sees this as another phase in his destiny that he claimed lead him into the hatch, and tha. If that's true, he will likely keep it secret, as he has the hatch when he and Boone first found it, along with his mysterious former handicap.

    There are six stations, four of which are named (The Staff or caduceus, The Arrow, The Swan and The Flame). Some suspect The Flame is the underwater hatch some have theorized as existing, which would make its name ironic. There are several extensions springing forward to the question mark in the center, but do not connect. What does that mean? Were all the hatches connected at some point and obstructed by something, or was this a theory that was dashed? The CV's followed by a Roman numeral throughout the map are also curious, but I have no idea what that could mean.

    A note near The Flame has one author writing that they suspected The Flame to be there, but later doubted it "due to Cerberus activity" (The Staff station may have been abandoned due to this as well). Cerberus was the mythological three-headed dog that guarded the gates of hell. Because of that connotation, the theory that Cerberus is the smoke monster has sprung up on the net, and some believe that is the official name.

    There are numerous notes of failed operations, like The Staff station being abandoned after the "AH/MDG Incident". This could shed some light on The Others, who may have crashed that hatch like our castaways have The Swan, or perhaps they are renegade Dharma, or experiments gone awry. Nearby there is mention of several system wide failures, which could be what the incident was. There is also mention of a Magnus or M. Angus Hanso, whose resting place is at the black rock. If this is the Black Rock, it seems awfully close to The Swan station.

    Below The Swan, there is a line reading "Fatalities: 5". This worth noting because Rousseau's crew consisted of six people and she was the last person alive. Did Rousseau write any of this? However many people drew this map, they had to know the island, and Rousseau would be a prime candidate for that (although one notation by The Staff suggests that they couldn't get there and back to The Swan in 108 minutes). Has Rousseau been in the hatch? How many, other than The Staff does she know about? Next time she pops up, Locke should talk to her about it, and perhaps consult her notes Sayid has, as Entil noted.

    There are several phrases in Latin, like "I think, therefore I am depressed", "It's a bad plan that cannot be changed" and "the cure is worse than the disease". All of these, with the corresponding dates, point to things going wrong with the experiments after the incident (which happened before 1980 if we are to believe what the Orientation film told us).

    Some places, like the survivors' camp, aren't labeled, and the map is likely not drawn to scale. Perhaps the island is shaped similarly to the octagon of the Dharma logo. This could add some credibility to the theory that the island is man made. It does work as a reference point, so perhaps they were looking for something that they could design their stations from.

    The writing on the wall (so to speak) appears to have been written by several generations of Dharma employees. Its location also warrants discussion. Why is this on the blast door? What use does it have only be shown in lockdown for a few seconds in black light? Who are they hiding the map from? Did The Others have something to do with it? What goal were they trying to accomplish with the map? This opens so many possibilities for the future.

    Sayid's confrontation at the end of the episode begs one big question; did Sayid prepare that little speech the whole way back, asking Charlie and Ana-Lucia "Does this sound cold blooded and cool?" Now that Sayid knows that his gut instinct was correct, Henry is in deep trouble. Had Sayid and Ana-Lucia been alone, Sayid's speech would've likely been the last thing Henry ever heard.

    Like other recent episodes, much else doesn't happen outside of the hatch. There are some lighter moments with Sawyer, Hurley, Kate and Jack playing poker, but the other players don't seem as eager to get back what Sawyer took from them a few days earlier (it's easy to forget that, especially with the long gaps between some of the episodes). Plus Jack knocks down Sawyer's status so quickly that it renders his power play in "The Long Con" moot. It does set up Jack's past in Thailand, which is likely after his divorce, but perhaps they could've done it differently.

    One thing that they didn't have enough time for was Jack and Kate's relationship since Jack didn't tell her about Henry until this critical moment. Clearly she was siding with Sawyer, but after his con, she found herself out of the loop as Jack got a little jealous and spent his time trying to start an army with Ana-Lucia.

    Libby still feels like the most likely candidate to be one of The Others besides Henry. Of the tail section that haven't died or disappeared, we know the least about Libby. Ana-Lucia and Eko both have had a flashback episode and Bernard is vouched for by Rose, who we know was on the plane. All we have are a few morsels of information and a look of discomfort when Libby realized Hurley recognized her.

    Since this episode confirms that Henry is an imposter (he will still be referred to as Henry Gale until we learn his true name, the man Sayid dug up will be called the real Henry Gale or something to that affect), Jack and Locke now have to decide what to do with him. Will they use him to confront the others? Keep him there indefinitely as they have before?

    This episode really gets the final arc moving, as the blast door map gives the audience more than enough to chew on to make up for the episodes that focused more on characters. Although it seems anti-climactic that they waited three episodes to tell us what we already knew about Henry, knowing what I know from the end of season two, it was a good step in the seasonal narrative.
  • Great

    The hatch suddenly traps Locke, who is forced to ask Henry to enter the numbers into the computer. Ana Lucia, Sayid, and Charlie return and reveal that "Henry Gale" is lying. Locke remembers the favor that his father asked of him.
    A brilliant, brilliant episode with some great moments within the hatch, the part where Locke gets impalled by the blast door went through me and the part where Locke sees the blast door map was strange.
    Henry Gale begins to fail in his cover up as Henry Gale at the end of the episode where the others return to the Hatch this had me on edge and I wanted to see more.
  • great episode

    The hatch takes a life of its own. Locke is trapped inside the hatch, he gets an unlikely ally to get him out of his predicament. Ana Lucia, Sayid and Charlie go into the jungle to search for the balloon Henry Gale claims got him to the island. Stuff happens in this episode, we get to see things that might explain about Henry Gale, but other things come along to make us question who he really is. It's a good episode, the mystery deepens even more. More questions come our way. It's a good episode, the acting was good, it's well directed.
  • one of the best episodes of the season!

    this one was really great! all three sceneries (the hatch, the pokergame at the beach and sayid, ana-lucia and charlie out on their search for "henry"'s balloon) were interesting to watch.

    we finally found out how the blast doors work (even though i don't have a clue why they came down at all), it was fun to see jack beat the crap out of saywer not with fists but in a game you would have thought saywer to be way better (i guess, there are a lot of undiscovered talents jack has and i think, this was one more hint that he may after all not be the allniceandallsoliddoctor) and i didn't see it coming for one second that after finding the balloon (which made me think that "henry" really hadn't lied and would be off the hook for good) they still would find out that in fact he was an "other".
  • we think the food came from that Dharma and it was programmed to arrive. and we think this is the reason the hatch locked, so nobody could be outside when the food lands.

    i must say, as many of you already have said it, that this was one of the best episode ever! it's very exciting, it keeps you close and makes you wonder about so many things. in my country this ep haven't aired yet, but I've seen it on my PC, as i did with all the other ones. I've seen the first season and 7 ep from season 2 in 2 days. my brother said I'm crazy, but then he was very bored and started to watch an ep, after that another one and so on and now he's simply crazy about what is going to happen next.

    we think the food came from that Dharma and it was programmed to arrive. and we think this is the reason the hatch locked, so nobody could be outside when the food lands. cause we know that there was supposed to be only 1 man, not half of a plane. so the food was programmed, the hatch locked to be sure nobody was out, and that map appeared because nobody push the button. cause when that guy typed the numbers everything went back to normal.

    I'm quite intrigued how you guys could see something written on that map, 'cause all i saw was something irrelevant, just some pics and some writing. so if translated... this means this show is driving us crazy :))) but is so damn good :)) i think will last more that 5 seasons so expect for more
  • This episode is absolutely blinding. It's amazing, and just what we wanted after a few boring episodes

    Just what we needed from the lost team, an episode with revealing features in it. Although i am excited about the prospect of what the map is revealing i still have a few questions to ask.

    1. Where has michael gone? i know he went looking for his son, but y haven't they showed us what's happening with them and how come there not gettin in tocuh via the computer in the hatch.

    2. Where did the food come from? Is this what is delivered everytime of the year or something for whoever's in the hatch. Also where did the scottish bloke go from the hatch. Its not as if he can go anywhere on the island unless he knows more about the island and maybe another dharma hatch maybe.

    3. 'Henry Gale'? What do u think about him? Me myself, i think he is one of 'the others' but i also think now they have him, i think he will be an insider for the gang. I think this because he has helped locke from the lockdown and also y would he have come back to help him, y didn't he run out of the hatch. Its all interesting to know.

    What about the computer as well, y dnt they let the timer run out and see what happens. Personally i think this is what is gonna happen at the end of the series. Hopefully the last few episodes will be exciting to watch.

    Let me know what u think on the matter and keep watching.
  • This is definitely one of the best episodes in a while. Finally some great new twists.

    This episode brings me back to early in Season 1 where questions were constantly being brought up and there were cliffhangers galore. There were several key new twists brought up this episode, definitely making it a 'Pivotal' episode that a Lost follower should not miss.

    At this point we still no very little about the Dharma initiative, and there is room for a lot of great shows introducing to us what is really going on in this island.

    The map on the hatch really established how much more of the island there is yet to explore and I have no doubt that this show will continue to get better and stay at the top of my list for several more seasons.
  • This is a really good episode.

    There are no spoilers in this review.

    This episode is very interesting. I think there's been a little too many annoying frogs and lost wedding rings in the second season of "Lost", but episodes like this really makes me want to keep watching the show. I always like it when things happen in the hatch. This particular episode reveals certain answers, although that only gives room for more questions. There's also lots of action and excitement. I find Locke to be an interesting person, so this being a Locke-centric episode only makes it better.

    Don't miss this episode, it is really worth watching.
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