Season 2 Episode 17


Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Mar 29, 2006 on ABC

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    Finnaly most of the "Henry Gale" storyline has been discovered and what an ending it was. Sayids dialouge at the end of the episode is one of my favorite monologue speeches by a castaway from flight 815. Once again I felt the episode as a whole started off slowly and then everything got a little crazy as it got toward the end of the show. The food dropping out of the sky was random, but it makes me think that food is periodicaly dropped onto the island for the folks that used to work for the Dharma Inititive. Though I think they are out of business by now, so I dont know why food is still being dropped to them. I like the way that Lockes flashback ended - with his losing both his father and Helen after everything he went through to try and get Helen. Michael Emersons acting in this episode was amazing from start to finish, one of the better new charcters of this season though hes only been in four or five episodes. Jack playing poker with Sawyer was a nice filler to keep Jack away from the hatch. Overall one of the better episodes of seaosn 2...
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