Season 2 Episode 17


Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Mar 29, 2006 on ABC

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  • Quite possibly Lockdown is the best single-episode of Lost.

    Locke episodes are always great. Not only they're great, but they always show us something new. Locke episodes always reveal something.

    Walkabout revealed that Locke was in wheelchair, and that the island healed him.
    Deus Ex Machina showed us how the island is able to 'talk' with Locke, and we saw the light in the hatch too, which was a major clue.
    In Orientation we learned a lot about the hatch. Probably ever since that episode, we didn't really learn anything new about it, minus the hieloglyphs surprise in One of Them.

    And now...


    The title itself can be understood two ways: lock-e-down or lockdown. But are accurate.

    The 'teaser' of the episode(the part which is leading up to the main title sequence) is full of surprises. Well, only one surprise, but that's more than enough:

    Sayid, Ana and Charlie actually manage to find the balloon of Henry Gale - and the grave of his wife too!

    So, he didn't lie?! All this time they tortured and locked up an innocent person?

    In the hatch, Henry continues to carefully manipulate Locke. He's trying to turn Locke against Jack by sheding some light on the fact that Jack is the leader, and Locke does what Jack wants...

    Meanwhile, in Locke's flashback, Locke is about to propose Helen. They're together for a long time now, and Locke finally managed to put his father behind. Until... they find out that Anthony is dead.

    Probably, the only drawback feature of this episode was the poker subplot. Which was funny, for sure, but it seemed to be a cheap excuse to keep Jack away from the hatch. But why do that? Well, because there's a 'lockdown' in the hatch!

    All the blast doors suddenly came down. But what for? And not only Locke(and Henry) can't exit the hatch... they can't access the computer!

    Locke, because has no other choice, releases Henry so he could help him open one of the doors. They successfully open one of them enough to Locke crawl under it, however... just when he starts crawling, the door falls on his... legs. And the episode begins.

    In the flashback, Helen and Locke visit Anthony's funeral. Ironically, they're the only ones there...

    In the hatch, as Locke is trapped under the door, he's forced to work with Henry. And that means... Henry has to crawl through the vents to access the computer room and push the button. What this episode does extremely good, is how it manages to keep the viewer on the edge of her/his seat, while there's not much action going on. It's totally centered on the hatch, where Locke doesn't move, nor does Henry... Surely. We got a great flashback, and a funny poker subplot, but still... Speaking of flashbacks. Appearently, Anthony isn't dead. He isn't dead as his father visits Locke.

    Anthony tells the truth: the only way he could 'rescue' is if he pretended dead, because he stole $700 000 from two men... as a 'retirement' con. Cooper wants John to pick the money up, and deliver it to his father. If he succeeds, Locke gets a nice cut of the money.

    Meanwhile, we're under 4 minutes in the hatch, and there's no sign of Henry. Beep, beep, beep. What now? Is this the moment where we finally find out what happens when the countdown ends?

    10 seconds... 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1...

    people with good ears, and loud soundsystem/tv, could've noticed the same noise as in 'One of Them' - hieloglyphs start spinning, and something 'starting up'. However, what's that...? Did it just stop? Did Henry push the button afterall?

    And this is what Lost is good at. Mysteries. In only a few seconds, Lost reveals the biggest mystery of season 2. And this few seconds will definitely go down as one of the most memorable moments of Lost ever.

    All the lights, electricity goes off, UV lamps turn on: because this is the only way that the map on the blast door is visible: a map of other hatches.The island... everything. This map, I'm sure - was frozen on every Lost fan's screen for hours - there's simply so much information on it. Unfortunately, Locke has only about 10 seconds to memorize it. Let's hope he does.

    10 seconds later UV lamps go off, electricity is back on, and the doors are going up: is it over? Yes it seems to be over.

    And Henry didn't escape - he told John that he pushed the button in time. In Locke's flashback, Anthony and him meet up in a motel. Locke got the money. But here's the twist: Helen followed Locke. And she's absolutely puzzled that he's still doing favors to his dad: after all what happened: and after the promise Locke made to Helen.

    Locke, a desperate man, sees no other option to keep Helen, so he proposes to her: But Helen rejects. She leaves. Anthony? He leaves too. Locke's alone...

    ...which is a great contrast to the island story. Henry didn't leave Locke alone, although he could've! This time... Locke's fine. Or...is he?

    Meanwhile, Jack and Kate are heading towards the hatch, but their journey is soonly interrupted by Sayid and co: they have something to show. But... what's that in the jungle? What's that blinking. A huge package dropped by a plane - just now - a package full of Dharma equipment: mostly food. This is what the lockdown was for? And Dharma is still active?! How could this episode possibly get better?


    As Sayid, Charlie, Ana, Jack and Kate arrive to the hatch, they confront Henry Gale. Because... [Sayid]:

    We did find your balloon, Henry Gale. Exactly how you described it. We also found the grave you described. Your wife's grave. The grave you said you dug with your own bare hands. It was all there, your whole story, your alibi. It was true. But still I did not believe it to be true.. so I dug up that grave. And found that there was not a woman inside. There was a man. (shows dead man's drivers license) A man named Henry Gale.

    L O S T


    Overally, this episode was incredible. Not only we got one more tearjerker Locke episode, we got probably the most twisty on island story so far.

    Objectively, this has to be the best episode of Lost. Subjectively, of course, this is not the case for everyone, but it definitely ranks high on very lost fan's list.

    Locke's character was once again beautifully contrasted in the flashback: and on the island. This is art, the writing is so sharp and flawless.... it's art. Well no wonder, this episode was written by Damon and Carlton.

    All the mysteries, all the clues in this episode... well, there were alot and they added ALOT, too. Both causal and hardcore fans are satisfied with this episode: is there anything more to desire? No, there is not. This episode was 'perfect'. After a heavily character centered transitional episode, Lost is back full throttle, and everything is set for the endgame: an 'other', a map of the hatches, and a desperate man who's willing to do anything just to finally find his purpose: Locke.