Season 2 Episode 17


Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Mar 29, 2006 on ABC

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  • The hatch decides to take control of the situation.

    Wow. So where should I begin. The breathetaking beginning, well, I didn't see that coming. Ana, Charlie and Sayid actually FIND the balloon and the grave Henry was talking about!

    In the hatch, a creepy voice is heard through the loud speaker... but what it is saying? Only the last few things are understanable: 3, 2, 1, LOCKDOWN.

    Locke and Henry are now trapped inside the hatch. But the bigger problem is, they can't reach the computer to enter the code.

    This episode is Locke centric, and it deals with Locke's hard decisions. It has a very sad ending; because of his father, he breaks up with Helen; and it's even sadder because this break up right when Locke asked Helen to be his wife..

    In the hatch, Locke's legs are trapped under one of the blast doors due to Henry's and his failed attempt to open it.

    So Locke has no other chance but to trust Henry. Locke asks him to climb up into the vents and push the button. Henry does it, or does he? We can hear the same engine starting up as in 2X14 One of them, but then it suddenly stops. But instead of 'nothing happening' this time we get a very interesting thing. Suddenly, the hatch's electricity goes out and neon lights turn on revealing what's painted on the blast door. A map.

    Locke tries his best to memorize this map during the few moments it's shown.

    After it goes away, Henry tells Locke he entered the code just in time, and Locke is surprised Henry didn't escape...

    ...Although the episode shows us how Henry doesn't betray John, Henry turns out to be an other, because Sayid did dig up that grave, and inside the grave was not a woman, but a man, a man named Henry Gale...Awesome ending , awesome episode.