Season 2 Episode 17


Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Mar 29, 2006 on ABC

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  • Definitely in the top 10 episodes of LOST. Locke-centric episodes never cease to amaze me.

    Lockdown is, by far, the coolest episode of LOST. It isn't my favorite but that doesn't mean I can't love it like my own. Henry Gale ((Ben)(Michael Emerson)) is great in this episode and I think making him a main character in season 3 was a very good idea that will pay off when his flashback episode comes around.

    The map in this episode is a great example of how awesome LOST is. It really shows how much detail the producers, writers, and directors go into to make this show what it is. In fact, I have an enlarged photo of the map framed in my room.

    Every Lock episode is made by the flashbacks and these were no different. The flashbacks told of the time when Locke thought his father was dead when he really wasn't. His father had "killed" himself off because two guys he had got in a retirement con were looking to kill him. After this, he comes to Locke asking for help. He wants him to go to the bank and get a bag of money out of a safety deposit box for him because he think the two guys are sitting on the bank waiting for him. Locke does but when his girlfriend, Helen, find out that he lied to her about his dad she leaves him. It is a very tragic story and it shows why Locke is the man he is on the island. Anthony Cooper is a great character even though he is almost universally hated and I think Kevin Tighe does a great job with the character.

    Besides Locke being trapped in the hatch--which is extremely frightening by itself, there are a few underlying story-lines. Jack and Sawyer play poker for the medicine that Sawyer stole--which is hilarious--and Ana, Sayid, and Charlie follow Henry's map to his balloon. After a few hours of searching, Ana finds a grave and they notice that it is not raining on the grave and, when they look up, they see a giant balloon with a smiley face on the top, just like Henry had said. However, Sayid, being the genius he is, still doesn't believe him and he digs up the grave. We later find out that Sayid found a man in the grave--not a woman like Henry had said. At this point, I was really expecting Sayid to say something like "why didn't you tell us you were gay Sadly, he did not. The episode ends when Sayid says, "Not a woman but a man. A man named Henry Gale." Oh snap.

    This was a great episode. Anyone who gives this episode less than 9.5 is crazy!